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Recent Advances on Small-Molecule Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitors

Bo-Ya Shi, Bo-Ya Shi, Ze-Hao Wang, Xuan-Jun Wang Jun Sheng, and Cheng-Ting Zi, Ze-Hao Wang, Xuan-Jun Wang Jun Sheng, and Cheng-Ting Zi
2020 Medicine Research  
The epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is a kind of cell membrane surface receptor with tyrosine kinase activity, which is closely related to the growth, proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, metastasis and other processes of tumor cells. Targeting EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors has become a hot topic for drug development for treatment of non-small-cell cancer (NSCLC). Herein, we summarized recent advances on the targeted therapeutic drugs for NSCLC in recent years.
doi:10.21127/yaoyimr20200011 fatcat:jf2u7ulrajgzfawqqyx5wjeaga

Extracranial Internal Carotid Artery Tortuosity and Body Mass Index

Hai-Feng Wang, Da-Ming Wang, Jun-Jie Wang, Li-Jun Wang, Jun Lu, Peng Qi, Shen Hu, Xi-Meng Yang, Kun-Peng Chen
2017 Frontiers in Neurology  
Copyright © 2017 Wang, Wang, Wang, Wang, Lu, Qi, Hu, Yang and Chen. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY).  ... 
doi:10.3389/fneur.2017.00508 pmid:28993755 pmcid:PMC5622293 fatcat:qrvler5vtzgm3gq76lm23jdjo4

Co-detection in the pathogenesis of severe hand-foot-mouth disease

Li-Juan Liu, Hong-Mei Xu, Xiu-Jun Li, Jun Wang, Xian-Jun Wang, Shu-Jun Ding, Fang Tang, Jing Wang, Ying-Jie Zhang
2012 Archives of Virology  
Contributorship statement Li-Juan Liu and Hong-Mei Xu wrote the manuscript and finished the lab work; Xiu-Jun Li, Jun Wang, Xian-Jun Wang and Shu-Jun Ding collected the specimens and sent them to the lab  ...  Fang Tang and Jing Wang gave advice when revising the manuscript. Table 1 1 Logistic analysis of the relationship between the detected viruses and severe HFMD CI, confidence interval.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00705-012-1396-6 pmid:22791110 pmcid:PMC3488190 fatcat:zflhzoltijds5pp5vk4jw6z4n4

Modification of AFM Tips for Facilitating Picking-up of Nanoparticles

Wang Peng, Yang Hai-Jun, Wang Hua-Bin, Li Hai, Wang Xin-Yan, Wang Ying, Lü Jun-Hong, Li Bin, Zhang Yi, Hu Jun
2008 Chinese Physics Letters  
The radius of atomic force microscope (AFM) tip is a key factor that influences nonspecific interactions between AFM tip and nanoparticles. Generally, a tip with larger radius contributes to a higher efficiency of picking up nanoparticles. We provide two methods for modifying the AFM tip: one is to wear a tip apex on a solid substrate and the other is to coat a tip with poly (dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS). Both the approaches can enhance the adhesion force between the tip and nanoparticles by
more » ... ing tip radius. The experimental results show that a modified tip, compared to an unmodified one, achieves six-fold efficiency improvement in the capture of targeted colloidal gold nanoparticles.
doi:10.1088/0256-307x/25/7/021 fatcat:brrpakqpfnfhjk4ztfgwnvdanm

Characterization of soybean genomic features by analysis of its expressed sequence tags

Ai-Guo Tian, Jun Wang, Peng Cui, Yu-Jun Han, Hao Xu, Li-Juan Cong, Xian-Gang Huang, Xiao-Ling Wang, Yong-Zhi Jiao, Bang-Jun Wang, Yong-Jun Wang, Jin-Song Zhang (+1 others)
2004 Theoretical and Applied Genetics  
40 20 20 213,535 5.338 Hauge BM, Wang ML, Parsons JD, Parnell LD Total 169 97 72 1,026,599 6.074 Hauge BM, Wang ML, Parsons JD, Parnell LD a  ...  ML, Parsons JD, Parnell LD AX196296 48 26 22 335,913 6.998 Hauge BM, Wang ML, Parsons JD, Parnell LD AX196297 60 38 22 349,954 5.832 Hauge BM, Wang ML, Parsons JD, Parnell LD AX223856  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00122-003-1499-2 pmid:14624337 fatcat:vxjh45qxzne4je4a4i4xnvhyem

Uniting the order and disorder dynamics in photoexcited VO2 [article]

