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Fault diagnosis using Rough Sets Theory

Lixiang Shen, Francis E.H. Tay, Liangsheng Qu, Yudi Shen
2000 Computers in industry (Print)  
The fault diagnosis on diesel engine is a difficult problem due to the complex structure of the engine and the presence of multi-excite sources. Usually, one method of fault diagnosis can only inspect one corresponding fault category. In this paper, a new method, Rough Sets Theory, is used to diagnose the valve fault for a multi-cylinder diesel engine. Through the analysis of the final reducts generated using Rough Sets Theory, it is shown that this new method is effective for valve fault
more » ... sis. Rough Sets analysis requires discretizing the fault condition attributes. However, in practice, some of the limits of these attributes are unknown. A new discretization method has been created and the method is found to be suitable for discretizing the attributes without a priori knowledge. q
doi:10.1016/s0166-3615(00)00050-6 fatcat:jemtr2lff5eelng2bzbfddfb7e

The Thyroid Condition and Residual Clinical Signs in 31 Existing Endemic Neurological Cretins After 42 Years of Iodine Supplementation in China

Jianshuang Li, Jianshuang Li, Jianshuang Li, Jianshuang Li, Yanhong He, Yanhong He, Yanhong He, Bingxuan Ren, Bingxuan Ren, Bingxuan Ren, Zhaojun Zhang, Zhaojun Zhang (+22 others)
2022 Frontiers in Endocrinology  
BackgroudEndemic cretinism is the most severe manifestation among the iodine deficiency-related disorders. The clinical status of the cretins may be modified subsequently by the duration and severity of the disease. We aimed to reassess the clinical status and thyroid function of 31 surviving "neurological cretins" after 42 years of iodine supplementation in a historically severely iodine deficiency area of China.MethodsIt was a cross-sectional study in design and we investigated all 31
more » ... g neurological cretins and 85 controls. A detailed neurological examination was conducted on each patients. All the participants were given a questionnaire and underwent B-mode ultrasonography of the thyroid. The serum levels of thyroid hormones, thyroid antibodies, serum iodine concentration (SIC) and urine iodine concentration (UIC) were measured.ResultsThe neurological cretins had shorter stature than that of the control. Neurological damage is still present in patients with cretinism. The prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism and thyroid nodule in the cretins was significantly higher (χ2 =4.766, P=0.029 and χ2 =17.077, P<0.0001, respectively) compared with the control. After adjusting for confounding factors, endemic neurocretinism was found to be an independent risk factor for subclinical hypothyroidism (OR=4.412; 95% CI: 1.358–14.334; P=0.014) and thyroid nodule (OR=6.433; 95% CI: 2.323–17.816; P<0.0001).ConclusionsIodine supplementation after birth does not reverse the neurological damage that results from maternal/foetal hypothyroidism in utero and is subsequently manifested as neurological cretinism. There is a cross-sectional association between endemic neurocretinism and subclinical hypothyroidism and thyroid nodule.
doi:10.3389/fendo.2022.911487 pmid:35898470 pmcid:PMC9309213 doaj:8e53c41c74ed44449e69f2d243936451 fatcat:nkm3a5ietzgn7ccupsenapwwwu

Applying rough sets to market timing decisions

Lixiang Shen, Han Tong Loh
2004 Decision Support Systems  
Shen, H.T. Loh / Decision Support Systems 37 (2004) 583-597  ...  Tay and Shen [57] removed the inaccuracy existing in merging criterion and applied the quality of approximation coined from rough sets to avoid the user-defined threshold.  ...  Lixiang Shen works at Design Technology Institute Limited, National University of Singapore. He received his PhD degree from National University of Singapore in 2002.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0167-9236(03)00089-7 fatcat:qxqcn444i5fkvo2axupaqrvbni

Fault diagnosis based on Rough Set Theory

Francis E.H. Tay, Lixiang Shen
2003 Engineering applications of artificial intelligence  
For instance, large-scale centrifugal compressor can be diagnosed by holospectrum technique (Qu and Shen, 1993) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0952-1976(03)00022-8 fatcat:qvwhmcfgazgqvjqlj6c2a5scdm

