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The flavonoid eupatorin inactivates the mitotic checkpoint leading to polyploidy and apoptosis

Anna-Leena Salmela, Jeroen Pouwels, Anu Kukkonen-Macchi, Sinikka Waris, Pauliina Toivonen, Kimmo Jaakkola, Jenni Mäki-Jouppila, Lila Kallio, Marko J. Kallio
2012 Experimental Cell Research  
The spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) is a conserved mechanism that ensures the fidelity of chromosome distribution in mitosis by preventing anaphase onset until the correct bipolar microtubule-kinetochore attachments are formed. Errors in SAC function may contribute to tumorigenesis by inducing numerical chromosome anomalies (aneuploidy). On the other hand, total disruption of SAC can lead to massive genomic imbalance followed by cell death, a phenomena that has therapeutic potency. We
more » ... d a cell-based high-throughput screen with a compound library of 2000 bioactives for novel SAC inhibitors and discovered a plantderived phenolic compound eupatorin (3′,5-dihydroxy-4′,6,7-trimethoxyflavone) as an antimitotic flavonoid. The premature override of the microtubule drug-imposed mitotic arrest by eupatorin is dependent on microtubule-kinetochore attachments but not interkinetochore tension. Aurora B kinase activity, which is essential for maintenance of normal SAC signaling, is diminished by eupatorin in cells and in vitro providing a mechanistic explanation for the observed forced mitotic exit. Eupatorin likely has additional targets since eupatorin treatment of premitotic cells causes spindle anomalies triggering a transient M phase delay followed by impaired cytokinesis and polyploidy. Finally, eupatorin potently induces apoptosis in multiple cancer cell lines and suppresses cancer cell proliferation in organotypic 3D cell culture model.
doi:10.1016/j.yexcr.2011.12.014 pmid:22227008 fatcat:3kohtqmrevh7feo3iowby6gpom

Biologist-friendly analysis software for NGS data

Aleksi Kallio, Taavi Hupponen, Massimiliano Gentile, Jarno Tuimala, Kimmo Mattila, Ari-Matti Saren, Petri Klemelä, Ilari Scheinin, Eija Korpelainen
2013 EMBnet journal  
Technically Chipster is a Java-based clientserver system (Kallio et al., 2011) . Recently system's data handling capabilities have been enhanced to cope with NGS scale data.  ... 
doi:10.14806/ej.19.a.623 fatcat:zozsllj3lraf5glkevuv3aptim

Prolonged Central μ-Opioid Receptor Occupancy after Single and Repeated Nalmefene Dosing

Kimmo Ingman, Nora Hagelberg, Sargo Aalto, Kjell Någren, Auni Juhakoski, Sakari Karhuvaara, Antero Kallio, Vesa Oikonen, Jarmo Hietala, Harry Scheinin
2005 Neuropsychopharmacology  
Dr Kimmo Ingman received a scholarship from the Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Studies.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Dr Juhakoski, Dr Kallio, and Dr Karhuvaara were employees of Biotie Therapies Corp. at the time of present study.  ... 
doi:10.1038/sj.npp.1300790 pmid:15956985 fatcat:7v6qo5l4ibbe7hrjj4es5qzo3a

CytoSpectre: a tool for spectral analysis of oriented structures on cellular and subcellular levels

Kimmo Kartasalo, Risto-Pekka Pölönen, Marisa Ojala, Jyrki Rasku, Jukka Lekkala, Katriina Aalto-Setälä, Pasi Kallio
2015 BMC Bioinformatics  
Orientation and the degree of isotropy are important in many biological systems such as the sarcomeres of cardiomyocytes and other fibrillar structures of the cytoskeleton. Image based analysis of such structures is often limited to qualitative evaluation by human experts, hampering the throughput, repeatability and reliability of the analyses. Software tools are not readily available for this purpose and the existing methods typically rely at least partly on manual operation. Results: We
more » ... ped CytoSpectre, an automated tool based on spectral analysis, allowing the quantification of orientation and also size distributions of structures in microscopy images. CytoSpectre utilizes the Fourier transform to estimate the power spectrum of an image and based on the spectrum, computes parameter values describing, among others, the mean orientation, isotropy and size of target structures. The analysis can be further tuned to focus on targets of particular size at cellular or subcellular scales. The software can be operated via a graphical user interface without any programming expertise. We analyzed the performance of CytoSpectre by extensive simulations using artificial images, by benchmarking against FibrilTool and by comparisons with manual measurements performed for real images by a panel of human experts. The software was found to be tolerant against noise and blurring and superior to FibrilTool when analyzing realistic targets with degraded image quality. The analysis of real images indicated general good agreement between computational and manual results while also revealing notable expert-to-expert variation. Moreover, the experiment showed that CytoSpectre can handle images obtained of different cell types using different microscopy techniques. Finally, we studied the effect of mechanical stretching on cardiomyocytes to demonstrate the software in an actual experiment and observed changes in cellular orientation in response to stretching. Conclusions: CytoSpectre, a versatile, easy-to-use software tool for spectral analysis of microscopy images was developed. The tool is compatible with most 2D images and can be used to analyze targets at different scales. We expect the tool to be useful in diverse applications dealing with structures whose orientation and size distributions are of interest. While designed for the biological field, the software could also be useful in non-biological applications.
doi:10.1186/s12859-015-0782-y pmid:26503371 pmcid:PMC4624586 fatcat:lvano5biqzds7pwruvaij5o76y

