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Molecular Modelling of the Emergence of Azole Resistance in Mycosphaerella graminicola

Jonathan G. L. Mullins, Josie E. Parker, Hans J. Cools, Roberto C. Togawa, John A. Lucas, Bart A. Fraaije, Diane E. Kelly, Steven L. Kelly, Mick F. Tuite
2011 PLoS ONE  
CYP51 variant Number of strains Epoxiconazole Prochloraz Tebuconazole Triadimenol Structural mechanism of resistance Mean EC50 a (mg l 21 ) R F b Mean EC50 (mg l 21 ) R F  ...  Mean EC50 (mg l 21 ) R F Mean EC50 (mg l 21 ) R F Wild-type 4 0.003 60.001 - 0.016 60.005 - 0.072 60.026 - 0.864 60.227 - No resistance Y137F 4 0.015 60.004 5.1  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0020973 pmid:21738598 pmcid:PMC3124474 fatcat:xd5vkrhc55c3rmqjxzul4l4b7e

Multiple HIV-1-specific IgG3 responses decline during acute HIV-1

Nicole L. Yates, Judith T. Lucas, Tracy L. Nolen, Nathan A. Vandergrift, Kelly A. Soderberg, Kelly E. Seaton, Thomas N. Denny, Barton F. Haynes, Myron S. Cohen, Georgia D. Tomaras
2011 AIDS (London)  
Objective-Different HIV-1 antigen specificities appear in sequence after HIV-1 transmission and the immunoglobulin G (IgG) subclass responses to HIV antigens are distinct from each other. The initial predominant IgG subclass response to HIV-1 infection consists of IgG1 and IgG3 antibodies with a noted decline in some IgG3 antibodies during acute HIV-1 infection. Thus, we postulate that multiple antigen-specific IgG3 responses may serve as surrogates for the relative time since HIV-1
more » ... Design-We determined the magnitude, peak, and half-life of HIV-1 antigen-specific IgG1 and IgG3 antibodies in 41 HIV-1-infected individuals followed longitudinally from acute infection during the first appearance of HIV-1-specific antibodies through approximately 6 months after infection. Methods-We used quantitative HIV-1-binding antibody multiplex assays and exponential decay models to estimate concentrations of IgG1 and IgG3 antibodies to eight different HIV-1 proteins including gp140 Env, gp120 Env, gp41 Env, p66 reverse transcriptase, p31 Integrase, Tat, Nef, and p55 Gag proteins during acute/recent HIV-1 infection. Results-Among HIV-1-specific IgG3 responses, anti-gp41 IgG3 antibodies were the first to appear. We found that anti-gp41 Env IgG3 and anti-p66 reverse transcriptase IgG3 antibodies, in
doi:10.1097/qad.0b013e32834b348e pmid:21832938 pmcid:PMC3667583 fatcat:erkpcxtodbeb7jk7dzeuwqxkui

Epinephrine Impairs Lipid Resuscitation from Bupivacaine Overdose

David B. Hiller, Guido Di Gregorio, Richard Ripper, Kemba Kelly, Malek Massad, Lucas Edelman, Guy Edelman, Douglas L. Feinstein, Guy L. Weinberg
2009 Anesthesiology  
Blood Gas Parameters at 15 min pH PaO 2 (mmHg) PaCO 2 (mmHg) BE mM/l HCO 3 mmol/l Saline 7.21 Ϯ 0.03* 170 Ϯ 37 45.6 Ϯ 3.4 Ϫ7.0 Ϯ 2.1 † 20.1 Ϯ 1.8 † Lipid control 7.31 Ϯ 0.02 308 Ϯ 89 49.6  ...  /l) 6.8 Ϯ 0.374 6.8 Ϯ 0.735 7.2 Ϯ 0.80 7.0 Ϯ 0.707 7.8 Ϯ 0.583 7.0 Ϯ 0.632 Table 2 . 2 Animals Attaining Return of Spontaneous Circulation for Each Group and Time Table 3 . 3 Mean Arterial  ... 
doi:10.1097/aln.0b013e3181afde0a pmid:19704251 fatcat:2plkxsdbszbhxhrnoweq5mkv3i

Jellyfish Body Plans Provide Allometric Advantages beyond Low Carbon Content

Kylie A. Pitt, Carlos M. Duarte, Cathy H. Lucas, Kelly R. Sutherland, Robert H. Condon, Hermes Mianzan, Jennifer E. Purcell, Kelly L. Robinson, Shin-Ichi Uye, Ethan P. White
2013 PLoS ONE  
The relative effects of inertial and viscous forces operating on medusae were evaluated using Reynolds number, Re=LU/ν where L, the characteristic length scale is the ESD, U is mean swimming velocity and  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0072683 pmid:23967331 pmcid:PMC3742524 fatcat:vweg33x2anartbtgy3ixy2jkuq

