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Lax: Driver Interfaces for Approximate Sensor Device Access

Phillip Stanley-Marbell, Martin Rinard
2015 USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems  
We present Lax, a device driver abstraction for interacting with sensors that enables power savings in exchange for occasionally returning erroneous sensor data.  ...  Because devices are accessed through interfaces provided by system software, exploiting the tolerable error for improvements in energy efficiency requires appropriate system software and hardware support  ...  The Lax Device Interface System software interfaces for approximate device access should enable the specification of three types of tolerance to deviations from correct behavior: • Latency tolerances.  ... 
dblp:conf/hotos/Stanley-Marbell15 fatcat:bthc53mo4fcn3ak72iydaf7cua

Performance Evaluation of a Smart CoAP Gateway for Remote Home Safety Services

2015 KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems  
This version includes the smart CoAP gateway as well as the home safety sensors previously dealt with and proivdes their implementation and laboratory results.  ...  It can be connected to a CoAP device or a smart CoAP gateway via a RS232 interface.  ...  It provides multiple connectivity for communicating with smart devices and sensor nodes through WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee.  ... 
doi:10.3837/tiis.2015.08.019 fatcat:oja6k27t7fb7pgkrwyzf7tdom4

Error-Efficient Computing Systems

Phillip Stanley-Marbell, Martin Rinard
2017 Foundations and Trends® in Electronic Design Automation  
This survey is for anyone interested in an end-to-end view of one set of techniques that address the theory and practice of making computing systems more efficient by trading errors for improved efficiency  ...  The Lax device interface System software interfaces for approximate device access should enable the specification of three types of tolerance to deviations from correct behavior: • Latency tolerances.  ...  In practice, a driver may use a Lax-default or driver-specified tolerance specification in accessing a given sensor, as illustrated in block of The Lax runtime must use the provided tolerance indicator  ... 
doi:10.1561/1000000049 fatcat:a5edy4lnerbnnb2jh2otle62dq

Surgical applications of milli-robots

Michael B. Cohn, Lara S. Crawford, Jeffrey M. Wendlandt, S. Shartkar Sastry
1995 Journal of Robotic Systems  
Finally, we present a sensory glove designed as a natural and dextrous human interface.  ...  for endoscopic tools.  ...  For wrist: at=solid, re-laxed=dashed, exed=dotted. For index and thumb: open=solid, relaxed=dashed, pinc-ing=dotted.  ... 
doi:10.1002/rob.4620120606 fatcat:zik37btqlvahtcwgzsnv5irvea

On the security of digital tachographs [chapter]

Ross Anderson
1998 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Executive Summary Tachographs are used in most heavy vehicles in Europe to control drivers' hours, and for secondary purposes ranging from accident investigation to the detection of fraud.  ...  In countries with lax enforcement, the prospective gains should be higher and the potential losses lower.  ...  With approximately 7 million drivers in Europe covered by the regulations, and with replacement cards costing perhaps 10 ECU, annual replacement could cost about 70 MECU per annum, plus perhaps an annual  ... 
doi:10.1007/bfb0055859 fatcat:4tx46xr4zvagzgwcn7jhcslrkm

Exploiting Errors for Efficiency

Phillip Stanley-Marbell, Armin Alaghi, Michael Carbin, Eva Darulova, Lara Dolecek, Andreas Gerstlauer, Ghayoor Gillani, Djordje Jevdjic, Thierry Moreau, Mattia Cacciotti, Alexandros Daglis, Natalie Enright Jerger (+4 others)
2020 ACM Computing Surveys  
[150] • • • Isolation of approx. data [135, 153] • • • • • Algorithm approximation [160] • • • Loop perforation [170] • • • OS Display color approximation [178] • • • Drivers for approx. sensors  ...  Techniques implemented at the operating system (OS) level, such as application programming interfaces (APIs), standard system libraries, device drivers, and so on, have the unique vantage point of seeing  ... 
doi:10.1145/3394898 fatcat:k3h6kzolbvgtndeypcb3bx3aoq

Exploiting Errors for Efficiency: A Survey from Circuits to Algorithms [article]

Phillip Stanley-Marbell and Armin Alaghi and Michael Carbin and Eva Darulova and Lara Dolecek and Andreas Gerstlauer and Ghayoor Gillani and Djordje Jevdjic and Thierry Moreau and Mattia Cacciotti and Alexandros Daglis and Natalie Enright Jerger and Babak Falsafi and Sasa Misailovic and Adrian Sampson and Damien Zufferey
2018 arXiv   pre-print
a relaxation of its specification or when an algorithm tolerates the effects of noise in its execution, hardware, programming languages, and system software can trade deviations from correct behavior for  ...  We survey tradeoffs for individual layers of computing systems from the circuit level to the operating system level and illustrate the potential benefits of end-to-end approaches using two illustrative  ...  [150] • • • Isolation of approx. data [135, 153] • • • • • Algorithm approximation [160] • • • Loop perforation [170] • • • OS Display color approximation [178] • • • Drivers for approx. sensors  ... 
arXiv:1809.05859v1 fatcat:7dbs7eduxvgetew2cc6z3cy7ie

