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Large-scale factorization of type-constrained multi-relational data

Denis Krompass, Maximilian Nickel, Volker Tresp
2014 2014 International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA)  
The statistical modeling of large multi-relational datasets has increasingly gained attention in recent years.  ...  In this paper we extend the recently proposed state-of-the-art RESCAL tensor factorization to consider relational type-constraints.  ...  CONCLUSION We have proposed a general collective factorization approach for large type-constrained multi-relational data that is able to exploit relational type-constraints during factorization.  ... 
doi:10.1109/dsaa.2014.7058046 dblp:conf/dsaa/KrompassNT14 fatcat:vq3fhf4dsnbohheksmymlq4f6a

Nonnegative Matrix Tri-factorization Based High-Order Co-clustering and Its Fast Implementation

Hua Wang, Feiping Nie, Heng Huang, Chris Ding
2011 2011 IEEE 11th International Conference on Data Mining  
scales well to real world data of large sizes.  ...  The fast growth of Internet and modern technologies has brought data involving objects of multiple types that are related to each other, called as Multi-Type Relational data.  ...  particular use for large-scale real world data.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icdm.2011.109 dblp:conf/icdm/WangNHD11 fatcat:vf5nzmet3fcrdpllulnonuu44i

SNeCT: Scalable network constrained Tucker decomposition for integrative multi-platform data analysis [article]

Dongjin Choi, Lee Sael
2017 arXiv   pre-print
SNeCT decomposition is applied to tensor constructed from large scale multi-platform multi-cohort cancer data, PanCan12, constrained on a network built from PathwayCommons database.  ...  Motivation: How do we integratively analyze large-scale multi-platform genomic data that are high dimensional and sparse?  ...  Related works in tensor analysis: Tensors, i.e., multi-dimensional arrays, are a natural representation of multi-platform genomic data [22] .  ... 
arXiv:1711.08095v2 fatcat:yom5ty4z3nhlxgyt2qde5wukkq

Meta-Path Constrained Random Walk Inference for Large-Scale Heterogeneous Information Networks [article]

Chenguang Wang
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Heterogeneous information network (HIN) has shown its power of modeling real world data as a multi-typed entity-relation graph.  ...  However, lots of HINs (e.g., YAGO2 and Freebase) have rich schema consisting of a sophisticated and large number of types of entities and relations.  ...  However, in large scale HINs, such as YAGO, it consists of a sophisticated and large number of entity types (e.g., millions) and relation types (e.g., hundreds).  ... 
arXiv:1912.00634v1 fatcat:wttjxhi22zf4lakt5giferikcu

Multi-Group Confirmatory Factor Analysis for Testing Measurement Invariance in Mixed Item Format Data

Kim H. Koh, Bruno D. Zumbo
2008 Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods  
This simulation study investigated the empirical Type I error rates of using the maximum likelihood estimation method and Pearson covariance matrix for multi-group confirmatory factor analysis (MGCFA)  ...  of full and strong measurement invariance hypotheses with mixed item format data that are ordinal in nature.  ...  Introduction Multi-group confirmatory maximum likelihood factor analysis has become the most commonly used scale-level technique to evaluate measurement invariance/ equivalence of a test across different  ... 
doi:10.22237/jmasm/1225512660 fatcat:gaun2hcmxfcmfgopypae5xmnzm

Modeling Task Relationships in Multi-task Learning with Multi-gate Mixture-of-Experts

Jiaqi Ma, Zhe Zhao, Xinyang Yi, Jilin Chen, Lichan Hong, Ed H. Chi
2018 Proceedings of the 24th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining - KDD '18  
Neural-based multi-task learning has been successfully used in many real-world large-scale applications such as recommendation systems.  ...  In this work, we propose a novel multi-task learning approach, Multi-gate Mixture-of-Experts (MMoE), which explicitly learns to model task relationships from data.  ...  However, the larger number of task-speci c parameters require more training data to t and may not be e cient in large-scale models.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3219819.3220007 dblp:conf/kdd/MaZYCHC18 fatcat:islsbwhuhjfdnavw5n77n7zw7q

A latent factor model for highly multi-relational data

Rodolphe Jenatton, Nicolas Le Roux, Antoine Bordes, Guillaume Obozinski
2012 Neural Information Processing Systems  
While there is a large body of work focused on modeling these data, modeling these multiple types of relations jointly remains challenging.  ...  In this paper, we propose a method for modeling large multi-relational datasets, with possibly thousands of relations.  ...  Acknowledgments This work was partially funded by the Pascal2 European Network of Excellence. NLR and RJ are supported by the European Research Council (resp., SIERRA-ERC-239993 & SIPA-ERC-256919).  ... 
dblp:conf/nips/JenattonRBO12 fatcat:ibi5eftykzh3vmjybvdbk7r3vy

IT Portfolio Management: An Enterprise Risk Management-Based Perspective

Prasanna P. Karhade
2007 Americas Conference on Information Systems  
Thus the fact that confidential data cannot be often constrained anymore within the boundaries of one organization, is emerging as a source of IT enabled process risks. 4.  ...  All the enterprises that we have worked with so far (three large multi-business multi-national Fortune 500 corporations) have collaborated with us intensely.  ... 
dblp:conf/amcis/Karhade07 fatcat:k4tym6oqxjddpgnzsvl3w7mpoe

