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Electrochemical performance of a nano SnO 2 -modified LiNi 1/3 Co 1/3 Mn 1/3 O 2 cathode material

Zhi-Mei Luo, Yan-Guang Sun, Hui-Yong Liu
2015 Chinese Chemical Letters  
摘要: 通过共沉淀法与固相法相结合制备了掺锌的高稳定性 Li(Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3)1-xZnxO2 (x=0, 0.02, 0.05)正极 材料. 循环伏安(CV)曲线表明 Zn 掺杂使氧化峰与还原峰的电势差减小到 0.09 V, 电化学阻抗谱(EIS)曲线表明 Zn 掺杂使电极的阻抗从 266 Ω减小到 102 Ω. Li + 嵌入扩散系数从 1.20×10 -11 cm 2 ·s -1 增大到 2.54×10 -11 cm 2 · s -1 . Li(Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3)0.98Zn0.02O2正极材料以 0.3C 充放电在较高的截止电压(4.6 V)下比其他两种材料的电化学 循环性能更稳定, 其第二周的放电比容量为 176.2 mAh·g -1 , 室温下循环 100 周后容量几乎没衰减; 高温(55°C) 下充放电循环 100 周, 其放电比容量平均每周仅衰减 0.20%, 远小于其他两种正极材料(LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2平均 每周衰减 0.54%; Li(Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3)0.95Zn0.05O2 平均每周衰减
more » ... . Li(Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3)0.98Zn0.02O2 正极材料以 3C 充放电时其放电比容量可达 142 mAh·g -1 , 高于其他两种正极材料. 电化学稳定性的提高归因于 Zn 掺杂后减小 了电极的极化和阻抗, 增大了锂离子扩散系数. 关键词: LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2; 高截止电压; Zn 掺杂; 正极材料; 锂离子电池 中图分类号: O646 Abstract: Highly stable Li(Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3)1-xZnxO2 (x=0, 0.02, 0.05) cathode materials doped with Zn are synthesized by solid-state reactions with co-precipitated precursors. Cyclic voltammetry (CV) curves reveal that the potential difference between oxidation and reduction decreases to 0.09 V, and from electrochemical impedance spectra (EIS) curves, the impedance of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 cathode materials is reduced from 266 to 102 Ω. The diffusion coefficients of Li + ions in intercalation processes increase from 1.20×10 -11 to 2.54×10 -11 cm 2 ·s -1 . Li(Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3)0.98Zn0.02O2 is stable at 0.3C (constant charge/discharge) at a high cut-off potential of 4.6 V vs Li/Li + . It has a second discharge capacity of 176.2 mAh·g -1 at 0.3C and 142 mAh·g -1 at 3C, and keep almost no decay after 100 cycles at room temperature. Furthermore, its average capacity loss per cycle at 55°C is 0.20%, which is lower compared with 0.54% for LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 and 0.38% for Li(Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3)0.95Zn0.05O2 after 100 cycles. The improved electrochemical stability of Zn-doped LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 is attributed to the reduced electrode polarization and impedance values, and an increased Li + ion diffusion coefficient.
doi:10.1016/j.cclet.2015.06.007 fatcat:iakee2ax6vh67ddeulz7bhri7y

Update of the China-VO AstroCloud [article]

Chenzhou Cui, Ce Yu, Jian Xiao, Boliang He, Changhua Li, Dongwei Fan, Chuanjun Wang, Zhi Hong, Shanshan Li, Linying Mi, Wanghui Wan, Zihuang Cao, Jiawei Wang, Shucheng Yin (+7 others)
2016 arXiv   pre-print
As the cyber-infrastructure for Astronomical research from Chinese Virtual Observatory (China-VO) project, AstroCloud has been archived solid progresses during the last one year. Proposal management system and data access system are re-designed. Several new sub-systems are developed, including China-VO PaperData, AstroCloud Statics and Public channel. More data sets and application environments are integrated into the platform. LAMOST DR1, the largest astronomical spectrum archive was released
more » ... o the public using the platform. The latest progresses will be introduced.
arXiv:1601.03155v1 fatcat:wzdblkvforfxhpesknqws6yyp4