No unspecific binding of secondary antibody from A durable and biocompatible ascorbic acid-based covalent coating method of polydimethylsiloxane for dynamic cell culture

Joni Leivo, Sanni Virjula, Sari Vanhatupa, Kimmo Kartasalo, Joose Kreutzer, Susanna Miettinen, Pasi Kallio
2017 Figshare  
Fluorescent microscopy study on unspecific binding of secondary antibody
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.5202925.v1 fatcat:iv7ztg7e5rea3flr3ftl6otjlq

A durable and biocompatible ascorbic acid-based covalent coating method of polydimethylsiloxane for dynamic cell culture

Joni Leivo, Sanni Virjula, Sari Vanhatupa, Kimmo Kartasalo, Joose Kreutzer, Susanna Miettinen, Pasi Kallio
2017 Journal of the Royal Society Interface  
A durable and biocompatible ascorbic acid-based covalent coating method of polydimethylsiloxane for dynamic cell culture. Abstract Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) is widely used in dynamic biological microfluidic applications. As a highly hydrophobic material, native PDMS does not support cell attachment and culture, especially in dynamic conditions. Previous covalent coating methods utilize glutaraldehyde (GA) which, however, is cytotoxic. This paper introduces a novel and simple method for
more » ... collagen Type I covalently on PDMS utilizing ascorbic acid (AA) as a crosslinker instead of GA. We compare the novel method against physisorption and GA crosslinker based methods. The coatings are characterized by immunostaining, contact angle measurement, atomic force microscopy and infrared spectroscopy, and evaluated in static and stretched human adipose stem cell (hASC) cultures up to 13 days. We found that AA can replace GA as a crosslinker in the covalent coating method and that the coating is durable after sonication and after six days of stretching. Furthermore, we show that hASCs attach and proliferate better on AA crosslinked samples compared to physisorbed or GA based methods. Thus, in this paper we provide a new PDMS coating method for studying cells, such as hASCs, in static and dynamic conditions. The proposed method is an important step in the development of PDMS based devices in cell and tissue engineering applications.
doi:10.1098/rsif.2017.0318 pmid:28747398 pmcid:PMC5550978 fatcat:chih3oap7vagdpj4oe2zqf3p5m

Perceived Sociability and Social Presence in a Collaborative Serious Game

Kimmo Oksanen, Raija Hämäläinen
2013 International Journal of Games Based Learning  
A GAME AS A SOCIABLE CSCL ENVIRONMENT Multiplayer games have become increasingly popular in recent years (Steinkuehler, 2006; Kallio, Mäyrä, & Kaipainen, 2011; Yee, 2007) .  ... 
doi:10.4018/ijgbl.2013010103 fatcat:2nh5hcz4onbite3tqnfmg3en7i

The future of museums

Kimmo Levä
2016 Nordisk Museologi  
Two studies to this effect have been published in Finland (Levä, 2008 , Kallio, 2012 . These studies indicate that ticket and museum shop sales do not even cover the direct costs of those functions.  ...  community (vs. located in the community) • have purposeful learning outcomes (vs. assumed or implied learning outcomes) Ms Semmel is not the only expert who sees changes in the technological environment 130 KIMMO  ... 
doi:10.5617/nm.3096 fatcat:lbcu3w5eafa3zbybp7sazmidmy

Poetics and Interaction in 21st Century Finland

Siru Kainulainen
2007 Avain - Kirjallisuudentutkimuksen aikakauslehti  
The afternoon's second commentator, poet Kimmo Kallio stated that poetry should above all be responsible for its own renewal.  ...  As an example, Kallio used Pekka Tarkka's way of reading Paavo Haavikko, which was paradoxical as Haavikko is not so "new" anymore, since he debuted in the beginning of the 1950s.  ... 
doi:10.30665/av.74716 fatcat:udevnbbcbjaddgibszvyhgwcdm

