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Linear Probing Revisited: Tombstones Mark the Death of Primary Clustering [article]

Michael A. Bender, Bradley C. Kuszmaul, William Kuszmaul
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We also present a new variant of linear probing (which we call graveyard hashing) that completely eliminates primary clustering on any sequence of operations: if, when an operation is performed, the current  ...  This is because tombstones created by deletions actually cause an anti-clustering effect that combats primary clustering.  ...  The drawback: primary clustering. Unfortunately, the data locality of linear probing comes with a major drawback known as primary clustering [73, 76] .  ... 
arXiv:2107.01250v1 fatcat:d2zopxzg3zetnf5i5ubpz6oaqi

An Archaeological Inventory of Camp Swift, Bastrop County, Texas

David G. Robinson, Timothy M. Meade, Leeann Haslouer Kay, Linn Gassaway, Dustin Kay
2001 Index of Texas Archaeology Open Access Grey Literature from the Lone Star State  
The Toyah phase, beginning about 800 B.P., is marked by the migration of bison into large areas of Texas and the adoption of specialized hunting of them as a primary economic pursuit.  ...  The site was therefore defined as the gully segment at the locus of primary dumping and down-gully areas to the extent of erosion of cultural items from the primary dump.  ...  Not eligible No No 41BP156 19th and 20th century house and ranching site Skelton and Freeman 1979 Remains of house, two cisterns, with scattered trash. Revisited 1995 (Wormser and Leshley 1995) .  ... 
doi:10.21112/ita.2001.1.13 fatcat:w6lp4ucf5jezbdeayutbte6uya

Revisiting the murderess representations of Victorian women's violence in mid-nineteenth- and late-twentieth-century fiction [article]

Jessica Frances Ritchie, University Of Canterbury
Revisiting the Victorian murderess in the late twentieth century provides a potential means for resolving this contradiction; specifically, it enables the violent woman to engage in a process of self-representation  ...  The murderess in the twenty-first century is a figure of particular cultural fascination; she is the subject of innumerable books, websites, documentaries and award-winning movies.  ...  as one of their primary subjects (Sutter 159) .  ... 
doi:10.26021/4661 fatcat:rzitpjeg3veuplmcuvvjdsxncq

Cist burials and an Iron Age settlement at Dryburn Bridge, Innerwick, East Lothian

Andrew Dunwell, B Finlayson, H Cool, T Cowie, A Heald, F Hunter, D Ingemark, M Jay, J Roberts, A Sheridan, J Thoms
2007 Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports  
of the cists.  ...  The final occupation phase, which extended into the Roman Iron Age and may have occurred after a break in occupation, consisted of an unenclosed settlement of ring-ditch houses.  ...  The floor space between the two post-rings was largely devoid of archaeological features, apart from to the west where two shallow linear hollows and adjacent post-pits were clustered (illus 26).  ... 
doi:10.9750/issn.1473-3803.2007.24 fatcat:a4ciqn2enjenpn5l52t5ss2ip4

Recent Dickens studies

1987 Critical Quarterly  
The scholarship surveyed is organized into the following categories: General  ...  The scholarship exhibits an increasing interest in intermediality studies (including intertextuality), "things" and "bodies," ethical and moral analyses, and an intensifying revival of formal and textual-aesthetic  ...  the reality of result in linear time.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1467-8705.1987.tb00094.x fatcat:ewf2xgmjobee7l2vtzu3ledbfi

Natural Diseases Causing Sudden Death in Infancy and Early Childhood [chapter]

Victoria Bryant, Neil Sebire
2018 SIDS Sudden infant and early childhood death: The past, the present and the future  
References Acknowledgements Thanks to Ms Monica Wolf, Director of Reviews, Child Death Review Team, NSW Ombudsman's Office, Sydney, for her major contribution to the development of Table 14 .1 and the  ...  We greatly acknowledge the financial assistance of Red Nose (Australia) and the very valued support they have given enumerable families over the years.  ...  The autopsy did not reveal a primary cause of death (57).  ... 
doi:10.20851/sids-25 fatcat:n66yoqangnhlbmeb5fnf4nibuy

FlyClockbase: Importance of Biological Model Curation for Analyzing Variability in the Circadian Clock of Drosophila melanogaster by Integrating Time Series from 25 Years of Research [article]

Katherine S. Scheuer, Bret Hanlon, Jerdon W. Dresel, Erik D. Nolan, John C. Davis, Laurence Loewe
2017 bioRxiv   pre-print
We aim to simplify the preservation of more raw data and relevant annotations from experiments in order to multiply the long-term value of wet-lab datasets for modelers interested in meta-analyses, parameter  ...  Our study demonstrates how biological model curation enhances the understanding of circadian clocks.  ...  Thus, we mark these peak or 20 valley times as not given. 21 22 Linearizing TimeSeries data.  ... 
doi:10.1101/099192 fatcat:446gqznfofdo3pyuzgvst7bolm