Lipoprotein-associated Phospholipase A2 is Associated with Angiographic Coronary Artery Disease and Coronary Artery Risk Factors in the Elderly

Lini Dong, Xiaobing Qu, Zhi Gao Hu, Xiaoli Peng, Yanjiao Wang, Qin Miao, Xiangyu Zhang
2015 International Journal of Gerontology  
s u m m a r y Background: This study investigated the correlation of lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 (Lp-PLA2) levels with angiographic coronary artery disease, the extent of angiographic coronary artery lesions and coronary artery disease risk factors in the elderly. Methods: Plasma Lp-PLA2, lipid, and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein levels were measured in 192 elderly patients who underwent coronary angiography because of suspected coronary artery disease. The extent of coronary
more » ... tery lesions was recorded according to the number of vessels with lesions and the Gensini score system. The relationships of Lp-PLA2 with angiographic coronary artery disease, the extent of coronary artery lesions, and associated risk factors were assessed. Results: Plasma Lp-PLA2 (359.56 ± 133.47 mg/L vs. 215.12 ± 58.93 mg/L, p < 0.001), triglycerides (1.87 ± 1.29mM vs. 1.23 ± 0.53mM, p < 0.001), total cholesterol (4.47 ± 0.69mM vs. 3.59 ± 0.75mM, p < 0.01), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (2.52 ± 0.91mM vs. 2.10 ± 0.63mM, p < 0.01), and C-reactive protein (7.57 ± 1.82 mg/L vs. 2.65 ± 1.74 mg/L, p < 0.05) were significantly higher in the angiographic coronary artery disease group compared to the controls. Lp-PLA2 increased slightly but not significantly with an increasing number of coronary artery lesions and Gensini score. Spearman correlation analysis revealed that Lp-PLA2 is positively correlated with age (r ¼ 0.249, p < 0.05), total cholesterol (r ¼ 0.326, p < 0.01), and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (r ¼ 0.265, p < 0.05). Multivariate logistic regression analysis showed that Lp-PLA2 [odds ratio, 1.03 (1.01e1.06), p < 0.05] and total cholesterol [odds ratio, 2.74 (1.84e7.80), p < 0.05] are independent predictors for angiographic coronary artery disease. Conclusion: Lp-PLA2 was confirmed as a risk factor for coronary artery disease and independently predicts the presence of angiographic coronary artery disease in the elderly.
doi:10.1016/j.ijge.2015.05.005 fatcat:mvcbjt54ijaldfsoz4jazmlfw4

Bifunctional cationic solid lipid nanoparticles of β-NaYF4:Yb,Er upconversion nanoparticles coated with a lipid for bioimaging and gene delivery

Chenxi Song, Shubiao Zhang, Quan Zhou, Lei Shi, Linying Du, Defu Zhi, Yinan Zhao, Yuhong Zhen, Defeng Zhao
2017 RSC Advances  
We demonstrate the possibility of novel bifunctional cationic solid lipid nanoparticles (CSLNs) for bioimaging and gene delivery through peptide lipid coated UCNPs.
doi:10.1039/c7ra02683h fatcat:pcnja7uc7fh7lfvxxj7thjccye

AstroCloud: A Distributed Cloud Computing and Application Platform for Astronomy [article]

