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Kevin J. O'Brien, Suisheng Zhao (eds.), Grassroots Elections in China

Paul Charon
2011 China Perspectives  
This book edited by Kevin J.  ...  Björn Alpermann, for his part, questions the extent of disconnect between elections and post-electoral government as set out by O'Brien and Zhao.  ... 
doi:10.4000/chinaperspectives.5671 fatcat:2iey3susufdatebw5eowt2cbbq

PRIMES STEP Plays Games [article]

Pratik Alladi, Neel Bhalla, Tanya Khovanova, Nathan Sheffield, Eddie Song, William Sun, Andrew The, Alan Wang, Naor Wiesel, Kevin Zhang Kevin Zhao
2017 arXiv   pre-print
A group of students in 7-9 grades are inventing combinatorial impartial games. The games are played on graphs, piles, and grids. We found winning positions, optimal strategies, and other interesting facts about the games.
arXiv:1707.07201v1 fatcat:gvxlkia4xjhxvmj6g2ahdvdare

The coset factorization of finite cyclic group [article]

Kevin Zhao
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Let G be a finite cyclic group, written additively, and let A, B be nonempty subsets of G. We will say that G= A+B is a factorization if for each g in G there are unique elements a, b of G such that g=a+b, a∈ A, b∈ B. In particular, if A is a complete set of residues modulo|A|, then we call the factorization a coset factorization of G. In this paper, we mainly study a factorization G= A+B, where G is a finite cyclic group and A=[0,n-k-1]∪{i_0,i_1,... i_k-1} with |A|=n and n≥ 2k+1. We obtain the
more » ... following conclusion: If (i)k≤ 2 or (ii) The number of distinct prime divisors of gcd(|A|,|B|) is at most 1 or (iii)gcd(|A|,|B|)=pq with gcd(pq,|B|/gcd(|A|,|B|))=1, then A is a complete set of residues modulon.
arXiv:2003.14006v1 fatcat:utaqae3f7jhuxlk5s7x5cprjzq

Purely singular splittings of cyclic groups [article]

Pingzhi Yuan, Kevin Zhao
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Let G be a finite abelian group. We say that M and S form a splitting of G if every nonzero element g of G has a unique representation of the form g=ms with m∈ M and s∈ S, while 0 has no such representation. The splitting is called purely singular if for each prime divisor p of |G|, there is at least one element of M is divisible by p. In this paper, we mainly study the purely singular splittings of cyclic groups. We first prove that if k>3 is a positive integer such that [-k+1, k]^* splits a
more » ... clic group Z_m, then m=2k. Next, we have the following general result. Suppose M=[-k_1, k_2]^* splits Z_n(k_1+k_2)+1 with 1≤ k_1< k_2. If n≥ 2, then k_1≤ n-2 and k_2≤ 2n-5. Applying this result, we prove that if M=[-k_1, k_2]^* splits Z_m purely singularly, and either (i)(s, m)=1 for all s∈ S or (ii)m=2^αp^β or 2^αp_1p_2 with α≥ 0, β≥ 1 and p, p_1, p_2 odd primes, then m=k_1+k_2+1 or k_1=0 and m=k_2+1 or 2k_2+1.
arXiv:2002.11872v1 fatcat:hw3rx7f6hfd7lohkamkiwvkr6q

The complete splittings of finite abelian groups [article]

Kevin Zhao
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Let G be a finite group. We will say that M and S form a complete splitting (splitting) of G if every element (nonzero element) g of G has a unique representation of the form g=ms with m∈ M and s∈ S, and 0 has a such representation (while 0 has no such representation). In this paper, we determine the structures of complete splittings of finite abelian groups. In particular, for complete splittings of cyclic groups our description is more specific. Furthermore, we show some results for existence
more » ... and nonexistence of complete splittings of cyclic groups and find a relationship between complete splittings and splittings for finite groups.
arXiv:2003.13290v1 fatcat:uc4c74tkefdm3dggrnx6yhlu6m

On the Existence of Perfect Splitter Sets [article]

