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KNOs: KNowledge acquisition, dissemination, and manipulation Objects

D. Tsichritzis, E. Fiume, S. Gibbs, O. Nierstrasz
1987 ACM Transactions on Information Systems  
Kno objects "learn" by exporting and importing new or modified operations. The use of such objects as intellectual support tools is outlined.  ...  This paper proposes Knos, an object-oriented environment which supports these actions. Their operations, data structures, and communication mechanisms are discussed.  ...  We will call the proposed tools Knos (pronounced "nose") for KNowledge acquisition, dissemination and manipulation Objects <15>.  ... 
doi:10.1145/22890.23001 fatcat:6ty55nsdfje53bom52b7zswc74

Mixed Reality-Based Casting Skill Transfer and Human Resource Development

Keiichi Watanuki, John F. Wilson
2008 The International Conference on Business & Technology Transfer  
Our system consists of two major systems for the user to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The most notable advantages arei (1) the wotker can virtually experience the foundry workf!  ...  Kajwords:virtual reality. mixed reality, haptic, job traming. human resource development. tacit knowledge staff-training program based on long-terrn viewpoint should not be taken for granted.  ...  genemi, knowledge management models fbllow the cycle Knowledge constmction -Dissemination -Use --Knowledge embodiment (McAdam and McCreedy, 1999).  ... 
doi:10.1299/jsmeicbtt.2008.4.0_66 fatcat:6avspvzjqrg2bl5dfejwgdyxte

Object Species

Dennis Tsichritzis
1985 IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin  
Knowledge in our environment is encapsulated as objects which will be called KNOwledge acquisition, dissemination and manipulation objects, in short kno's TSIC85].  ...  The interplay of user information and system data according to the rules of the application produces knowledge. Life is perceived in terms of living objects.  ...  DEC, VAX and VMS are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corp.  ... 
dblp:journals/debu/Tsichritzis85 fatcat:uetbzwf7prfljcrvrfbdfyogsu

From Rhetoric to Reality: Business Games as Educational Tools

Tal Ben-Zvi, Thomas C. Carton
2007 INFORMS Transactions on Education  
The discipline's traditional teaching methods, while appropriate for the dissemination of foundational knowledge, cannot provide students with a platform to link abstract concepts and real-world problems  ...  Our findings indicate that business games represent a novel instructional approach: this pedagogy has a real potential to promote the exchange of new ideas on teaching and learning within and across courses  ...  Knowledge in this field is a means to an end not an end in itself, and the acquisition of foundational factual knowledge is an early and important phase of the learning process but should not be the only  ... 
doi:10.1287/ited.8.1.10 fatcat:wnd4miyaevau5nsvd5uxdkirhe

Strategic factors of network organisations and their influence on inter-organisational learning

Abimael Magno Do Ouro Filho, Ikaro Daniel De Carvalho Barreto, Maria Elena Leon Olave
2021 International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital  
The results demonstrate a second-order model, due to the complexity of inter-organisational learning, with measurement and structural validation.  ...  Specifically, the apparel LPA located in the city of Santa Cruz do Capibaribe, Pernambuco-Brazil was studied, mainly composed of micro and small enterprises (MSEs).  ...  acquisition, assimilation, transformation and exploitation of external knowledge.  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijlic.2021.10035842 fatcat:ed4muodgcjdvxpxbn6t5szqkhq

A strategic management framework for leveraging knowledge assets

Gregoris Mentzas
2004 International Journal of Innovation and Learning  
) and a productcentric approach (that is mostly content-based and focuses on knowledge-related artefacts).  ...  The management of organisational knowledge can be a key lever for improving performance, boosting productivity and creativity and facilitating innovation in corporate settings.  ...  The framework presented here was further validated and enhanced within the project entitled LEVER (Leveraging Knowledge in the Software Industry), which aimed at the customisation and validation of the  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijil.2004.003715 fatcat:eyc7isgjanfyfeoqvikjuxpj4u

On the relation of programs and computations to models of temporal logic [chapter]

Pierre Wolper
1989 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
These extensions enable the specification of objects that modify their behavior dynamically and the control of the dynamic evolution of objects by means of constraints expressed in the language of propositional  ...  In this paper we propose a number of extensions for object-oriented models in order to describe dynamic aspects of applications.  ...  "KNOs: knowledge acquisition, dissemination and manipulation objects". ACM Transactions on Office Information Systems, Vol. 5, No. 1, January 1987. [Tsic88a] D. Tsichritzis, O. Nierstrasz.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-51803-7_23 fatcat:bj43y552uvbcle5zsec6lpb2gy