New Constructions of Identity-Based Dual Receiver Encryption from Lattices

Yuan Liu, Licheng Wang, Xiaoying Shen, Lixiang Li
2020 Entropy  
Dual receiver encryption (DRE), being originally conceived at CCS 2004 as a proof technique, enables a ciphertext to be decrypted to the same plaintext by two different but dual receivers and becomes popular recently due to itself useful application potentials such secure outsourcing, trusted third party supervising, client puzzling, etc. Identity-based DRE (IB-DRE) further combines the bilateral advantages/facilities of DRE and identity-based encryption (IBE). Most previous constructions of
more » ... DRE are based on bilinear pairings, and thus suffers from known quantum algorithmic attacks. It is interesting to build IB-DRE schemes based on the well-known post quantum platforms, such as lattices. At ACISP 2018, Zhang et al. gave the first lattice-based construction of IB-DRE, and the main part of the public parameter in this scheme consists of 2 n + 2 matrices where n is the bit-length of arbitrary identity. In this paper, by introducing an injective map and a homomorphic computation technique due to Yamada at EUROCRYPT 2016, we propose another lattice-based construction of IB-DRE in an even efficient manner: The main part of the public parameters consists only of 2 p n 1 p + 2 matrices of the same dimensions, where p ( ≥ 2 ) is a flexible constant. The larger the p and n, the more observable of our proposal. Typically, when p = 2 and n = 284 according to the suggestion given by Peikert et al., the size of public parameters in our proposal is reduced to merely 12% of Zhang et al.'s method. In addition, to lighten the pressure of key generation center, we extend our lattice-based IB-DRE scheme to hierarchical scenario. Finally, both the IB-DRE scheme and the HIB-DRE scheme are proved to be indistinguishable against adaptively chosen identity and plaintext attacks (IND-ID-CPA).
doi:10.3390/e22060599 pmid:33286371 fatcat:apddcy432nc2peuummbshmz36e

Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging Characteristics of Prostate Tuberculosis

Yue Cheng, Lixiang Huang, Xiaodong Zhang, Qian Ji, Wen Shen
2015 Korean Journal of Radiology  
doi:10.3348/kjr.2015.16.4.846 pmid:26175584 pmcid:PMC4499549 fatcat:mveblmffs5dw5e5wykcsnnuwlm

Symbolic execution based test-patterns generation algorithm for hardware Trojan detection

Lixiang Shen, Dejun Mu, Guo Cao, Maoyuan Qin, Jeremy Blackstone, Ryan Kastner
2018 Computers & security  
Hardware Trojan Symbolic execution Satisfiability modulo theory Metamorphic testing Control flow graph a b s t r a c t Hardware Trojan detection is a very difficult challenge. However, the combination of symbolic execution and metamorphic testing is useful for detecting hardware Trojans in Verilog code. In this paper, symbolic execution and metamorphic testing were combined to detect internal conditionally triggered hardware Trojans in the register-transfer level design. First, control flow
more » ... hs of Verilog code were generated. Next, parallel symbolic execution and satisfiability modulo theories solver generated test patterns. Finally, metamorphic testing detected the hardware Trojans. The work used Trust-Hub benchmarks in experiments. Hardware Trojans can cause very serious security problems ( Li et al., 2016 ) in many industries. Nissim et al. (2017 ) described several USB hardware Trojans which installed backdoors, emulated a keyboard or mouse and exfiltrated data. A hardware Trojan is usually composed of two parts: a trigger and payload. Triggers can activate payloads when a special condition is satisfied. The condition of a trigger is usually satisfied with very low-probability, so a payload can be activated with rare probability. When payload circuits are activated, malicious activities will occur. The aim of hardware Trojan detection is finding triggers and payloads. In different 0167-4048/
doi:10.1016/j.cose.2018.07.006 fatcat:byf4mlthbze6fjaye2w3hemskq

Secure remote sensing image registration based on compressed sensing in cloud setting

Zhanqiang Liu, Licheng Wang, Xianmin Wang, Xiaoying Shen, Lixiang Li
2019 IEEE Access  
XIAOYING SHEN received the M.S. degree from Northwest Normal University, in 2017. She is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree with the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.  ...  LIXIANG LI received the M.S. degree in circuit and system from Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao, China, in 2003, and the Ph.D. degree in signal and information processing from the Beijing University of  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2903826 fatcat:q37mni6oazfdxglgveidov2fou

