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Rosilene C. M. Andrade, Tânia C. K. Alves Assini
2011 Travessias  
This study purposes to consider about the symbology and its relation with the sacred present in the Jorge Andrades play Pedreira das Almas (1957).  ...  (LUCAS c..1, v. 19, 2002) .  ...  (ANDRADE, 1986, p. 81).  ... 
doaj:bc31900976b546208fe99c7078285075 fatcat:zaapih37pbawhdmqc2se6fygqa

Seasonal reproductive endothermy in tegu lizards

G. J. Tattersall, C. A. C. Leite, C. E. Sanders, V. Cadena, D. V. Andrade, A. S. Abe, W. K. Milsom
2016 Science Advances  
This view was challenged by our observations of nighttime body temperatures sustained well above ambient (up to 10°C) during the reproductive season in tegu lizards (~2 kg).  ...  Mean (±SD) temperature differences (A) between tegu (T b ), skin (T s ), and ambient (T a ) temperature in a seminatural burrow (B), indoor chamber with (C-P) and without (C-NP) a photoperiod. Fig.  ...  ¼ ac tissue Q ox where a is the cooling constant (per hour), c tissue is the specific heat capacity of tissue (3.35 J/g per°C), and Q ox is the oxycaloric equivalent heat production per milliliter of oxygen  ... 
doi:10.1126/sciadv.1500951 pmid:26844295 pmcid:PMC4737272 fatcat:lyeyzkrlrza5tk75wkxcbybkyi

Superconductivity to 21 K in intermetallic thorium-based boride carbides

J.L. Sarrao, M.C. de Andrade, J. Herrmann, S.H. Han, Z. Fisk, M.B. Maple, R.J. Cava
1994 Physica. C, Superconductivity  
For ThM2B2C, superconducting T¢'s of 6 K (M=Ni), 6.5 K (M=Pt), and 14.5 K (M=Pd) have been measured. These compounds are isostructural with the recently reported LnNi2B2C superconductors.  ...  We have also observed bulk superconductivity in an as-yet-undetermined thorium-palladium-boron-carbon quaternary phase at 21.5 K.  ...  It is not unreasonable to suppose that the structure of the 21 K superconductor in Th-Pd-B-C is the same as that of the 23 K superconductor in Y-Pd-B-C.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0921-4534(94)90813-3 fatcat:drlzs7ynpjfjrdosqftb2bbjjy

HREM on Tc=14.5 K superconducting ThPd2B2−xC

H.W. Zandbergen, E.J. van Zwet, J.C. Sarrac, M.C. de Andrade, J. Hermann, S.H. Han, Z. Fisk, M.B. Maple, R.J. Cava
1994 Physica. C, Superconductivity  
The c-axis in the thinner parts of the crystals ( < 50 nm) was observed to decrease up to about 0.5 nm when irradiated by the electron beam.  ...  ThPd2B2_xC adopts the LuNi2BEC structure with a layer sequence (BrNi2-B=-LuC)n in which the B composition and the exact position of the C are still uncertain.  ...  In the related system Y-Pd-B-C, a Tc of 23 K [ 6 ] was observed, which is the highest Tc reported for a bulk intermetallic alloy.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0921-4534(94)90808-7 fatcat:lqpjreng3ndh7alnoe72ixklye

Once daily lithium in the prophylaxis of mood disorders

R Mohan, K P Suresh, K M Prasad, M V Ashok, C Andrade, K N Sreenivas, S K Chaturvedi
1996 Indian Journal of Psychiatry  
This retrospective chart review attempts to compare the utility, safety and efficacy of once daily (OD) versus divided dose (DD) lithium therapy in the prophylaxis of mood disorders. Sixty-six patients who met DSM-II1R criteria for mood disorders were grouped into those on OD Lithium (n=31) and those on DD lithium (n=35). The groups were matched on sociodemographic and clinical variables. The total daily dose was similar in the two groups, but the OD group tended to have higher serum lithium
more » ... els while the DD group tended to have a greater number of affective episodes during the period of follow up. The implications are discussed.
pmid:21584155 pmcid:PMC2972415 fatcat:llikhi6ytngevnkwe46dbtr7py

Indian psychiatrists' attitudes towards electroconvulsive therapy

A K Agarwal, C Andrade
1997 Indian Journal of Psychiatry  
Andrade, C; Mariadas, B.; Kalanidhi, K. & Reddy, M.V. (1993a) Patients' knowledge about and attitudes towards ECT.  ...  Andrade, C; Rao, N.S.K.; Reddy, M.V. & Andrade, A. C. (1992) Hospital administrators attitudes towards ECT. Paper presented at the 8th Annual Congress of the Indian Association of Social Psychiatry.  ... 
pmid:21584045 pmcid:PMC2967084 fatcat:xv7f7z5klffzjhpvd2eng4mkiq

Land Application of Municipal Landfill Leachate: Fate of Ions and Ammonia Volatilization

C. A. Santos, L. C. Panchoni, D. Bini, B. H. Kuwano, K. B. Carmo, S. M. C. P. Silva, A. M. Martines, G. Andrade, D. S. Andrade, E. J. B. N. Cardoso, W. Zangaro, M. A. Nogueira
2013 Journal of Environmental Quality  
C. Panchoni, D. Bini, B. H. Kuwano, K. B. Carmo, S. M. C. P. Silva, A. M. Martines, G. Andrade, D. S. Andrade, E. J. B. N. Cardoso, W. Zangaro, and M. A.  ...  Andrade, Alef, K. 1995. Soil respiration. In: K. Alef and P. Nannipieri, editors, Methods A.R.  ... 
doi:10.2134/jeq2012.0170 pmid:23673845 fatcat:bsga6ymhi5d5rgehg6wqs5n4ya

