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Long term availability of raw experimental data in experimental fracture mechanics

Patrick Diehl, Ilyass Tabiai, Felix W. Baumann, Daniel Therriault, Martin Levesque
2018 Engineering Fracture Mechanics  
This short communication focuses on the accessibility and long term availability of raw experimental data.  ...  Experimental data availability is a cornerstone for reproducibility in experimental fracture mechanics, which is crucial to the scientific method.  ...  This short communication focuses on the accessibility and long term availability of raw experimental data, as well as supporting information, in experimental fracture mechanics.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.engfracmech.2018.04.030 fatcat:dhbh7rk2bbfujlfuuvonejw6ji

Mechanical properties of lithic raw materials from Kazakhstan: Comparing chert, shale, and porphyry

Abay Namen, Radu Iovita, Klaus G. Nickel, Aristeidis Varis, Zhaken Taimagambetov, Patrick Schmidt, Enza Elena Spinapolice
2022 PLoS ONE  
However, our analysis suggests that different raw materials are not different in terms of indentation fracture resistance.  ...  In order to make objective assessments of raw material quality, we need to measure their mechanical properties (e.g., fracture resistance, hardness, modulus of elasticity).  ...  Christopher Miller for his support of this research, and access to the equipment of the Geoarchaeology laboratory at the Institute for Archaeological Sciences, in the University of Tu ¨bingen.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0265640 pmid:35452464 pmcid:PMC9033281 fatcat:5s4t5qhskbdujlrojeguz65bl4

Experimental and numerical study on the interactions between high velocity long-rods and steel-elastomer bulging armor

2021 International Journal of Multiphysics  
It is observed that long and slender kinetic-energy projectiles made with a tungsten alloy tend to fracture disturbed by an asymmetric contact with the deforming plates.  ...  The numerical analysis accompanies the ballistic test complementing it by a detailed insight into the defeat mechanism.  ...  The model is formulated in a power form, so to fit an experimental stress-strain data to a desired degree of precision, a sufficient number of terms may be taken.  ... 
doi:10.21152/1750-9548.15.2.185 fatcat:5ot4um3cmrafppkzyohw6ez26i

Patient-specific finite element analysis of chronic contact stress exposure after intraarticular fracture of the tibial plafond

Wendy Li, Donald D. Anderson, Jane K. Goldsworthy, J. Lawrence Marsh, Thomas D. Brown
2008 Journal of Orthopaedic Research  
The role of altered contact mechanics in the pathogenesis of post-traumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA) following intra-articular fracture remains poorly understood.  ...  A sequence of 13 loading instances was used to simulate the stance phase of gait. Contact stresses were summed across loadings in the simulation, weighted by resident time in the gait cycle.  ...  Andrew Pick helped collect clinical case data, and Dr. Yuki Tochigi assisted with the manual posing of the ankle models. Dr. Fulvia Taddei and Dr.  ... 
doi:10.1002/jor.20642 pmid:18404662 pmcid:PMC2562934 fatcat:trrmjgkyhfbfjdkd55pkfwtx5y

Time-Dependence of Mechanical Property Alterations on Anthracite Coals Treated by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Wei Li, Bin Pang, Er-lei Su, Quanlin Yang, Qingquan Liu, Yuanping Cheng
2019 Geofluids  
In this study, a series of unconfined and triaxial compressive strength tests were performed on anthracite coal samples under the pressure of 8 MPa at the temperature of 35°C for 24 h and 48 h, respectively  ...  The time-dependence of the mechanical weakening model on Sc-CO2-treated coal was proposed to explain the link between CO2 flow and mechanical weakening effect by means of physical-chemical effects on time  ...  Data Availability The data used to support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding author upon request.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2019/4746917 fatcat:ad4vr7xulfdexouixvdgqwf7la

Multi-Stage Cold Forging Process for Manufacturing a High-Strength One-Body Input Shaft

A Ra Jo, Myeong Sik Jeong, Sang Kon Lee, Young Hoon Moon, Sun Kwang Hwang
2021 Materials  
Thus, this study provides a proof-of-concept for the design and development of a multi-stage cold forging process to manufacture a one-body input shaft with improved mechanical properties and material  ...  FEA showed that the one-body input shaft was manufactured without any defects or fractures.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ma14030532 pmid:33499281 pmcid:PMC7865829 fatcat:dhpc432xbbgk5oddn3m3pkqfau

Application of short-term methods to estimate the environmental stress cracking resistance of recycled HDPE

Anna Gobetti, Giorgio Ramorino
2020 Journal of polymer research  
Since the measurement of these properties according to the standard ISO 18,488 requires a temperature chamber not often available in the industrial laboratories, the tensile test was performed also at  ...  Tie molecules and entanglements are the main macromolecular characteristic increasing environmental stress cracking resistance, thus in this work mechanical and thermal properties governed by those macromolecular  ...  Acknowledgements The authors thank Valsir recycling for its collaboration in providing materials and experimental test equipment.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10965-020-02332-w fatcat:5kutlpfbhfan5ocfswdhjkyzha

Predicting the Crack Growth Behavior in a Filled Elastomer [chapter]

