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Logic-based XPath optimization

Pierre Genev�s, Jean-Yves Vion-Dury
2004 Proceedings of the 2004 ACM symposium on Document engineering - DocEng '04  
Our approach aims at optimizing XPath performance through static analysis and syntactic transformation of XPath expressions.  ...  Since efficient XML content querying is crucial for the performance of almost all XML processing architectures, a growing need for studying high performance XPath-based querying has emerged.  ...  The important advantage of our approach is that logic-based optimizations can be applied at syntactic level and thus remain compatible with any XPath engine.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1030397.1030437 dblp:conf/doceng/GenevesV04 fatcat:im3xsxx2wfhu3hm5pybqr6st2y

XQuery in the Functional-Logic Language Toy [chapter]

Jesus M. Almendros-Jiménez, Rafael Caballero, Yolanda García-Ruiz, Fernando Sáenz-Pérez
2011 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We show that one of the advantages of using a rewriting-based language for implementing XQuery is that it can be used for optimizing XQuery expressions by query rewriting.  ...  The encoding is based on the definition of for-let-where-return constructors by means of T OY functions, and uses the recently proposed XPath implementation for this language as a basis.  ...  XPath L [26] is a logic language based on rules for XML processing including a specific predicate for handling XPath expressions in Datalog programs.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-22531-4_3 fatcat:kcdkjtuqsbfkxce6eoytybszcu

XML reasoning made practical

Pierre Geneves, Nabil Layaida
2010 2010 IEEE 26th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2010)  
It can also be used in type-checkers and optimizing compilers that need to perform all kinds of compile-time analyses involving XPath queries and XML tree constraints.  ...  The tool can be used in query optimizers, in order to prove soundness of query rewriting.  ...  The problem is then formulated with logical connectives; • compilers for translating schemas and queries into their logical representations [4] ; • an optimized solver for checking satisfiability of logical  ... 
doi:10.1109/icde.2010.5447786 dblp:conf/icde/GenevesL10 fatcat:euz7evgi2zcbboho44ojbvwx44

Cost based plan selection for xpath

Haris Georgiadis, Minas Charalambides, Vasilis Vassalos
2009 Proceedings of the 35th SIGMOD international conference on Management of data - SIGMOD '09  
We present a complete XPath cost-based optimization and execution framework and demonstrate its effectiveness and efficiency for a variety of queries and datasets.  ...  Our cost-based query optimizer independent of the underlying physical data model and storage system and of the available logical operator implementations, depending on a set of well-defined APIs.  ...  We present a complete XPath cost-based optimizer that is independent of the underlying XML storage system and the techniques and algorithms used for XPath processing.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1559845.1559909 dblp:conf/sigmod/GeorgiadisCV09 fatcat:q2eje55ekrgzrkrk2yqllsoocq

Query Rewrite for XML in Oracle XML DB [chapter]

Muralidhar Krishnaprasad, Zhen Hua Liu, Anand Manikutty, James W. Warner, Vikas Arora, Susan Kotsovolos
2004 Proceedings 2004 VLDB Conference  
This technique integrates querying XML using XPath embedded inside SQL operators and SQL/XML publishing functions with the object relational and relational algebra.  ...  The biggest challenge is to efficiently process queries against XML in a database whose fundamental storage is table-based and whose fundamental query engine is tuple-oriented.  ...  First, our query optimization rules are based on optimizing XPath expressions over SQL/XML and object relational SQL.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-012088469-8.50098-x dblp:conf/vldb/KrishnaprasadLMWAK04 fatcat:icxkgdbd35fcfglxrddah4f6ii

Query Rewrite for XML in Oracle XML DB [chapter]

2004 Proceedings 2004 VLDB Conference  
This technique integrates querying XML using XPath embedded inside SQL operators and SQL/XML publishing functions with the object relational and relational algebra.  ...  The biggest challenge is to efficiently process queries against XML in a database whose fundamental storage is table-based and whose fundamental query engine is tuple-oriented.  ...  First, our query optimization rules are based on optimizing XPath expressions over SQL/XML and object relational SQL.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-012088469-8/50098-x fatcat:xh2kzi2hvbh7xpk6azriktkcjm

Selected papers from the Logic in Databases Workshop 2008

Andrea Calì, Laks V.S. Lakshmanan, Davide Martinenghi
2010 Journal of Applied Logic  
The advent of numerous database technologies as well as novel data models has been accompanied by the development of corresponding logic-based formalizations.  ...  The results of this paper set the basis for XPath query optimization, where the goal is to determine equivalent but more efficient queries.  ...  The result extends to the aforementioned description logics captured by ELHIO − , being worst-case optimal at the same time for all of them.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jal.2009.09.003 fatcat:7ox75k3v4fegpn6a3uhxshpxcq


