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Parkinson's Disease: Possible Mechanisms for Nutritional Approaches

Christine E. Cherpak-Castagna, Sherryl J. Van Lare
2020 Journal of Restorative Medicine  
ACKNOWLEDgMENTS AND FUNDINg Journal of Restorative Medicine 2020; x: page 4 Parkinson's Disease: Possible Mechanisms for Nutritional Approaches  ...  neuronal and central metabolic modulatory processes.  ...  No funding was received for the preparation and writing of this article.  ... 
doi:10.14200/jrm.2020.0104 fatcat:via6ggj24rfetlzpclo7mxm4va

Stevia Derivative and its Potential Uses in Diabetic-Directed Foods. Review

Elevina Perez, Cesar Gonzalez, Fabrice Vaillant, Mary Lares
2016 Journal of Nutrients  
There are many substances on the market that will be useful as ingredients to produce foods for diabetic consumers, focusing on the sweeteners, which can be used for food processing with low calories,  ...  Moreover, there exists production of stevia worldwide, with established procedures for isolation and purification of its glycosides and one of them has been approved for food use.  ...  All the above mentioned approach leads us to suggest the use of steviol glycoside for diabetic consumption.  ... 
doi:10.18488/journal.87/2016.3.1/ fatcat:72jmtmlbfrh2jirj5b4yu2y5ze

Physical insights on fractal analysis applied to light curves δ Scuti stars [article]

S. de Franciscis, J. Pascual-Granado, J. C. Suárez, A. García Hernández, R. Garrido, M. Lares-Martiz, J. R. Rodón
2019 arXiv   pre-print
This sole fact might pose a problem for the detection of pulsation frequencies using classical pre-whitening techniques, but it is also a potentially rich source for information about physical mechanisms  ...  Assuming that a light curve is composed by a superposition of oscillation modes with a fractal background noise, in this work we applied the Coarse Graining Spectral Analysis (CGSA), an FFT based algorithm  ...  Critical values for the prewhitening process for each star analyzed.  ... 
arXiv:1901.10476v1 fatcat:c24yf3rqrnfnxbqb6wh2jp7nh4

Fuzzy classification with an artificial chemical process

Roberto Irizarry
2005 Chemical Engineering Science  
The premise is extracted directly using a global optimization procedure based on a new recently introduced paradigm called artificial chemical process.  ...  Given its practical importance in industrial applications, automatic generation of inference systems is an important area of research.  ...  LARES artificial chemical process A new global optimization methodology was developed by Irizarry (2003a) , based on an abstraction of chemical engineering designs (artificial chemical process, ACP) rather  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ces.2004.07.123 fatcat:fd2tahhlz5fhji3iqe4yotnlhy

Global and Dynamic Optimization using the Artificial Chemical Process Paradigm and Fast Monte Carlo Methods for the Solution of Population Balance Models [chapter]

Roberto Irizarry
2011 Stochastic Optimization - Seeing the Optimal for the Uncertain  
Global optimization using the artificial chemical process paradigm In this section an optimization algorithm called LARES is reviewed.  ...  This chapter discussed an alternative for global optimization methodology based on a different paradigm known as the artificial chemical process (Irizarry, 2004) .  ...  Conclusions and discussion This chapter reviewed the artificial chemical process paradigm for global optimization.  ... 
doi:10.5772/14951 fatcat:jctnbj3pszaixobvktt6nrw4ia

Lactate racemase is a nickel-dependent enzyme activated by a widespread maturation system

Benoît Desguin, Philippe Goffin, Eric Viaene, Michiel Kleerebezem, Vlad Martin-Diaconescu, Michael J. Maroney, Jean-Paul Declercq, Patrice Soumillion, Pascal Hols
2014 Nature Communications  
In addition, we decipher the process leading to an active enzyme, which involves the activation of the apo-enzyme by a single nickel-containing maturation protein that requires preactivation by two other  ...  Iserentant for their technical assistance. We thank I. Markó, R. Crichton and J.-F. Collet for fruitful discussions. We thank J. Delcour for initiating this research project.  ...  lactate when purified from cells expressing an artificial operon containing the larBCE genes from L. plantarum (LarA Tt ; Fig. 2a,b) .  ... 
doi:10.1038/ncomms4615 pmid:24710389 pmcid:PMC4066177 fatcat:uupecbnzjjerxkxids5klzxs5q

AI and OR in management of operations: history and trends

K A H Kobbacy, S Vadera, M H Rasmy
2007 Journal of the Operational Research Society  
An extensive survey of applications of AI techniques for operations management, covering a total of over 1200 papers published from 1995 to 2004 is then presented.  ...  The papers are categorised into four areas of operations management: (a) design, (b) scheduling, (c) process planning and control and (d) quality, maintenance and fault diagnosis.  ...  Morimoto et al. (1997) present a NNs/ GA hybrid approach for optimal control of a fruit-storage process.  ... 
doi:10.1057/palgrave.jors.2602132 fatcat:2alq5o5ehnc77h5jcf4pgvgtau

A Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Formulation for Optimizing Multi-Scale Material and Energy Integration

