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The Death of Slander

Leslie Yalof Garfield
2011 Social Science Research Network  
This distinction between libel and slander, however, rests on a historical reality that is no longer accurate. Originally, permanence and breadth of dissemination always coincided.  ...  The article provides new support for the contention that courts and legislatures should treat libel and slander uniformly and should abolish the archaic requirement of proof of special damages, a burden  ...  The libel/slander distinction creates an undue burden on parties and on the courts.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1916212 fatcat:rwzqnw6jgbcyhofrz26jhj7d34

The Medium is not the Message: Reconciling Reputation and Free Expression in Cases of Internet Defamation

Robert Danay*
2010 McGill Law Journal  
See also Nicholas St John Green, "Slander and Libel", Book Review of A Treatise on the Wrongs called Slander and Libel, and on the Remedy by Civil Action for those Wrongs, 2d ed by John Townsend (1872)  ...  of the Libel and Slander Act" (ibid at para 52).  ...  from both the stance of hostility toward Internet communications in particular, and the more general fixation on the medium in which the impugned communication was made in defamation cases. 132 In short  ... 
doi:10.7202/045697ar fatcat:c66kf7dekngb5k2ewaydsdgto4


2016 Issues in Information Systems  
With the onset of computer and Internet publishing, libel per se and libel per quod laws will evolve to include cyber domains.  ...  This paper will create a historical overview of libel cases, and create a defense framework for Marilynn Phillips, a disabled professor and activist, libeled by defamatory statements in a Gettysburg, Pennsylvania  ...  The Internet has vastly expanded the scope for freedom of expression, but the technical ease of that expression has not erased the responsibility to be truthful, ethical and law-abiding.  ... 
doi:10.48009/3_iis_2016_70-76 fatcat:m2rizw4fsrgj5b5fdstucawshu

Interpretation Qualification Proof toward Humiliation Performer or Libel in Social Media

Bayu Fermadi, La Sina, La Syarifudin
2018 Mulawarman law review  
Therefore internet can be media to ease someone to do type of criminal act which based on informaton technology (cybercrime) such as, criminal ac like libel, pornography, gamling, account breaking, and  ...  Through internet, information exchange can be done fast, accurate and with cheap cost.  ...  As the result to use slander or libel article in Information and Electronic Transaction Law which is suspected to do slander or libel because Information and Electronic Transaction Law toward someone who  ... 
doi:10.30872/mulrev.v3i1.26 fatcat:2ytjcijsvfd7pcy7ljyxr2ad64

Page 19 of ALI-ABA Business Law Course Materials Journal Vol. 29, Issue 5 [page]

2005 ALI-ABA Business Law Course Materials Journal  
The tort of defamation may be committed in one of two ways. The first is under the theory of libel or a written statement and the second is under the theory of slander or an oral statement.  ...  whether a publication is a libel rather than a slander.”  ... 

Praising and Slandering Terms in Selected English and Kurdish Poems

Bahar Amin
2020 Evaluation Study of Three Diagnostic Methods for Helicobacter pylori Infection  
The paper concludes that praising terms are used in the English poems more than the slandering ones whereas in the Kurdish ones the slandering terms are used more.  ...  This paper examines praising and slandering terms in three (3) English and three (3) Kurdish poems. It discusses the connections of praising and slandering terms with some others.  ...  Slandering Expressions Forms of expression on the internet similar to or contrasting with defamatory speech .The internet have augmented the means by which expression (speech) may be made.  ... 
doi:10.24271/garmian.207117 fatcat:epaoylmlune4bivj6635e3i7l4

Waging Wars with Words – Libel and Slander in the Polish Statutory Law and English Common Law

Katarzyna Strębska
2014 Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric  
The discussion might be summarized as involving the proponents of liberal and democratic policies on the one hand, and those who wish to avoid complete decriminalization of libel and slander and deem them  ...  This paper aims to investigate the differences between the concepts of libel and slander as understood by the Polish statutory and English common law.  ...  As observed by Kayode Oladele in "Internet Libel And The Law Of Defamation: Justice Without Borders?"  ... 
doi:10.2478/slgr-2014-0040 fatcat:hs75zq4yzje5pckngd6ll43ium

