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Crime and Violence in the Caribbean: Lessons from Jamaica, by Sherill V. Morris-Francis, Camille A. Gibson & Lorna E. Grant (eds.)

Clifford E. Griffin
2020 NWIG  
doi:10.1163/22134360-09403023 fatcat:loci3yxzozdwnjwz64kr6fwvii

Agronomic Traits in Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus) Can Predict Foraging Resources for Insect Pollinators

Stacey M. Fairhurst, Lorna J. Cole, Tereza Kocarkova, Catherine Jones-Morris, Andy Evans, Gail Jackson
2021 Agronomy  
Mass-flowering crops, such as oilseed rape (OSR; Brassica napus), provide pulses of nectar and pollen, helping to support pollinators and their pollination services in agricultural landscapes. Despite their value to declining pollinators, varietal in-field OSR testing focusses on agronomic traits, with floral resources being largely overlooked. OSR has a high varietal turnover, and consequently, floral resource data collected for a specific variety quickly become redundant. Here, we explore the
more » ... potential to predict floral resource availability using agronomic trait data routinely collected in varietal trials. To build predictive models, we investigated the relationships between agronomic traits and pollen and nectar availability in 19 OSR varieties. Nectar quality was positively influenced by early vigour, as well as winter hardiness in conventional varieties and stem stiffness in hybrid varieties. Pollen quantity was driven by different traits, with early maturation having a negative impact in conventional varieties and resistance to lodging having a positive impact in hybrid varieties. Our study highlights the potential to predict floral resources using agronomic trait data, enabling the rapid assessment of these key resources in future OSR varieties without costly sampling. Agronomic traits relating to increased nectar quality were also agronomically favourable, indicating benefits to both pollinators and growers. The inclusion of modelled floral resource data in recommended varietal lists would enable growers to make informed decisions about varietal selection based on local pollinator populations.
doi:10.3390/agronomy11030440 fatcat:ggzcrxuu6zdkpihiz5ki3mbs5y

A Giant of Cultural Research: Seeing Further from the Shoulders of Kwok Leung

Michael W. Morris, Zhen Xiong (George) Chen, Lorna Doucet, Yaping Gong
2017 Management and Organization Review  
A recent article sought to integrate these mechanisms by understanding them as situated dynamics (Leung & Morris, 2015) .  ...  His reviews of different conflict and justice literatures had a catalyzing effect (e.g., Leung, 1997 Morris & Leung, 2000) .  ... 
doi:10.1017/mor.2017.62 fatcat:e5li6kbj2zc5je6rciygzdhlha

A metadata approach for clinical data management in translational genomics studies in breast cancer

Irene Papatheodorou, Charles Crichton, Lorna Morris, Peter Maccallum, Jim Davies, James D Brenton, Carlos Caldas
2009 BMC Medical Genomics  
In molecular profiling studies of cancer patients, experimental and clinical data are combined in order to understand the clinical heterogeneity of the disease: clinical information for each subject needs to be linked to tumour samples, macromolecules extracted, and experimental results. This may involve the integration of clinical data sets from several different sources: these data sets may employ different data definitions and some may be incomplete. Methods: In this work we employ semantic
more » ... eb techniques developed within the CancerGrid project, in particular the use of metadata elements and logic-based inference to annotate heterogeneous clinical information, integrate and query it. Results: We show how this integration can be achieved automatically, following the declaration of appropriate metadata elements for each clinical data set; we demonstrate the practicality of this approach through application to experimental results and clinical data from five hospitals in the UK and Canada, undertaken as part of the METABRIC project (Molecular Taxonomy of Breast Cancer International Consortium). Conclusion: We describe a metadata approach for managing similarities and differences in clinical datasets in a standardized way that uses Common Data Elements (CDEs). We apply and evaluate the approach by integrating the five different clinical datasets of METABRIC.
doi:10.1186/1755-8794-2-66 pmid:19948017 pmcid:PMC3225860 fatcat:o77ahqitfvanhmvf55vzprkxhe

