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2017 Analele Universităţii Constantin Brâncuşi din Târgu Jiu : Seria Economie  
In the context of the globalization and of the strengthening of the relations between the UE economical agents, it appears more and more the idea of groups of entities for the justification of the reciprocal  ...  operation without going to the premises of the economical operators  ...  For keeping under surveillance this process of transferring profits, money and goods inside and outside the groups of entities, it was introduced as legal provision the obligation of establishing a transfer  ... 
doaj:5f1ea57ebedb407689c448d0486aedec fatcat:u4rfr4haybflhdjktamm7gbwsi

The Legal and Security Aspects of ICT and Industry 4.0 Importance for Financial Industry 4.0 Development

Weronika Jakubczak, Anna Golebiowska, Dariusz Prokopowicz
Purpose: The research aims to characterize legal and security aspects of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Industry 4.0 importance for Financial Industry 4.0 development.  ...  Originality/Value: This is a complete research for legal and security aspects of ICT and Industry 4.0 importance for Financial Industry 4.0 development.  ...  Security rules in data transfer on The Legal and Security Aspects of ICT and Industry 4.0 Importance for Financial Industry 4.0 Development 174 Internet and proper handling of data and information collected  ... 
doi:10.35808/ersj/2651 fatcat:7hegmongmzgdnfp7nq77257ine

Opportunities and Obstacles for the Development of the IT-Sphere in Ukraine: Economic and Legal Aspect

Nataliia А. Zadorozhnіuk
2019 Mechanism of an economic regulation  
Such problems include lack of proper comprehensive protection of software product; difficulties in the process of transferring property rights to all IT-products; lack of legal instruments and mechanism  ...  The next steps include improving the regulatory framework of Ukraine to ensure legal protection of software products and creating conditions for the simple, transparent and effective process of transferring  ...  The economic aspects of the considered IT issues are: 1. The failure to receive profits from IT-products development because of the property rights transfer complexity. 2.  ... 
doi:10.21272/mer.2019.84.07 fatcat:a7nobl2oufbvddeqxhcx3xjdoq

The Legal Nature and the Effects of Privatization of Public Companies in Iranian Law

Sajjad Ghasem Pour, Abasat Pour Mohammad
2017 Revista Administração em Diálogo  
studied the general policies of code 44, the sector of legal empowerment in terms of the assignment and legal loopholes in this regard,the type and weakness of assignment in terms of legal that was studied  ...  as the shares via the stock and OTC, Face- to-face negotiation and not to transfer the ownership.  ...  Legal Aspects of Property Rights In the legal debate about privatization can be examined from several aspects of of them in terms of rights related to the method of assignment and transfer ownership  ... 
doi:10.20946/rad.v19i0.31989 fatcat:46icnvond5ckvnp3x75k5komdm


Dicky Andrean, Sugeng Santoso
2020 Dinasti International Journal of Management Science  
) evaluation method, Innovation preparedness level and political, social economic, technology, environment & legal aspects (PESTEL).  ...  criteria which tested in actual conditions, an assessment of Katsinov 3 has weighting of more than 94% for Manufacture Aspects, while assessment of PESTEL has a weight of more than 85% for Legal Aspect  ...  And results from estimates and analysis by PESTEL aspect have highest rating in legal aspect (legal) to carrying out strategic planning in business model of Build Operate Transfer investment business.  ... 
doi:10.31933/dijms.v2i1.525 fatcat:mm676qdgqbhefcyrpu3jbyl7sm

Nearshore Service Transfers in the EU: Legal and Economic Issues

Damian Kedziora, Timo Karri, Andrzej Kraslawski, Michal Halasa
2017 Economics & Sociology  
The paper presents the review of selected legal issues regulating international process transfers within the European Union (EU), in the light of the economic and social conditions that are important for  ...  supposed to successfully relocate processes from one country to another), and are directly linked to the sociological and economic aspects of the multidimensional changes in transnational business environments  ...  selected legal topics in the light of economic and social aspects.  ... 
doi:10.14254/2071-789x.2017/10-1/21 fatcat:bun42qqmzzhbjltilk3tvmx6fy

A legal framework for a data economy in the European Digital Single Market: rights to use data

Herbert Zech
2016 Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice  
a separate production factor and an economic asset.  ...  Although, according to the prevailing opinion, no transferable right results, know-how is at least factually transferable and thus can also be the object of legal transactions and be economically exploited  ... 
doi:10.1093/jiplp/jpw049 fatcat:swihlz6gj5bdppvutunbfra4qm


