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Longitudinal Quantitative Assessment of COVID-19 Infection Progression from Chest CTs [article]

Seong Tae Kim, Leili Goli, Magdalini Paschali, Ashkan Khakzar, Matthias Keicher, Tobias Czempiel, Egon Burian, Rickmer Braren, Nassir Navab, Thomas Wendler
2021 arXiv   pre-print
The availability of longitudinal CT series may also result in an efficient and effective method to reliably assess the progression of COVID-19, monitor the healing process and the response to different  ...  Chest computed tomography (CT) has played an essential diagnostic role in assessing patients with COVID-19 by showing disease-specific image features such as ground-glass opacity and consolidation.  ...  for presenting progression of the COVID-19 infection.  ... 
arXiv:2103.07240v2 fatcat:mrhxomudbveh7palsngw6lxgfa

From Community Acquired Pneumonia to COVID-19: A Deep Learning Based Method for Quantitative Analysis of COVID-19 on thick-section CT Scans [article]

Zhang Li, Zheng Zhong, Yang Li, Tianyu Zhang, Liangxin Gao, Dakai Jin, Yue Sun, Xianghua Ye, Li Yu, Zheyu Hu, Jing Xiao, Lingyun Huang (+1 others)
2020 medRxiv   pre-print
Purpose: To develop a fully automated AI system to quantitatively assess the disease severity and disease progression using thick-section chest CT images.  ...  531 thick-section CT scans from 204 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 were collected from one appointed COVID-19 hospital from 23 January 2020 to 12 February 2020.  ...  this study, we developed and evaluated an AI system for quantitative analysis of coronavirus 132 disease 2019 (COVID-19) from thick-section chest CT scans.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.04.17.20070219 fatcat:emkqoouz4rgydign6q5mrcrh2m

Longitudinal evaluation for COVID ‐19 chest CT disease progression based on Tchebichef moments

Lu Tang, Chuangeng Tian, Yankai Meng, Kai Xu
2021 International journal of imaging systems and technology (Print)  
in the quantitative evaluation for COVID-19 disease progression.  ...  With the above observation, a longitudinal objective quantitative evaluation method for COVID-19 disease progression based on TM is proposed.  ...  So, quantitative assessment of COVID-19 disease progression without manual reading is eagerly designed.  ... 
doi:10.1002/ima.22583 fatcat:lvfmhpolxzgbfetgh6tj76q73a

From community-acquired pneumonia to COVID-19: a deep learning–based method for quantitative analysis of COVID-19 on thick-section CT scans

Zhang Li, Zheng Zhong, Yang Li, Tianyu Zhang, Liangxin Gao, Dakai Jin, Yue Sun, Xianghua Ye, Li Yu, Zheyu Hu, Jing Xiao, Lingyun Huang (+1 others)
2020 European Radiology  
To develop a fully automated AI system to quantitatively assess the disease severity and disease progression of COVID-19 using thick-section chest CT images.  ...  Five hundred thirty-one CT scans from 204 COVID-19 patients were collected from one appointed COVID-19 hospital.  ...  Assessment of disease progression Discussion In this study, we developed and evaluated an AI system for quantitative analysis of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) from thick-section chest CT scans.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00330-020-07042-x pmid:32683550 pmcid:PMC7368602 fatcat:ml2yp4ectnf33dofa7ns7g7lny

Quantitative analysis of chest CT imaging findings with the risk of ARDS in COVID-19 patients: a preliminary study

Yi Wang, Yuntian Chen, Yi Wei, Man Li, Yuwei Zhang, Na Zhang, Shuang Zhao, Hanjiang Zeng, Wen Deng, Zixing Huang, Zheng Ye, Shang Wan (+1 others)
2020 Annals of Translational Medicine  
The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has rapidly become a pandemic worldwide. The value of chest computed tomography (CT) is debatable during the treatment of COVID-19 patients.  ...  Compared with traditional chest X-ray radiography, quantitative CT may supply more information, but its value on COVID-19 patients was still not proven.  ...  Quantification assessment of COVID-19 infection The entire pipeline for quantitative COVID-19 assessment includes the following steps: (I) For each patient, a given chest CT is first fed into the DL-based  ... 
doi:10.21037/atm-20-3554 pmid:32566621 pmcid:PMC7290545 fatcat:qg7gjpk7qndxvalzskjkd5ho64