Pingzhi Yuan, Kevin Zhao
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Given integers k_1, k_2 with 0< k_14. We also prove that there are infinitely many prime p such that there exists a perfect B[-1,3](p) set.
arXiv:1903.00118v1 fatcat:7fr7ux75hzcsbo3qlrylggimvm

High-order Semantic Role Labeling [article]

Zuchao Li, Hai Zhao, Rui Wang, Kevin Parnow
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Zuchao Li, Hai Zhao, and Kevin Parnow. 2019b. Global greedy dependency parsing. arXiv preprint arXiv:1911.08673.  ...  Please refer to Appendix A.1 for details. 4.2 Results And Analysis Zuchao Li,Hai Zhao, and Kevin Parnow. 2020. Global greedy dependency parsing.  ... 
arXiv:2010.04641v1 fatcat:vy4pkl4rwjcdplbyenjohuskaa

Spectral stability of hydraulic shock profiles [article]

Alim Sukhtayev, Zhao Yang, Kevin Zumbrun
2018 arXiv   pre-print
By reduction to a generalized Sturm Liouville problem, we establish spectral stability of hydraulic shock profiles of the Saint-Venant equations for inclined shallow-water flow, over the full parameter range of their existence, for both smooth-type profiles and discontinuous-type profiles containing subshocks. Together with work of Mascia-Zumbrun and Yang-Zumbrun, this yields linear and nonlinear H^2∩ L^1 → H^2 stability with sharp rates of decay in L^p, p≥ 2, the first complete stability
more » ... s for large-amplitude shock profiles of a hyperbolic relaxation system.
arXiv:1810.01490v1 fatcat:o3exfcrr4repfbyjx4ddyh5itq

Variants of Base 3 over 2 [article]

Matvey Borodin, Hannah Han, Kaylee Ji, Tanya Khovanova, Alexander Peng, David Sun, Isabel Tu, Jason Yang, William Yang, Kevin Zhang, Kevin Zhao
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We discuss two different systems of number representations that both can be called 'base 3/2'. We explain how they are connected. Unlike classical fractional extension, these two systems provide a finite representation for integers. We also discuss a connection between these systems and 3-free sequences.
arXiv:1901.09818v1 fatcat:yw72kh5nlbhlvjnde4oo6lwir4

1-product problems with congruence conditions in nonabelian groups [article]

Kevin Zhao
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Let G be a finite group and D_2n be the dihedral group of 2n elements. For a positive integer d, let s_dN(G) denote the smallest integer ℓ∈N_0∪{+∞} such that every sequence S over G of length |S|≥ℓ has a nonempty 1-product subsequence T with |T|≡ 0 (mod d). In this paper, we mainly study the problem for dihedral groups D_2n and determine their exact values: s_dN(D_2n)=2d+ log_2n, if d is odd with n|d; s_dN(D_2n)=nd+1, if gcd(n,d)=1. Furthermore, we also analysis the problem for metacyclic
more » ... C_p_s C_q and obtain a result: s_kpN(C_p_s C_q)=lcm(kp,q)+p-2+gcd(kp,q), where p≥ 3 and p|q-1.
arXiv:2003.14007v1 fatcat:577bt3m3qbgnxabatgkkwtcabu

Chip-Firing and Fractional Bases [article]

Matvey Borodin, Hannah Han, Kaylee Ji, Tanya Khovanova, Alexander Peng, David Sun, Isabel Tu, Jason Yang, William Yang, Kevin Zhang, Kevin Zhao
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We study a particular chip-firing process on an infinite path graph. At any time when there are at least a+b chips at a vertex, a chips fire to the left and b chips fire to the right. We describe the final state of this process when we start with n chips at the origin.
arXiv:1809.09676v2 fatcat:6gdozjtmrfdo3j4ezfxmlq232m

