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The Value of Citizen Science in Increasing Our Knowledge of Under-Sampled Biodiversity: An Overview of Public Documentation of Auchenorrhyncha and the Hoppers of North Carolina

Kyle D. Kittelberger, Solomon V. Hendrix, Çağan Hakkı Şekercioğlu
2021 Frontiers in Environmental Science  
We have compiled a comprehensive summary of citizen science contributions—published and unpublished—to the understanding of hopper diversity, finding over fifty previously unpublished country and state  ...  We compare citizen science contributions to those published in the literature as well as specimen records in collections in the United States and Canada, illuminating the fact that the copious data afforded  ...  NRID is fully linked with the Hopper Site so that these records are automatically synced with the site.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fenvs.2021.710396 fatcat:fz7qlqglzzfctjo5u5q4svpv4a

XIV International Entomophagous Insects Workshop: June 11–15, 2006, Newark, Delaware

Keith R. Hopper, Karen M. Kester, Kim A. Hoelmer
2007 Journal of Insect Science  
The data set is being analysed using a wide range of gap opening and gap extension parameters in Clustal X and the resulting alignments analysed using the programme TNT.  ...  It is generally accepted that strict predators rely on visual cues to some degree to locate prey. Here we investigate the importance of visual cues for D. hesperus.  ...  Erythrina trees in Tanzania were very healthy and showed few leaves with galls.  ... 
doi:10.1673/031.007.1601 fatcat:wnqkhqlba5bh3evvwwhx5xrwoe

Potential of deep learning segmentation for the extraction of archaeological features from historical map series

Arnau Garcia‐Molsosa, Hector A. Orengo, Dan Lawrence, Graham Philip, Kristen Hopper, Cameron A. Petrie
2021 Archaeological Prospection  
other natural and cultural data within an explicitly spatial context.  ...  maps present a unique depiction of past landscapes, providing evidence for a wide range of information such as settlement distribution, past land use, natural resources, transport networks, toponymy and  ...  the shape and area of the map features with much more detail than the point data typically produced using a visual assessment.  ... 
doi:10.1002/arp.1807 fatcat:hjy2tprd6vddza6dtemrswavju

Employing quality improvement methodology in sepsis: an electronic sepsis order set further improves compliance with the Surviving Sepsis Campaign 3-hour bundle

S Rossi, A Shields, N Gauge, M Kinirons, A Hopper, G Glover, R Beale
2014 Critical Care  
Therefore, in the event of a real theft it would be possible to quickly and easily indentify the culprit. Conclusion When CDs are missing it can be extremely stressful for the staff involved.  ...  We assessed all aspects of prescriptions that make them legal and valid, in accordance with national guidance [3].  ...  References Acknowledgement GH and HVM contributed equally to this study. References  ... 
doi:10.1186/cc13553 pmcid:PMC4069577 fatcat:jtx4utewajbvfbpeery77nbugm

Towards a corporeal aesthetics of plants: Ethnographies of embodied appreciation along the wildflower trail

John Charles Ryan
2010 Continuum. Journal of Media and Cultural Studies  
Also, the two anonymous referees were exceptionally helpful and insightful and to them I give my sincerest thanks.  ...  Rod Giblett and my Associate Supervisor, Dr. Lekkie Hopkins at Edith Cowan University.  ...  Kwongan derives from the local Noongar language and indicates 'sandy country with open scrubby vegetation' (Beard and Pate 1984, xvii) .  ... 
doi:10.1080/10304312.2010.489721 fatcat:gm4cucjf4fb3zpmbimfvailffe

A multimedia material for effective transcultural learning

Jorge Mizuno, Diana Jánica, Lourdes Rey, Nayibe Rosado
2022 Zona Próxima  
The techniques utilized were class observations, surveys and interviews to students and professors, and document analysis.  ...  A qualitative approach with a case study design (level 7 of English in the undergraduate program) was used to accomplish the objectives of the research.  ...  Besides, it includes most of the learning styles that are possible to study a language (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, tactile, individual, group, etc.) (Reid, 1984) .  ... 
doi:10.14482/zp.07.144.82 fatcat:76yiy3nn75cxzimh5242dg5i2u

Innovation in the Context of Audiology and in the Context of the Internet

Lynne E. Bernstein, Jana Besser, David W. Maidment, De Wet Swanepoel
2018 American Journal of Audiology  
Considering the global need for improved access and efficiency in hearing care, innovations that demonstrate a sustainable impact on a large scale, with the potential to rapidly upscale this impact, should  ...  It is unclear presently what types of innovations are likely to have the most profound impacts on audiology in the coming years.  ...  Rather than interviewing people to learn about their experiences, it is also possible to use mobile technology and smartphone connectivity to collect data from them in real time.  ... 
doi:10.1044/2018_aja-imia3-18-0018 pmid:30452742 pmcid:PMC6437706 fatcat:2dafpvn7hre2nplp2wdgbid6wu