Biomaterial strategies for generating therapeutic immune responses

Sean H. Kelly, Lucas S. Shores, Nicole L. Votaw, Joel H. Collier
2017 Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews  
In order to discover Kelly et al.  ...  self-assembling motif KFE8 (FKFEFKFE) produced nanofibers that, when conjugated to the model epitope ovalbumin (OVA) and used to immunize mice, led to significantly higher levels of IgG, IgM, and IgA than the L-amino  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.addr.2017.04.009 pmid:28455189 pmcid:PMC5606982 fatcat:bqugpn2dmjfnxejzmgkffzgj6u

Linking human well-being and jellyfish: ecosystem services, impacts, and societal responses

William M Graham, Stefan Gelcich, Kelly L Robinson, Carlos M Duarte, Lucas Brotz, Jennifer E Purcell, Laurence P Madin, Hermes Mianzan, Kelly R Sutherland, Shin-ichi Uye, Kylie A Pitt, Cathy H Lucas (+3 others)
2014 Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment © The Ecological Society of America Service category Affected service Form of impact References Groups Regulating Trophic effects and Forcing trophic cascades; Feigenbaum and Kelly  ... 
doi:10.1890/130298 fatcat:2rozla3zh5bs7gfr5gijtudi7i

Impact of Recently Emerged Sterol 14α-Demethylase (CYP51) Variants of Mycosphaerella graminicola on Azole Fungicide Sensitivity

Hans J. Cools, Jonathan G. L. Mullins, Bart A. Fraaije, Josie E. Parker, Diane E. Kelly, John A. Lucas, Steven L. Kelly
2011 Applied and Environmental Microbiology  
Aliquots of 100 l of isolate spore suspensions (2.5 ϫ 10 4 spores ml Ϫ1 ) were added to each well.  ...  The heme is colored gray by the element to the left of helix L, binding epoxiconazole (yellow). (B) The heme binding cavity in more detail, with the ␤1 sheet removed.  ... 
doi:10.1128/aem.00027-11 pmid:21478305 pmcid:PMC3127603 fatcat:abeddm2c65gy3kyhvf5xpndloq

Fitotoxicidade de efluente da indústria cervejeira em sementes de Lactuca sativa L

Lucas Oliveira Viana, Kelly Geronazzo Martins, Kely Viviane de Souza, Erivelton Cesar Stroparo
2018 Revista Internacional de Ciências  
Gráfico 2 -Índice de germinação (IG) de sementes de L. sativa L. após a exposição às diferentes amostras estudadas e o controle.  ...  Fitotoxicidad de efluente de la industria cervecera en semillas de Lactuca sativa L.  ... 
doi:10.12957/ric.2017.30072 fatcat:aknnx6zwcfchvjw3idgltelozu

Watch Your Tone: Social Conditions Modulate Singing Strategies

Kelly L. Ronald, Tasha Skillman, Andy Lin, Qingling Li, Esteban Fernandez-Juricic, Jeffrey R. Lucas, W. Koenig
2015 Ethology  
Bird song is typically depicted as a male singing a long-distance signal to potentially unknown receivers to (1) deter males and (2) attract females. Nevertheless, many songbirds sing from close distances to a known receiver; males of these species may be under more intense selective pressure to modify their songs depending on the sex of the receiver in order to convey different motivational states (aggression versus courtship) to the different sexes. In a laboratory setting, we examined how
more » ... eiver sex affected within-song variation of the close-range singing behavior in the brown-headed cowbird (Molothrus ater). Although we know that cowbird song is influenced by flock composition, it is still unclear as to how the cowbird modifies his song based on social context. Using a cross-correlation analysis of each male's different song types, we found that pairs of songs were significantly more dissimilar if they were directed to females compared with songs directed to males. We subsequently tested whether there were any consistent spectral or temporal patterns in the songs males gave to females versus to males. Our results lend support for the Motivational Structural Rules Hypothesis as songs directed toward males had higher entropy (i.e., harshness) than the same song type directed toward females. Our results suggest that cowbirds may have evolved the ability to alter multiple dimensions of their singing behavior based on receiver sex.
doi:10.1111/eth.12425 fatcat:5lxpjwm72jfnlj5nysyhjtbt3u

Resuscitation with Lipid versus Epinephrine in a Rat Model of Bupivacaine Overdose

