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Page 302 of Geological Society of America Bulletin Vol. 55, Issue 3 [page]

1944 Geological Society of America Bulletin  
Kiddville bone bed, lower Boyle limestone, near Hargett, Estill County, east-central Ken- tucky.  ...  Dark matrix of clay and ferruginous material, with white angular and rounded ERM See tS nto bs ais ouis'n Gu. ge suber bicakeewee asus) eeu vee uas aby ae 283 .  ... 

Page 68 of The American Economic Review Vol. 18, Issue SUPPLEMENT [page]

1928 The American Economic Review  
., 141 1 STURGIS, A 4 SUBER Ss x, ‘ Suits, W. | 8 I s SULZBE SUMNI ( WW } SumnNeER, fF i Paris, Fr ) SUMNER, G SD.» 4 SumRALL, F. H S. Son, J.  ...  \ Takaal, SENJrRoO, No. 413 TTaKaMatsu-Koto-SxHocy tTaKaoKxa-Koro-Sxocyro-G Toyama-Ken, Japan Taxe!, D., Pay Corps, I Tauuey, Lynn P., Federal! TANENBAUM, JEROME, 52 Tana, W.  ... 

Page 27 of Illinois Medical Journal Vol. 171, Issue 1 [page]

1987 Illinois Medical Journal  
HERPECIN-L is available at all iisce, Revco, Suber. and Walgreens and other select pharmacies.  ...  ., Ken- nedy, E.C.: ‘‘Physicians’ Self-Re- ports of Reactions to Malpractice Litigation,’’ Am. J. Psychiatry 147:563-565, 1984. 7. Charles, S.C., Wilbert, J.R., WiLIAM mM.  ... 

Internal Suberization of Plant Tissues

1948 Science  
The differentiation of a secondary, der-pitted vessel segment in Ricinus communis may be ken as typical.  ...  ., Genéve, 1879 Internal Suberization of Plant Tissues FLORA MURRAY ScoTT Division of Botany, University of California, Los Angeles Suberization of the internal surface, t.e. of the inter- cellular spaces  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.108.2815.654 pmid:17744019 fatcat:4qqi75t375gizccfvjgmb5dwua

Page 1214 of Guernsey Breeders' Journal Vol. 74, Issue 7 [page]

1948 Guernsey Breeders' Journal  
P Suber & R. H. Lemmon, Jr.; 3, Paul H. Ken Get of Sire 1, Brays Island Plantation, Inc., ongetof Cesor Bon-Ton’s Premium; 2, S. W. Gram ling on get of Rivelon Maywick’s Beau; 3, Paul H.  ...  Suber & R. H. Lemmon, Jr.; 3, Brays Island Bon-Ton’s Maxine, Brays Island Plantation, Inc.; 4, Lucky’s Dutchess of Riverview, J. S.  ... 

Page 51 of CDS Review Vol. 16, Issue 5 [page]

1948 CDS Review  
Richmond St., aa (W.S., I.-44) ^ Suber, Glenn F., 180 N. Michigan Ave., i (N.S., N.-34) Sussman, Hans G., 3a W. Randolph St., i (N.S., C.-40) Sutcher, William C., 1956 W.  ...  ., 49 (Ken., C.- 44 ) Stacknik, Stanley J., 3036 S. Laramie, Cicero (W.Su., C.-44) St^, Saul S., 3008 Cheltenham PL, 39 (Ken., Minn.- Stanger, Chester A., 6818 W. North Ave., 35 (N.W., C.  ... 

Page 16 of CDS Review Vol. 4, Issue 6 [page]

1942 CDS Review  
(Ken., I.-ii) Thorelius, Paul, 1008 Rush St. (N. S., N.-ig) Thorne, Norwood A., 417 E. 47th St. (Ken., O, 17) Thornton, Reed F., igag E. 33rd St. (Ken., N.-iy) Thorse^ Arnold M.  ...  -ag) Suber, Glenn F., 180 N. Michigan Ave. (N. S., N.>34) Suuman, Hans G., 3a W. Randolph St. (N. S., C.*4o) Sutcher, WillUm C., 1936 W. Cnicago Ave. (W. S., C.-19) Svenciskas, Charles J., 4401 S.  ... 