Lung Infection Quantification of COVID-19 in CT Images with Deep Learning [article]

Fei Shan, Yaozong Gao, Jun Wang, Weiya Shi, Nannan Shi, Miaofei Han, Zhong Xue, Dinggang Shen, Yuxin Shi
2020 arXiv   pre-print
CT imaging is crucial for diagnosis, assessment and staging COVID-19 infection. Follow-up scans every 3-5 days are often recommended for disease progression.  ...  The performance of the system was evaluated by comparing the automatically segmented infection regions with the manually-delineated ones on 300 chest CT scans of 300 COVID-19 patients.  ...  Chest CT examination has also shown its effectiveness in follow-up assessment of hospitalized COVID-19 patients 13 .  ... 
arXiv:2003.04655v3 fatcat:n56bs4qm5fc5vmouvnp6ei3mku

Predicting COVID-19 malignant progression with AI techniques [article]

Xiang Bai, Cong Fang, Yu Zhou, Song Bai, Zaiyi Liu, Qianlan Chen, Yongchao Xu, Tian Xia, Shi Gong, Xudong Xie, Dejia Song, Ronghui Du (+8 others)
2020 medRxiv   pre-print
Methods: A total of 133 consecutively mild COVID-19 patients at admission who was hospitalized in Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital from January 3 to February 13, 2020, were selected in this retrospective IRB-approved  ...  The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has become a worldwide pandemic since mid-December 2019, which greatly challenge public medical systems.  ...  Our raw COVID-19 dataset contained all the clinical data and the quantitative chest CT data.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.03.20.20037325 fatcat:smtun2wdizhetb4gff424rnhci

Low Dose Chest CT and Lung Ultrasound for the Diagnosis and Management of COVID-19

Julie Finance, Laurent Zieleskewicz, Paul Habert, Alexis Jacquier, Philippe Parola, Alain Boussuges, Fabienne Bregeon, Carole Eldin
2021 Journal of Clinical Medicine  
The extent of lung involvement assessed by LDCT is accurate in terms of predicting poor clinical outcomes in COVID-19-infected patients.  ...  Results: Chest LDCT is now performed routinely when diagnosing and assessing the severity of COVID-19, allowing patients to be rapidly triaged.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: All authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/jcm10102196 pmid:34069557 fatcat:sy3chzo3ybdn5jmnzfkv4dybl4

Automated quantification of COVID-19 severity and progression using chest CT images

Jiantao Pu, Joseph K Leader, Andriy Bandos, Shi Ke, Jing Wang, Junli Shi, Pang Du, Youmin Guo, Sally E Wenzel, Carl R Fuhrman, David O Wilson, Frank C Sciurba (+1 others)
2020 European Radiology  
To develop and test computer software to detect, quantify, and monitor progression of pneumonia associated with COVID-19 using chest CT scans.  ...  Seventy-two serial scans from 24 COVID-19 subjects were used to develop and test algorithms to detect and quantify the presence and progression of infiltrates associated with COVID-19.  ...  Quantitative assessment of disease progression One approach to assess disease progression would be to independently quantify the volumes of the diseased regions in the lungs depicted on two chest CT scans  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00330-020-07156-2 pmid:32789756 fatcat:bg3vv6wubfemnbe27icz3ahkp4

Automated quantification of COVID-19 pneumonia severity in chest CT using histogram-based multi-level thresholding segmentation

Hazem Abuzeid Yousef, Ehab Mansour Mohmad Moussa, Mohamed Zidan Mohamed Abdel-Razek, Maha Mohamed Said Ahmed El-Kholy, Lamiaa Hasan Shaaban Hasan, Alaa El-Din Abdel-Moneim El-Sayed, Medhat Araby Khalil Saleh, Mohamed Karim Mahmoud Omar
2021 The Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine  
Background Chest computed tomography (CT) has proven its critical importance in detection, grading, and follow-up of lung affection in COVID-19 pneumonia.  ...  The extent of lung lesions in CT is an important indicator of risk stratification in COVID-19 pneumonia patients.  ...  the medical staff in Assiut University Hospitals for their continuous efforts in combating COVID-19 outbreak.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s43055-021-00602-1 fatcat:n4ptmkiz6nenjdkmdr2vws4byu