A high energy density all solid-state tungsten–air battery

Xuan Zhao, Xue Li, Yunhui Gong, Nansheng Xu, Kevin Romito, Kevin Huang
2013 Chemical Communications  
A high energy density all solid-state tungsten-air battery An all solid-state tungsten-air battery using solid oxide-ion electrolyte is demonstrated as a new chemistry for advanced energy storage. The unique design of separated energy storage from the electrodes allows for free volume expansion-contraction during electrical cycles and new metal-air chemistry to be explored conveniently. This journal is An all solid-state tungsten-air battery is reported here, which is based on a new metal-air
more » ... emistry, featuring decoupled design of electrodes and energy storage. Benefited from higher specific density and better redox kinetics of tungsten, the new tungsten-air battery exhibits roughly higher energy density (W h L À1 ) than the previously reported iron-air battery. ; Fax: +1 803 777 0106; Tel: +1 803 777 4185 † Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available: Experimental details and maximum charge density. See
doi:10.1039/c3cc42075b pmid:23646350 fatcat:wkovatp7l5a6zdiw3mdacvpjji

Neural Networks for Modeling Source Code Edits [article]

Rui Zhao, David Bieber, Kevin Swersky, Daniel Tarlow
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Programming languages are emerging as a challenging and interesting domain for machine learning. A core task, which has received significant attention in recent years, is building generative models of source code. However, to our knowledge, previous generative models have always been framed in terms of generating static snapshots of code. In this work, we instead treat source code as a dynamic object and tackle the problem of modeling the edits that software developers make to source code
more » ... This requires extracting intent from previous edits and leveraging it to generate subsequent edits. We develop several neural networks and use synthetic data to test their ability to learn challenging edit patterns that require strong generalization. We then collect and train our models on a large-scale dataset of Google source code, consisting of millions of fine-grained edits from thousands of Python developers. From the modeling perspective, our main conclusion is that a new composition of attentional and pointer network components provides the best overall performance and scalability. From the application perspective, our results provide preliminary evidence of the feasibility of developing tools that learn to predict future edits.
arXiv:1904.02818v1 fatcat:svtkuiuxpfgahpctjfghpkctke

Roomsemble: Progressive web application for intuitive property search [article]

Chris Kottmyer, Kevin Zhao, Zona Kostic, Aleksandar Jevremovic
2022 arXiv   pre-print
A successful real estate search process involves locating a property that meets a user's search criteria subject to an allocated budget and time constraints. Many studies have investigated modeling housing prices over time. However, little is known about how a user's tastes influence their real estate search and purchase decisions. It is unknown what house a user would choose taking into account an individual's personal tastes, behaviors, and constraints, and, therefore, creating an algorithm
more » ... at finds the perfect match. In this paper, we investigate the first step in understanding a user's tastes by building a system to capture personal preferences. We concentrated our research on real estate photos, being inspired by house aesthetics, which often motivates prospective buyers into considering a property as a candidate for purchase. We designed a system that takes a user-provided photo representing that person's personal taste and recommends properties similar to the photo available on the market. The user can additionally filter the recommendations by budget and location when conducting a property search. The paper describes the application's overall layout including frontend design and backend processes for locating a desired property. The proposed model, which serves as the application's core, was tested with 25 users, and the study's findings, as well as some key conclusions, are detailed in this paper.
arXiv:2202.07296v1 fatcat:gjjejkdrqvbdjk2g7qat6maicq

Phonon Drag Effect in Nanocomposite FeSb2 [article]

Mani Pokharel, Huaizhou Zhao, Kevin Lukas, Bogdan Mihaila, Zhifeng Ren, Cyril Opeil
2012 arXiv   pre-print
We study the temperature dependence of thermoelectric transport properties of four FeSb2 nanocomposite samples with different grain sizes. The comparison of the single crystals and nanocomposites of varying grain size indicates the presence of substantial phonon drag effects in this system contributing to a large Seebeck coefficient at low temperature. As the grain size decreases, the increased phonon scattering at the grain boundaries leads to a suppression of the phonon-drag effect, resulting
more » ... in a much smaller peak value of the Seebeck coefficient in the nanostructured bulk materials. As a consequence, the ZT values are not improved significantly even though the thermal conductivity is drastically reduced.
arXiv:1210.2999v1 fatcat:4ad7revgkbgqfn7upgsrtzksyy
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