An Interactive Tool for Constrained Clustering with Human Sampling

Masayuki Okabe, Seiji Yamada
2010 2010 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology  
In this paper, we show the overview of the tool and how it works, especially in the functions of display arrangement by multi-dimensional scaling and incremental distance metric learning.  ...  This tool has some functions such as 2-D visual arrangement of a data set and constraint assignment by mouse manipulation. Moreover, it can execute distance metric learning and kmedoids clustering.  ...  This type of research is much related to "human active learning" [10] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/wi-iat.2010.274 dblp:conf/iat/OkabeY10 fatcat:j3tvprwskvhdra5z5b56hm55qy

The upper end of climate model temperature projections is inconsistent with past warming

Peter Stott, Peter Good, Gareth Jones, Nathan Gillett, Ed Hawkins
2013 Environmental Research Letters  
Support for the International ad-hoc Detection and Attribution Group (IDAG) by the US Department of Energy's Office of Science, Office of Biological and Environmental Research grant DE-SC0004956 and the  ...  We wish to thank all the many scientists who participated in the CMIP5 experiments and especially to Karl Taylor of PCMDI for his leadership of CMIP5.  ...  on the greenhouse gas contribution may be associated with the upper (lower) percentiles of the scaling factors on the other anthropogenic factors if the joint uncertainties allow large (small) greenhouse  ... 
doi:10.1088/1748-9326/8/1/014024 fatcat:2ah4isnbq5esxmlbkuua7j2d5i

Structural Validation and Multiple Group Assessment of the Short Internalized Homonegativity Scale in Homosexual and Bisexual Men in 38 European Countries: Results From the European MSM Internet Survey

Ha Tran, Michael W. Ross, Pamela M. Diamond, Rigmor C. Berg, Peter Weatherburn, Axel J. Schmidt
2017 Journal of Sex Research  
Using the European Men-who-have-sex-with-men Internet Survey (EMIS) data with an analytic sample of 130,718 gay and bisexual men in 38 European countries, we confirmed the validity of SIHS scale in both  ...  training and validation data, in strata of Ross et al. (2013)'s three "homosexual discrimination" country clusters, of age, and of education level.  ...  The overall goal of this study was to demonstrate the validity of SIHS scale in a very large MSM data set.  ... 
doi:10.1080/00224499.2017.1380158 pmid:29058473 fatcat:xmaypu6hcfejnd7hyd4fayfst4

Relative influences of catchment- and reach-scale abiotic factors on freshwater fish communities in rivers of northeastern Mesoamerica

P. C. Esselman, J. D. Allan
2010 Ecology of Freshwater Fish  
Segmentand reach-scale factors have been found to relate strongly to biotic patterns, in isolation from and in relation to factors at the larger scale of the segment, catchment, or biogeographic region  ...  A third possible explanation for the greater amount of variation explained by catchment scale factors may relate to the presence of a large number of marine fishes in the assemblage (35 species).  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1600-0633.2010.00430.x fatcat:4ql6pdjsbraqvbssx4hkgrh5yu

Identification of functionally connected multi-omic biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease using modularity-constrained Lasso

Linhui Xie, Pradeep Varathan, Kwangsik Nho, Andrew J. Saykin, Paul Salama, Jingwen Yan, Kensaku Kasuga
2020 PLoS ONE  
Large-scale genome wide association studies (GWASs) have led to discovery of many genetic risk factors in Alzheimer's disease (AD), such as APOE, TOMM40 and CLU.  ...  Integration of multiple types of molecular data is increasingly used to address this problem.  ...  Recent large-scale genome wide association studies (GWASs) have led to discovery of many genetic risk factors associated with AD, such as APOE, TOMM40 and CLU.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0234748 pmid:32555747 fatcat:o6sofvebnjefni7vhzgd7xedve

IoTNet: An Efficient and Accurate Convolutional Neural Network for IoT Devices

Tom Lawrence, Li Zhang
2019 Sensors  
We benchmark IoTNet against state-of-the-art efficiency-focused models and scaled-down large architectures on data sets which best match the complexity of problems faced in resource-constrained environments  ...  Large models focus primarily on state-of-the-art performance and often struggle to scale down sufficiently.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s19245541 pmid:31847434 pmcid:PMC6960729 fatcat:ofx5uuxwe5fgzhtwc7yvqvwaji

Hierarchical Modeling of Carbonate Fault-Controlled Paleokarst Systems: A Case Study of the Ordovician Reservoir in the Tahe Oilfield, Tarim Basin

Wenbiao Zhang, Zhiliang He, Taizhong Duan, Meng Li, Huawei Zhao
2022 Frontiers in Earth Science  
Based on multi-scale research data, a hierarchical scheme of a fault-controlled paleokarst is established for the Tahe oilfield, and then a hierarchical modeling method for the paleokarst is proposed based  ...  As a special type of fracture-cavity carbonate reservoir, fault/fracture-controlled paleokarsts are affected by large strike-slip faults with various storage spaces, irregular geometry, and stochastic  ...  multi-type, multi-scale, and multi-constraint characteristics, are still applicable to a certain extent.  ... 
doi:10.3389/feart.2022.840661 fatcat:eut5oz7tona7thsf5gieo7znla
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