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Verified iptables Firewall Analysis and Verification

Cornelius Diekmann, Lars Hupel, Julius Michaelis, Maximilian Haslbeck, Georg Carle
2018 Journal of automated reasoning  
This article summarizes our efforts around the formally verified static analysis of iptables rulesets using Isabelle/HOL. We build our work around a formal semantics of the behavior of iptables firewalls. This semantics is tailored to the specifics of the filter table and supports arbitrary match expressions, even new ones that may be added in the future. Around that, we organize a set of simplification procedures and their correctness proofs: we include procedures that can unfold calls to
more » ... nfold calls to user-defined chains, simplify match expressions, and construct approximations removing unknown or unwanted match expressions. For analysis purposes, we describe a simplified model of firewalls that only supports a single list of rules with limited expressiveness. We provide and verify procedures that translate from the complex iptables language into this simple model. Based on that, we implement the verified generation of IP space partitions and minimal service matrices. An evaluation of our work on a large set of real-world firewall rulesets shows that our framework provides interesting results in many situations, and can both help and out-compete other static analysis frameworks found in related work.
doi:10.1007/s10817-017-9445-1 pmid:30069072 pmcid:PMC6044321 fatcat:jgqymzilcbdfpk5xwov7igpilq

The effects of forest cover and disturbance on torrential hazards: Large-scale evidence from the Eastern Alps

Julius Sebald, Cornelius Senf, Micha Heiser, Christian Scheidl, Dirk Pflugmacher, Rupert Seidl
2019 Environmental Research Letters  
ORCID iDs Micha Heiser https:/ / Christian Scheidl https:/ / (primarily European beech [Fagus sylvatica L.] and oak species [Quercus ssp.]).  ... 
doi:10.1088/1748-9326/ab4937 fatcat:cdbn64tuvna53mci4uh46hgugi

Prognostic Value of the Change in Heart Rate From the Supine to the Upright Position in Patients With Chronic Heart Failure

Micha T. Maeder, Marzena Zurek, Hans Rickli, Daniel Tobler, Stephanie Kiencke, Thomas Suter, Se‐Il Yoon, Barbara Julius, Matthias E. Pfisterer, Hans‐Peter Brunner‐La Rocca
2016 Journal of the American Heart Association : Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease  
for the TIME-CHF Investigators* Background--The prognostic value of the change in heart rate from the supine to upright position (ΔHR) in patients with chronic heart failure (HF) is unknown. Methods and Results--ΔHR was measured in patients enrolled in the Trial of Intensified Medical Therapy in Elderly Patients with Congestive Heart Failure (TIME-CHF) who were in sinus rhythm and had no pacemaker throughout the trial (n=321). The impact of ΔHR on 18-month outcome (HF hospitalization-free
more » ... lization-free survival) was assessed. In addition, the prognostic effect of changes in ΔHR between baseline and month 6 on outcomes in the following 12 months was determined. A lower ΔHR was associated with a higher risk of death or HF hospitalization (hazard ratio 1.79 [95% confidence interval {95% CI} 1.19-2.75] if ΔHR ≤3 beats/min [bpm], P=0.004). In the multivariate analysis, lower ΔHR remained an independent predictor of death or HF hospitalization (hazard ratio 1.75 [95% CI, 1.18-2.61] if ΔHR ≤3 bpm, P=0.004) along with ischemic HF etiology, lower estimated glomerular filtration rate, presence and extent of rales, and no baseline b-blocker use. In patients without event during the first 6 months, the change in ΔHR from baseline to month 6 predicted death or HF hospitalization during the following 12 months (hazard ratio=2.13 [95% CI 1.12-5.00] if rise in ΔHR <2 bpm; P=0.027). Conclusions--ΔHR as a simple bedside test is an independent prognostic predictor in patients with chronic HF. ΔHR is modifiable, and changes in ΔHR also provide prognostic information, which raises the possibility that ΔHR may help to guide treatment.
doi:10.1161/jaha.116.003524 pmid:27503849 pmcid:PMC5015278 fatcat:fezq62ozejgtfjvuhdkyivifyu

