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4 Spreading the word [chapter]

Stephen Robertson
2020 B C, Before Computers  
Following the pre-war work by such visionaries as Konrad Zuse and Alan Turing, and the inventive necessities of the war-time code-breaking effort at Bletchley Park, the first working computers (in something  ...  You will probably also know that computers operate with bits (bit is an abreviation of binary digit), and you may well associate the digits of binary arithmetic with the bits in the computer.  ...  The digital computer-together with all the other information and communication technologies-is of course at the core of this data-centred world.  ... 
doi:10.11647/obp.0225.04 fatcat:f6ldfyxq3vd6nmjuf2ha4lapxi

Opposing Brzezinski's "Technotronic Elites" and Geopolitics. News from the Dark Side of Progress

Bruno Antonio Buike
Otherewise the thesis of Brzezinski is checked against a) "permanent war" and "full scale dominance" and b) against the TODAY TECHNOLOGICAL POWER of minority elites - coming from today NEW SCIENCE and  ...  . - One of those counterarguments is in St.Paul in New Testament reading similar to: "Jesus Christ came not to abolish the law, but to stay oboedient to the law, which is: oboedient to death and even oboedient  ...  , und zwar entwickelt in der NAZI-Zeit von Konrad Zuse und parallel dazu in den USA.) 154 ff -chapter 8 "On Gyroscopes, Songes and Hydrogen Bombs.  ... 
doi:10.17613/2xc0-b926 fatcat:c6qv7lb5afa3tp7udbpciyurdy