6. Sex, Philosophy, and the Occult [chapter]

Patrick Keane
2021 Making the Void Fruitful  
In 2014, marking the seventy-fifth anniversary of Yeats‘s death, an Atlantic writer reproduced the poems as they had first appeared, characterized as ‘three of his most brutal,’ ‘bitter,’ and ‘deeply unsettling  ...  Maud Gonne cluster in In the Seven Woods continues, speaking of memory, with ‘Old Memory.’  ... 
doi:10.11647/obp.0275.06 fatcat:ijmtpoowqjgx5eo3yzrkpapr7e

GAC-MAC 2021 London Joint Annual Meeting: Abstracts, Volume 44

Andrew Kerr
2021 Geoscience Canada  
Historical seepage of tailings water through the embankment is concerning as it poses a risk of seepage related erosion. This is the likely failure mechanism which,  ...  Centered over a volcanogenic massive sulphide ore deposit in west-central Newfoundland, the abandoned Gullbridge mine produced 94,000 tonnes of copper concentrate from 2.8 million tonnes of ore from 1967  ...  The downflow extents of numerous clusters are commonly marked by large moraine complexes, representing clear flow sets.  ... 
doi:10.12789/geocanj.2021.48.181 fatcat:fckev3h45jgxhnwbgkvcbacpcq

JSE 25:4 Full Issue PDF

Kathleen Erickson
2011 Journal of Scientific Exploration  
Acknowledgments The author wishes to thank Dr. Lance Storm for kindly providing a reprint of an earlier article, and for helpful comments on an earlier version of this paper.  ...  I would like to dedicate this Reply to the memory of Helmut Schmidt and his pioneering contributions to psi research.  ...  An Indian boy named Ravi Shankar was born with a long, linear mark, closely resembling the scar of a knife wound, across his neck.  ... 
doaj:d325797429f9471d96e60466c988c382 fatcat:yjvhc7zqjffbdphk6amqjclohu

5. Foundations of Digital Methods Query Design [chapter]

Richard Rogers, Mirko Tobias Schäfer, Karin van Es
2017 The Datafied Society  
Acknowledgements Both authors gratefully acknowledge the support of Volkswagen Foundation. References  ...  Michael Stevenson, Erik Borra and researchers at the Digital Methods Initiative, University of Amsterdam, provided crucial input.  ...  In fact, he is located outside that cluster, somewhere in between the cluster of the Trojans and the cluster of Aphrodite and Helen.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9789048531011-008 fatcat:7q6p2hlrufgndeozrarhkgggca

Worldviews and the American West: The Life of the Place Itself

James P. Leary, Polly Stewart, Steve Siporin, C. W. Sullivan, Suzi Jones
2002 Western Folklore  
The Dolls of the World Collection relies on references to place and the traditional folk customs and costumes associated with that place.  ...  From the perspective of an American tourist, these dolls are all associated with exotic locations. Urry argues that there is a hierarchy of tourist sites:  ...  cut loose, the row of floats marking the surface, the whale's death, the gift of food for everyone again.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1500427 fatcat:eq5sny3s5ndpjblfbafglosluy

The Art of vision: ekphrasis in medieval literature and culture

2016 ChoiceReviews  
Baudri was very particular about the colouring of his capitals . . . because since the verses are very indifferent, he would like to make sure of readers by the beauty of the MS.  ...  He [Baudri] trims his verses to fit the exquisite tablets that his friend the Abbot of Séez gave him . . . broad enough to hold an hexameter, long enough to take eight lines, and coated with green wax,  ...  The primary function of The Clerk of the King's Works' inventories was not language learning, of course.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.196058 fatcat:avjtolycljapho6kmfch7whl3y

Discourse 2.0: Language and new mediaTannenDeborahTresterAnna Marie (eds), Discourse 2.0: Language and new media, Georgetown University Press: Washington, DC, 2013; 258 pp.: ISBN 9781589019546, $44.95 (pbk)

Karen Correia Da Silva
2014 New Media & Society  
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank the participants in our study and audience members of our workshop at GURT 2011 for their input and feedback.  ...  In addition, we greatly appreciate the careful reading of our chapter and comments and suggestions that we received from Deborah Tannen.  ...  without the durability of linear, written text.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1461444814524163b fatcat:lix7m4khk5ep3f7d3ftd3psx3q

Poetry in pieces: Cesar Vallejo and lyric modernity

2011 ChoiceReviews  
FlashPoints will aim for a broad audience within the humanities and the social sciences concerned with moments of cultural emergence and transformation.  ...  In a Benjaminian mode, FlashPoints is interested in how literature contributes to forming new constellations of culture and history, and in how such formations function critically and politically in the  ...  One of the bleakest lyric statements from Vallejo's Paris years, it prophesies the death of its own author, making none of the kind of self-immortalizing claims that a tombstone poem might be expected  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.48-5570 fatcat:nn6jwqmaafckvc4iair2pxo6y4
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