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Learning-Based Testing for Reactive Systems Using Term Rewriting Technology [chapter]

Karl Meinke, Fei Niu
2011 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We show how the paradigm of learning-based testing (LBT) can be applied to automate specification-based black-box testing of reactive systems using term rewriting technology.  ...  Combining CGE learning with a narrowing model checker we obtain a new and general architecture for learningbased testing of reactive systems.  ...  Acknowledgement We gratefully acknowledge financial support for this research from the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC), the Swedish Research Council (VR) and the European Union under project HATS FP7  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-24580-0_8 fatcat:gipjvz55yzd2xb37ug4pwvjpmu

Feedback-Based Self-Learning in Large-Scale Conversational AI Agents

Pragaash Ponnusamy, Alireza Ghias, Yi Yi, Benjamin Yao, Chenlei Guo, Ruhi Sarikaya
2022 The AI Magazine  
mechanism that reactively evaluates these fixes using feedback friction data.  ...  The proposed self-learning system achieves a win-loss ratio of 11.8 and effectively reduces the defect rate by more than 30 percent on utterance level reformulations in our production A/B tests.  ...  As such, by formulating the task of query rewriting as an extension of sequence learning, we used a long short-term memory-based (LSTM) model as an alternative method to produce rewrites.  ... 
doi:10.1609/aimag.v42i4.15102 fatcat:pmt4lfklkrfddbctr3mzyw6cfi


Philip Barker, Stephen Richards
1993 Research in Learning Technology  
The technology is based on the use of dyed polymer films for information storage, and a web-coating process for fabrication.  ...  Chapter 4 describes the development of a new flexible rewritable storage technology suitable for use in tape and disc drives.  ...  These have included applications which deliver hypermedia information (for example, electronic books based on CD-ROM), and hypermedia creation software (for example, authoring systems).  ... 
doi:10.1080/0968776930010109 fatcat:o4dtpy5lnvfwrdngkirymeat3y

PhD Abstracts

2014 Journal of functional programming  
If a student or advisor would like to submit a dissertation abstract for publication in this series, please contact the editor for further details.  ...  To start this new feature off, we have reached back three years for the first round of abstracts.  ...  We then introduce a novel notion of convergence for infinitary rewriting based on a partial order on terms.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0956796814000215 fatcat:rs2j5wgm5ndf7ek2zls5pmg2w4

Prediction of Line Voltage Stability Index Using Supervised Learning

Ankit Kumar Sharma, Akash Saxena
2017 Journal of Electrical Systems  
The proposed methodology is tested over IEEE-14 and IEEE-30 test bus System.  ...  Reliability of the power is essential for successful operation of the power system.  ...  Acknowledgement The authors acknowledge the support and encouragement of Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur and Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management & Gramothan, Jaipur,  ... 
doaj:acfeee92ae1846fc9afc629d0d88b7e7 fatcat:yj5dvbhgubhffcfs4nxdathkn4

Smart e-Learning: A greater perspective; from the fourth to the fifth generation e-learning

Shehab A. Gamalel-Din
2010 Egyptian Informatics Journal  
This research has focused on improving the effectiveness and quality of web-based e-learning through adapting the course authoring and delivery to match each individual student skills and preferences.  ...  customizing the delivery of a course in terms of the material and the style of teaching according to the student profile.  ...  A third direction is investigating how to develop those knowledge-bases (ontologies and LORs) automatically from instructor's submitted multimedia learning material.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.eij.2010.06.006 fatcat:geeaxavlnfgl7drzznqsuasoru

Modeling Human-Level Intelligence by Integrated Cognition in a Hybrid Architecture

Kai-Uwe Kühnberger, Tonio Wandmacher, Angela Schwering, Ekaterina Ovchinnikova, Ulf Krumnack, Helmar Gust, Peter Geibel
2007 Deutsche Jahrestagung für Künstliche Intelligenz  
I-Cog is a modular system that is composed of a reasoning device based on analogical reasoning, a rewriting mechanism for the ontological knowledge base, and a neuro-symbolic interface for robust learning  ...  In particular, purely reactive behaviors or behaviors which can be reduced to mere conditioning are not higher cognitive abilities. 2 The term human-level intelligence is used in the sense of [7] , namely  ...  The architecture consists of the following modules (in the following paragraphs we will use the shortcuts ORD for the symbolic Ontology Rewriting Device, NSLD for the neural network-based Neuro-Symbolic  ... 
dblp:conf/ki/KuhnbergerWSOKGG07 fatcat:2qmgw7sw6vefxj3tdqgdcmnvfa

Ketamine Can Reduce Harmful Drinking by Pharmacologically Rewriting Drinking Memories