Middlebox Models in Network Verification Research

Julius Michaelis, Chair For Network Architectures
To address the challenges arising from the development of computer network management over the past decades, researchers have developed a number of tools to assist the operation of networks and help administrators avoid mistakes. These tools often follow the approach to verify an existing network configuration. This poses the problem that the behavior of a lot of potentially complex networking device configration has to be supported. The usual approach to this is to develop simple models that
more » ... imple models that only reflect the aspects of the system that the tool can understand. We survey the related literature for the use of this type of model.
doi:10.2313/net-2016-07-1_07 fatcat:kw7eavdmwbglpmxo4opscfh4je

The Streamlined Genome of Phytomonas spp. Relative to Human Pathogenic Kinetoplastids Reveals a Parasite Tailored for Plants

Betina M. Porcel, France Denoeud, Fred Opperdoes, Benjamin Noel, Mohammed-Amine Madoui, Tansy C. Hammarton, Mark C. Field, Corinne Da Silva, Arnaud Couloux, Julie Poulain, Michael Katinka, Kamel Jabbari (+18 others)
2014 PLoS Genetics  
Members of the family Trypanosomatidae infect many organisms, including animals, plants and humans. Plant-infecting trypanosomes are grouped under the single genus Phytomonas, failing to reflect the wide biological and pathological diversity of these protists. While some Phytomonas spp. multiply in the latex of plants, or in fruit or seeds without apparent pathogenicity, others colonize the phloem sap and afflict plants of substantial economic value, including the coffee tree, coconut and oil
more » ... , coconut and oil palms. Plant trypanosomes have not been studied extensively at the genome level, a major gap in understanding and controlling pathogenesis. We describe the genome sequences of two plant trypanosomatids, one pathogenic isolate from a Guianan coconut and one non-symptomatic isolate from Euphorbia collected in France. Although these parasites have extremely distinct pathogenic impacts, very few genes are unique to either, with the vast majority of genes shared by both isolates. Significantly, both Phytomonas spp. genomes consist essentially of single copy genes for the bulk of their metabolic enzymes, whereas other trypanosomatids e.g. Leishmania and Trypanosoma possess multiple paralogous genes or families. Indeed, comparison with other trypanosomatid genomes revealed a highly streamlined genome, encoding for a minimized metabolic system while conserving the major pathways, and with retention of a full complement of endomembrane organelles, but with no evidence for functional complexity. Identification of the metabolic genes of Phytomonas provides opportunities for establishing in vitro culturing of these fastidious parasites and new tools for the control of agricultural plant disease.
doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1004007 pmid:24516393 pmcid:PMC3916237 fatcat:u5kbi3y7i5atxismnthjh47tom

Page 640 of The Biochemical Journal Vol. 8, Issue 6 [page]

1914 The Biochemical Journal  
Julius Springer, Berlin. Michaelis and Davidsohn (1910). Zeitsch. exp. Pathol. Therapie, 8, 2. — (1911, 1). Biochem. Zeitsch., 30, 481. (1911, 2). Biochem. Zeitsch., 33, 456. — (1911, 3). Biochem.  ...  Michaelis and Grineff (1912). Biochem. Zeitsch., 41, 373. Michaelis and Pechstein (1912). a Zeitsch., 47, 260. —— (1913). Biochem. Zeitsch., 53, 320. —— (1914). Biochem. Zeitsch., au.  ... 

Page 618 of National Union Catalog Vol. 15, Issue [page]

1953 National Union Catalog  
LB2157.A3G7 370.733 58-7849 Michaelis, Julius. ee Eisenbal Ein Handbuch fir Ge- haftsl pitali und Specul ; Geschich bas: Beschreit der Eisenbah deren Ver- fassung, Anlagecapital, Frequenz, Einnahme, Rentabilitit  ...  Nach officiellen Quellen bearb. von Julius Mi- chaelis. 2. durchaus umgearb, und bis auf die neueste Zeit iihrte oon Leipzig, C. F. Amelang, 1 icrofilm cop; legative.  ... 