A metadata-aware application for remote scoring and exchange of tissue microarray images

Lorna Morris, Andrew Tsui, Charles Crichton, Steve Harris, Peter H Maccallum, William J Howat, Jim Davies, James D Brenton, Carlos Caldas
2013 BMC Bioinformatics  
The use of tissue microarrays (TMA) and advances in digital scanning microscopy has enabled the collection of thousands of tissue images. There is a need for software tools to annotate, query and share this data amongst researchers in different physical locations. Results: We have developed an open source web-based application for remote scoring of TMA images, which exploits the value of Microsoft Silverlight Deep Zoom to provide a intuitive interface for zooming and panning around digital
more » ... s. We use and extend existing XML-based standards to ensure that the data collected can be archived and that our system is interoperable with other standards-compliant systems. Conclusion: The application has been used for multi-centre scoring of TMA slides composed of tissues from several Phase III breast cancer trials and ten different studies participating in the International Breast Cancer Association Consortium (BCAC). The system has enabled researchers to simultaneously score large collections of TMA and export the standardised data to integrate with pathological and clinical outcome data, thereby facilitating biomarker discovery.
doi:10.1186/1471-2105-14-147 pmid:23635078 pmcid:PMC3659093 fatcat:6ckcrke6xvgl3m2u2jouwfzqjm

Management and Organization Review Special Issue 'Celebrating and Advancing the Scholarship of Kwok Leung (1958–2015)'

Michael Morris, Zhen Xiong (George) Chen, Lorna Doucet, Yaping Gong
2015 Management and Organization Review  
816 Call for Papers pan-cultural structures of human values and beliefs (Leung & Bond, 2004) , Chinese personality (Cheung, Leung, Fan, Song, Zhang, & Zhang, 1996) , and creativity (Morris & Leung,  ...  A culmination of this sustained inquiry came in a recent conceptual paper (Leung & Morris, in press ) that integrated many of his insights by proposing the conditions, respectively, under which values  ... 
doi:10.1017/mor.2015.56 fatcat:vdrrwpdikzfmfex3uf5lwezhua

Identifying barriers to help-seeking for non-motor symptoms in people with Parkinson's disease

Catherine S Hurt, Lorna Rixon, K Ray Chaudhuri, Rona Moss-Morris, Mike Samuel, Richard G Brown
2016 Journal of Health Psychology  
may last), Personal Control (over the symptom), Treatment Control (over the symptom), Illness Coherence (understanding of symptom) and Emotional Representation (emotional reaction to the symptom) (Moss-Morris  ... 
doi:10.1177/1359105316683239 pmid:28810364 fatcat:xw7pft64nnewfkbtq5gamvm6nm

Cardiovascular disease and air pollution in Scotland: no association or insufficient data and study design?

Lorna J Willocks, Abita Bhaskar, Colin N Ramsay, Duncan Lee, David H Brewster, Colin M Fischbacher, James Chalmers, George Morris, E Marian Scott
2012 BMC Public Health  
Coronary heart disease and stroke are leading causes of mortality and ill health in Scotland, and clear associations have been found in previous studies between air pollution and cardiovascular disease. This study aimed to use routinely available data to examine whether there is any evidence of an association between short-term exposure to particulate matter (measured as PM 10 , particles less than 10 micrograms per cubic metre) and hospital admissions due to cardiovascular disease, in the two
more » ... argest cities in Scotland during the years 2000 to 2006. Methods: The study utilised an ecological time series design, and the analysis was based on overdispersed Poisson log-linear models. Results: No consistent associations were found between PM 10 concentrations and cardiovascular hospital admissions in either of the cities studied, as all of the estimated relative risks were close to one, and all but one of the associated 95% confidence intervals contained the null risk of one. Conclusions: This study suggests that in small cities, where air quality is relatively good, then either PM 10 concentrations have no effect on cardiovascular ill health, or that the routinely available data and the corresponding study design are not sufficient to detect an association.
doi:10.1186/1471-2458-12-227 pmid:22440092 pmcid:PMC3476376 fatcat:wac6uxhqlfdgnbbvkjdzodxhre

