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Language GANs Falling Short [article]

Massimo Caccia, Lucas Caccia, William Fedus, Hugo Larochelle, Joelle Pineau, Laurent Charlin
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Generating high-quality text with sufficient diversity is essential for a wide range of Natural Language Generation (NLG) tasks.  ...  This line of reasoning has led to an outbreak of adversarial based approaches for NLG, on the account that GANs do not suffer from exposure bias.  ...  our own language GAN, including improvements/functionalities proposed in several text GAN papers.  ... 
arXiv:1811.02549v6 fatcat:qmz2crks4vahtpmrvkbvt6mqom

Page 173 of English Review Vol. 15, Issue [page]

1913 English Review  
In short, he had found out at last “that Love hadde his dwellinge With-inne the subtile stremés of hir yen.”  ...  mening and hir chere, Which somdel deynous was, for she leet falle Hir look a lite a-side, in swich manere, Ascaunces, ‘ What!  ... 

Page 173 of English Review Vol. 15, Issue [page]

1913 English Review  
In short, he had found out at last “that Love hadde his dwellinge With-inne the subtile stremés of hir yen.”  ...  mening and hir chere, Which somdel deynous was, for she leet falle Hir look a lite a-side, in swich manere, Ascaunces, ‘ What!  ... 

Creative GANs for generating poems, lyrics, and metaphors [article]

Asir Saeed, Suzana Ilić, Eva Zangerle
2019 arXiv   pre-print
However, for creative text generation, where multiple outputs are possible and originality and uniqueness are encouraged, MLE falls short.  ...  Generative models for text have substantially contributed to tasks like machine translation and language modeling, using maximum likelihood optimization (MLE).  ...  We refer to our proposed GAN as Creative-GAN and compare it to a baseline (a language model equivalent to our pre-trained generator) and a GumbelGAN model [15] across all proposed datasets.  ... 
arXiv:1909.09534v1 fatcat:qd5xx2dmhzgyhicuiggeyxupz4

Page 165 of English Journal Vol. 46, Issue 3 [page]

1957 English Journal  
Baker, instruc- tor of English at the University of Michi- gan and editor of the papers of the Michi- gan Academy of Science, Arts, and Let- 165  ...  THE LANGUAGE ARTS TEACH- er’s basic aim in promoting international understanding is a simple one, writes G.  ... 

Page 373 of Sociology and Social Research Vol. 48, Issue 3 [page]

1964 Sociology and Social Research  
The need to know cultural enclaves holistically in their interplay is emphasized even though the attempts fall short as is the case in categorizing subcultures only on the basis of family organization,  ...  Ethnicity in two remotely related Romance language groups thus appears as a factor to be considered if complete analyses are to be made. R. M.  ... 

Page 390 of The Journal of Sacred Literature Vol. 8, Issue 16 [page]

1866 The Journal of Sacred Literature  
That the early writers fell far short of Milton is not to be denied, and could only be expected; yet viewed as the first efforts to compose a mighty epic in a language which was in a transition state,  ...  We take the fall of Satan as the subject.  ... 

Page 100 of McBride's Magazine Vol. 47, Issue [page]

1891 McBride's Magazine  
When the apple is fully ripe, it falls; when the chrysalis is mature, it bursts, and, behold! the butter- fly.  ...  In short, we admitted that our old theory of dancing had not a leg to stand on; and the slender foot of Andalusia was on our necks.  ... 

Page 1084 of Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience Vol. 14, Issue 7 [page]

2002 Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience  
The mid scribed phonetically as mid level with a falling tone as high nd rising tone as low ‘monstrated to be the tones (Abramson, language.  ...  distinctive for all nine Thai vowels (Tingsabadh & Abramson, 1993) Acoustically, this duration distinction is preserved in stressed syllables across a variety of speaking conditions (Abramso1 2001; Potisuk, Gan  ... 

Page 307 of American Journal of Science Vol. 42, Issue 126 [page]

1866 American Journal of Science  
I have remarked upon the tendency to rise or fall in pitch as the tongue moves forward or backward, or else as it rises or falls, on our vowel-scale.  ...  It may be worthy of in- quiry, whether in those languages which are less diphthongal the level tone more prevails.  ... 

Prefixal vowel length in Lulamogi: A stratal account

Larry M. Hyman
2017 Journal of African Languages and Linguistics  
In this paper I draw on original data from Lulamogi, a previously almost unstudied Bantu language of Uganda, to show that the most insightful analysis of some rather unusual vowel length alternations requires  ...  /βa-gu-a/ → [βa-gw-â] pw 'they fall' /a-gu-a/ → *[a-gw-â] pw ↓ 's/he falls' [aa-gw-â] pw The question for this analysis is why a PW (or prosodic stemsee note 5) cannot begin with a short vowel.  ...  /ma-jí/ → ma-jí '(they are) eggs' /ba-gu-a/ → ba-gw-â 'they fall' /ba-βal-a/ → ba-βál-a 'they count' As seen in (2c), the vowel in a CV-prefix is always short.  ... 
doi:10.1515/jall-2017-0003 fatcat:xd5behnt6zg2jecln66b5isbcu

Page 246 of Mid-America; An Historical Review Vol. 43, Issue 4 [page]

1961 Mid-America; An Historical Review  
Yet, the list of French-language papers given in the Catholic Serials falls short of the fifteen to seventeen newspapers listed in Professor Cormier’s article and in this study.  ...  While 7 only appeared before the Civil War, 13 For a list of the French-language newspapers published in Michi- gan, see Georges J.  ... 

Page 233 of The Library Quarterly Vol. 28, Issue 4 [page]

1958 The Library Quarterly  
According to his own report, at Lau- sanne in 1756, where his father had ex- iled him for religious deviation, he be- gan a review of all the Latin classics from Plautus down to “the decline of the language  ...  and empire of Rome.’® He completed the task in fourteen months, certainly too short a time for him to 233 gather all the facts for his narrative.  ... 


Natalia Anggrarini, Deuis Dian Rosdiana
This research deals with how the language used in communication, especially in the form of speech.  ...  The data source of research is an English speech text addressed by Singapore Health Minister Gan Kim Yong delivered in parliament on the government's response to the coronavirus on February 3rd 2020.  ...  In short, the speaker has a belief with what he said is true.  ... 
doi:10.32520/eji.v4i2.1098 fatcat:35bltercyrd3ffm72bzfuzpyxe

Adversarial Machine Learning in Text Analysis and Generation [article]

Izzat Alsmadi
2021 arXiv   pre-print
The paper summarizes main research trends in the field such as GAN algorithms, models, types of attacks, and defense against those attacks.  ...  GANs are implicit generative or Language Models (LMs) learned via a competition between a generator network and a discriminator network.  ...  Long versus short text generation Literature in this area differentiates between the generation of short texts (e.g. less than 20 words) and the generation of long text.  ... 
arXiv:2101.08675v1 fatcat:73b3v35oebefnhzuuuo52jpdtu
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