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Menarini-Preis 2012 an ging an Dr. Knut Mai

2012 Info Diabetologie  
Knut Mai von der Charité Berlin.  ...  Knut Mai Der mit 15 000 Euro dotierte Menarini-Preis für herausragende wissenschaft liche Forschungsprojekte auf dem Gebiet des Diabetes mellitus, gestift et von Berlin-Chemie, ging in diesem Jahr an Dr  ... 
doi:10.1007/s15034-012-0242-y fatcat:hixgsxjyozdhhiytphtcgp6q6y

Omega-3-Fettsäuren wirkungslos

Knut Mai
2012 Info Diabetologie  
Knut Mai Und was ist mit Fisch?  ...  Knut Mai Clinic of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition Experimental and Clinical Research Center (ECRC) Charite Campus Berlin Buch Lindenberger Weg 80 13125 Berlin und Charité-Universitätsmedizin  ... 
doi:10.1007/s15034-012-0215-1 fatcat:llqcns2az5e4rh7qckg66qrg44

Diabetesprävention bei gestörter Glukosetoleranz

Knut Mai
2011 MMW, Fortschritte der Medizin  
Knut Mai MD, berlin ■ ■ RA. DeFronzo et al. Pioglitazon for diabetes prevention in impaired glucose tolerance. N. Engl. J.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf03368247 pmid:27370736 fatcat:vyigohuutnch7jwlfm4dqs2b4u

GenMap: Fast and Exact Computation of Genome Mappability [article]

Christopher Pockrandt, Mai Alzamel, Costas S. Iliopoulos, Knut Reinert
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
Especially k-mers from repeat regions may occur many times without errors in the text. Since they all share the same frequency value, it should be avoided to compute it more than once.  ... 
doi:10.1101/611160 fatcat:h7vr3jtvezaxjpywrblg52sjwm

Erhöhter Proteinanteil hilft, häufigere Mahlzeiten wohl nicht

Knut Mai
2011 Info Diabetologie  
Knut Mai Kommentar: In einigen zum Teil größeren Studien gab es in letzter Zeit Hinweise auf den positiven Effekt von Proteinen auf eine Gewichtsreduktion und wahrscheinlich auch auf den Erhalt des Gewichtsverlustes  ...  Knut Mai Kommentar: In einigen zum Teil größeren Studien gab es in letzter Zeit Hinweise auf den positiven Effekt von Proteinen auf eine Gewichtsreduktion und wahrscheinlich auch auf den Erhalt des Gewichtsverlustes  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf03371277 fatcat:zcyf4vyynrfonnktjazb3zzmne

Typ-2-Diabetiker profitieren kardiovaskulär von frühem Gewichtsverlust

Knut Mai
2016 Info Diabetologie  
Knut Mai Gewichtsreduktion lohnt sich kardiovaskulär wohl doch Trotz aller Limitation dieser Post-Hoc-Analyse führen auch diese Daten zu interessanten Schlussfolgerungen.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s15034-016-0982-1 fatcat:ojecx6yij5fk3kcsoywh4ivnly

Adolescent girls in context: Not all patterns may be created equal

Kari Trost, Bassam El-Khouri, Knut Sundell
2018 Journal for Person-Oriented Research  
The results illustrate that there are stable structural and individual pathways across four contexts of adolescent girls which may represent risk over time.  ...  However little exists on whether risks in certain contexts may be more or less likely for risk accumulation across contexts - referred to as the Weighted Risk Phenomenon (WRP).  ...  Indeed, all risk patterns may not encourage spread equally, as some patterns may be more typical over time and some may typically spread over to other contexts over time.  ... 
doi:10.17505/jpor.2018.03 pmid:33569130 pmcid:PMC7842638 fatcat:o2yqatcgsvfy7jrmc3wnpy2pny

GenMap: Ultra-fast Computation of Genome Mappability

Christopher Pockrandt, Mai Alzamel, Costas S Iliopoulos, Knut Reinert, Jinbo Xu
2020 Bioinformatics  
Especially k-mers from repeat regions may occur many times without errors in the text. Since they all share the same frequency value, it should be avoided to compute it more than once.  ... 
doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btaa222 pmid:32246826 pmcid:PMC7320602 fatcat:nlhqhjtokzbanimmj5zsnviite

General practitioners' participation in cancer treatment in Norway

Knut Holtedahl, Benedicte Scheel, May-Lill Johansen
2018 Rural and remote health  
The information was collected retrospectively in a questionnaire, mainly with pre-selected categories where recall may be imperfect and answers may not fit in the categories offered.  ...  Challenges may be most complex but at the same time most interesting in communities far from hospitals.  ... 
doi:10.22605/rrh4276 pmid:29788744 fatcat:yyzodturrbg5pmdanm2hnjhz4m

Hypertensive nephrosclerosis: wider kidney biopsy indications may be needed to improve diagnostics