Phosphoproteomic Profiling of Selenate-Treated Alzheimer's Disease Model Cells

Ping Chen, Lixiang Wang, Yong Wang, Shuiming Li, Liming Shen, Qiong Liu, Jiazuan Ni, Hemant K. Paudel
2014 PLoS ONE  
JN) . These authors contributed equally to this work. Abstract The reversible phosphorylation of proteins regulates most biological processes, while abnormal phosphorylation is a cause or consequence of many diseases including Alzheimer's disease (AD). One of the hallmarks of AD is the formation of neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs), which is composed of hyperphosphorylated tau proteins. Sodium selenate has been recently found to reduce tau hyperphosphorylation and NFTs formation, and to improve
more » ... tial learning and motor performance in AD mice. In the current study, the phosphoproteomics of N2aSW cells treated with selenate were investigated. To avoid missing low-abundance phosphoproteins, both the total proteins of cells and the phosphor-enriched proteins were extracted and subjected to the two-dimensional gel electrophoresis with Pro-Q diamond staining and then LC-MS/MS analysis. A total of 65 proteins were altered in phosphorylation level, of which 39 were up-regulated and 26 were down-regulated. All identified phosphoproteins were bioinformatically annotated according to their physiochemical features, subcellular location, and biological function. Most of these significantly changed phosphoproteins are involved in crucial neural processes such as protesome activity, oxidative stress, cysteine and methionine metabolism, and energy metabolism. Furthermore, decreases were found in homocysteine, phosphortau and amyloid b upon selenate treatment. Our results suggest that selenate may intervene in the pathological process of AD by altering the phosphorylation of some key proteins involved in oxidative stress, energy metabolism and protein degradation, thus play important roles in maintaining redox homeostasis, generating ATP, and clearing misfolded proteins and aggregates. The present paper provides some new clues to the mechanism of selenate in AD prevention.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0113307 pmid:25485856 pmcid:PMC4259334 fatcat:h3yay4nfwbfcbdbvl4bbbermxu

Space-Efficient Key-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption from Lattices and Two-Dimensional Attributes

Yuan Liu, Licheng Wang, Xiaoying Shen, Lixiang Li, Dezhi An
2020 Security and Communication Networks  
Linear secret-sharing scheme (LSSS) is a useful tool for supporting flexible access policy in building attribute-based encryption (ABE) schemes. But in lattice-based ABE constructions, there is a subtle security problem in the sense that careless usage of LSSS-based secret sharing over vectors would lead to the leakage of the master secret key. In this paper, we propose a new method that employs LSSS to build lattice-based key-policy attribute-based encryption (KP-ABE) that resolves this
more » ... y issue. More specifically, no adversary can reconstruct the master secret key since we introduce a new trapdoor generation algorithm to generate a strong trapdoor (instead of a lattice basis), that is, the master secret key, and remove the dependency of the master secret key on the total number of system attributes. Meanwhile, with the purpose of reducing the storage cost and support dynamic updating on attributes, we extended the traditional 1-dimensional attribute structure to 2-dimensional one. This makes our construction remarkably efficient in space cost, with acceptable time cost. Finally, our scheme is proved to be secure in the standard model.
doi:10.1155/2020/2345369 fatcat:yhw2mwhekrc6bir3tcqm2mogda

Identifying Mild Hepatic Encephalopathy Based on Multi-Layer Modular Algorithm and Machine Learning

Gaoyan Zhang, Yuexuan Li, Xiaodong Zhang, Lixiang Huang, Yue Cheng, Wen Shen
2021 Frontiers in Neuroscience  
Hepatic encephalopathy (HE) is a neurocognitive dysfunction based on metabolic disorders caused by severe liver disease, which has a high one-year mortality. Mild hepatic encephalopathy (MHE) has a high risk of converting to overt HE, and thus the accurate identification of MHE from cirrhosis with no HE (noHE) is of great significance in reducing mortality. Previously, most studies focused on studying abnormality in the static brain networks of MHE to find biomarkers. In this study, we aimed to
more » ... use multi-layer modular algorithm to study abnormality in dynamic graph properties of brain network in MHE patients and construct a machine learning model to identify individual MHE from noHE. Here, a time length of 500-second resting-state functional MRI data were collected from 41 healthy subjects, 32 noHE patients and 30 MHE patients. Multi-layer modular algorithm was performed on dynamic brain functional connectivity graph. The connection-stability score was used to characterize the loyalty in each brain network module. Nodal flexibility, cohesion and disjointness were calculated to describe how the node changes the network affiliation across time. Results show that significant differences between MHE and noHE were found merely in nodal disjointness in higher cognitive network modules (ventral attention, fronto-parietal, default mode networks) and these abnormalities were associated with the decline in patients' attention and visual memory function evaluated by Digit Symbol Test. Finally, feature extraction from node disjointness with the support vector machine classifier showed an accuracy of 88.71% in discrimination of MHE from noHE, which was verified by different window sizes, modular partition parameters and machine learning parameters. All these results show that abnormal nodal disjointness in higher cognitive networks during brain network evolution can be seemed as a biomarker for identification of MHE, which help us understand the disease mechanism of MHE at a fine scale.
doi:10.3389/fnins.2020.627062 pmid:33505243 pmcid:PMC7829502 fatcat:r2dmcdv3lvaafn5g26kvxm6ake

Community-acquired pneumonia: Trends in and research on drug resistance and advances in new antibiotics