Ravi Das, Grace Gale, Katie Walsh, Vanessa Hennessy, Georges Iskandar, Luke Mordecai, Brigitta Brandner, Merel Kindt, Valerie Curran, Sunjeev Kamboj
2020 Biological Psychiatry  
Pharmacological reconsolidation interference may provide a means to rapidly rewrite maladaptive memory and should be further pursued in alcohol and drug use disorders.  ...  However, reliable means for pharmacologically weakening MRMs in humans remain elusive.  ...  Acknowledgements We would like to thank Professor Tony Absalom for his insights on ketamine infusion models and Dr. Kristian Warnes for his ongoing help formulating and dispensing the study drugs.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.biopsych.2020.02.498 fatcat:ni2atwihqnbyrks5okmfx4j7ma

Page 5747 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2000h [page]

2000 Mathematical Reviews  
and model checking of reactive fiffo automata (106-123); Bettina Buth, Jan Peleska and Hui Shi, Combining methods for the livelock analysis of a fault- tolerant system (124-139); Bernhard Heinemann, Separating  ...  Marco Schorlemmer, Term rewrit- ing in a logic of special relations (178-195); Jo Erskine Han- nay, Abstraction barriers in equational proof (196-213); Mourad Debbabi, Abdelkader Benzakour and Béchir Ktari  ... 

New Millennium AI and the Convergence of History [article]

Juergen Schmidhuber
2006 arXiv   pre-print
At the same time there has been rapid progress in practical methods for learning true sequence-processing programs, as opposed to traditional methods limited to stationary pattern association.  ...  Intelligence (AI) has recently become a real formal science: the new millennium brought the first mathematically sound, asymptotically optimal, universal problem solvers, providing a new, rigorous foundation for  ...  the binary system of Leibniz (1701) instead of the more cumbersome decimal system used by Babbage and many others.  ... 
arXiv:cs/0606081v3 fatcat:5xe2tggtbvg7terxm2oydq6jfa

Review of Speech-to-Text Recognition Technology for Enhancing Learning

Rustam Shadiev, Wu-Yuin Hwang, Nian-Shing Chen, Yueh-Min Huang
2014 Educational Technology & Society  
The review revealed a number of distinct advantages of using STR for learning.  ...  Furthermore, some implications over the STR technology in pedagogical and technological aspects were discussed in the review, such as the design of technology-based learning activities, accuracy rate of  ...  For example, by using the STR, teachers can take a proactive, rather than a reactive approach to teach students with different learning styles.  ... 
dblp:journals/ets/ShadievHCH14 fatcat:n3nlppiudneqhd357o62xh7g5i

Multimodal Child-Robot Interaction: Building Social Bonds

Tony Belpaeme, Paul E Baxter, Robin Read, Rachel Wood, Heriberto Cuayáhuitl, Bernd Kiefer, Stefania Racioppa, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Georgios Athanasopoulos, Valentin Enescu, Rosemarijn Looije, Mark Neerincx (+13 others)
2013 Journal of Human-Robot Interaction  
This sets the foundation for an ongoing research program that seeks to develop technologies for social robot companions.  ...  The Adaptive Strategies for Sustainable Long-Term Social Interaction (ALIZ-E) project focuses on the design of long-term, adaptive social interaction between robots and child users in real-world settings  ...  The utterance planner engine is a general graph rewriting system.  ... 
doi:10.5898/jhri.1.2.belpaeme fatcat:7naowyaxznaqxmyhk2mymr2him

Computational Thinking—More Than a Variant of Scientific Inquiry! [chapter]

H. Ulrich Hoppe, Sören Werneburg
2019 Computational Thinking Education  
As compared to a "free choice" of computational abstractions based on expressive and powerful formal languages, models used in scientific inquiry learning typically have limited "representational flexibility  ...  into more standard block-based iterative programs and thus allows for a transition between different computational approaches.  ...  Acknowledgements This article is dedicated to the memory of Sören Werneburg who made important and essential contributions to this work, including the full responsibility for the design and implementation  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-981-13-6528-7_2 fatcat:z25qsmrhwjd7rpc76bcmjntn5u

Artificial Intelligence on the Move: A Revolutionary Technology

2019 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
conclusion about the world around us, systems which can learn a natural language and comprehend a visual scene.  ...  Clockwise, hydraulics, telephone switching systems, holograms, analog computers and digital computers have all been suggested both as mechanisms for intelligent agent and as technological metaphors for  ...  rewriting formulas.  ... 
doi:10.35940/ijrte.d7293.118419 fatcat:gxzl37zexfhexgrm5bjnr4qj4i

Software agents: an overview

Hyacinth S. Nwana
1996 Knowledge engineering review (Print)  
Acknowledgements We acknowledge Nader Azarmi for encouraging us to write this paper, particularly through his provision of a fraction of the literature referenced in it.  ...  The author bears all the responsibility for any misunderstandings and/or errors therein. The views expressed are also those of the author, and not necessarily those of BT plc.  ...  So, there is a clear need to expand the range of languages, theories, architectures and applications for reactive agent-based systems.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s026988890000789x fatcat:n7qem32mlfe2pmrfhnjfvkfsh4
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