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Prominin-1-Radixin Axis controls hepatic gluconeogenesis by regulating PKA activity [article]

Hyun Lee, Dong-Min Yu, Jun-Sub Park, Hwayeon Lee, Jun-Seok Kim, Seung-Hoi Koo, Jae-Seon Lee, Sungsoo Lee, Young-Gyu Ko
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
Lee (2017R1A6A3A01009334) and S. Lee (2017R1D1A1A02017979), and partially by grant from Korea University to H. Lee.  ...  ., 2006 , Kim, Lee et al., 2010) . AKAPs are scaffolding proteins that bind PKA and its substrates.  ... 
doi:10.1101/785154 fatcat:vrfjtvzcs5eo7kfkhr4jmhywyy

Reactive Arthritis in a Patient withChlamydia trachomatisInfection

Seoung Jun Lee, Jun Gyu Lee
2013 The Journal of the Korean Orthopaedic Association  
The authors report a case of reactive arthritis that was caused by sexual contact as below example. A 36-year-old male visited our center due to sudden pain in wrist joint, the 3rd finger, knee joint, and achilles tendon. There were no specific abnormalities for the immunoserologic tests and magnetic resonance imaging; however, we found a positive test result for the polymerase chain reaction test of urine that identified Chlamydia trachomatis. Through considering the patient's medical history
more » ... nd various examinations, we considered the possibility of reactive arthritis, to the exclusion of alternate diagnosis. According to the our diagnosis, the patient was treated with antibiotics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and we found that the patient was getting better. Therefore the authors think that we have to contemplate the possibility of reactive arthritis and treat appropriately in patients with similar symptoms.
doi:10.4055/jkoa.2013.48.3.236 fatcat:nyvre7hy55hwbj2zwufdsuinlq

Evaluation on Spalling Properties of Specimen Size with PP Fiber and Fireproof Coating

Gyu-Yong Kim, Choong-Siek Min, Tae-Gyu Lee, Hiroyuki Miyauchi, Gyu-Yeon Park, Gwang-Jun Lee
2011 Journal of the Korea Institute of Building Construction  
High Strength Concrete (HSC) has weakness that in a fire, it is spalled and brittles. The phenomenon of spalling is made by water vapor's being confined in watertight concrete. This study is aimed to evaluate explosive spalling properties of high strength concrete with □100×100×200 mm specimen and □400×400×1500 mm column. To prevent spalling of concrete, fireproof coating and PP fiber are used. As a result, □400×400×1500 mm column was prevented spalling likes □100×100×200 mm specimen. When
more » ... ete protected failure to explosive spalling, quantity heat ratio (which fireproof coating specimen to pp fiber mixed specimen) between □100×100×200 mm and □400×400×1500 mm was maximum value at 20 minute, but difference of quantity heat ratio decreased and quantity heat ratio of each specimen is almost same at 30 minute.
doi:10.5345/jkibc.2011.11.4.353 fatcat:j42pnp2lmrhnhfus36ddkg2s4m

Control of accumulated volatile fatty acids by recycling nitrified effluent

Jun-Gyu Park, Beom Lee, Sang-Yeol Jo, Jun-Sang Lee, Hang-Bae Jun
2018 Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering  
Authors' contributions JG Park and B Lee were major contributors to the writing of the manuscript. SY Jo and JS Lee analyzed and interpreted the data.  ...  HB Jun analyzed the data and provided advice in writing the manuscript. All authors have read and approved the final manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40201-018-0291-9 pmid:30258639 pmcid:PMC6148226 fatcat:7njkwodlqrdlbaowjcwjevkyua

Investigation of glass forming ability of Al-based metallic glasses by measuring vaporization enthalpy

Byeong-uk Min, Jun-ho Lee, Ho-jun Park, Gyu-tae Jeon, Jae Im Jeong, Sung Hyuk Lee, Suk Jun Kim
2020 Scientific Reports  
The analysis of the enthalpy changes for vaporization (ΔHvap) of Al-based metallic glass (MG) can provide insight into the origin of the MG's glass forming ability (GFA). The ΔHvap of three Al-based MGs, Al84.5 ± x(Y10Ni5.5)15.5 ± x, Al85 ± x(Y8Ni5Co2)15 ± x, and Al86 ± x(Y4.5Ni6Co2La1.5)14 ± x, (hereafter referred to as AYNx, AYNCx, and AYNCLx, respectively), is analyzed by measuring their weight losses below their glass transition temperatures. The relationship between ΔHvap and aluminum
more » ... ntration exhibit minimum values in the range of 83-85 at.% of Al, and the ΔHvap increases, becoming saturated at 320-350 kJ/mol, as the percentage of Al deviates from this range. The depth of the enthalpy well, referring to the bottom of the parabolic graph of ΔHvap against the Al concentration, is proportional to the viscosity of clusters showing liquid-like behavior. The amount of weight loss is proportional to the concentration of these clusters. The cluster viscosity and concentration influences the overall viscosity of the MGs, and thus determines the GFA.
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-61134-8 pmid:32139874 fatcat:e3pywbyoajfwbnkobgm3sbtoxe