Learning for distributed artificial intelligence systems

M.L. Dowell, R.D. Bonnell
[1991 Proceedings] The Twenty-Third Southeastern Symposium on System Theory  
The Knos Environment The Knos(Knowledge Acquisition, Dissemination and Manipulation Objects) system is an object-oriented environment that supports object migration among workstations and object adaptation  ...  A Kno is an object that has a specific structure and behavior usually inherited from its class definition.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ssst.1991.138551 fatcat:qcqoxur6grd2baksuqaugq3ztu

The art of how not to govern a university well

Sylvanus Kuu-ire
2008 Journal of Educational Management  
Such license promotes the search dissemination and defence of the truth.  ...  The study concludes that respect for senior academics and professional non-teaching staff builds teams that protect and defend internal and external intrusions into academic pursuits and autonomy.  ...  It looks at the false steps of university authorities in the hope that if these could be avoided. the pursuit of the creation and dissemination of knowledge beatification on route to canonization when  ... 
doi:10.47963/jem.v5i.397 fatcat:ipy6rhka25aynhxzp3xnewolj4

Information-Technology Investment Decisions: When Do Costs and Benefits in the Social Subsystem Matter?

Sherry D. Ryan, David A. Harrison, Lawrence L. Schkade
2002 Journal of Management Information Systems  
IT is thought to facilitate organizational learning by enabling rapid dissemination of knowledge, making codified knowledge retrievable, and providing access to individuals with specialized knowledge [  ...  Organizations with a continuous-learning culture place value on employee knowledge acquisition and application [106].  ... 
doi:10.1080/07421222.2002.11045725 fatcat:6ddi2y22snd6tjbqvgy467nimi

Voice Recognition Systems Toward a Universal Language

Carmen Díez-Carrera, Carlos González-Ruiz
2003 Journal of Universal Language  
Design and development will be based on the Internet as a platform for investigation, cooperation and the con en us of hundreds of experts and a strategy is proposed for leaming and spreading the languagc  ...  In order to achieve thi double objecrive we shall s lect a set of universal ounds and phonemes which are common and undcrstood by all people.  ...  Equally possessing the knowledge of a uní ersal language is useful in practice. lf its acquisition is easy and then it will be accessible to ali, blind to differences in intelligence or wealth and with  ... 
doi:10.22425/jul.2003.4.2.1 fatcat:oz3xfmf4vfcojpzjslvd4meyz4

Learning stoichiometry: a comparison of text and multimedia formats

Karen L. Evans, David Yaron, Gaea Leinhardt
2008 Chemistry education  
construction of a memorable and usable knowledge base.  ...  But chemistry students are often subsequently unable to apply this stoichiometry knowledge in equilibrium and acid-base chemistry problem solving.  ...  Students are free to manipulate objects in the Virtual Lab in a goal-free manner as well.  ... 
doi:10.1039/b812409b fatcat:rrygsr4mafdlhccy52rvfxsncy


Henry Binns
1921 Textile Institute Journal Proceedings and Abstracts  
Language 13 only used in one teat, and, though it seems to separato knowledge from intelligence, the knowledge factor is abnoat entirely absent.  ...  workers on ootton gromng togother by dissemination of information and by providing them with facilitioa for keeping abreast with progress and dovolopment throughout the world.  ... 
doi:10.1080/00405002108630984 fatcat:segekfzfpzeyldkgarwy2oz3v4

The Dynamics of Language Learning: Research in Reading and English

Sandra Stotsky, James R. Squire
1988 College composition and communication  
I have no doubt that every other entry to every other one-room school was similarly occupied by eighth graders hot in pursuit of the knowledge embedded in standardized tests.  ...  These illustrations raise the kinds of issues that must be considered, and in the organization of this conference, Jim Squire has done a marvelous job of addressing these and other issues, pulling together  ...  or providing relevant background kno...  ... 
doi:10.2307/357831 fatcat:oocc3rm2z5d4nepadsrbxgb6vq

An organizational communication protocol based on speech acts : design, verification and formal specifications

Tao Zeng
By doing so, it is hoped that actions can be incorporated into man-machine and machine-machine communications.  ...  Current technologies are not sufficient to support the full spectrum of organizational communications because organizations are open systems and organizational communication is rather complex (e.g., involves  ...  Because MOAPs can speak a different language from the SACT-object, Knos stands for A'JVowledge acquisition, dissemination, and manipulation Objects.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0051962 fatcat:4skmqpqbjjczdhpho4c4aluej4
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