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: The I-Chia of the Liang Mountains . Lin Yueh-Hwa

Hsien Chin Hu
1948 American Anthropologist  
The Liang Mountains, which occupy the corner where the provinces of Szechuan, Yunnan and Sikang meet, are divided into the Great Liang Mountains and the Little Liang Mountains.  ...  When China had a strong government Lolo power retreated into the Great Liang Mountains.  ... 
doi:10.1525/aa.1948.50.2.02a00180 fatcat:qhls7dqj4rbcdf7woo7q32plya

: The Lolo of Liang Shan: (Liang-shan I-chia) . Lin Yueh-Hua, Ju-Shu Pan, Wu-Chi Liu

G. William Skinner
1962 American Anthropologist  
The Lolo of Liang Shan: (Liang-shan I-chia). Lin Yueu-nva. Translated by Ju-sHt ) g rij Pan. Edited by Wu-cu1 Liv.  ...  Lin spent less than three months in the field, and his data are correspondingly thin.  ... 
doi:10.1525/aa.1962.64.2.02a00400 fatcat:a5fcp54kjnda7avqxl63vfqmoe

New record of Grateloupia taiwanensis S.-M. Lin et H.-Y. Liang in Vietnam: Evidence of morphological observation and rbcL sequence analysis

2019 Biodiversitas  
Lin et H.-Y. Liang is therefore reported for the first time from Vietnam.  ...  Lin et H.-Y. Liang in Vietnam: Evidence of morphological observation and rbcL sequence analysis. Biodiversitas 20: 688-695.  ...  Lin et H.-Y. Liang was first described by Lin et al. (2008) based on materials collected at Taiwan. Afterward, the species was also found in the Western Atlantic (Wynne, 2017) .  ... 
doi:10.13057/biodiv/d200311 fatcat:crt37smd45agnj66jdywxrpk4a

Recurrent 3D Pose Sequence Machines [article]

Mude Lin and Liang Lin and Xiaodan Liang and Keze Wang and Hui Cheng
2017 arXiv   pre-print
3D human articulated pose recovery from monocular image sequences is very challenging due to the diverse appearances, viewpoints, occlusions, and also the human 3D pose is inherently ambiguous from the monocular imagery. It is thus critical to exploit rich spatial and temporal long-range dependencies among body joints for accurate 3D pose sequence prediction. Existing approaches usually manually design some elaborate prior terms and human body kinematic constraints for capturing structures,
more » ... h are often insufficient to exploit all intrinsic structures and not scalable for all scenarios. In contrast, this paper presents a Recurrent 3D Pose Sequence Machine(RPSM) to automatically learn the image-dependent structural constraint and sequence-dependent temporal context by using a multi-stage sequential refinement. At each stage, our RPSM is composed of three modules to predict the 3D pose sequences based on the previously learned 2D pose representations and 3D poses: (i) a 2D pose module extracting the image-dependent pose representations, (ii) a 3D pose recurrent module regressing 3D poses and (iii) a feature adaption module serving as a bridge between module (i) and (ii) to enable the representation transformation from 2D to 3D domain. These three modules are then assembled into a sequential prediction framework to refine the predicted poses with multiple recurrent stages. Extensive evaluations on the Human3.6M dataset and HumanEva-I dataset show that our RPSM outperforms all state-of-the-art approaches for 3D pose estimation.
arXiv:1707.09695v1 fatcat:66ce34u2jffbpjz2myd2mszfk4

Semantically-Aligned Universal Tree-Structured Solver for Math Word Problems [article]

Jinghui Qin, Lihui Lin, Xiaodan Liang, Rumin Zhang, Liang Lin
2020 arXiv   pre-print
A practical automatic textual math word problems (MWPs) solver should be able to solve various textual MWPs while most existing works only focused on one-unknown linear MWPs. Herein, we propose a simple but efficient method called Universal Expression Tree (UET) to make the first attempt to represent the equations of various MWPs uniformly. Then a semantically-aligned universal tree-structured solver (SAU-Solver) based on an encoder-decoder framework is proposed to resolve multiple types of
more » ... in a unified model, benefiting from our UET representation. Our SAU-Solver generates a universal expression tree explicitly by deciding which symbol to generate according to the generated symbols' semantic meanings like human solving MWPs. Besides, our SAU-Solver also includes a novel subtree-level semanticallyaligned regularization to further enforce the semantic constraints and rationality of the generated expression tree by aligning with the contextual information. Finally, to validate the universality of our solver and extend the research boundary of MWPs, we introduce a new challenging Hybrid Math Word Problems dataset (HMWP), consisting of three types of MWPs. Experimental results on several MWPs datasets show that our model can solve universal types of MWPs and outperforms several state-of-the-art models.
arXiv:2010.06823v1 fatcat:djjqfyeegnhdjjdadk3ztecma4