Hao-Wen Liu, Wen-Hao Liu, Zhao-Jun Suo, Zhi Wang, Jun-Wei Luo, Shu-Shen Li, Lin-Wang Wang
2021 arXiv   pre-print
-S. & Wang, L.-W.  ...  Suo1,2, Zhi Wang1, Jun-Wei Luo1,2*, Shu-Shen Li1,2, and Lin-Wang Wang3* 1 State Key Laboratory of Superlattices and Microstructures, Institute of  ... 
arXiv:2112.02463v1 fatcat:5bfyjgqvavcffgsf6eag2syefy

Ghost Panorama [article]

Zhiyuan Ye, Hai-Bo Wang, Jun Xiong, Kaige Wang
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Computational ghost imaging or single-pixel imaging enables the image formation of an unknown scene using a lens-free photodetector. In this Letter, we present a computational panoramic ghost imaging system that can achieve the full-color panorama using a single-pixel photodetector, where a convex mirror performs the optical transformation of the engineered Hadamard-based circular illumination pattern from unidirectionally to omnidirectionally. To our best knowledge, it is the first time to
more » ... ose the concept of ghost panorama and realize preliminary experimentations. It is foreseeable that ghost panorama will have more advantages in imaging and detection in many extreme conditions (e.g., scattering/turbulence, cryogenic temperatures, and unconventional spectra), as well as broad application prospects in the positioning of fast-moving targets and situation awareness for autonomous vehicles.
arXiv:2108.10122v1 fatcat:mbvz2pa7wbabtaeto37l4btwzu

Generalised Reliability On Hydro-Geo Objects

Wang Ya-jun, Wang Jun
2015 Open Civil Engineering Journal  
Chinese scholars such as Chen and Liu (1990) [3] and Wang and Chen (1996) [4] offer some original achievements in this area.  ...  There have been many numerical algorithms that treat the randomness of X (Lü and Feng 1997; Chen and Liu 1990; Wang and Chen 1996; Zhuo 2000; Christian and Baecher 1999) [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] .  ... 
doi:10.2174/1874149501509010498 fatcat:wh6fkveb5zettauaadpv7mstye

Influence Of Spot Size On LA-ICP-MS Ablation Behavior For Synthetic Calcium Tungstate And Silicate Glass Reference Material NIST SRM 610
Yuting Xiao,Jian Yang,Jun Deng,Wei Wang,Yuqiu Ke*,Yijian Sun

Yuting Xiao, Yuqiu Ke, Yijian Sun
2021 Atomic spectroscopy  
Laser ablation behaviors are typically influenced by the laser operating parameters like the spot size, which has been well studied for silicate glass reference materials but not for samples, such as scheelite, which has the chemical composition of CaWO4. In this work, the ablation behaviors of synthetic CaWO4 single crystal CaW-1 were studied and compared with those of the well-studied NIST SRM 610 silicate glass reference material. The results showed that LA-ICP-MS analysis of both the CaW-1
more » ... nd NIST SRM 610 can obtain desired ablation craters and expected signal intensity ratios (R) with a spot size of 60, 44, or 32 μm, while it is not possible with the spot size of 10, 16, or even 90 μm due to the tapered craters or below-expected ablation efficiency/aerosol transport efficiency. Elemental fractionation was found for both CaW-1 and NIST SRM 610 at the small spot size. A spot size of ≥32 μm is preferred for CaW-1, and even for scheelite regardless of pulse number, while a spot size of 16 μm is desirable for NIST SRM 610 with the pulse number of 200, but a spot size of 44 μm is recommended as the pulse number increases to 300.
doi:10.46770/as.2021.01.006 fatcat:44cd6p5m5jcqxd6t3czeqnnhj4