Study of Physicochemicals Characteristics and Antioxidant Capacity of Cork Oak Acorns (Quercus Suber L.) grown in Three Regions in Tunisia

Souad Igueld, Hatem Abidi, Malika Trabelsi-Ayadi, Jamila Cherif
2015 Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science  
It involved the study of physico-chemical characteristics of acorns from Quercus Suber. L, of three Tunisian northern regions: Sejnen, Nefza and Ain Drahem.  ...  Currently, cork oak acorns (Quercus Suber. L.) are traditionally marketed and consumed in North Africa.  ...  Antioxidant Content in Quercus Suber Carotenoids The content of carotenoids has been quantified (Tab.3).  ... 
doi:10.7324/japs.2015.50405 fatcat:be2awe4linfy3norboe5lmfg2q

Effect of Growing Area on Total Polyphenols, Flavonoids, Tannins and Antimicrobial Activity in Quercus suber L. Acorn Oil

Faten Mezni, Boutheina Stiti, Awatef Slama, Faten Ayari, Abdelhamid Khaldi, Nizar Moujahed
2021 Journal of Food Chemistry and Nanotechnology  
Oil from Majen Essef location exhibited the highest total tannin rates (21.71 mg QE/g) and oil from Ken Rand showed the lowest value (14.12 mg QE/g).  ...  These results are different from those found by Charef et al, which reported that the total fat content of Q. suber acorns was estimated to 9%.  ... 
doi:10.17756/jfcn.2021-0109 fatcat:upi6uempsnh3jmkf2g5s5kbu74

Regeneration of Native Forest Species in Mainland Portugal: Identifying Main Drivers

Tiago Monteiro-Henriques, Paulo Fernandes
2018 Forests  
Other variables impacted on regeneration density: grazing hindered Q. suber regeneration; regeneration of Q. rotundifolia and Q. suber was lower in flat areas; recurrent fire hampered the regeneration  ...  Seed availability was also an important driver of sapling density, except for Quercus suber.  ...  Acknowledgments: We thank Ken Burnham and Maria João Martins for methodological advice, Annalisa Bellu for language checking and two anonymous reviewers for fruitful comments.  ... 
doi:10.3390/f9110694 fatcat:ktpc5nud45fcvglc7mhzgltrr4

Acknowledgments [chapter]

2020 Lesbian Rule  
Ken Wissoker showed interest in this project early on, and his faith in its growth sustained me during the revision process.  ...  In Ithaca, the overlapping set of my coconspirators includes Rebecca Schneider, David Bathrick, Patty Zimmermann, Gina Marchetti, Byron Suber, Tim Murray, Vincent Grenier, Biddy Martin, Ellis Hanson, and  ... 
doi:10.1515/9780822385356-001 fatcat:4jvyvboo3vakdccy2ruxyv3xju

Page 122 of The Catholic Historical Review Vol. 1-20, Issue Index [page]

1915 The Catholic Historical Review  
Madeleva’s Pearl, A Study, 154; (R) Colum’s Voyagers, 159; (R) Suber- caseaux’s S.  ...  Francois d’Assise, 320; (R) Kenton’s Jesuit Re- lations, 491; (R) Lovat’s Mére Milleret de Brou, 495; (R) Ken- nedy-Sr. Joseph’s America’s Story, 501; (R) Walsh’s Our Am.  ... 

New Sustaining Members

1971 Journal of the SMPTE  
Howard Suber, c/o UCLA Motion Picture Div., Los Angles, CA 90024.  ...  Howard Suber, Scholarship Chairman of the University Film Awn. Winners will be chosen on the basis of film or written work submitted.  ... 
doi:10.5594/j10667 fatcat:oexmr5vzzngxzlm7jnv2v5bfmq

Page 418 of SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal Vol. 80, Issue 5 [page]

1971 SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal  
Howard Suber, c/o UCLA Motion Picture Div., Los Angles, CA 90024.  ...  Howard Suber, Scholarship Chairman of the University Film Assn. Winners will be chosen on the basis of film or written work submitted.  ... 

Page 515 of Geographical Review Vol. 17, Issue 3 [page]

1927 Geographical Review  
Ken^ Maire. Carte Phytog^ographique de I'Alg^rie et de la Tunisie. 78 pp.; maps, ills., bibliogr. Gouvernement General de I’.  ...  Its prevailing vegetation is forest of evergreen oaks {Qu^rcus Iltx and Q. suber) and deciduous oaks (Q. lusitanica and Q. afarn), together with the olive and species of elm, ash, alder, and poplar.  ... 
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