Prototypical Graph Contrastive Learning [article]

Shuai Lin, Pan Zhou, Zi-Yuan Hu, Shuojia Wang, Ruihui Zhao, Yefeng Zheng, Liang Lin, Eric Xing, Xiaodan Liang
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Code is publicly available at  ...  (Shuai Lin and Chen Liu have contributed to this work equally. Corresponding author: Xiaodan Liang.)  ...  Zi-yuan Hu and Liang Lin are with the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou 510006, China.  ... 
arXiv:2106.09645v2 fatcat:35degmdeqrcuzopjgav2yyxhwa

Aberrant NDRG1 methylation associated with its decreased expression and clinicopathological significance in breast cancer

Lin-Lin Han, Lin Hou, Ming-Jin Zhou, Zhong-liang Ma, Dong-Liang Lin, Li Wu, Yin-lin Ge
2013 Journal of Biomedical Science  
Cancer cell differentiation is an important characteristic of malignant tumor and has a great impact on prognosis and therapeutic decision for patients. The N-myc downstream regulated gene 1 (NDRG1), a putative tumor suppression gene, is involved in the regulation of human cell differentiation and metastasis in various cancers. Changes in the status of methylation of the NDRG1 gene have not been studied in detail in human breast cancer. Results: The MDA-MB-231 breast tumor cell line could
more » ... s NDRG1. However, it was only expressed after treatment with 5-Aza-2'-deoxycytidine (AZA) in T47D cell line, which revealed that NDRG1 expression could modulated by DNA methylation. Therefore, the fragment surrounding the transcript start site of NDRG1 gene promoter was cloned after sodium bisulfite DNA treatment. A high density (66%) of methylation for human NDRG1 gene promoter was detected in T47D; however, there was only 16% of methylated CpG dinucleotides in the NDRG1 gene promoter in MDA-MB-231. DNA methylation in the NDRG1 promoter was detected in 31.1% of primary breast cancer samples. Furthermore, the NDRG1 promoter methylation correlated with the Tumor Node Metastasis (TNM) at stage III/IV, metastasis, lymph invasion, moderate and poor histological grade in the breast cancer patients. Conclusion: These findings suggest that the DNA methylation status of NDRG1 gene may play an important role in the pathogenesis and/or development of breast cancer, and the expression could be regulated by aberrant DNA methylation.
doi:10.1186/1423-0127-20-52 pmid:23899187 pmcid:PMC3751627 fatcat:s3xe42imq5ewtlrn4ba2cxevoa

Recurrent 3D Pose Sequence Machines

Mude Lin, Liang Lin, Xiaodan Liang, Keze Wang, Hui Cheng
2017 2017 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)  
. * Corresponding author is Liang Lin.  ... 
doi:10.1109/cvpr.2017.588 dblp:conf/cvpr/LinLLWC17 fatcat:hxtwzipsg5ajjgxf4i72wfgtlm

The Lolo of Liang Shan

E. H. S., Lin Yüeh-hua, Ju-shu Pan, Lin Yueh-hua
1961 Journal of the American Oriental Society  
Translation of a _ report (Liang-shan I-chia) of a field trip among the Lolo made by Professor Lin in 1943.  ...  Lolo of Liang Shan. By Lin Yten-nva. Trans- lated by Ju-sHU PAN. Pp. 159. New Haven: Hrar Press, 1961. $3.00.  ... 
doi:10.2307/595746 fatcat:rzubbuwdljf3deecdxx5lksgfu

Interacting Contour Stochastic Gradient Langevin Dynamics [article]