A High Precision Quality Inspection System for Steel Bars Based on Machine Vision

Xinman Zhang, Jiayu Zhang, Mei Ma, Zhiqi Chen, Shuangling Yue, Tingting He, Xuebin Xu
2018 Sensors  
A total of five sensors, including a CMOS, a level sensor, a proximity switch, a voltage sensor, and a current sensor have been used to detect the device conditions and capture image or video.  ...  In order to solve these problems, a high precision quality inspection system for steel bars based on machine vision is developed.  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors would like to thank the anonymous reviewers and academic editor for all the suggestions and comments and MDPI Branch Office in China for improving this manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s18082732 pmid:30127275 fatcat:4a367y3tzncxbnj6n7dpvr7ati

Privacy-preserving targeted mobile advertising: requirements, design and a prototype implementation

Yang Liu, Andrew Simpson
2016 Software, Practice & Experience  
With the continued proliferation of mobile devices, the collection of information associated with such devices and their users -such as location, installed applications and cookies associated with built-in  ...  For example, a field experiment [12] involving two stores showed that participants are willing to provide personal information such as their monthly income and date of birth for only a 1 euro discount.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors thank the reviewers for their helpful feedback. Yang Liu acknowledges the scholarship from China Scholarship Council (File No.201508060193).  ... 
doi:10.1002/spe.2403 fatcat:vhaevnwsabh33fraq5cst34dwa

The Energy Sector and the Internet of Things – Sustainable Consumption and Enhanced Security through Industrial Revolution 4.0

Awang Dzul Hashriq Dharfizi
2020 Journal of international studies  
The study aims at discussing the potential and examining the impacts of the Internet of Things (IoT), which are smart devices with embedded sensors and connectivity, enabling data exchange to the energy  ...  With data from the "edge of the grid," these sensors assist in efficient energy consumption, providing constant monitoring for the regulatory authority, particularly on pollutant emissions.  ...  those sensors for data collection and communication, either between devices or customer and devices, thorough a network to enhance the quality of service delivery.  ... 
doi:10.32890/jis.14.2018.8001 fatcat:uxi43m5ijffqzbpfjfp46qfslq

SPy: Car Steering Reveals Your Trip Route!

Mert D. Pesé, Xiaoying Pu, Kang G. Shin
2020 Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies  
to lax regulation.  ...  Using linear extrapolation, we can estimate the required storage for this entire area to approximately 26 GB.  ... 
doi:10.2478/popets-2020-0022 fatcat:je4u5kbxl5gs3pmjdretg3clxi

rfid in pervasive computing: State-of-the-art and outlook

George Roussos, Vassilis Kostakos
2009 Pervasive and Mobile Computing  
Beyond doubt, rfid is an effective automatic identification technology for a variety of objects including natural, manufactured and handmade artifacts; humans and other species; locations; and increasingly  ...  In this survey we consider developments towards establishing rfid as the cost-effective technical solution for the development of open, shared, universal pervasive computing infrastructures and look ahead  ...  -Operate and manage the rfid reader infrastructure as well as related sensor and actuator devices. -Offer a single well-defined interface to applications.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.pmcj.2008.11.004 fatcat:okk56fm5wzcm7imlxgdh3vmbzi

Monte Cimone: Paving the Road for the First Generation of RISC-V High-Performance Computers [article]

Andrea Bartolini, Federico Ficarelli, Emanuele Parisi, Francesco Beneventi, Francesco Barchi, Daniele Gregori, Fabrizio Magugliani, Marco Cicala, Cosimo Gianfreda, Daniele Cesarini, Andrea Acquaviva, Luca Benini
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Regarding user applications, we carried out benchmarks for the quantumESPRESSO [20] suite, in particular using its LAX test driver, compiled with OpenMPI, that performs a blocked (and optionally distributed  ...  The first experimental results show that the kernel is able to recognise the device driver and mount the kernel module to manage the Mellanox OFED stack.  ... 
arXiv:2205.03725v1 fatcat:ahqif2dx7vfn5lx4xznnqwr4ke

Future directions for human‐computer interaction

Ben Shneiderman
1990 International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction  
Also, predictions are made for some of the underlying technologies such as User Interface Management Systems, remote control, flexible search, display devices, and touchscreens.  ...  This paper offers a set of goals for user interface development and then scenarios of future developments.  ...  drivers or cursor positioning algorithms.  ... 
doi:10.1080/10447319009525971 fatcat:7rgyd6anh5g2blhgkzytskziiq

Providing Fault Detection from Sensor Data in Complex Machines That Build the Smart City

Alberto Gascón, Roberto Casas, David Buldain, Álvaro Marco
2022 Sensors  
Those devices have limited memory and processing power, but they are not just actuators; they embed tens of sensors and actuators managed by several microcontrollers and microprocessors communicated by  ...  Sensors 2022, 22, 586  ...  Acknowledgments: We acknowledge the great work of Luis Lax, Jorge Lax, Carles Coll and Eduardo Salamero, who took part in the whole project and especially in the data collection.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s22020586 pmid:35062547 pmcid:PMC8781749 fatcat:ckz4zzmlubdkdb56lqiw6mboim
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