Stein I. Hallan, Marius A. Øvrehus, Rune Bjørneklett, Knut I. Aasarød, Agnes B. Fogo, Joachim H. Ix
2020 Journal of Internal Medicine  
Hypertensive nephrosclerosis is the presumed underlying cause in many end stage kidney disease (ESKD) patients, but the diagnosis is disputed and based on clinical criteria with low diagnostic accuracy. To evaluate and improve the diagnostic process for nephrosclerosis patients. We included adults from the population-based HUNT study (n=50,552), Norwegian CKD patients referred for kidney biopsy 1988-2012 (n=7,261), and unselected nephrology clinic patients (n=193) used for matching. Decision
more » ... e analysis and ROC curve-based methods of optimal cut-offs were used to improve clinical nephrosclerosis criteria. Nephrosclerosis prevalence was 2.7% in the general population, and eGFR decline and risk for kidney-related hospital admissions and ESKD were comparable to patients with diabetic kidney disease. In the biopsy cohort, current clinical criteria had very low sensitivity (0.13) but high specificity (0.94) for biopsy-verified arterionephrosclerosis. A new optimized diagnostic algorithm based on proteinuria (<0.75g/d), systolic blood pressure (>155mmHg), and age (>75years) only marginally improved diagnostic accuracy (sensitivity 0.19, specificity 0.96). Likewise, there was still false positive cases with treatable diagnoses like glomerulonephritis, interstitial nephritis, and others (40% of all test-positive). Decision curve analysis showed that the new criteria can lead to higher clinical utility, especially for patients considering the potential harms to be close to the potential benefits, while the more risk tolerant ones (harm:benefit ratio <1:4) should consider kidney biopsy. Further improvements of the current clinical criteria seem difficult, so risks and benefits of kidney biopsy could be more actively discussed with selected patients to reduce misclassification and direct treatment.
doi:10.1111/joim.13146 pmid:32613703 fatcat:qoz4dl6brzdbleyt2yiqtg7rge

The Predictive Properties of Violence Risk Instruments May Increase by Adding Items Assessing Sleep

Knut Langsrud, Arne Vaaler, Gunnar Morken, Håvard Kallestad, Roger Almvik, Tom Palmstierna, Ismail C. Güzey
2019 Frontiers in Psychiatry  
Disturbances in sleep may precede aggression in this setting. We investigated whether adding information on sleep improved the predictive properties of the Brøset Violence Checklist (BVC).  ...  May 2019 | Volume 10 | Article 323 Frontiers in Psychiatry |  ...  However, the nurse-based observations of sleep may be prone to errors, such as misjudging what has been observed, not noticing when patients may be awake, or being interrupted in the observations, giving  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpsyt.2019.00323 pmid:31143136 pmcid:PMC6520612 fatcat:ckzvyjnzh5gypkh34hewweme64

How Economic Incentives May Destroy Social, Ecological and Existential Values: The Case of Executive Compensation

Knut J. Ims, Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen, Laszlo Zsolnai
2013 Journal of Business Ethics  
have negative spillover effects that may reduce the manager's performance.  ...  We will in particular investigate how it may influence the manager's ethical reflection and behavior or lack thereof.  ...  Seen in a holistic perspective, this may imply serious dysfunctions. For one thing, it may lead the organizational focus away from important issues.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10551-013-1844-6 fatcat:pwcd3k254naizllrt54gsyxz7u

Local inpatient units may increase patients' utilization of outpatient services: a comparative cohort-study in Nordland County, Norway

Rolf Wynn, Lars-Henrik Myklebust, Knut Sørgaard
2015 Psychology Research and Behavior Management  
There may be several explanations to these results.  ...  Our sample of 690 inpatients may not be considered to be very large.  ... 
doi:10.2147/prbm.s94857 pmid:26604843 pmcid:PMC4630195 fatcat:qi3n56fkqrfdjbqgkpabqjjn5i


Ingvild Vøllo Eliassen, Bjørn-Eivind Kirsebom, Erik Hessen, Tormod Fladby, Per Selnes, Knut Waterloo
2019 Alzheimer's & Dementia  
The three way ANCOVA with independent Tormod Fladby 2,6,7 , Per Selnes 2,6,7 , Knut Waterloo 3,4 , 1 Akershus University variables of APOE genotype (e4 carriers/noncarriers), depression Hospital, Lørenskog  ...  Accordingly, deficient temporal mem- ory encoding may be an early AD marker. Increased intrusion error rates are associated with predementia stages and progression to AD.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jalz.2019.06.3502 fatcat:yymfr6zuordo3jatiwps42ghim

The restructuring of the Spanish salted fish market

2008 The Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe canadien  
Such products may be purchased in smaller quantities and may involve many The Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe canadien 52, no 1 (2008) participants in the production process.  ...  Moreover, former production environments may lose influence if they are unable to follow new demand trends.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1541-0064.2008.00203.x fatcat:maxyzen6c5eqjbbw3pv4tfq7ti
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