Effects of Human RelA Transgene on Murine Macrophage Inflammatory Responses

Stamatia Papoutsopoulou, Lorna Morris, Andrew Bayliff, Thomas Mair, Hazel England, Massimiliano Stagi, François Bergey, Mohammad Tauqeer Alam, Raheleh Sheibani-Tezerji, Philip Rosenstiel, Werner Müller, Vitor A. P. Martins Dos Santos (+1 others)
2022 Biomedicines  
The NFκB transcription factors are major regulators of innate immune responses, and NFκB signal pathway dysregulation is linked to inflammatory disease. Here, we utilised bone marrow-derived macrophages from the p65-DsRedxp/IκBα-eGFP transgenic strain to study the functional implication of xenogeneic (human) RelA(p65) protein introduced into the mouse genome. Confocal imaging showed that human RelA is expressed in the cells and can translocate to the nucleus following activation of Toll-like
more » ... eptor 4. RNA sequencing of lipid A-stimulated macrophages, revealed that human RelA impacts on murine gene transcription, affecting both non-NFκB and NFκB target genes, including immediate-early and late response genes, e.g., Fos and Cxcl10. Validation experiments on NFκB targets revealed markedly reduced mRNA levels, but similar kinetic profiles in transgenic cells compared to wild-type. Enrichment pathway analysis of differentially expressed genes revealed interferon and cytokine signaling were affected. These immune response pathways were also affected in macrophages treated with tumor necrosis factor. Data suggests that the presence of xenogeneic RelA protein likely has inhibitory activity, altering specific transcriptional profiles of key molecules involved in immune responses. It is therefore essential that this information be taken into consideration when designing and interpreting future experiments using this transgenic strain.
doi:10.3390/biomedicines10040757 pmid:35453507 pmcid:PMC9027775 fatcat:ydnbb76kdrdqlc7l555torf5gu

Growth Spectrum Complexity Dictates Aromatic Intensity in Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)

Lorna McAusland, Mui-Ting Lim, David E. Morris, Hayley L. Smith-Herman, Umar Mohammed, Barrie R. Hayes-Gill, John A. Crowe, Ian D. Fisk, Erik H. Murchie
2020 Frontiers in Plant Science  
Copyright © 2020 McAusland, Lim, Morris, Smith-Herman, Mohammed, Hayes-Gill, Crowe, Fisk and Murchie.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpls.2020.00462 pmid:32499791 pmcid:PMC7242725 fatcat:lmcrxsjxovc7fp6vodyjwulavi

Patient-reported outcomes of cancer survivors in England 1–5 years after diagnosis: a cross-sectional survey

Adam W Glaser, Lorna K Fraser, Jessica Corner, Richard Feltbower, Eva J A Morris, Greg Hartwell, Mike Richards
2013 BMJ Open  
Objectives: To determine the feasibility of collecting population-based patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) in assessing quality of life (QoL) to inform the development of a national PROMs programme for cancer and to begin to describe outcomes in a UK cohort of survivors. Design: Cross-sectional postal survey of cancer survivors using a population-based sampling approach.
doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2012-002317 pmid:23578682 pmcid:PMC3641492 fatcat:m6nrcpseobahppcdjrijsqj66e

Timing of the initiation of antenatal care: An exploratory qualitative study of women and service providers in East London