Guy L. Weinberg, Guido Di Gregorio, Richard Ripper, Kemba Kelly, Malek Massad, Lucas Edelman, David Schwartz, Nirali Shah, Sophie Zheng, Douglas L. Feinstein
2008 Anesthesiology  
EPI ‫؍‬ epinephrine-treated group; L ‫؍‬ lipidtreated group; SALINE ‫؍‬ control group.  ...  EPI ‫؍‬ epinephrine-treated group; L ‫؍‬ lipid-treated group; SALINE ‫؍‬ control group.  ... 
doi:10.1097/aln.0b013e31816d91d2 pmid:18431127 fatcat:kujinxqz5jcydlod4goeecdj3u

Prothioconazole and Prothioconazole-Desthio Activities against Candida albicans Sterol 14-α-Demethylase

Josie E. Parker, Andrew G. S. Warrilow, Hans J. Cools, Bart A. Fraaije, John A. Lucas, Katarina Rigdova, William J. Griffiths, Diane E. Kelly, Steven L. Kelly
2012 Applied and Environmental Microbiology  
Samples were dried in a vacuum centrifuge and were derivatized by the addition of 100 l 99:1 BSTFA:TMCS and 100 l anhydrous pyridine and heating for 2 h at 80°C.  ...  A 100-l aliquot of 1 ϫ 10 7 cells/ml from overnight cultures of C. albicans (ATCC SC5314) was subcultured into 250 ml RPMI L-glutamine and yeast extract-peptone-dextrose (YPD) broth containing 8 g · ml  ... 
doi:10.1128/aem.03246-12 pmid:23275516 pmcid:PMC3591943 fatcat:fqf4deueyngdbphasjfgzxocfy

Longitudinal Multimodal fMRI to Investigate Neurovascular Changes in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats

Andrew Crofts, Melissa Trotman-Lucas, Justyna Janus, Michael Kelly, Claire L Gibson
2020 Journal of Neuroimaging  
Rats were switched from breathing oxygen to room air, pumped at 2 L/min using an air pump (Wiz-Air, Clarke Tools, Dunstable, UK). fMRI was performed for 9 minutes using a gradient echo EPI sequence (TR  ... 
doi:10.1111/jon.12753 pmid:32648648 fatcat:fvosrn6fknftbjvlz5ncpp7hfy

Taking the sensory approach: how individual differences in sensory perception can influence mate choice

Kelly L. Ronald, Esteban Fernández-Juricic, Jeffrey R. Lucas
2012 Animal Behaviour  
L. Ronald was supported by a National Science Foundation Pre-doctoral Fellowship.  ...  Values correspond to parameters showing the lowest, average and highest values in the range of between-individual variability in l o and relative photoreceptor density.  ...  Multiple studies now illustrate sex differences in sensory processing (Doty & Cameron 2009; Gall & Lucas 2010; Muchlinski et al. 2011) ; thus, variation between sexes may be common.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.anbehav.2012.09.015 fatcat:ow2a6fwvgbhrjixgr4rfislicu

Mechanism of Binding of Prothioconazole toMycosphaerella graminicolaCYP51 Differs from That of Other Azole Antifungals

Josie E. Parker, Andrew G. S. Warrilow, Hans J. Cools, Claire M. Martel, W. David Nes, Bart A. Fraaije, John A. Lucas, Diane E. Kelly, Steven L. Kelly
2010 Applied and Environmental Microbiology  
Samples were dried in a vacuum centrifuge (Heto) and derivatized by the addition of 100 l of 90% BSTFA-10% TMS (Sigma) and 50 l of anhydrous pyridine (Sigma), followed by heating for 2 h at 80°C.  ...  Cultures were diluted to an optical density at 600 nm of 1.0, and 500 l was used to inoculate 10 ml of YPD, followed by treatment with 5 g of fungicide ml Ϫ1 .  ... 
doi:10.1128/aem.01332-10 pmid:21169436 pmcid:PMC3067226 fatcat:bhv7mu4ofzc7lgtouyxnbg6yzq

Functional neuroimaging of sensorimotor cortices in postmenopausal women with type II diabetes

Stacey L. Gorniak, Victoria E. Wagner, Kelly Vaughn, Jonathan Perry, Lauren Gulley Cox, Arturo E. Hernandez, Luca Pollonini
2020 Neurophotonics  
Luca Pollonini is an assistant professor at the University of Houston, Texas.  ... 
doi:10.1117/1.nph.7.3.035007 pmid:32905073 pmcid:PMC7467056 fatcat:q3fwneabijhdzjeqhderfg7vga
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