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LP with Flexible Grouping and Aggregates Using Modes [chapter]

Marcin Czenko, Sandro Etalle
2010 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The novelty of our proposal lies in the use of modes, which allows us to prove properties regarding groundness of computed answer substitutions and termination.  ...  Moreover, modes allow us to define a somewhat declarative semantics for it and to relax some rather unpractical constraints on variable occurrences while retaining a straightforward semantics.  ...  Grouping and aggregation are useful in practice, and paramount in database systems.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-12592-8_6 fatcat:soeyrfnderamdlwblk6p3gygra

All-optical mode-group multiplexed transmission over a graded-index ring-core fiber with single radial mode

Feng Feng, Xianqing Jin, Dominic O'Brien, Frank Payne, Yongmin Jung, Qiongyue Kang, Pranabesh Barua, Jayanta K. Sahu, Shaif-ul Alam, David J. Richardson, Timothy D. Wilkinson
2017 Optics Express  
LP 01 , LP 11 and LP 21 ) with a single radial index of one for mode-division multiplexed (MDM) transmission.  ...  We present a design of graded-index ring-core fiber (GI-RCF) supporting 3 linearly polarized (LP) mode-groups (i.e.  ...  LP mode-groups with a single radial index of one: LP 01 , LP 11 and LP 21 .  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.25.013773 pmid:28788919 fatcat:zu24ugi2urb4fps37at75cfs4m

10 Gbit/s mode-multiplexed QPSK transmission using MDM-to-MFDM based single coherent receiver for intra- and inter data center networking

Rameez Asif, Mustafa Haithem
2017 Optics Communications  
Generalized few-mode-fiber (FMF) transmission uses N coherent receivers for mode detection, where N scales with the number of fiber modes.  ...  A single coherent receiver is used to efficiently detect 10 Gbit/s QPSK Nyquist signals over 2.8 km 4-LP mode graded index fiber reducing the ONUs complexity to N/4.  ...  Seb Savory and Assoc. Prof Darko Zibar for their valuable discussions and guidance. Author Contributions Statement  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.optcom.2017.01.022 fatcat:pyonproobrhaxpiedrdwlz2k64

High Capacity Mode Division Multiplexing Based MIMO Enabled All-Optical Analog Millimeter-Wave over Fiber Fronthaul Architecture for 5G and Beyond

Khan Zeb, Xiupu Zhang, Zhenguo Lu
2019 IEEE Access  
The proposed architecture employs photonic MMW signals generation and mode division multiplexing (MDM) along with wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) for transporting MMW MIMO signals in the optical  ...  The proposed design is flexible and scalable for achieving high capacity, high speed, and low latency fronthaul links.  ...  The link was experimented by utilizing LP 01 and LP 11a/b,x,y modes of 30-km differential modal group delay compensated FMF.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2926276 fatcat:tzljmup2tzgrxatpez6efo3bre

Energy management with TRIANA on FPAI

Hermen A. Toersche, Johann L. Hurink, Mente J. Konsman
2015 2015 IEEE Eindhoven PowerTech  
We use dynamic programming to solve the local scheduling problems for each flexibility class.  ...  This work shows that FPAI can host energy applications with different control approaches and that the TRIANA control approach can be embedded in a general implementation framework.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors thank Stergios Dagioglou for his experiments with TRIANA for an earlier version of FPAI [14] , Bert Claessens (VITO/EnergyVille) for bringing [12] to our attention, and Philipp  ... 
doi:10.1109/ptc.2015.7232650 fatcat:b3gw6ompjrf37ia3k3exhhrsp4

Tryptophan end-tagging for promoted lipopolysaccharide interactions and anti-inflammatory effects

Shalini Singh, Aritreyee Datta, Artur Schmidtchen, Anirban Bhunia, Martin Malmsten
2017 Scientific Reports  
membranes for LPS scavenging, and peptide-induced fragmentation of LPS aggregates for improved phagocytosis.  ...  LPS is negatively charged through its carboxyl and phosphate groups and contains a hydrophobic lipid moiety (lipid A), anchoring it to the outer membrane 11 .  ...  bonding interactions with the negatively charged phosphate head groups of LPS.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-017-00188-7 pmid:28303012 pmcid:PMC5427892 fatcat:36hvqrv2kfasdnq5bpcqhvjncq

Comparative analysis of dynamic pricing schemes in distributed energy management of residential users in smart grid

Monika GABA, Saurabh CHANANA
2021 Journal of Energy Systems  
The three dynamic pricing schemes considered in this work are based on linear function, the logarithmic function, and the penalty-based linear function of aggregated load.  ...  The results are obtained for different cases based on the presence of a storage device, a dispatchable generation unit, and two different modes of operation of an electric vehicle.  ...  Case 2: In this case, the demand flexibility of consumers with SD is calculated considering EV2G mode of EV.  ... 
doi:10.30521/jes.973307 fatcat:tq42bdbwbjf25gtxa2nfw4lkqu

Mode-multiplexed transmission over conventional graded-index multimode fibers

R. Ryf, N. K. Fontaine, H. Chen, B. Guan, B. Huang, M. Esmaeelpour, A. H. Gnauck, S. Randel, S.J.B. Yoo, A.M.J. Koonen, R. Shubochkin, Y. Sun (+1 others)
2015 Optics Express  
We use mode-selective photonic lanterns as mode couplers to precisely excite a subset of the modes of the multimode fiber and additionally to compensate for the differential group delay between the excited  ...  We used a MMF span with a total length of 17 km that was realized using two #228238 -$15.00 USD  ...  The fiber supported nine mode groups at 1550 nm, and the first three groups comprising the LP 01 , LP 11 , and the LP 21 +LP 02 , were used for transmission.  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.23.000235 pmid:25835670 fatcat:pf5c4vm3kvdhjokofrrdnvoydy