Use of chlorhexidine-impregnated dressing in neonates

R Richtmann, C Silva, S Baltieri, T Rodrigues, F Camolesi, E Quadrado, K Saito, C Andrade
2011 BMC Proceedings  
doi:10.1186/1753-6561-5-s6-p61 pmcid:PMC3239796 fatcat:pcls36jc25bjnkbxzbljstktam

Diagnosis and treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity

Isabel C. C. M. Porto, Ana K. M. Andrade, Marcos A. J. R. Montes
2009 Journal of Oral Science  
This bibliographic review provides a general view of the etiology, characteristics and treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity, so that professionals can use this information in the therapeutic management of this clinical condition. For this purpose, the authors have analyzed whole texts of relevant articles on the subject. This study showed that the predisposing factors associated with the causes of dentinal hypersensitivity must be controlled or eliminated, by educating the patient regarding
more » ... e excessive intake of acidic food, as well as providing guidance on the proper tooth brushing technique and analysis of occlusion. Effective treatment must be preceded by a proper diagnosis, established after the exclusion of any other possible causes of the pain. These cases must be managed efficiently, quickly and permanently. The availability of a wide variety of treatment could be an indicator that there is still no effective desensitizing agent to completely resolve the patient's discomfort, or that it is difficult to treat, irrespective of the available treatment options. Even with the large number of published studies, it has not been possible to reach a consensus about the product that represents the gold standard in the treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity.
doi:10.2334/josnusd.51.323 pmid:19776498 fatcat:cfaktmlj5vdndkieqvpajm7lme

Depression in India and u. S. A

C Andrade, D K Subbakrishna
1989 Indian Journal of Psychiatry  
pmid:21927417 pmcid:PMC3172030 fatcat:yqdf4r3z6vghvmzmmhdpqjc34e

Once-daily versus divided dosage lithium therapy in acute mania

K P Suresh, K M Prasad, R Mohan, C Andrade, M V Ashok, S K Chaturvedi, K N Sreenivas
1995 Indian Journal of Psychiatry  
The aim of the study was to compare once-daily with divided dosage lithium treatment in acute mania. In 79 retrospectively studied subjects who met the DSMIII-R criteria for mania, 26 independent and dependent variables were analyzed. The two groups of patients (categorized according to dosage schedule) were broadly comparable with respect to demographic and clinical characteristics. The two groups also did not differ on the outcome measures of lithium efficacy and lithium adverse effects. It
more » ... concluded that single dose lithium therapy is clinically comparable with divided dose lithium therapy in acute mania. Possible advantages of switching over to once-daily lithium regimes are discussed.
pmid:21743707 pmcid:PMC2970951 fatcat:5xf47hphbralhbobmo4gsejldm

Structure and composition analysis of the phases in the system Th-Pd-B-C containing superconductors with Tc = 14.5 K and Tc = 21 K

H.W. Zandbergen, T.J. Gortenmulder, J.L. Sarrac, J.C. Harrison, M.C. de Andrade, J. Hermann, S.H. Han, Z. Fisk, M.B. Maple, R.J. Cava
1994 Physica. C, Superconductivity  
Several specimens in the system Th-Pd-B-C with nominal compositions ThPd3B2C and ThPd3B3C (as melted and annealed ), containing superconducting phases exhibiting Tc's of 14.5 K and 21 K, have been studied  ...  Annealing of the specimen ThPd3B2C at 1050°C results in the disappearance of ThPd2B2C and the loss of the T¢ at 14.5 K but a strong increase of the 21 K superconducting fraction with a corresponding strong  ...  have reported superconductivity at 23 K in the system Y-Pd-B-C [ 1 ] , and a Tc of 16.6 K in the system Lu-Ni-B-C * Corresponding author. [ 2 ] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/0921-4534(94)90791-9 fatcat:3foqamsv2fewtouom5vh7g4vwa


2014 Muitas Vozes  
Carla Cristina Gaia dos Santos; Mario Lousada de Andrade ; Alba Krishna Topan Feldman o termo "contato" de seu uso em linguística, onde a expressão "linguagem de contato" se refere a linguagens improvisadas  ... 
doi:10.5212/muitasvozes.v.3i2.0003 fatcat:5wan7hmb5fddlgg3u6qe3qhd6q

Utilização experimental da hemodiafiltração em cão

P. C. C. Ferreira, A. J. Stopiglia, D. T. Fantoni, L. C. Andrade, G. A. K. A. Nogueira, C. M. Oliveira
2004 Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science  
O artigo não apresenta resumo.
doi:10.11606/issn.2318-3659.v41isupl.p114-114 doaj:c9ea2694cb1f43e38295e0f9e717e8f1 fatcat:l42c7kmuabd3rmldl5sen3plze

Early Experience with Eravacycline for Complicated Infections

S Alosaimy, K C Molina, K C Claeys, J Andrade, J Truong, M A King, B M Pullinger, G Huang, T Morrisette, A M Lagnf, S L Davis, M J Rybak
2020 Open Forum Infectious Diseases  
Eight patients had CRE, with the most common pathogens being K. pneumoniae(4/8), E. cloacae(2/8), E. coli(1/8), and K. oxytoca(1/8). , Escherichia coli(6/49), Enterococcus faecalis(4/49), Enterobacter  ...  A c c e p t e d M a n u s c r i p t source being intra-abdominal(42%,5/12).  ...  A c c e p t e d M a n u s c r i p t  ... 
doi:10.1093/ofid/ofaa071 pmid:32411809 pmcid:PMC7210802 fatcat:kpspmvzrrngxtazs22wtxsu52m
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