Chenzhou Cui, Boliang He, Ce Yu, Jian Xiao, Changhua Li, Dongwei Fan, Shanshan Li, Linying Mi, Zihuang Cao, Sisi Yang, Yunfei Xu, Yue Chen, Zheng Li (+17 others)
2017 arXiv   pre-print
Virtual Observatory (VO) is a data-intensively online astronomical research and education environment, which takes advantages of advanced information technologies to achieve seamless and global access to astronomical information. AstroCloud is a cyber-infrastructure for astronomy research initiated by Chinese Virtual Observatory (China-VO) project, and also a kind of physical distributed platform which integrates lots of tasks such as telescope access proposal management, data archiving, data
more » ... ality control, data release and open access, cloud based data processing and analysis. It consists of five application channels, i.e. observation, data, tools, cloud and public and is acting as a full lifecycle management system and gateway for astronomical data and telescopes. Physically, the platform is hosted in six cities currently, i.e. Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Kunming, Lijiang and Urumqi, and serving more than 17 thousand users. Achievements from international Virtual Observatories and Cloud Computing are adopted heavily. In the paper, backgrounds of the project, architecture, Cloud Computing environment, key features of the system, current status and future plans are introduced.
arXiv:1701.05641v1 fatcat:tlj7qqrkrzadpfo7hbgjbu4t2e

Page 200 of American Sportswear & Knitting Times Vol. 59, Issue [page]

1990 American Sportswear & Knitting Times  
wOW - > (@wey Meu) Sexog IM Spee; % — INO OZ ‘vz ‘Zz ‘Bl OE APdEl 100, - 8 INO 1 PUR OZ .9Z (YIOID Auel) |dNoYy SPOe) 9E IND ~Z/0Z/B1 .O€ ZHI OW — S P89} 9E IND Bi .0€ IWS 22e6uIS 49071U3LNI/LINY 318NOG  ...  Peqng — OF IND Z) WO EB NOW lesieAUn — » IND Z4 WO EBL ZOW lesseAiUul) — | SLV1d SO|POON ZZ ..2/1 € W'V' IIIUdWeH UOSMe) — S SOIPOON $Zz .Z/| EXEL 'G'D NOMYOOY — O1 SOIPOON HZz .Z/I € ABU) UBWZIEdS — 0} LINY  ... 

Page 357 of Annalen der Physik Vol. 3, Issue 7-8 [page]

1959 Annalen der Physik  
Wir haben also nach Formel (2) (Satz 2) für die relativen Wahrscheinlichkeiten W, des gleichzeitigen Über- ganges von Elektronen im Falle des Kf’-Satelliten (9 in Abb. 4): ” a a We~1(r ~ Zhi nm; AB = 0,69  ...  B. die Kß,-Linie oder der Kß’-Satellit entstehen, je nachdem, ob der Übergang K>M 1.111 ohne einen d — s-Sprung oder gleichzeitig mit einem d — s-Sprung stattfindet.  ... 

Synthesis of spinel LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode material with excellent cycle stability using urea-based sol–gel method

Ou Sha, Shaoliang Wang, Zhi Qiao, Wei Yuan, Zhiyuan Tang, Qiang Xu, Yanjun Su
2012 Materials letters (General ed.)  
The spinel LiNi 0.5 Mn 1.5 O 4 cathode material has been successfully prepared employing a simple and novel urea-based sol-gel method.  ...  The results indicate that urea should be a universal and low-cost chelating agent for the synthesis of LiNi 0.5 Mn 1.5 O 4 cathode material with excellent electrochemical properties.  ...  Fig. 1 .Fig. 2 . 12 (a) X-ray diffraction pattern of LiNi 0.5 Mn 1.5 O 4 and (b) SEM image (inset) and the corresponding particle size histogram of LiNi 0.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.matlet.2012.08.126 fatcat:dsitcvlw7nc2bdxldn26ekmvm4

Two new bamboo-feeding species of the genus Kirbyana Distant, 1906 from China (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha, Cixiidae)