Page 856 of Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Vol. 2, Issue 6 [page]

1926 Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine  
For the structural formulas and chemistry of the dyes used in the following experiments, Michaelis,* Schultz and Julius,* or Allen * may be consulted. Neutral Red.  ...  Michaelis, L.: Einfiihrung in die Farbstoffchemie fiir Histologen, 1902. 4.  ... 

Page 175 of Zeitschrift Fuer Physikalische Chemie: Abt. B Vol. 143, Issue [page]

1929 Zeitschrift Fuer Physikalische Chemie: Abt. B  
MicHAELIS, Oxydations-Reduktions- Potentiale. Zweiter Teil der ‚„‚Wasserstoffionen- konzentration“. Monographien aus dem Gesamtgebiet der Physiologie der Pflanzen und der Tiere. 17. Band.  ...  (Julius Springer, Wien 1929.) Geh. M. 24.—, veb. M. 26.80. HATSCHEK, Die Viskosität der Flüssigkeiten. Mit 88 Abbildungen und 30 Tabellen im Text. (Theodor Steinkopff, Dresden und Leipzig 1929.)  ... 

Page 283 of Italica Vol. 25, Issue 4 [page]

1948 Italica  
CAMOES AND DANTE: A SOURCE STUDY 283 In general scholars such as Carolina Michaélis de Vasconcellos® Wilhelm Storck,’ Giulio Bertoni,* Achille Pellizzari,® etc., have emphasized the influence of Petrarch  ...  Wilhelm Storck, Vida e obras de Luis de Camées, Primeira Parte, VersaGo do original allemaéo annotada por Carolina Michaélis de Vasconcellos. Lisboa, 1897, pp. 235, 249, etc. 8 Cf.  ... 

Page 146 of National Union Catalog Vol. 16, Issue [page]

1942 National Union Catalog  
, Julius Boelumer.  ...  Title. 14-942 rary of Congress HG2481 B35 Copsnaght A 35878 Boehmer, Julius, 1546 _ Der alttestamentliche unterbau des reiche, Gottes. von lic. oe. Julius Boelmer Leipzig. J.C.  ... 

Page 116 of Biological Chemistry Vol. 145, Issue [page]

1925 Biological Chemistry  
116 Julius Weber, tatigkeit in den Muskel eintretenden Chlorionen bei der Mobi- lisierung der fiir weitere Funktion erforderlichen Kohlehydrat- bestinde mitwirken. | Die teilweise nicht unbetrichtlichen  ...  Bd. 137, S. 105 (1924). *) Michaelis u. Pechstein, Biochem. Zs. Bd. 59, 8. 77 (1914). *) Embden, Kahlert u. Lange, Diese Zs. Bd. 141, S. 254 (1924).  ... 

Verzeichnis der Abkürzungen [chapter]

1934 Kommentar zum Wechselgesetz  
Michaelis Reichsgerichtsrat Richard Michaelis, Wechselrecht, Berlin 1932. Müller-Erzbach Professor Müller-Erzbach, Deutsches Handelsrecht, 2. und 3. Ausl., Tübingen 1928. Melchior Dr.  ...  Julius Magnus, 4. Heft: Wechselrecht, 2. Aufl., Berlin 1930. dir eyer W w r. ... Dr. Felix Meyer, Das Weltwechselrecht, I.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783111661285-002 fatcat:ogurx2r5dvbxbhreyv4457hbh4

Page 140 of The United States Democratic Review Vol. 43, Issue [page]

1859 The United States Democratic Review  
A bishop, sent by Soderini to excuse ‘Michae! Angelo, interposed. “Let not your Holi- ness,” said he, “remember his fault; he only sinned through ignorance.  ...  answered Julius, “ I am no reader. No; put a sword.”  ... 

Page 342 of Journal of the American Ceramic Society Vol. 6, Issue 1 [page]

1923 Journal of the American Ceramic Society  
Michaelis, W. Michaelis, W.  ...  Co., New York City - Engineering News, New York City Julius Springer, Berlin, Germany Chemical Publishing Co., Easton, Pa. Cement & Engineering News, Chicago, IIl.  ... 
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