Matthew Harren, Mukund Raghavachari, Oded Shmueli, Michael G. Burke, Rajesh Bordawekar, Igor Pechtchanski, Vivek Sarkar
2005 Proceedings of the 14th international conference on World Wide Web - WWW '05  
These proposals range from runtime API-based interfaces to XMLbased programming languages.  ...  The design goals of XJ distinguish it from past work on integrating XML support into programming languages -specifically, the XJ design adheres to the XML Schema and XPath standards.  ...  We first discuss the normalization of XPath expressions. We then discuss static type checking and optimizations.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1060745.1060788 dblp:conf/www/HarrenRSBBPS05 fatcat:rvbuitqrbnemtfqwc6yjqdllru

On the analysis of queries with counting constraints

Everardo Bárcenas, Pierre Genevès, Nabil Layaïda
2009 Proceedings of the 9th ACM symposium on Document engineering - DocEng '09  
The static analysis of this combined XPath fragment allows to detect bugs in transformations and to perform many kinds of optimizations of document transformations.  ...  We study the analysis problem of XPath expressions with counting constraints.  ...  In Section 2, we sketch a tableau-based satisfiability-checking algorithm with an optimal simple exponential time complexity for such a logic.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1600193.1600199 dblp:conf/doceng/BarcenasGL09 fatcat:jhfjr7ezxzcs5lkdcyl6lljz7m

CTL model checking for processing simple XPath queries

L. Afanasiev, M. Franceschet, M. Marx, M. de Rijke
2004 Proceedings. 11th International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning, 2004. TIME 2004.  
We investigate the potential of a technique based on Computation Tree Logic (CTL) model checking for evaluating queries expressed in (a subset of) XPath.  ...  We comment on the advantages and drawbacks of the application of our model checking-based approach to XPath processing.  ...  Our objective is to investigate the potential of a technique for processing queries expressed in XPath that is based on model checking Computation Tree Logic formulas.  ... 
doi:10.1109/time.2004.1314428 dblp:conf/time/AfanasievFMR04 fatcat:tawdgcq6lrgdtoxiwzdqdjh3su

Deciding XPath containment with MSO

Pierre Genevès, Nabil Layaïda
2007 Data & Knowledge Engineering  
Using this translation, we construct an optimized logical formulation of the containment problem, which is decided using tree automata.  ...  The considered XPath fragment covers most of the language features used in practice. Specifically, we show how XPath queries can be translated into equivalent formulas in monadic second-order logic.  ...  Eventually, we propose an optimization method based on guided tree automata that takes advantage of XPath peculiarities to speed up the decision procedure.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.datak.2006.11.003 fatcat:rbkj5y2i6fhtrpumcvogdfn3wy

Boosting XML Filtering with a Scalable FPGA-based Architecture [article]

Abhishek Mitra, Petko Bakalov
2009 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper we propose a "pure hardware" based solution, which utilizes XPath query blocks on FPGA to solve the filtering problem.  ...  The growing amount of XML encoded data exchanged over the Internet increases the importance of XML based publish-subscribe (pub-sub) and content based routing systems.  ...  The unoptimized character decoder based FPGA implementation of XPath filtering offers the best area speed tradeoff.  ... 
arXiv:0909.1781v1 fatcat:ux2il75jbnfkdd2gtxc6m47rcy

XML Static Analyzer User Manual [article]

Pierre Geneves, Nabil Layaida
2008 arXiv   pre-print
Logical formulas can be expressed using the syntax of XPath expressions, DTD, XML Schemas, and Relax NG definitions.  ...  The solver allows automated verification of properties that are expressed as logical formulas over trees.  ...  The decision procedure for the logic is based on an inverse tableau method that searches for a satisfying tree.  ... 
arXiv:0812.3550v1 fatcat:fbritpe7nzefbktz5zovi2xuoq

Optimizing the Evaluation of XPath Using Description Logics [chapter]

Peter Baumgartner, Ulrich Furbach, Margret Gross-Hardt, Thomas Kleemann
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We provide a transformation of DTDs into a knowledge base in Description Logic.  ...  We will use reasoning capabilities in Logic to decide, if a given XPath may be satisfied in a document, and to guide the search of XML-Processors into possibly successful branches of the document, avoiding  ...  Based on DTD and XPath-expressions we will provide a way to optimize this traversal.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11415763_1 fatcat:o5mstezqlzgclb7tlxphmbjegi

Accelerating XML Query Matching through Custom Stack Generation on FPGAs [chapter]

Roger Moussalli, Mariam Salloum, Walid Najjar, Vassilis Tsotras
2010 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Such systems have evolved from simple topic-based to the current XML-enabled systems. Here, users pose complex queries (expressed in XPath) on the structure and content of the streaming documents.  ...  By converting XPath expressions into custom stacks, our architecture is the first providing full support for all structural XPath constructs, including parent-child and ancestor descendant relations, whilst  ...  In this section, we focus on optimizing the PSS mapping of the same XPath profile used as a base example in Section 3.2.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-11515-8_12 fatcat:ah6jk6d3pnevvnkff5ycwwbi3q
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