Yan Zhi, Lin Yang, Xiang-Sheng Chen
2021 ZooKeys  
Two new bamboo-feeding species of the cixiid planthopper genus Kirbyana Distant, 1906 (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Cixiidae: Eucarpiini), K. aspina Zhi &amp; Chen, sp. nov. and K. furcata Zhi &amp; Chen,  ...  As far as we have observed during our field trips, these two new species, K. aspina Zhi & Chen, sp. nov. and K. furcata Zhi & Chen, sp. nov. from southern China, were collected on bamboo (Poaceae, Bambuseae  ...  (red square); K. javana (red circle); K. lini (blue circle); K. pacifica (green triangle); K. pagana (red triangle); K. pratti (blue square).  ... 
doi:10.3897/zookeys.1037.64653 pmid:34040487 pmcid:PMC8131345 fatcat:5u24ek3msfcc7bt4pv3qls3h3a

Drawing and Application of Phase Diagram Related to Eutectic Mixed Lithium Salts

TANG Hong-Wei, 河南师范大学化学与环境科学学院, 河南 新乡 453007; 北京理工大学化工与环境学院, 北京 100080, College of Chemistry and Environmental Science, Henan Normal University, Xinxiang 453007, Henan Province, P. R. China; College of Chemical Engineering and Environment, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100080, P. R. China, ZHU Zhi-Hong, CHANG Zhao-Rong, CHEN Zhong-Jun
2007 Wuli huaxue xuebao  
利用低共熔混合物 LiNO 3 鄄LiOH 为锂盐与不同前驱体反应, 制备 出了层状结构良好的锂离子电池正极材料 LiNiO 2 、 LiNi 0.8 Co 0.2 O 2 及 LiNi 1/3 Co 1/3 Mn 1/3 O 2 .X射线衍射分析表明, 合成 的材料具有规整的层状 NaFeO 2 结构, 且 XRD 衍射峰强度之比 I (003) /I (104) 跃2.0, 电性能测试表明, 在  ...  0.8 Co 0.2 O 2 和 LiNi 1/3 Co 1/3 对 LiNiO 2 、 LiNi 0.8 Co 0.2 O 2 、 LiNi 1/3 Co 1/3 Mn 1/3 O 2 粉末进行 物相分析.  ...  将 LiNO 3 和 LiOH 组成低共熔混合锂盐分别与 Ni(OH) 2 、 Ni 0.8 Co 0.2 (OH) 2 、 Ni 1/3 Co 1/3 Mn 1/3 (OH) 2 混合, 置 于高温炉中在 200 益 时预 烧 6h, 然后分别升温 至 700、 800 和 850 益烧结 20h, 分别得到LiNiO 2 、 LiNi 0.8 Co 0.2 O 2 、 LiNi 1/3 Co  ... 
doi:10.3866/pku.whxb20070824 fatcat:x3xzaiiemze5vpf6ikpghr5sby

Synthesis of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 Cathode Material by Eutectic Molten Salt LiOH-LiNO3

CHANG Zhao-Rong, 河南师范大学化学与环境科学学院, 河南 新乡 453007; 北京理工大学化工与环境学院, 北京 100080, College of Chemistry and Environmental Science, Henan Normal University, Xinxiang 453007, Henan Province, P. R. China; College of Chemical Engineering and Environmental, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100080, P. R. China, CHEN Zhong-Jun, WU Feng, TANG Hong-Wei, ZHU Zhi-Hong
2008 Wuli huaxue xuebao  
另外, 为了说明 在 500-600 益 之间是否有 LiNi 1/3 Co 1/3 Mn 1/3 O 2 的生 成和晶型的转变, 利用该低共熔盐体系和前驱体分别 在 500 益和 600 益下焙烧得到 LiNi 1/3 Co 1/3 Mn 1/3 O 2 正 极材料. 1.4 电化学性能测试 把 LiNi 1/3 Co 1/3 Mn 1/3 O 2 粉末、 乙炔黑和 PVDF 以 质量比 8颐1颐  ...  表 1 列出不同锂盐合成 的 LiNi 1/3 Co 1/3 Mn 1/3 O 2 晶格参数.  ... 
doi:10.3866/pku.whxb20080329 fatcat:y5ei2wh5n5bdhjhgewj44lrx4e