Luyan Shen, Lixiang Wang, Cong Liu, Shaomin Shi, Tai Takahashi, Tiejun Wang
2021 BioScience Trends  
Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) refers to infectious inflammation of the lung parenchyma developing outside of a hospital. CAP has quite a high mortality and morbidity rate worldwide, and especially among elderly patients. The increasing burden of CAP is due to antibiotic resistance, the growth of the elderly population, and underlying comorbidities. Streptococcus pneumoniae remains the most common bacterial pathogen causing CAP, but multi-drug resistance bacteria and potential pathogens
more » ... increased the difficulty and challenges of managing CAP. Although preventive measures, diagnostic techniques, and treatment strategies are constantly advancing and improving, the susceptibility of multi-drug resistant pathogens, such as including Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, has not improved significantly in recent decades, thus highlighting the importance and necessity of developing new antibiotics for the treatment of CAP. New antimicrobials have been approved over the past few years that will expand treatment options for CAP, and especially for patients with potential comorbidities. This situation also offers the chance to reduce the abuse of antibiotics, their toxicities, and their adverse reactions and to provide effective personalized antibiotic treatment.
doi:10.5582/bst.2021.01342 pmid:34483225 fatcat:2alyjjdfg5gmzn5tlxa3raqlre

A Machine Learning Approach for the Curation of Biomedical Literature [chapter]

Min Shi, David S. Edwin, Rakesh Menon, Lixiang Shen, Jonathan Y. K. Lim, Han Tong Loh, S. Sathiya Keerthi, Chong Jin Ong
2003 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this paper, we present an automated text classification system for the classification of biomedical papers. This classification is based on whether there is experimental evidence for the expression of molecular gene products for specified genes within a given paper. The system performs pre-processing and data cleaning, followed by feature extraction from the raw text. It subsequently classifies the paper using the extracted features with a Naïve Bayes Classifier. Our approach has made it
more » ... ible to classify (and curate) biomedical papers automatically, thus potentially saving considerable time and resources.
doi:10.1007/3-540-36618-0_47 fatcat:lyluktk6ifbmxdrz57fimuh2oq

The Standard, Intervention Measures and Health Risk for High Water Iodine Areas

Peng Liu, Lixiang Liu, Hongmei Shen, Qingzhen Jia, Jinbiao Wang, Heming Zheng, Jing Ma, Dan Zhou, Shoujun Liu, Xiaohui Su, Qinghua Sun
2014 PLoS ONE  
Our study aims to clarify the population nutrient status in locations with different levels of iodine in the water in China; to choose effective measurements of water improvement(finding other drinking water source of iodine not excess) or noniodised salt supply or combinations thereof; to classify the areas of elevated water iodine levels and the areas with endemic goiter; and to evaluate the risk factors of water iodine excess on pregnant women, lactating women and the overall population of
more » ... men. From Henan, Hebei, Shandong and Shanxi province of China, for each of 50,99 mg/L, 100,149 mg/L, 150,299 mg/L, and $300 mg/L water iodine level, three villages were selected respectively. Students of 6-12 years old and pregnant were sampled from villages of each water-iodine level of each province, excluded iodized salt consumer. Then the children's goiter volume, the children and pregnant's urinary iodine and water iodine were tested. In addition, blood samples were collected from pregnant women, lactating women and other women of reproductive age for each water iodine level in the Shanxi Province for thyroid function tests. These indicators should be matched for each person. When the water iodine exceeds 100 mg/L; the iodine nutrient of children are iodine excessive, and are adequate or more than adequate for the pregnant women. It is reasonable to define elevated water iodine areas as locations where the water iodine levels exceed 100 mg/L. The supply of non-iodised salt alone cannot ensure adequate iodine nutrition of the residents, and water improvement must be adopted, as well. Iodine excess increases the risk of certain thyroid diseases in women from one-to eightfold. Funding: The world organisations of UNICEF and GAIN funded the project. The grant numbers of UNICEF is 2011 H&N IR1 Act 17 and that of GAIN is 104641. The URL of UNICEF' website is, that of GAIN is No financial relationships with any organizations that might have an interest in the submitted work in the previous three years; and no other relationships or activities that could appear to have influenced the submitted work. The UNICEF and GAIN offer valuable technique support during design and found process of the project, they also reviewed and offered valuable comments for the research report. This does not alter the authors9 adherence to all PLOS ONE policies on sharing data and materials.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0089608 pmid:24586909 pmcid:PMC3938487 fatcat:gtangr3i5fcrhkt4nqzi2s7ugq

HEIH Promotes Malignant Progression of Gastric Cancer by Regulating STAT3-Mediated Autophagy and Glycolysis

Huiqing Zhang, Xiaohua Shen, Shuping Xiong, Lixiang Peng, Wenli Mai, Longxiang Xin, Wei long Zhong
2022 Disease Markers  
Authors' Contributions Huiqing Zhang and Xiaohua Shen contributed equally to this work.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2022/2634526 fatcat:mbu7z2opmjaovfekaq5b5nwcuy
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