Wei Deng, Siqi Liang, Botao Hao, Guang Lin, Faming Liang
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Lin acknowledges the support from NSF (DMS-1555072, DMS-2053746, and DMS-2134209), BNL Subcontract 382247, and DE-SC0021142.  ...  Following the same technique proposed in Liang et al. (2007) (page 319), we can verify the last drift condition P θ1 f − P θ2 f V ≤ C f V θ 1 − θ 2 , ∀f ∈ L V := {f : X → R d , f V < ∞}.  ...  θ(i) = θ ∞ (i), where θ ∞ (i) = Xi π(x)dx for i ∈ {1, 2, • • • , m}, enables CSGLD to achieve a "random walk" in the space of energy and to penalize the over-visited partition (Wang & Landau, 2001; Liang  ... 
arXiv:2202.09867v1 fatcat:cppv7zq3f5efhpkyzf32btowm4

Trailing Waves [article]

Yongsheng Shao, Liang Zeng, Jing Lin
2018 arXiv   pre-print
We report a special phenomenon: trailing waves. They are generated by the propagation of elastic waves in plates at large frequency-thickness (fd) product. Unlike lamb waves and bulk waves, trailing waves are a list of non-dispersive pulses with constant time delay between each other. Based on Raleigh-Lamb equation, we give the analytical solution of trailing waves under a simple assumption. The analytical solution explains the formation of not only trailing waves but also bulk waves. It helps
more » ... s better understand elastic waves in plates. We finally discuss the great potential of trailing waves for nondestructive testing.
arXiv:1804.05670v1 fatcat:fs2sepdd4nf4tly3sayv5cjthy

Propagation dynamics of deformed 2D vortex Airy beams

Yingkang Chen Yingkang Chen, Xiwen Lin Xiwen Lin, Shuyu Lin Shuyu Lin, Shaoying Mo Shaoying Mo, Lingyu Wan Lingyu Wan, Yi Liang Yi Liang
2017 Chinese Optics Letters (COL)  
We numerically and experimentally investigate the propagation of deformed 2D vortex Airy beams. Our results show that, for different topological charges, two parabolic trajectories that can be controlled by changing the initial wing angle always dominate the beam propagations. In this case, the main lobes take different propagation distances to restore to the peak intensity. The profiles tend to evolve into 1D or 2D Airy-like patterns to various degrees in the same propagation distance.
more » ... ore, the whole profiles yield a small change in their acceleration direction, depending on the topological charge and the initial wing angle.
doi:10.3788/col201715.080801 fatcat:mdmytltlxbczreiwq3nhsetpqu

Oxaliplatin-Based Chemotherapy Is More Beneficial in KRAS Mutant than in KRAS Wild-Type Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients

Yu-Lin Lin, Yi-Hsin Liang, Jia-Huei Tsai, Jau-Yu Liau, Jin-Tung Liang, Been-Ren Lin, Ji-Shiang Hung, Liang-In Lin, Li-Hui Tseng, Yih-Leong Chang, Kun-Huei Yeh, Ann-Lii Cheng (+1 others)
2014 PLoS ONE  
To identify better regimens in currently available chemotherapy would be beneficial to KRAS mutant metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) patients because they have fewer treatment options than KRAS wild-type mCRC patients. Clinicopathologic features and overall survival (OS) of KRAS mutant and wild-type mCRC patients who had used oxaliplatin-based, irinotecanbased, bevacizumab-based, as well as cetuximab-based regimens were compared to those who had never-used oxaliplatinbased, irinotecan-based,
more » ... evacizumab-based, as well as cetuximab-based regimens respectively. Between 2007 and 2012, a total of 394 mCRC patients, in whom 169 KRAS mutant and 225 KRAS wild-type, were enrolled. In KRAS mutant patients who had used oxaliplatin-based regimens (N = 131), the OS was significantly longer than that in KRAS mutant patients who had never-used oxaliplatin-based regimens (N = 38). The OS was 28.8 months [95% confidence interval (CI): 23.2-34.4] in KRAS mutant patients who had used oxaliplatin-based regimens versus 17.8 months [95% CI: 6.5-29.1] in KRAS mutant patients who had never-used oxaliplatin-based regimens (P = 0.026). Notably, OS in KRAS wild-type mCRC patients who had used oxaliplatin-based regimens (N = 185) was not significantly longer than that in KRAS wild-type mCRC patients who had neverused oxaliplatin-based regimens (N = 40) (P = 0.25). Furthermore, the OS in KRAS mutant patients who had used either irinotecan-based, bevacizumab-based or cetuximab-based regimens was not significantly different than that in KRAS mutant patients who had never-used either irinotecan-based, bevacizumab-based or cetuximab-based regimens respectively. In multivariate analyses, patients who had used oxaliplatin-based regimens remains an independent prognostic factor for longer OS in KRAS mutant mCRC patients. In conclusion, oxaliplatin-based regimens are more beneficial in KRAS mutant than in KRAS wild-type mCRC patients. PLOS ONE | February 2014 | Volume 9 | Issue 2 | e86789 KRAS mutant patients Had used oxaliplatin-based regimens (N = 131) 2 (1-5) Never used oxaliplatin-based regimens (N = 38) 1 (1-4) Had used irinotecan-based regimens (N = 137) 2 (1-6) Never used irinotecan-based regimens (N = 32) 1 (1-3) Had used bavacizumab-based regimens (N = 103) 2 (1-6) Never used bevacizumab-based regimens (N = 66) 2 (1-5) Had used cetuximab-based regimens (N = 43) 3 (1-6) Never used cetuximab-based regimens (N = 126) 2 (1-5) KRAS wild-type patients Had used oxaliplatin-based regimens (N = 185) 3 (1-6) Never used oxaliplatin-based regimens (N = 40) 1 (1-3) Had used irinotecan-based regimens (N = 181) 3 (1-6) Never used irinotecan-based regimens (N = 44) 2 (1-3) Had used bevacizumab-based regimens (N = 100) 3 (1-6) Never used bevacizumab-based regimens (N = 125) 2 (1-5) Had used cetuximab-based regimens (N = 134) 3 (1-6) Never used cetuximab-based regimens (N = 91) 2 (1-5)
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0086789 pmid:24505265 pmcid:PMC3913571 fatcat:ougnaxcjxbfohdfm3wkyclutd4

Correntropy Induced L2 Graph for Robust Subspace Clustering [article]

Canyi Lu, Jinhui Tang, Min Lin, Liang Lin, Shuicheng Yan, Zhouchen Lin
2015 arXiv   pre-print
Lin is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant nos. 61272341, 61231002, and 61121002).  ... 
arXiv:1501.04277v1 fatcat:txygs4rx4fhmhdcroqpgpzvl2m

Synergistic Combination of AS101 and Azidothymidine against Clinical Isolates of Carbapenem-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae

Chung-Lin Sung, Wei-Chun Hung, Po-Liang Lu, Lin Lin, Liang-Chun Wang, Tsung-Ying Yang, Sung-Pin Tseng
2021 Pathogens  
Owing to the over usage of carbapenems, carbapenem resistance has become a vital threat worldwide, and, thus, the World Health Organization announced the carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) as the critical priority for antibiotic development in 2017. In the current situation, combination therapy would be one solution against CRE. Azidothymidine (AZT), a thymidine analog, has demonstrated its synergistically antibacterial activities with other antibiotics. The unexpected antimicrobial
more » ... ctivity of the immunomodulator ammonium trichloro(dioxoethylene-o,o')tellurate (AS101) has been reported against carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae (CRKP). Here, we sought to investigate the synergistic activity between AS101 and AZT against 12 CRKP clinical isolates. According to the gene detection results, the blaOXA-1 (7/12, 58.3%), blaDHA (7/12, 58.3%), and blaKPC (7/12, 58.3%) genes were the most prevalent ESBL, AmpC, and carbapenemase genes, respectively. The checkerboard analysis demonstrated the remarkable synergism between AS101 and AZT, with the observable decrease in the MIC value for two agents and the fractional inhibitory concentration (FIC) index ≤0.5 in all strains. Hence, the combination of AS101 and azidothymidine could be a potential treatment option against CRKP for drug development.
doi:10.3390/pathogens10121552 pmid:34959507 pmcid:PMC8706163 fatcat:hynfybshtvdfxmuy7p5wdysvoy
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