Electrochemical Properties and Synthesis of LiNi0.01Co0.01Mn1.98O4 by SAC Route for Lithium Secondary Battery

TANG Zhi-Yuan, 天津大学化工学院, 天津 300072; 广州鹏辉电池有限公司, 广州 511483, School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072, P. R. China; Guangzhou Great Power Battery Co. Ltd., Guangzhou 511483, P. R. China, YU Ming-Yuan, XUE Jian-Jun, GAO Fei, CUI Yan, LI Liang-Dong
2007 Wuli huaxue xuebao  
作为对比, 本文 也用高温固相法合成了 LiNi 0.01 Co 0.01 Mn 1.98 O 4 材料: 将 化学计量比的 Mn(CH 3  ...  常温下 SAC 法和固相法合成样品 0.1C 充放电 100 次后容量保持率分别为 96.5%和 92.7%.SAC 法合成的 LiNi 0.01 Co 0.01 Mn 1.98 O 4 样品的高 倍率放电能力和循环性能均优于固相法.  ... 
doi:10.3866/pku.whxb20070128 fatcat:ooemrrlxdjc5zdonmojw63b434

Structure characterization and electrochemical properties of new lithium salt LiODFB for electrolyte of lithium ion batteries

Hong-quan Gao, Zhi-an Zhang, Yan-qing Lai, Jie Li, Ye-xiang Liu
2008 Journal of Central South University of Technology  
The graphite/LiNi 1/3 Mn 1/3 Co 1/3 O 2 cells with LiODFB-based electrolyte have very good capacity retention at 55 , ℃ and show very good rate capability at 0.5C and 1C charge/discharge rate.  ...  Rate performances of G/LiNi 1/3 Mn 1/3 Co 1/3 O 2 cells Elevated temperature cycling performances of G/ LiNi 1/3 Mn 1/3 Co 1/3 O 2 cells One of the unique properties of LiODFB is its excellent thermal  ...  The cycling specific capacities of G/LiNi 1/3 Mn 1/3 Co 1/3 O 2 cells at 55 ℃ and a constant current rate of 0.1C are shown in Fig.5 .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11771-008-0153-1 fatcat:7fu25zrywrb5tbvdn23zopg3xu

Investigation on preparation and performance of spinel LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 with different microstructures for lithium-ion batteries

Yuan Xue, Zhenbo Wang, Lili Zheng, Fuda Yu, Baosheng Liu, Yin Zhang, Ke Ke
2015 Scientific Reports  
LiNi 0.5 Mn 1.5 O 4 spinels with  ...  The hollow structured LiNi 0.5 Mn 1.5 O 4 exhibits superior electrochemical performance.  ...  Preparation School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, No. 92 West-Da Zhi Street, Harbin, 150001 China. 2 Chilwee Power Co.  ... 
doi:10.1038/srep13299 pmid:26299774 pmcid:PMC4547101 fatcat:mcyjwrkmdbcu7jyap6gpews4lm

Headspace solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography–mass spectrometry of volatile components of Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat

Yanbing Wu, Zhenmin Yan, Junjun Zhao, Yinghui Zhu
2016 Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research  
Zhi of School of Life Sciences, Henan Institute of Science and Technology, Xinxiang, China for the authentication of the investigated plant.  ...  The samples were authenticated as C. morifolium Ramat. by Associate Professor Mingxing Zhi (Henan Institute of Science and Technology, China).  ...  that 39, 20, 19, 33, 22, 18, 25, 29, 20, and 33 compounds were essential oils were identified the same plant materials from Bozhou Anhui, Wenxian Henan, Nanyang Henan, Mout Huangshan Anhui, Hangzhou1, Linying  ... 
doi:10.4314/tjpr.v15i10.24 fatcat:5sri6tw4arcchnwgm3fzy2yiuu
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