Intercultural Interaction: Indonesia and Soviet Society in the Sphere of Art Paintings in the Second Half of the XXth Century

Iwan Jaconiah Kurniawan, Russian State Social University
2020 Contemporary problems of social work  
Since 2016, more than 30 Indonesian social-realism paintings were conserved, served, and shown into a historical exhibition in the State Museum of Moscow Oriental Art.  ...  In the second half of the XXth century, Indonesian artists had a close relationship with the Soviet Society in the sphere of fine art.  ...  to linking the countries of the continent to the global economy [11] . 2.  ... 
doi:10.17922/2412-5466-2020-6-2-65-71 fatcat:dw3sbct5kbek3ezibxxez6g35q

'Mindless Markers of the Nation': The Routine Flagging of Nationhood Across the Visual Environment

Michael Skey
2016 Sociology  
The visual environment has increasingly been used as a lens with which to understand wider processes of social and economic change with studies employing in-depth qualitative approaches to focus on, for  ...  As a multi-national state with an increasingly diverse population, Britain offers a particularly fruitful case study, drawing in debates around devolution, European integration and Commonwealth migration  ...  In other words, Britain is both part of Western Europe and has relatively strong political and economic links (in the form of good and services) with proximal countries (e.g.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0038038515590754 fatcat:ueijlel7drduzg4hcr5pbuhbgi

Constructional Change and Distributional Semantics [chapter]

2021 Ten Lectures on Diachronic Construction Grammar  
I began to think about ways of using this technique with language data, The ingredients were available. Diachronic corpora are readily available, and we can represent that data visually.  ...  Hans Rosling used these statistics as an argument to correct the misperception that there is a clear dichotomy between Europe and so-called developing countries.  ... 
doi:10.1163/9789004446793_011 fatcat:2xwjgt2rxvhnvffijtuoo3yhny

Why Do Languages Change?byR. Larry Trask

Daniel R. Davis
2012 Journal of Sociolinguistics  
Unlike cases in Europe, these countries have dealt with different issues of civic integration historically and have had a strong role for language testing.  ...  The book is divided into two sections: case studies in Europe and case studies in four other countries.  ...  contact as . . . exceptions and complications unnecessarily messing up the clear internal laws of the historical development development of genetic language trees' (p. 2; sic). 2.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1467-9841.2012.00545_8.x fatcat:jzntehplzza5hhpqqrqzrbc7lm

Older Children's Responses to Wordless Picturebooks: Making Connections

Lina Iordanaki
2020 Children's Literature in Education  
The approach taken places emphasis on the reader's active engagement, for readers use visual decoding skills and culturally oriented knowledge in an effort to interpret the wordless story and fill its  ...  The participants in each country, separated into two groups of four, read the book in an empty classroom, with no teacher intervention.  ...  Lea: It's like most people do it at school. They learn about like fairytales and things. Darren: Yeah we did it in Year 1 and so has my brother done it in Year 1.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10583-020-09424-7 fatcat:7uy3p74mxjcj7n2zflgf2xbcmy

Ten questions concerning a new adolescent health urbanism

Martin Knöll, Jennifer J. Roe
2017 Building and Environment  
The Ten Questions address adolescent urban lifestyles and their relation to health outcomes in Europe, adolescent perceptions of the built environment and age specific physical, social, digital and emotional  ...  research into age-specific urban affordances; integration of new technologies to forge mobility in and engagement with in the co-design of cities allowing stakeholders to make better-informed planning  ...  Shows participants playing the location-based game Stadtflucht learning about positive effects of healthy places [34] , and visualization of data on "stressful" (red) and "relaxing" (green) areas collected  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.buildenv.2017.10.006 fatcat:3o33dhgcn5bbvnf6cmr2b3rtma

Decolonising the postgraduate diploma in higher education curriculum at one university of technology in South Africa

R.S. Lebelo, K.C. Moloi, C.C. Chitumwa
2021 South African Journal of Higher Education  
The cost of continuing with Western knowledge organisation in the PGDHE programme destroys and undervalues African intellectualism, culture and literature, while imposing colonial language through prescribed  ...  The main source of information was collected through relevant secondary data.  ...  It comprises five departments, namely communication, education, legal studies, tourism and hospitality, and visual arts.  ... 
doi:10.20853/35-1-4406 fatcat:52sqcbljrrap3gf22rdza74ufe

Full Text - Volume 9, Issue 1

Tawny Burgess
2016 Theological Librarianship  
It opens with vivid, attention-getting statements or stories, and it closes with a punch.  ...  In a classroom setting it can visually demonstrate in an intriguing way the rapid advance of printing across continental Europe and England from Gutenberg to 1500.  ...  However, it is not as drastic as it seems. Three of the old appendices (A, B, and H) have been folded into §4 (A= §4.3.6 and B= § and §8 (H= § .  ... 
doi:10.31046/tl.v9i1.430 fatcat:wj736al77jdx5cgbj35mzzgate
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