Bethan Hatherall, Joanne Morris, Farah Jamal, Lorna Sweeney, Meg Wiggins, Inderjeet Kaur, Adrian Renton, Angela Harden
2016 Midwifery  
to explore the factors which influence the timing of the initiation of a package of publically-funded antenatal care for pregnant women living in a diverse urban setting a qualitative study involving thematic analysis of 21 individual interviews and six focus group discussions. Newham, a culturally diverse borough in East London, UK PARTICIPANTS: individual interviews were conducted with 21 pregnant and postnatal women and focus group discussions were conducted with a total of 26 health service
more » ... staff members(midwives and bilingual health advocates) and 32 women from four community groups (Bangladeshi, Somali, Lithuanian and Polish). initial care-seeking by pregnant women is influenced by the perception that the package of antenatal care offered by the National Health Service is for viable and continuing pregnancies, as well as little perceived urgency in initiating antenatal care. This is particularly true when set against competing responsibilities and commitments in women's lives and for pregnancies with no apparent complications or disconcerting symptoms. Barriers to access to this package of antenatal care include difficulties in navigating the health service and referral system, which are compounded for women unable to speak English, and service provider delays in the processing of referrals. Accessing antenatal care was sometimes equated with relinquishing control, particularly for young women and women for whom language barriers prohibit active engagement with care. if women are to be encouraged to seek antenatal care from maternity services early in pregnancy, the purpose and value to all women of doing so need to be made clear across the communities in which they live. As a woman may need time to accept her pregnancy and address other priorities in her life before seeking antenatal care, it is crucial that once she does decide to seek such care, access is quick and easy. Difficulties found in navigating the system of referral for antenatal care point to a need for improved access to primary care and a simple and efficient process of direct referral to antenatal care, alongside the delivery of antenatal care which is woman-centred and experienced as empowering.
doi:10.1016/j.midw.2016.02.017 pmid:27106937 pmcid:PMC4853798 fatcat:yxigkb2bonacvmfwzeeh5tyq7a

Effect of football activity and physical fitness on information processing, inhibitory control and working memory in adolescents

Ryan A. Williams, Simon B. Cooper, Karah J. Dring, Lorna Hatch, John G. Morris, Caroline Sunderland, Mary E. Nevill
2020 BMC Public Health  
Background Whilst an acute bout of exercise has been shown to enhance subsequent cognition, including in adolescents, the effects of team games (of which Football is the most popular) has received little attention. Therefore, this study examined: the effect of an acute bout of outdoor Football activity on information processing, inhibitory control, working memory and circulating brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in adolescents; the effect of physical fitness on cognition and; the
more » ... ng effect of physical fitness on the acute exercise responses. Methods Following familiarisation, 36 adolescents (16 girls) took part in two trials (60-min Football and 60-min seated rest) separated by 7-d in a counterbalanced, crossover design. Information processing and inhibitory control (Stroop Test), and working memory (Sternberg Paradigm) were assessed 30-min before exercise/rest and immediately, 45- and 90-min post-exercise/rest. Capillary blood samples were obtained before exercise/rest and up to 120-min post-exercise/rest. The median split of distance covered on the MSFT was used to divide the group into high- and low-fit groups. Results Performance on the cognitive function tasks was similar between Football and seated rest (trial*time interactions; all p > .05). However, the high-fit group had overall quicker response times on both levels of the Stroop Task and all three levels of the Sternberg Paradigm (main effect of fitness; all p < .001). Furthermore, the exercise-cognition relationship was moderated by physical fitness, with improvements in working memory response times seen post-exercise, only in the high-fit group (trial*time*fitness interaction, p < .05). Circulating BDNF was unaffected by the Football activity and physical fitness (p > .05). Conclusion The present study shows that higher levels of physical fitness are beneficial for cognitive function and provides novel evidence that an ecologically valid, and popular, form of exercise is beneficial for working memory following exercise, in high-fit participants only.
doi:10.1186/s12889-020-09484-w pmid:32928161 fatcat:m62wkpiupbhflofgjpbwnjdr4a

Effects of Instruction in the Use of a Visual-Imagery Strategy on the Reading-Comprehension Competence of Disabled and Average Readers

