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Conformational behavior of simple furanosides studied by optical rotation

Jakub Kaminský, Ivan Raich, Kateřina Tomčáková, Petr Bouř
2010 Journal of Computational Chemistry  
in Wiley InterScience ( Abstract: Experimental and theoretical specific optical rotations (OR) of anhydro, epithio, and epiminoderivatives of methyl tetrofuranosides in chloroform solutions have been compared and used as a tool for exploring their conformational behavior. The potential energy surfaces of these saccharides with reduced flexibility were examined with the density functional theory and the MP2 and CCSD(T) wavefunctions methods. Theoretical ORs were
more » ... ed by Boltzmann averaging of values calculated for local minima. Resultant rotations could be used to assess the quality of the DFT and MP2 relative conformer energies. OR values calculated for equilibrium geometries in vacuum were significantly improved when the solvent was accounted for by a polarizable continuum model and first and diagonal second OR derivatives were used for an anharmonic vibrational averaging. The DFT used as a default method reproduced the experimental data fairly well. A modified B3LYP functional containing 70% of HF exchange further improved the results. Because of the strong dependence of OR on the conformation, not only the absolute configuration could be determined, but also the conformational populations were estimated. Likewise, the predicted dependence of OR on the light wavelength well agreed with experiment. The increasing precision of the contemporary computational methods thus makes it possible to relate the specific rotation to more detailed features in molecular structure. q
doi:10.1002/jcc.21511 pmid:20186863 fatcat:hwn2voum4fb2jeovte3ynurkxu