Primary Gliosarcoma with Extracranial Metastasis

Min-Gyu Choi, Jeong-Ho Lee, Min-Seok Lee, Sang-Jun Suh, Yoon-Soo Lee, Dong-Gee Kang
2020 Brain Tumor Research and Treatment  
Acknowledgments None ORCID iDs Jeong-Ho Lee Min-Gyu Choi  ... 
doi:10.14791/btrt.2020.8.e9 pmid:32390354 pmcid:PMC7221469 fatcat:mw6oc6hbifekvag6lmqkz5sorm

Two-Dimensional Audio Compression Method Using Video Coding Schemes

Seonjae Kim, Dongsan Jun, Byung-Gyu Kim, Seungkwon Beack, Misuk Lee, Taejin Lee
2021 Electronics  
As video compression is one of the core technologies that enables seamless media streaming within the available network bandwidth, it is crucial to employ media codecs to support powerful coding performance and higher visual quality. Versatile Video Coding (VVC) is the latest video coding standard developed by the Joint Video Experts Team (JVET) that can compress original data hundreds of times in the image or video; the latest audio coding standard, Unified Speech and Audio Coding (USAC),
more » ... ves a compression rate of about 20 times for audio or speech data. In this paper, we propose a pre-processing method to generate a two-dimensional (2D) audio signal as an input of a VVC encoder, and investigate the applicability to 2D audio compression using the video coding scheme. To evaluate the coding performance, we measure both signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and bits per sample (bps). The experimental result shows the possibility of researching 2D audio encoding using video coding schemes.
doi:10.3390/electronics10091094 doaj:0d39ab28fdd245578c51719a20bd6784 fatcat:xqdr4kqbgbdnrnxfwbdribpere

Factors Associated with 6-Month Smoking Cessation in Female Smokers

Young In Lee, Seung Hun Lee, Yun Jin Kim, Sang Yeoup Lee, Jeong Gyu Lee, Yu Hyeon Yi, Young Hye Cho, Young Jin Tak, Eun Ju Park, Gyu Ree Kim, Young Jin Ra, Jung In Choi (+3 others)
2022 Korean Journal of Family Practice  
/0000-0003-3832-3393 Sae Rom Lee, Ryuk Jun Kwon, Soo Min Son,  ...  0002-3585-9910 Jeong Gyu Lee, Yu Hyeon Yi, Young Hye Cho, Young Jin Tak,  ... 
doi:10.21215/kjfp.2022.12.3.201 fatcat:r7zt44izrzae7hj6lcfmr6t2iq

An anaerobic digester with microbial electrolysis cell enhances relative abundance of methylotrophic methanogens in bulk solution

Jun-Gyu Park, Beom Lee, Ui-Jung Lee, Hang-Bae Jun
2021 Environmental Engineering Research  
The microbial communities and operational performances of a conventional anaerobic digester (AD) and an AD combined with microbial electrolysis cells (ADMEC) were investigated. Primary sludge and waste-activated sludge were used as substrates, and next-generation sequencing (NGS) techniques were used to analyze the microbial characteristics. The results show that ADMEC can achieve a faster stabilization rate, higher organic decomposition, and methane production performance than AD. After both
more » ... e ADMEC and AD reached a steady state, microbial results revealed that Methanobacterium beijingense and Methanosaeta concilii were the dominant methanegenerating archaeal species in AD. In ADMEC, the relative abundance of methylotrophic methanogens (Thermoplasmata class), which has higher methane productivity than other methanogens, is significantly improved. For bacterial communities, an improved relative abundance of the Cloacamonas phylum, which is involved in amino acid fermentation, and in the Erysipelotrichi class, which grows well in environments with high organic concentrations, was observed in ADMEC. In summary, ADMEC is more efficient than AD because organic degradation and methanol production accelerated by bioelectrochemical reactions occur in ADMEC, leading to a favorable environment for the growth of methylotrophic methanogens in bulk solution.
doi:10.4491/eer.2021.666 fatcat:u2af5in4sbd2jaogwndgrmroje

Optimization of Medium Components for β-glucosidase Production in Schizophyllum commune KUC9397 and Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass

Young Min Lee, Hanbyul Lee, Jun Seok Kim, Jaejung Lee, Byoung Jun Ahn, Gyu-Hyeok Kim, Jae-Jin Kim
2014 BioResources  
researchers have reported that the presence of vitamins influences the rate of biosynthesis of many metabolites and increases enzyme activities (Báez-Saldaña et al. 2004; Chen et al. 2004; Deswal et al. 2011; Lee  ... 
doi:10.15376/biores.9.3.4358-4368 fatcat:qw43anyxhvciblygudr52ywasm

Mercury removal from incineration flue gas by organic and inorganic adsorbents

Jongsoo Jurng, Tai Gyu Lee, Gyo Woo Lee, Sung-Jun Lee, Byung Hwa Kim, Jochen Seier
2002 Chemosphere  
., 1998; Lee et al., 2001) .  ...  In a recent study, Lee et al. (2001) tested in situ generated TiO 2 , SiO 2 , and CaO with and without UV irradiation.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0045-6535(01)00329-0 pmid:12108697 fatcat:qaw2mtckkreyrk65g2a5htm22e