Ivan Kantor, Jean-Loup Robineau, Hür Bütün, François Maréchal
2020 Frontiers in Energy Research  
Tools for optimizing process design for cleaner production were reviewed by Fan et al. (2020), delving into the basis methods such as PA and P-graph approaches in addition to novel techniques such as artificial  ...  For optimization, either an MILP solver must be constructed for this purpose or an input file prepared and executed within an existing optimization platform, which is the recommended approach for researchers  ... 
doi:10.3389/fenrg.2020.00049 fatcat:avmfg6ya6nclpnumxnt2h56elq

ICIEA 2020 Breaker Page

2020 2020 15th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA)  
for a 2-DOF Robotic System Yashar Shabbouei Hagh, Reza Mohammadi Asl, Afef Fekih and Heikki Handroos P1220 A New Approach to Development and Validation of Artificial Intelligence Systems for Drilling  ...  MVDC Collection System for Renewable Energy Resources Xin Zhan, Zhongbing Xue, Guangfu Ning, Ke Zhang, Wu Chen and Yibin Tao P1597 An Optimized Fault Feature Extraction Method for PV Grid-Connected T-Type  ... 
doi:10.1109/iciea48937.2020.9248094 fatcat:rpirunidu5cqtjseayuxjq5azm

Analyzing Modern Biomolecules: The Revolution of Nucleic-Acid Sequencing-Review

Gabriel Dorado, Sergio Gálvez, Teresa E. Rosales, Víctor F. Vásquez, Pilar Hernández
2021 Biomolecules  
general, and nucleic-acid sequencing, in particular, are opening a new exciting era of biomolecule analyses and applications, including personalized medicine, and diagnosis and prevention of diseases for  ...  Sanger's approach was further optimized (e.g., using fluorescent labels, instead of the original radioactive ones).  ...  Rodriguez-Anaya, L.Z.; Felix-Sastre, A.J.; Lares-Villa, F.; Lares-Jimenez, L.F.; Gonzalez-Galaviz, J.R.  ... 
doi:10.3390/biom11081111 pmid:34439777 pmcid:PMC8393538 fatcat:y4pk5a2mibhztfdcp2p22u27au

Considerations for Photobioreactor Design and Operation for Mass Cultivation of Microalgae [chapter]

Juan Cristóbal García Cañedo, Gema Lorena López Lizárraga
2016 Algae - Organisms for Imminent Biotechnology  
For development of full potential of microalgae the knowledge of the light capture process is required.  ...  Light capture process and electron transportation imply energy losses due to reflection, fluorescence emission, and energy dissipation as heat, giving a maximum theoretical value of -% for microalgae energy  ...  Oxygen concentrations above mg Lare toxic to most of the microalgae species [ ].  ... 
doi:10.5772/63069 fatcat:djs2zykusjd3zk5o47avfgifcq

A Healthy, Energy-Efficient and Comfortable Indoor Environment, a Review

Paulína Šujanová, Monika Rychtáriková, Tiago Sotto Mayor, Affan Hyder
2019 Energies  
The goal is to describe the interactions between the three levels where none is a passive participant, but rather an active agent of a wider human-built environment system.  ...  Design strategies for sustainable buildings, that improve building performance and avoid extensive resource utilization, should also promote healthy indoor environments.  ...  The MPC approach solves over a finite horizon a number of optimization problems to determine optimal control outputs [265] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/en12081414 fatcat:uf5ffv222nfqxhl55lta36c3hu

Urban Microplastics Emissions: Effectiveness of Retention Measures and Consequences for the Baltic Sea

Gerald Schernewski, Hagen Radtke, Rahel Hauk, Christian Baresel, Mikael Olshammar, Sonja Oberbeckmann
2021 Frontiers in Marine Science  
We use microplastics emission data for the entire Baltic Sea region, calculate emissions for three sewage water related urban pathways and develop emission scenarios for the majority of microplastics particles  ...  Our model approach suggests average annual microplastics concentrations in the water body of the central Baltic Sea of 1–4 particles/m2 sea surface and 1 particle/m3 in the upper 2 m sea surface layer.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We like to thank Robert Osinski for providing the model setup, Arunas Balciunas for technical support in preparing Figure 1 and Mirco Haseler for comments on the draft manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fmars.2021.594415 fatcat:aox7zh5cpfgzfnm7p4b3h4xksm

Clay-Based Products Sustainable Development: Some Applications

Michele La Noce, Alessandro Lo Faro, Gaetano Sciuto
2021 Sustainability  
The latter does not have artificial additives. The plaster respects the cultural instance of the original building.  ...  Future studies will focus on identifying the fibrous effects on tensile strength and elastic modulus, as well as the optimal percentage of fibers.  ...  Giuseppe Longhitano for the mix design of cocciopesto mortar; to eng.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su13031364 fatcat:rb33vhfbzjazrmqjpol2txmjy4

Recent developments and future trends in nuclear medicine instrumentation

Habib Zaidi
2006 Zeitschrift für Medizinische Physik  
As PET has recently become of more interest for clinical practice, several different design trends seem to have developed.  ...  Systems are being designed for "low cost" clinical applications, very high-resolution research applications (including small-animal imaging), and just about everywhere inbetween.  ...  The process of objective comparison has been facilitated by the wide acceptance and adoption of the NEMA standards, which provide an objective measure of performance parameters for nuclear imaging systems  ... 
doi:10.1078/0939-3889-00288 pmid:16696367 fatcat:6tvteab7hfdxrhgfnvn6v4blzy
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