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Kuaba Ontology: Design Rationale Representation and Reuse in Model-Based Designs [chapter]

Adriana Pereira de Medeiros, Daniel Schwabe, Bruno Feijó
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
A formally defined DR representation may allow integrating the formal semantics of the artifacts being designed, and allows automated computations over such representations.  ...  This paper presents the Kuaba Ontology, a knowledge representation model for Design Rationale described in an ontology definition language.  ...  DR also in domains where there are no well defined formal models to describe artifacts.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11568322_16 fatcat:nzegh2yy3nbqpnjroxkdu5hcjq

Special Issue: Design Rationale

Janet E. Burge, Rob Bracewell
2008 Artificial intelligence for engineering design, analysis and manufacturing  
for customer needs during the early design stage, capturing knowledge generated during building redesign, and supporting the reuse of highlevel software designs.  ...  These articles describe a wide spectrum of design rationale uses and methodologies in multiple domains and at multiple levels of formality.  ...  "Kuaba Approach: Integrating Formal Semantics and Design Rationale to Support Design Reuse," by de Medeiros and Schwabe, supports the reuse of model-based software designs utilizing an argumentation-based  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0890060408000206 fatcat:mjbqcbkykzecjnxeze33ezqnpq

Enhanced SPARQL-based design rationale retrieval

Luye Li, Shuming Gao, Ying Liu, Xiaolian Qin
2016 Artificial intelligence for engineering design, analysis and manufacturing  
AbstractDesign rationale (DR) is an important category within design knowledge, and effective reuse of it depends on its successful retrieval.  ...  First, an ontology-based semantic model of DR is developed based on the extended issue-based information system-based DR representation in order to effectively utilize the semantics embedded in DR, and  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The authors are very grateful to the financial support from the National Science Foundation of China (NO. 61173125).  ... 
doi:10.1017/s089006041600038x fatcat:rbn2skjdwzamvlpuoxqjsh6v7e

An Approach to Design Rationale Retrieval Using Ontology-Aided Indexing

Luye Li, Feiwei Qin, Shuming Gao
2013 Volume 2B: 33rd Computers and Information in Engineering Conference   unpublished
First, a design rationale ontology is designed based on the extended IBIS-based design rationale representation in order to effectively utilize the semantics embedded in DR.  ...  Then, an ontology-aided indexing method is proposed to build indexes for design rationale records to index the semantic concepts and relationships in DR.  ...  Acknowledgement The authors are very grateful to the financial support from the National Science Foundation of China (NO. 61173125).  ... 
doi:10.1115/detc2013-12522 fatcat:bdzttie3onbzpdfqhzcriozlva

Web engineering for workflow-based applications: models, systems and methodologies

Patrick Freudenstein
In (De Medeiros, Schwabe and Feijo 2005) , the authors present the "Kuaba Ontology" -an ontology-based approach for reusing Design Rationales, i.e. the reasons and justifications for design decision,  ...  When transforming a Web-based workflow from its DSM-based representation to its Petri Net DIM representation, the introduced concepts and methodologies assure semantic correctness and integrity.  ... 
doi:10.5445/ksp/1000012936 fatcat:4njml5eqazhxhhgq2d7zxp4cru

Web Engineering for Workflow-based Applications: Models, Systems and Methodologies

Patrick Freudenstein
Sphere enabling holistic, stakeholder-oriented reuse.  ...  DSL for the efficient engineering of Web-based Workflows with strong stakeholder involvement; the Dialog DSL for the usability-oriented development of advanced Web-based dialogs; the Web Engineering Reuse  ...  Acknowledgements Working towards this thesis, I received manifold support for which I am very grateful and would like to express my appreciation for.  ... 
doi:10.5445/ir/1000012659 fatcat:cjnai46mcbeedbbyt7mcpie6qy

Ontology engineering and routing in distributed knowledge management applications

Christoph Tempich
It exploits social metaphors in conjunction with semantic information in order to select and forward queries to remote peers.  ...  DILIGENT proposes an ontology engineering methodology to support the building and evolution of ontologies in decentralized settings.  ...  KUABA The KUABA design rationale ontology is a formal model of the IBIS argumentation vocabulary (de Medeiros et al., 2005) . It is used to capture design rationales in the Software Design domain.  ... 
doi:10.5445/ir/1000004811 fatcat:dxql77ajovhkjcry6dyhqyzuw4