A globally available COVID-19 - Template for clinical imaging studies [article]

Gabriel Alexander Salg, Maria Katharina Ganten, Matthias Baumhauer, Claus Peter Heussel, Jens Kleesiek
2020 medRxiv   pre-print
The pandemic spread of COVID-19 has caused worldwide implications on societies and economies. Chest computed tomography (CT) has been found to support both, current diagnostic and disease monitoring.  ...  Hospitals can upload, assess, report and if pseudonymized share their COVID-19 cases.  ...  Longitudinal overview of documented findings in chest CT examination (here: evaluation after second chest CT in COVID-19 disease course).  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.04.02.20048793 fatcat:ffxny5hmwzgudhu57xxqusea4u

Three-Dimensional CT for Quantification of Longitudinal Lung and Pneumonia Variations in COVID-19 Patients

Qiuying Chen, Lv Chen, Shuyi Liu, Luyan Chen, Minmin Li, Zhuozhi Chen, Jingjing You, Bin Zhang, Shuixing Zhang
2021 Frontiers in Medicine  
COVID-19 patients who underwent chest CT from January 3 to February 29, 2020 were retrospectively reviewed.  ...  method in monitoring the dynamic changes of COVID-19 pneumonia.  ...  Thanks to all the medical workers for their fight against COVID-19 and to the people of the country and the world for their contributions to this campaign.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fmed.2021.643917 pmid:33842505 pmcid:PMC8027238 fatcat:jzxpxo5tpba6fguebj5fk2ba6y

Longitudinal assessment of chest computerized tomography and oxygen saturation for patients with COVID-19

Ahmed M. Osman, Suzan Farouk, Nehad M. Osman, Ahmed M. Abdrabou
2020 The Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine  
Conclusion Radiological evaluation of COVID-19 pneumonia showed gradual progression till the peak critical stage at 8-14 days from the onset of symptoms.  ...  All patients proved to have COVID-19 by the RT-PCR test. The CT studies of the patients were divided into four stages according to the timing after the onset of symptoms.  ...  Ethics approval and consent to participate Ethics approval and consent to participate were taken from our institute ethical committee (Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University), and being a retrospective  ... 
doi:10.1186/s43055-020-00376-y fatcat:fsbhcofsgrh4fn5yd54e2pvl2a

2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pneumonia: CT manifestations and pattern of evolution in 110 patients in Jiangxi, China

Jie Zhan, Haijun Li, Honghui Yu, Xiaochen Liu, Xianjun Zeng, Dechang Peng, Wei Zhang
2020 European Radiology  
To elucidate the CT manifestations and patterns of evolution in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia. This is a retrospective review of CT scans of 110 patients.  ...  with the right lower lobe most commonly involved. • The most commonly shown evolution pattern on chest CT was type 2: progression of CT findings from initial CT to first follow-up CT with subsequent improvement  ...  Funding information This work was supported Emergency Science and Technology Project for COVID-19 of Jiangxi province (202011-2) (Wei Zhang).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00330-020-07201-0 pmid:32852587 pmcid:PMC7450162 fatcat:pdg6px6ahngivjpi7qhvfs4iau

Understanding the burden of interstitial lung disease post-COVID-19: the UK Interstitial Lung Disease-Long COVID Study (UKILD-Long COVID)

Jim M Wild, Joanna C Porter, Philip L Molyneaux, Peter M George, Iain Stewart, Richard James Allen, Raminder Aul, John Kenneth Baillie, Shaney L Barratt, Paul Beirne, Stephen M Bianchi, John F Blaikley (+42 others)
2021 BMJ Open Respiratory Research  
(UKILD) will undertake longitudinal observational studies of patients with suspected ILD following COVID-19.  ...  Early data suggest potentially severe long-term consequence of COVID-19 is development of long COVID-19-related interstitial lung disease (LC-ILD).Methods and analysisThe UK Interstitial Lung Disease Consortium  ...  NCCID will provide pre-COVID-19 and acute COVID-19 (inpatient chest X-ray (CXR) and CT) imaging, while PHOSP-COVID will provide posthospital discharge (CXR and CT) imaging for hospitalised patients only  ... 
doi:10.1136/bmjresp-2021-001049 pmid:34556492 pmcid:PMC8461362 fatcat:twlnvk3ginfo5bh4zml3bkprie
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