C.T. Liu, M. Yen, H.K. Ching
2006 Applied Mechanics and Materials  
However, experimental data indicate that linear fracture mechanics theories are applied to particulate composites with varying degrees of success.  ...  During the past years, the fracture behavior of particulate composites has been investigated experimentally (1-4).The basic approach is to determine the kinetics of the crack growth in terms of the relationship  ...  The developed equation was employed in the reduction of experimental data to calculate K I in term of actual instantaneous load and crack length.  ... 
doi:10.4028/0-87849-987-3.273 fatcat:fv5lcurfqjc5hf7jbkszhkilli

Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Applied to Gear Diagnosis Based on Acoustic Emission

Miguel Delgado Prieto, Daniel Zurita Millan, Wensi Wang, Anderson Machado Ortiz, Juan Antonio Ortega Redondo, Luis Romeral Martinez
2016 IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement  
The sensor performance, in terms of power consumption and fault detection, has been analyzed by means of experimental results.  ...  Fig. 12 . 12 Experimental setup for mechanical fracture detection in gears. correspond to an average calculation among the Md values obtained during 10 repetitions of each of the six experiments.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tim.2015.2476278 fatcat:rse6d6czmrhwvb3wdir52vfo74

Numerical modelling of hip fracture patterns in human femur

Miguel Marco, Eugenio Giner, José Ramón Caeiro-Rey, Mª Henar Miguélez, Ricardo Larraínzar-Garijo
2019 Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine  
Numerical models assuming homogeneous fracture mechanical properties commonly fail in the prediction of fracture patterns.  ...  This paper focuses on the prediction of femur fracture based on the development of a finite element model able to simulate the generation of long crack paths.  ...  However, XFEM as available in commercial software such as Abaqus does not provide long fracture paths due to convergence problems, being the prediction restricted to the first steps of the fracture [6  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cmpb.2019.03.010 fatcat:63e6kkldcvgungbecaaybz34am

Exploring the Chaîne Opératoires in Irish Quartz Lithic Traditions: Current Research

Killian Driscoll
2009 Internet Archaeology  
This article explores the use of quartz as a raw material in the early prehistoric period in Ireland.  ...  Archaeologists have invariably ignored quartz as a raw material because of its perceived difficulty in analysis.  ...  Thank you to: Julian Menuge for the identification of the Belderrig quartz samples and advice on matters of stone; Gabriel Cooney for access to the Lambay assemblage; Mary Cahill and the Duty Officers  ... 
doi:10.11141/ia.26.12 fatcat:bvp6dbxq4zak5e7mygugswjd6y

Set in stone? A perspective on the concrete sustainability challenge

Krystyn Van Vliet, Roland Pellenq, Markus J. Buehler, Jeffrey C. Grossman, Hamlin Jennings, Franz-Josef Ulm, Sidney Yip
2012 MRS bulletin  
(d) Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy can measure silicate chain length in terms of Q i , where i denotes the number of bridging oxygens in the silicate, and the resulting data  ...  Experimental probes that can be used to characterize cement paste at small length scales.  ...  Acknowledgments We acknowledge the Concrete Sustainability Hub at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, supported by the Portland  ... 
doi:10.1557/mrs.2012.55 fatcat:rdcvo2qsyrgujofbp3jcvwyh5a

Effect of glucocorticoids on lncRNA and mRNA expression profiles of the bone microcirculatory endothelial cells from femur head of Homo sapiens

Qingsheng Yu, Wanshou Guo, Jianying Shen, Yuming Lv
2015 Genomics Data  
of Homo sapiens Sex One male and seven females Sequencer or array type GPL19072 Agilent-052909 CBC_lncRNAmRNA_V3 (Probe name version) Data format Raw data Experimental factors Treated vs. untreated  ...  Any traumatic fracture complicated with other etiological mechanisms Genomics Data 4 (2015) 140-142 Specifications Organism/cell line/tissue Bone microvascular endothelial cells from femur head  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.gdata.2015.04.013 pmid:26484200 pmcid:PMC4535750 fatcat:q3umi52tmrgnfdsyglb3pectg4

Experimental insights into alternative strategies of lithic heat treatment

Alison Mercieca, Peter Hiscock
2008 Journal of Archaeological Science  
Conditions in which thermal fractures occur are explored experimentally, and the results are used to assess heat treatment strategies.  ...  We conclude that no single 'critical temperature' for thermal fracturing or heat treatment can be specified for any particular raw material, as has so often been attempted, because threshold temperatures  ...  We have discussed this in terms of a continuum of heat treating strategies; a continuum between the 'slow and steady' strategy which has overwhelming dominated past experimental designs and the 'fast'  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jas.2008.04.021 fatcat:mtglhj5ffrbk5j3sadrw2i7e3i

Enhanced Non-linear Viscoelastic Properties of Polymer Bonded Explosives Based on Graphene and a Neutral Polymeric Bonding Agent

Congmei Lin, Guansong He, Jiahui Liu, Liping Pan, Shijun Liu
2017 Central European Journal of Energetic Materials  
During their long-term storage and transport, polymer bonded explosives (PBXs) will be subjected to complex thermal physical environments with combined thermal and mechanical loads.  ...  Experimental Materials TATB of 98% purity and 17 μm particle size was provided by the Institute of Chemical Materials, CAEP, China.  ...  YZJJLX2016005), and the Science and Technology Fund of CAEP (2015B0101011).  ... 
doi:10.22211/cejem/78753 fatcat:mrin3v63ifasfkqqwvtfkffahu
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