Measurement of the fine structure of cesium Rydberg state

Pei Dong-Liang, He Jun, Wang Jie-Ying, Wang Jia-Chao, Wang Jun-Min
2017 Wuli xuebao  
铯原子里德伯态精细结构测量 * 裴栋梁 1)2) 何军 1)2)3) † 王杰英 1)2) 王家超 1)2) 王军民 1)2)3) ‡ 1) (山西大学光电研究所, 太原 030006) 2) (山西大学, 量子光学与光量子器件国家重点实验室, 太原 030006) 3) (山西大学, 极端光学协同创新中心, 太原 030006) ( 2017 年 4 月 20 日收到; 2017 年 7 月 6 日收到修改稿 ) 里德伯态光谱是测量里德伯态能级结构和中性原子间相互作用的常用技术手段, 特别是高精度的里德伯 光谱, 可以测量室温原子气室中由偶极相互作用等导致的原子能级频移. 在实验中利用反向的 852 nm 激光和 509 nm 激光实现了室温原子气室中铯原子 6S 1/2 -6P 3/2 -57S(D) 跃迁的级联双光子激发, 实现了里德伯态 原子的制备. 基于阶梯型电磁诱导透明获得了铯原子里德伯态的高分辨光谱. 实验中, 基于速度选择的射频 边带调制技术, 对光谱信号进行了频率标定, 测量了铯原子里德伯态 57D 3/2 和 57D 5/2 的精细分裂, 分裂间隔 为
more » ... ± 2.5) MHz, 与理论计算结果基本一致. 速度选择的射频调制光谱可以实现里德伯态原子的能级分 裂测量, 其测量精度对于单光子跃迁的绝对激光频率不敏感; 实验中影响 57D 3/2 和 57D 5/2 精细分裂间隔测 量精度的主要因素是功率加宽导致的电磁感应透明信号的展宽和 509 nm 激光频率扫描的非线性.
doi:10.7498/aps.66.193701 fatcat:3nwzwkn5urdzzc5zqvufltpi44

Effect of Ca addition on solidification microstructure of hypoeutectic Al-Si casting alloys

Xiang-yi Jiao, Chao-feng Liu, Jun Wang, Zhi-peng Guo, Jun-you Wang, Zhuo-ming Wang, Jun-ming Gao, Shou-mei Xiong
2019 China Foundry  
Wang et al. [28] investigated that the crystallographic orientation relationships between α-Al and Al 2 Cu was {211}Al 2 Cu||{111} Al and <120>Al 2 Cu||<110>Al.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s41230-019-9014-9 fatcat:yhfahit4q5eflmzuekhestavsq

Regulatory Roles of Non-Coding RNAs in Colorectal Cancer

Jun Wang, Yong-Xi Song, Bin Ma, Jia-Jun Wang, Jing-Xu Sun, Xiao-Wan Chen, Jun-Hua Zhao, Yu-Chong Yang, Zhen-Ning Wang
2015 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
Jun Wang and Yong-Xi Song contributed equally to this work. Jun Wang and Yong-Xi Song contributed to drafting and editing of the manuscript.  ...  Bin Ma, Jia-Jun Wang and Jing-Xu Sun participated in the conception of the idea. Xiao-Wan Chen, Jun-Hua Zhao and Yu-Chong Yang contributed to the literature search.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijms160819886 pmid:26307974 pmcid:PMC4581331 fatcat:xoogwein5rdahf3napau6ed4rq

Reply to Comment on "Tip induced unconventional superconductivity on Weyl semimetal TaAs" [article]

He Wang, Huichao Wang, Yuqin Chen, Jiawei Luo, Zhujun Yuan, Jun Liu, Yong Wang, Shuang Jia, Xiong-Jun Liu, Jian Wei, Jian Wang
2016 arXiv   pre-print
magnetoresistance, particularly because the point contact is a completely different phase (superconducting)" Here we show some representative spectra where features similar to that obtained on TaAs by Wang  ... 
arXiv:1607.02886v1 fatcat:dkd7cceimveqhcu4bjzst5vg2y

Photoinduced charge density wave transition like a puppet on a string [article]

Zhao-Jun Suo, Wen-Hao Liu, Zhi Wang, Hao-Wen Liu, Jun-Wei Luo, Shu-Shen Li, Lin-Wang Wang
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Photoinduced charge density wave transition like a puppet on a string Zhao-Jun Suo1,2, Wen-Hao Liu1,2, Zhi Wang1, Hao-Wen Liu1,2, Jun-Wei Luo1,2,3  ...  Wang, S.-S. Li, and L.-W. Wang, Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 063004 (2015). [58] [59] J. Ma, Z. Wang, and L.-W.  ... 
arXiv:2112.12289v1 fatcat:sti77nkkq5fsnhgn5lkbdmulwm

Pluronic-based micelle encapsulation potentiates myricetin-induced cytotoxicity in human glioblastoma cells

Xiang-Jun Tang, Kuan-Ming Huang, Hui Gui, Jun-Jie Wang, Jun-Ti Lu, Long-Jun Dai, Li Zhang, Gang Wang
2016 International Journal of Nanomedicine  
doi:10.2147/ijn.s114302 pmid:27757032 pmcid:PMC5055108 fatcat:yzd4b7ryn5dofoyqwev3baq33m
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