Adsorption of Aqueous Iodide on Hexadecyl Pyridinium-Modified Bentonite Investigated Using an Iodine–Starch Complex

Jun-Gyu Kim, Jun-Yeop Lee
2022 Chemosensors  
The sorption affinity of iodide on organo-bentonite, modified with hexadecyl pyridinium (HDPy), was investigated with the iodine–starch method coupled with UV/Vis absorption spectroscopy. The iodine–starch complex method was optimized in terms of the reaction time and sample compositions, based on the UV/Vis absorbance. The batch sorption experiment for iodide on organo-bentonites, modified using two different loading amounts of HDPy, was conducted to analyze the influence of equilibrium time,
more » ... iquid-to-solid ratio, and temperature, on the iodide sorption affinity. The experimental results regarding the removal capacity were further employed to derive the distribution coefficients of iodide on the organo-bentonites. The novelty of this work lies in the first application of the iodine–starch method coupled with UV/Vis absorption spectroscopy for analyzing the sorption behavior of iodide on modified bentonites. It is expected that the iodide-starch method can be complementarily employed for future research, with respect to the quantification of iodide.
doi:10.3390/chemosensors10050196 fatcat:njj3lokqbre23fggglrzb77w7y

Usefulness of a Modular Hip System for Combined Anteversion in Cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty

Kwang-Jun Oh, Jun-Gyu Lee
2013 Hip & Pelvis  
Kwang-Jun Oh et al.: Usefulness of a Modular Hip System for Combined Anteversion in Cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty 방법으로는 조립형 인공관절 시스템(modular neck system)을 이용하는 것으로서 이것은 전염각과 오프셋을 조절할 수 있게 되어있으며 이로  ... 
doi:10.5371/hp.2013.25.1.30 fatcat:yva5g75e5vgqfly5uvpgut3r3y

Isolation and Analysis of the Enzymatic Properties of Thermophilic Fungi from Compost

Hanbyul Lee, Young Min Lee, Yeongseon Jang, Sangjoon Lee, Hwanhwi Lee, Byoung Jun Ahn, Gyu-Hyeok Kim, Jae-Jin Kim
2014 Mycobiology  
To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report on thermophilic fungi isolated in Korea. Three species of thermophiles were isolated from compost and were identified as Myriococcum thermophilum, Thermoascus aurantiacus, and Thermomyces lanuginosus. They can grow at temperatures above 50 o C and produce high levels of cellulolytic and xylanolytic enzymes at high temperatures. Notably, the considerable thermostability of the endo-glucanase produced by T. aurantiacus has made the fungus an
more » ... ttractive source of industrial enzymes. Thermophilic fungi can grow at temperatures ranging from a minimum of 20 o C to a maximum of 50 o C or at even higher temperatures. Thermophilic species are present in the natural environment in composts, aquatic sediments, piles of hay, stored grains, wood chip piles, and other accumulations of organic matter wherein the conditions are warm, humid, and aerobic [1] . A number of thermophilic fungi can survive in harsh conditions such as those with increased water pressure, an absence of oxygen, and under desiccation [2] . In a previous study, most thermophiles were isolated from composts [3]; their prevalence in composts can be explained by the high temperatures, humidity, and aerobic conditions within the compost. Moreover, the supply of carbohydrates and nitrogen in this mass of organic matter favors the development of thermophilic microflora [1]. Research Note Mycobiology 2014 June, 42(2): 181-184 http://dx.
doi:10.5941/myco.2014.42.2.181 pmid:25071388 pmcid:PMC4112235 fatcat:vzlufvuljjbyfd32g7m5naklgq

Effect of sodium silicate on early growth stages of wheat under drought stress

Sang Gyu Lee, Hyeri Lee, Byung Cheon Lee, Hojoung Lee, Jun Cheol Moon, Changhyun Choi, Namhyun Chung
2020 Applied Biological Chemistry  
Wheat yield is decreasing due to climate change, and a method to prevent decreasing yield during drought stress is desirable. In this study, wheat cultivars (Koso and Jokyung) were treated with 15% polyethylene glycol-6000 (PEG) and PEG + Si solution (6.5, 8.7, 13.1 and 26.1 mM). The effect of Si treatment on the alleviation of drought stress was measured using the germination test, shoot relative water content (RWC), seedling stage observation, and quantitative real time polymerase chain
more » ... on (qRT-PCR). The results of root/shoot length ratio and shoot length ratio showed that Si treatment induced the alleviation of drought stress in Jokyung cultivar. The result of qRT-PCR showed the alleviation of drought stress in Koso cultivar. In addition, the results with shoot RWC and seedling stage observation showed that the alleviation effects of Si treatment was observed with both Koso and Jokyung cultivar at the high concentration of Si (26.1 mM). All these results suggest that Si treatment at a high concentration could be employed to alleviate drought stress in wheat.
doi:10.1186/s13765-020-00532-y fatcat:tjr5qcz3lfh65croarry5b3gyq
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