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Information Technology Curricula 2017: Curriculum Guidelines for Baccalaureate Degree Programs in Information Technology

Mihaela Sabin, Hala Alrumaih, John Impagliazzo, Barry Lunt, Ming Zhang, Brenda Byers, William Newhouse, Bill Paterson, Svetlana Peltsverger, Cara Tang, Gerrit Van Der Veer, Barbara Viola
2017 unpublished
Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE-CS) established a joint committee to develop computing curricula (CC) guidelines for baccalaureate degree programs in computing.  ...  Computer science completed its revisions in 2013 [Joi1] , followed by software engineering in 2014 [His1] . Computer engineering published its curriculum guidelines in 2016 [Imp1] .  ...  Degree titles vary greatly in Latin America such as 'ingeniería' (engineering), 'computación' (computing), 'informática' (informatics), 'sistemas' (systems), 'tecnologías' (technologies), 'información'  ...