Germany minister backs genome research

Alison Abbott
1995 Nature  
should be judged by the laws of libel or slander -one explanation of the decision by Hallam-Baker's lawyers to with-NATURE · VOL 375 · 15 JUNE 1995 draw is the thought they would lose.  ...  The absence in either the United States or Canada of legislation on Internet libel makes the prospects of legal action against Internet-providers uncertain.  ... 
doi:10.1038/375525a0 pmid:7791859 fatcat:cuhiirluzvatpdl6dswyaneiga

When Retweets Attack

Daxton R. "Chip" Stewart
2013 Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly  
When Retweets Attack 2 So picture, if you will, a so---called friend of Gamesh's posting the following on his Twitter account, @GilBuddy: "Talked to @Gil_95 today, he said steroids and meth are his best  ...  However, some confusion has emerged regarding retweeting the posts of others on Twitter, the popular microblog site.  ...  JUR. 2D LIBEL AND SLANDER §220 (West 2012); PETER F. CARTER---RUCK, LIBEL AND SLANDER 76---77 (1973); PROSSER ON TORTS §93 810---811 (1941). 12 See Kyu Ho Youm, Defamation, in W.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1077699013482913 fatcat:47hzo33r5be6fofistisk7wb3q

Libel in the Blogosphere: Some Preliminary Thoughts

Glenn Harlan Reynolds
2006 Social Science Research Network  
In this short Essay, I will offer some suggestions as to why blog-related litigation has been relatively scarce, along with some observations on what law has developed, and some thoughts on the ways in  ...  Drudge, 4 a case that predates the blogosphere, when they talk about blogs and libel, and no major new case has emerged to take its place.  ...  Nonetheless, though I've heard people claim that libel law doesn't apply on the Internet, blogs and bloggers are no more immune to libel suits than are other publications.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.898013 fatcat:u6hct3ukrfe5xkrs3mhlpybpku

As I See It! -- Libel Law in the UK: Free Speech Under Threat?

John Cox
2013 Against the Grain  
While slander is a verbal statement, libel is a statement in permanent form: writing, pictures, theatre and film, statues, radio and TV, and statements on the Internet, including Websites, emails, blogs  ...  The difference between libel and slander is only that slander requires proof of actual damage, while libel is actionable in itself without adducing additional evidence -injury to the plaintiff's reputation  ... 
doi:10.7771/2380-176x.2719 fatcat:a2u2ucqgnvbtdbtvxzwxndces4

Difficulties in Establishing Liability in Online Defamation; Tanzania Experience

Charles W. Marwa
2018 International Journal of Law and Public Administration  
liability over defamatory comments occurring on the internet.  ...  The focus is on the effectiveness of the current laws and regulations relating to online defamation; and the lack of awareness on the part of the general public on legal and practical challenges in establishing  ...  International Journal of Law and Public Administration Vol. 1, No. 1; 2018  ... 
doi:10.11114/ijlpa.v1i1.3356 fatcat:vun3c6m4crbdnmfsm3gncv3hxu

The Crime Of Damage After the Constitutional Court's Decision Number 76/PUU-XV/2017

Abdul Kadir Jaelani, Resti Dian Luthviati
2021 Journal of Human Rights, Culture and Legal System  
regarding Information and Electronic Transactions against the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia are regulated in detail with one of the points, namely making changes in Article 27 paragraph  ...  (3) of the ITE Law and reducing criminal threats in 2 (two) provisions.  ...  Slander and libel allow for legal action, both civil and criminal, to prevent various kinds of slander and unfounded criticism.  ... 
doi:10.53955/jhcls.v1i1.5 fatcat:2mtsk5g55jatjgbvcc5ptaivca

Page 64 of Florida Bar Journal Vol. 75, Issue 10 [page]

2001 Florida Bar Journal  
of libel and slander.  ...  Traditionally, prior to Filing an action for either slander or libel, the victim of the defamation was required to send written notice of the suit, demand¬ ing a retraction of the statements. 2 Following  ... 

Page 21 of Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom Vol. 51, Issue 1 [page]

2002 Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom  
"Some of the stuff on there was demeaning, slanderous and the type of material that wasn't very nice."  ...  Allen Lichtenstein, general counsel for the ACLU, said the possibility of a gov- ernment agency suing for slander or libel was ridiculous.  ... 
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