Lorna K. S. Chan, Peter G. Cole, Jane N. Morris
1990 Learning Disability Quarterly  
Abstrak Visual Imagery Strategy merupakan sebuah strategi membaca dimana pembaca memahami sebuah teks dengan cara menganalisa kode verbal (bahasa visual/ tulisan) dan kode nonverbal (objek visual) pada teks tersebut. Artikel ini didasarkan pada sebuah penelitian yang bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan efektivitas dari Visual Imagery Strategy dalam pembelajaran teks naratif. Dengan menggunakan desain quasi-eksperimental, penelitian ini melibatkan siswa kelas X MAN 1 Kota Magelang pada tahun
more » ... 2015/2016. Dalam kasus ini, kelompok eksperimental adalah X IS 1 dan kelompok kontrol adalah X IA 3. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa nilai rerata dari kelompok eksperimental meningkat dari 58.65 dan 72.60 setelah diberikan beberapa kali perlakuan menggunakan strategi tersebut. Perhitungan t-test menunjukkan adanya perbedaan yang signifikan antara kedua kelompok. Hal ini dibuktikan oleh tnilai (2.395) yang lebih tingi dari ttabel (1.997). Selain itu, kuesioner dibagikan untuk mengetahui pengaruh penerapan strategi terhadap siswa. Hasil analisis menunjukkan bahwa 62,50% siswa setuju bahwa pelaksanaan strategi membantu pemahaman mereka dan 25% dari mereka bahkan sangat setuju terhadap pernyataan tersebut. Dengan demikian, Visual Imagery Strategy terbukti merupakan sebuah strategi yang efektif dalam pembelajaran teks naratif. Kata kunci: membaca, penelitian quasi-eksperimental, Visual Imagery Strategy. Abstract Visual Imagery Strategy is a reading strategy in which readers comprehend a text by analyzing the verbal codes (visual language/writing) and nonverbal codes (visual objects) within the text. This paper is based on a research aims to describe the effectiveness of visual imagery strategy in teaching reading narrative text. By using a quasi-experimental design, the research involves the tenth grade students of MAN 1 Kota Magelang in the academic year of 2015/2016. In this case, the experimental group is X IS 1 and the control group is X IA 3. The result shows that the mean score of the experimental group increases from 58.65 to 72.60 after several treatments applying the strategy. The t-test computation reveals that there is a significant difference between the two groups. It is proven by the tvalue (2.395) which is higher than the ttable (1.997). In addition, a questionnaire is administered to know the effect of implementing the strategy to the students. The analysis shows that 62.50% of the students agree that the implementation of the strategy assists their comprehension and 25% of them even strongly agree towards the statement. Therefore, Visual Imagery Strategy is proven an effective strategy in teaching reading narrative text.
doi:10.2307/1510388 fatcat:ddp7egjkmzefbgaroahkxmtv7a

Defining Priorities for Future Research: Results of the UK Kidney Transplant Priority Setting Partnership

Simon R. Knight, Leanne Metcalfe, Katriona O'Donoghue, Simon T. Ball, Angela Beale, William Beale, Rachel Hilton, Keith Hodkinson, Graham W. Lipkin, Fiona Loud, Lorna P. Marson, Peter J. Morris (+1 others)
2016 PLoS ONE  
It has been suggested that the research priorities of those funding and performing research in transplantation may differ from those of end service users such as patients, carers and healthcare professionals involved in day-to-day care. The Kidney Transplant Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) was established with the aim of involving all stakeholders in prioritising future research in the field. Methods The PSP methodology is as outlined by the James Lind Alliance. An initial survey collected
more » ... answered research questions from patients, carers and clinicians. Duplicate and out-ofscope topics were excluded and the existing literature searched to identify topics answered by current evidence. An interim prioritisation survey asked patients and professionals to score the importance of the remaining questions to create a ranked long-list. These were considered at a final consensus workshop using a modified nominal group technique to agree a final top ten.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0162136 pmid:27776143 pmcid:PMC5077146 fatcat:4yx7lot2avcgbmxdzo25grbpya
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