2011 Finanţe: Provocările viitorului  
it is actually controlling the legal person; PRACTICAL AND THEORETICAL ASPECTS ON TRANSFER PRICING Assoc.  ...  No. 222 dated February 8 th , 2008 on the content of the transfer pricing file; ***** Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises  ... 
doaj:0c72328b7ec243689a44677915f8d20c fatcat:ysposrzhsrg2pc5od3ojnnqe3e

Technology Transfer in Digital Era: Legal Environment

Ivan Anatol'yevich Bliznets, Aleksandr Amiranovich Kartskhiya, Mikhail Guramovich Smirnov
2018 Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Araştırmaları Dergisi  
In the modern digital revolution, the technology transfer acquires new features and ways for the dissemination of technical innovation, which creates new challenges for legal theory and practice, and legal  ...  In the innovation process legal mechanism in combination with the modern means of innovative development stimulates the creation and transfer of new technologies and at the same time it is a key factor  ...  The research of mechanisms of creation and application of modern technologies is targeted at the increase of regulation efficiency in the innovation area, including legal and economic aspects of legal  ... 
doi:10.7596/taksad.v7i1.1466 fatcat:xt2pv7frybgadl5iycqhv7rccu

Methodological Aspects and Methods of Transfer Pricing in Ukrainian Banking Institutions

Taras Savchenko
2006 Social Science Research Network  
This article examines the methodological aspects and methods of transfer pricing in Ukrainian banking institutions.  ...  It explores the approaches used to define the functions of transfer pricing from the perspective of pricing theory and enterprise economics theory.  ...  To maintain the functional and meaningful weight of 'transfer price' as an economic concept, it is necessary to restrict its use only to pricing within one legal entity.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2542726 fatcat:ggahugi4nnearpfqytd4cy6sba

Conceptualizing Social Relators and Economic Exchange Contracts for Reporting Purposes (regular paper)

Ivars Blums, Hans Weigand
2021 International Workshop on Value Modeling and Business Ontologies  
In the last decade, several UFO-grounded economic exchange ontologies have been developed, notably COFRIS, OntoREA, REA 2 , and ATE.  ...  within the new versions of the UFO-B theories and the OntoUML tool.  ...  Including reporting aspects may increase the legal quality of the contracts.  ... 
dblp:conf/vmbo/BlumsW21 fatcat:fga72glmdfdwfbcvjhduehfvs4

Page 7 of Illinois Business Review Vol. 33, Issue 9 [page]

1976 Illinois Business Review  
Based upon Illinois prison population data and cost data of room and board @ $6/day; annual earnings of $4,160/year.  ...  Though this is a valid and important goal of policy, it overlooks another important aspect of crime — the distribution of the costs of crime.  ... 


Suci Aprilliani Utami, Aneu Cakyaneu, Neni Sri Wulandari
2020 Amwaluna: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Keuangan Syariah  
And finally, the priority solution in solving problems based on expert agreement is the solution in legal / structural aspects, sharia aspects and operational aspects.  ...  Second; For priority issues in terms of the use of Sharia Asset Backed Securities instruments and Participation Letters are operational aspects and aspects of human resources (HR).  ...  iB products through the EBAS-SP instrument can be done through solutions related to legal / structural aspects, aspects of sharia, operational aspects.  ... 
doi:10.29313/amwaluna.v4i2.5404 fatcat:ogicqe3y4jd4tpbvbfvjhbtlsi

Developers' Data Protection in the Open-Source Application with the Copyleft License

Citi Rahmati Serfiyani, Cita Yustisia Serfiyani, Iswi Hariyani, Devina Tharifah Arsari
2021 Lentera Hukum  
This paper recommended a copyleft-based legal protection mechanism and creators' data by considering the comparative aspects of the copyleft and copyright concepts' characteristics to respect moral rights  ...  This paper aimed to characterize copyleft as an antithesis of copyright and analyze legal protection on the open-source application developers' personal data.  ...  INTRODUCTION The legal aspects of intellectual property rights prioritize the protection of creators and copyright holders for their creations.  ... 
doi:10.19184/ejlh.v8i1.21012 fatcat:hqbzcyhf55hevegasaeacf6dl4

Implementation Of Risk Management In Management Of Waqf Assets

2021 International Journal Reglement & Society (IJRS  
The procedure used to collect data in this study is in the form of documentation, namely guidelines used in the form of notes or quotes, legal literature searches, books and others related to the identification  ...  Analysis of legal materials is carried out using the content analysis method (centent analysis method) which is carried out by describing the material of legal events or legal products in detail in order  ...  The data collection technique was carried out by library research with qualitative data analysis. 6 Analysis of legal materials is carried out using the content analysis method (centent analysis method  ... 
doi:10.55357/ijrs.v2i1.128 fatcat:6htyofqjyjezfg7tsnlbxy2ho4
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