Risk of Electrolyte Disorders in Acutely Ill Children Receiving Commercially Available Plasmalike Isotonic Fluids

Saara Lehtiranta, Minna Honkila, Merja Kallio, Niko Paalanne, Outi Peltoniemi, Tytti Pokka, Marjo Renko, Terhi Tapiainen
2020 JAMA pediatrics  
Administrative, technical, or material support: Kallio, Paalanne. Supervision: Honkila, Kallio, Paalanne, Peltoniemi, Tapiainen.  ...  Additional Contributions: We thank Kimmo Halt, MD, Jarmo Salo, MD, PhD, and Marika Sipola, MD, PhD, Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Oulu University Hospital, Finland, for their thoughtful  ... 
doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2020.3383 pmid:33104176 pmcid:PMC7589076 fatcat:hcnqhajijrctjolkfpkx4ttuie

A Tale of Two Professions in Elections: Party Choice Among Diaconal and Social Workers

Johanna Kallio, Hannu Lahtinen, Hanna Wass
2020 Diaconia. Journal for the Study of Christian Social Practice  
Johanna Kallio (Turku), Hannu Lahtinen (Helsinki), Hanna Wass (Helsinki)  ...  Kimmo Grönlund and Hanna Wass, (Helsinki: oikeusministeriö, 2015), 358-378. Figure 1 1 Vote shares in the 2011 Finnish parliamentary elections by party (% and 95% confidence intervals).  ... 
doi:10.13109/diac.2020.11.1.5 fatcat:gwqdnijgcbgsnpcgo6aa4nbzni

Bibliography of Finnish population research

Population Research Institute
1978 Finnish Yearbook of Population Research  
Kallio, Hanna. The Finnish abortion and sterilization situation and family planning guidance according to the Public Health Act.  ...  Leppo, Kimmo -Koskelainen, Osmo -Sievers, Kai. Seksuaalikäyttäytymistä ja ehkäisytapoja koskevan tutkimuksen metodiraportti.  ... 
doi:10.23979/fypr.44732 fatcat:jrov2gpx6vgshmr2lh3dxd2lly

Genus Octospora (Pezizales) in Estonia and Finland

Aivo Jakobson, Bellis Kullman, Seppo Huhtinen
1998 Karstenia  
Mart Rahi (Institute of Zoology and Botany) for assistance in work with SEM, as well as Kimmo Sytjanen (University of Turku), Nele Ingerpuu (Institute of Zoology and Botany) for identifying the mosses  ...  Margin, t. porrecta: C) (Kallio, 18.VIII.l961), D) (Makinen, 22.VIII.!964). Fig. 18 A 18 -B. Octospora alpestris, medulla, t. intricata : A) (Kallio, 18.VIII.1961), B) (Makinen , l.Vl.1965).  ...  , 7484:558 , 1975 Vuokko (OULU) ; Inarin Lappi: Inari, 7645:440, 1965 Makinen (TUR) ; 7675:453 , 1965 Makinen (TUR); 7653:449, 1965 Makin en (TUR) ; 760:55 , 1968 Makinen (TUR); Utsjoki, 774:49, 1961 Kallio  ... 
doi:10.29203/ka.1998.326 fatcat:bjbqdkje3rcj7jansuf4mrkdfm


Katariina Mauranen
Suomen museoliiton pääsihteeri Kimmo Levä kysyi esityksessään, kuulemmeko asiakkaan äänen.  ...  Vilkkaan keskustelun jälkeen, päivän päätteeksi, Kalle Kallio esitteli tuoretta valtakunnallista erikoismuseoselvitystä tekniikan alan museoiden näkökulmasta.  ... 

Suomalais-Ugrilaisen Seuran vuosikertomus ja tilinpäätös vuodelta 2016

Ulriikka Puura
2017 Suomalais-Ugrilaisen Seuran Aikakauskirja  
Kimmo K. Mustakallio 15.8.  ...  Change of Finnic languages in a multilinguistic environment • SUST 274: Sampsa Holopainen & Petri Kallio & Janne Saarikivi (toim.), Verba vagantur • FUF 63 • Apuneuvoja XVIII: Arto Moisio & Okan  ... 
doi:10.33340/susa.70253 fatcat:yelg3b6jhvbibibjo2vhsru3aa
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