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Kalpa Publications in Computing

Julien Signoles
2017 An International Workshop on   unpublished
In particular, it points out several issues and how they could possibly be fixed.  ...  Related Work Tool competitions have been organized in several computational domains for a long time. We limit our related work to competitions related to program analysis and provers.  ...  A practical solution could be to compute two different scores, one for expressiveness and another one for efficiency, while unsoundness should result in any case to very low (or even negative) scores.  ... 

Kalpa Publications in Computing R2U2: Tool Overview *

Kristin Rozier, Johann Schumann
Importantly, the framework is extensible; it is designed to enable definitions of new building blocks in combination with the core structure.  ...  R2U2 can be run in hardware (e.g., FPGAs), or software; can monitor hardware, software, or a combination of the two; and can analyze a range of different types of system requirements during runtime.  ...  on the flight computer, or in both hardware and software in a hybrid cyber-physical system.  ... 

Kalpa Publications in Computing The MonPoly Monitoring Tool

David Basin, Felix Klaedtke, Eugen Alinescu
In comparison to the Nokia case study, the logs were 100 times larger in terms of the number of events and 50 times larger in data volume.  ...  In what follows, let the input formula be the formula contained in the formula file, or its negation in case the -negate argument is given.  ...  The symbols listed in a row are given lower precedence than the symbols listed in a previous row (and higher precedence than the symbols listed in a subsequent row).  ... 

Kalpa Publications in Computing Abduction by Non-Experts

Nikolaj Bjørner, Dejan Jovanovi´c, Tancrède Lepoint, Philipp Rümmer, Martin Schäf
In this paper we discuss a novel approach of using crowdsourcing to assist software verification.  ...  We describe a prototype implementation, we show how crowdsourcing integrates in the verification process, and present preliminary results.  ...  This work is funded in parts by AFRL contract No. FA8750-15-C-0010, NSF Award No. 1528153, and the Swedish Research Council.  ... 

Kalpa Publications in Computing The MINERVA Software Development Process

Anthony Narkawicz, César Muñoz, Aaron Dutle
The MINERVA process is illustrated in this paper with an application to geo-containment algorithms for unmanned aircraft systems.  ...  formally verifying the correctness of the algorithms, (3) test cases that stress the code, and (4) numerical evaluation on these test cases of both the algorithm specifications and their implementations in  ...  These algorithms perform computations on polygons.  ... 

Kalpa Publications in Computing COEMS-open traces from the industry *

Svetlana Jakši´c, Martin Leucker, Dan Li, Volker Stolz
DOI creation through TIB requires a mandatory set of fields in the metadata (Identifier, Creator, Title, Publisher, Publication Year, Resource Type).  ...  As shown in Section 3.2 we can register users of the portal which then may upload the data in the format of their choice, curate the data if needed before the publication, add tools which are essential  ... 

Kalpa Publications in Computing Translating C # to Branching Symbolic Transducers

Olli Saarikivi, Margus Veanes
The paper presents algorithms for translating C # to BSTs, and for exposing control state in BSTs.  ...  All graphs in the paper are produced automatically from our analysis framework. public override IEnumerable <char> Update(char x) { if (prev == 0) { // no previous digit was recorded if ('5' <= x && x  ...  The core of the computation takes place during the concretization of basic rules. Theorem 4.1. Let A be a deterministic BST with state type τ 1 ×τ 2 .  ... 

Kalpa Publications in Computing Adjacency Matrix of Product of Graphs

H Mehta, U Acharya
In graph theory, different types of matrices associated with graph, e.g. Adjacency matrix, Incidence matrix, Laplacian matrix etc. Among all adjacency matrix play an important role in graph theory.  ...  In this paper, we discuss the adjacency matrix of two new product of graphs GH, where = ⊗2, ×2. Also, we obtain the spectrum of these products of graphs.  ...  Graph theory has a wide range of applications in Computer Science, Sociology, bio-informatics, medicines etc.  ... 

Kalpa Publications in Computing Set of Support for Theory Reasoning

Giles Reger, Martin Suda
This leads to completely goal orientated reasoning but is incomplete for practical reasoning (e.g. in the presence of ordering constraints).  ...  The set of support strategy requires that all inferences involve a premise with an ancestor in a so-called set of support, initially taken to be a subset of the input clauses, usually those corresponding  ...  The successful features described in this paper will be available in the next public release of Vampire. Figure 1 : 1 Illustrating the Given Clause Algorithm.  ... 

Kalpa Publications in Computing Reasoning with Concept Diagrams about Antipatterns

Zohreh Shams, Mateja Jamnik, Gem Stapleton, Yuri Sato
Indeed, empirical studies show that concept diagrams are cognitively more accessible to users in ontology debugging tasks.  ...  A visual representation language, concept diagrams, was developed for expressing and reasoning about ontologies in an accessible way.  ...  Intuitively, (in, C in) is inside every curve of in ⊆ C and outside every curve of C in. For example, in Figure 1 , both LHS and RHS diagram components have five zones.  ... 

Kalpa Publications in Computing DANA-Description and Analysis of Networked Applications

Christian Drabek, Gereon Weiss
In this paper, we present the tool, its layered reference model, and show its application for runtime verification.  ...  The messages in these interfaces can contain complex data, e.g., playlists with images. Therefore, valid behavior is described as a layered reference model.  ...  Nevertheless, the computational complexity to find an edit sequence requires this to be done offline.  ... 

Kalpa Publications in Computing Going Polymorphic-TH1 Reasoning for Leo-III *

Alexander Steen, Max Wisniewski, Christoph Benzmüller
In this paper, we present modifications to the higher-order automated theorem prover Leo-III for turning it into a reasoning system for rank-1 polymorphic HOL.  ...  normalization are shown in Fig. 2 .  ...  In the last step, Y is bound to the Skolem term using (Subst). Since this results in an empty clause , the original problem is proven.  ... 

Kalpa Publications in Computing Asymmetric Diagnosability Analysis of Discrete-Event Systems

Marina Zanella
However, the twin plant structure is redundant, which is a drawback, above all if the considered DES observation is uncertain: in such a case, several distinct twin plants have to be built in order to  ...  The twin plant method is central in every research whose focus is checking the diagnos-ability of discrete-event systems (DESs).  ...  Once G o is available, the product [1] of G o by itself (G o ⊗ G o ) is computed, and denoted G d . Thus each state in G d is a pair of pairs, ((x 1 , φ 1 ); (x 2 , φ 2 )).  ... 

Kalpa Publications in Computing Decidability of Fair Termination of Gossip Protocols

Krzysztof Apt, Dominik Wojtczak
Gossip protocols deal with a group of communicating agents, each holding some private information, and aim at arriving at a situation in which all the agents know each other secrets.  ...  The notion of infinite just and fair computations differ in the context of nondeterministic programs. However, this is not the case for the gossip protocols.  ...  An infinite computation is rule-just (resp. agent-just) if all rules (resp. agents) that from a certain moment on are always enabled (in short, eventually always enabled) are selected infinitely often.  ... 

Kalpa Publications in Computing Formalization of some central theorems in combinatorics of finite sets

Abhishek Singh
We use Dilworth's theorem in the proofs of Hall's Marriage theorem and the Erdős-Szekeres theorem. The combinatorial objects involved in these theorems are sets and sequences.  ...  It states that in any finite partially ordered set (poset), the size of a smallest chain cover and a largest antichain are the same.  ...  All the terms that appear in the formal statement of these theorems are explained in Section 2 and Sections 4-6. The exact definitions of these terms in Coq are listed in Section A (Appendix).  ... 
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