Inhibitory Effects of Antimicrobial Peptides on Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammation

Yue Sun, Dejing Shang
2015 Mediators of Inflammation  
This review summarizes some recent researches about anti-inflammatory AMPs, with a focus on the interaction of AMPs and LPS on the past decade.  ...  The neutralization of lipopolysaccharides (LPS) plays a key role in anti-inflammatory action of AMPs.  ...  Acknowledgments This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31272314), the Natural Science Foundation of Liaoning (201202121), and the Program for Liaoning Innovative Research  ... 
doi:10.1155/2015/167572 pmid:26612970 pmcid:PMC4647054 fatcat:w6jphtyy25ftdknxrxdgqjns5a

Editorial: O-specific polysaccharide confers lysozyme resistance to extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli

Jolanta Lukasiewicz, Czeslaw Lugowski
2018 Virulence  
Recently Derde et al. used model of E. coli LPS monolayers to simulate the mode of muramidase-independent HEWLZ activity against Gram-negative bacteria.  ...  ) and isolated lipid A in comparison with S-LPS [21] .  ... 
doi:10.1080/21505594.2018.1460188 pmid:29638195 pmcid:PMC5955433 fatcat:3y2zwrmvrvddnp7ehevx3kxfmi

A Life-Cycle Model of Human Social Groups Produces a U-Shaped Distribution in Group Size

Gul Deniz Salali, Harvey Whitehouse, Michael E. Hochberg, Cheng-Yi Xia
2015 PLoS ONE  
By analogy with the interactions between single-celled and multicellular organisms, we build a theory of group lifecycles as an emergent property of single cell demographic and expansion behaviours.  ...  We find that once the transition from small-scale to large-scale groups occurs, a few largescale groups continue expanding while small-scale groups gradually become scarcer, and large-scale groups become  ...  As such, the modes theory can be used as a general framework to investigate the dynamics of different human social and political organizations.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0138496 pmid:26381745 pmcid:PMC4575040 fatcat:23wz5lwtjzds7pzkfny3fbn3ry

Titration calorimetric studies to elucidate the specificity of the interactions of polymyxin B with lipopolysaccharides and lipid A

1996 Biochemical Journal  
PmB binds to LPS as well as lipid A stoichiometrically and non-co-operatively with micromolar affinity.  ...  The nature of the interaction of PmB with LPS and lipid A was investigated by isothermal titration calorimetry.  ...  with the enthalpy-entropy compensation underscores the fact that the mode of their presentation and\or aggregation does not appreciably alter their energetics of association with this cyclic peptide.  ... 
doi:10.1042/bj3150679 pmid:8615847 pmcid:PMC1217250 fatcat:pwhq5forcbbvtmbaffjyzhmchu

Scenario-based approach for flexible resource loading under uncertainty

G. Wullink *, A. J. R. M. Gademann, E. W. Hans, A. van Harten
2004 International Journal of Production Research  
We therefore propose another approach that uses an MILP with a sample of all scenarios. We use the same exact and heuristic methods to solve this MILP.  ...  The approach uses an MILP to find a plan that has minimum expected costs over all relevant scenarios. We propose an exact and a heuristic solution approach to solve this MILP.  ...  Tactical planning requires methods that operate at a higher planning level, the tactical planning level, that use more aggregate data, and that can utilise capacity flexibility.  ... 
doi:10.1080/002075410001733887 fatcat:2iehuh7i4nhapgisf2udw7vfuu

Binding model for eriodictyol to Jun-N terminal kinase and its anti-inflammatory signaling pathway

Eunjung Lee, Ki-Woong Jeong, Areum Shin, Bonghwan Jin, Hum Nath Jnawali, Bong-Hyun Jun, Jee-Young Lee, Yong-Seok Heo, Yangmee Kim
2013 BMB Reports  
groups of the B ring play key roles in binding interactions with JNK.  ...  The anti-inflammatory activity of eriodictyol and its mode of action were investigated.  ...  Fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC)-labeled LPS aggregates Interactions between eriodictyol and LPS indicate the dissociation of LPS aggregates, an effect that can be monitored using FITC-conjugated LPS  ... 
doi:10.5483/bmbrep.2013.46.12.092 pmid:24195792 pmcid:PMC4133860 fatcat:762hm6hxwvfo7ccw77ttu4yvri

Intelligent Energy Management Algorithms for EV-charging Scheduling with Consideration of Multiple EV Charging Modes

Tian Mao, Xin Zhang, Baorong Zhou
2019 Energies  
The ISS structure also supports both a flexible and constant charging power rate by respectively employing filter-SQP (sequential quadratic programming) and mixed-integer SQP as local solvers with module  ...  Electric vehicles (EVs) are now attracting increasing interest from both industries and countries as an environmentally friendly and energy efficient mode of travel.  ...  modes are herein defined: (1) CD-F mode: charging/discharging with a flexible charging rate, (2) CD-C mode: charging/discharging with a constant charging rate, (3) C-F mode: charging only with a flexible  ... 
doi:10.3390/en12020265 fatcat:rnlppwquurhuviwfwh6zvypxny
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