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R E Irvine, J. Frew, A A A Bajalan, P. Stuart, C. Vahrman
1999 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Julian Vahrman Former consultant in chest medicine and infectious diseases (b 1913; q St Bartholomew's 1936; FRCP; PhD) , d 13 January 1999.  ...  Julian did research on hepatitis B and in developing instrumentation for measuring carbon monoxide in the lungs for the clinics he ran to help people stop smoking.  ... 
doi:10.1136/bmj.318.7188.946 pmid:10102885 pmcid:PMC1115365 fatcat:lykct7hc2bguhhceyof5y36v3i

Julian Goodare and Alasdair A. MacDonald, eds., Sixteenth-Century Scotland: Essays in Honour of Michael Lynch

J.R.D. Falconer
2009 International Review of Scottish Studies  
Over the course of the past four decades, Professor Michael Lynch has contributed greatly to our understanding of one of the most important, and complex, centuries.  ...  Edited by Julian Goodare and Alasdair A. MacDonald, Sixteenth-Century Scotland offers an opportunity to 'open new windows onto the study of sixteenth-century Scotland.'  ... 
doi:10.21083/irss.v34i0.996 fatcat:eybc6lgl5necbnnup2kivmpuqe

Core Psychiatry. By Padraig Wright, Julian Stern & Michael Phelan. London: W. B. Saunders. 2000. 652 pp. £49.95 (pb). ISBN 0 7020 2490 2

Allan Young
2001 British Journal of Psychiatry  
., et al et al ( ) (1996 By Padraig Wright, Julian Stern & Michael By Padraig Wright, Julian Stern & Michael Phelan. London: W. B. Saunders. 20 0 0. Phelan. London: W. B.  ... 
doi:10.1192/bjp.179.4.374 fatcat:dveiub7l6vajhnib6yopiv4gna

ISLANDS OF THE ARCTIC. Julian Dowdeswell and Michael Hambrey. 2002. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. xvi+280 p; illustrated; hardcover. ISBN 0-521-81333-6. 25.00; US$38.00

2004 Polar Record  
Julian Dowdeswell and Michael Hambrey. 2002. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. xvi + 280 p; illustrated; hardcover. ISBN 0-521-81333-6. £25.00; US$38.00.  ...  Julian Dowdeswell is director of the Scott Polar Research Institute, and Michael Hambrey is director of the Centre for Glaciology at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s003224740324331x fatcat:skipdwozffej5hyq4qrva4vlbe

The Emperor Julian and the Jews

Michael Adler
1893 Jewish Quarterly Review  
The Ezmperor Julian and the Jews. THE EMPEROR JUILTAN AND THE JEWS.  ...  When we consider that Julian only wore the imperial purple for the space of one year and eight months (from For an exhaustive criticism of this question, v. The nEperor Julian, by G. H.  ...  MICHAEL ADLER.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1450290 fatcat:ulv4vr66jrexbm5lyxdkjh2bge

Handbook of Work Stress edited by Julian Barling, E. Kevin Kelloway and Michael R. Frone, Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications, 2005, 710 pp., ISBN 0-7619-2949-5

Ronald J. Burke
2005 Relations Industrielles - Industrial Relations  
Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne Handbook of Work Stress edited by Julian BARLING, E. Kevin KELLOWAY and Michael R.  ... 
doi:10.7202/011734ar fatcat:fa7hy7kfwfa3rhgcafstjbjgvu


Simon M. Lucas, Michael Mateas, Mike Preuss, Pieter Spronck, Julian Togelius, Michael Wagner
2013 Dagstuhl Publications  
This chapter arises from the discussions of an experienced international group of researchers interested in the potential for creative application of algorithms for searching finite discrete graphs, which have been highly successful in a wide range of application areas, to address a broad range of problems arising in video games. The chapter first summarises the state of the art in search algorithms for games. It then considers the challenges in implementing these algorithms in video games
more » ... icularly real time strategy and first-person games) and ways of creating searchable discrete representations of video game decisions (for example as state-action graphs). Finally the chapter looks forward to promising techniques which might bring some of the success achieved in games such as Go and Chess, to real-time video games. For simplicity, we will consider primarily the objective of maximising playing strength, and consider games where this is a challenging task, which results in interesting gameplay.
doi:10.4230/dfu.vol6.12191.i dblp:conf/dagstuhl/X13b fatcat:i4isdb5w4fastcbnczbtsdulkm

Proving Infinitary Formulas [article]

Amelia Harrison, Vladimir Lifschitz, Julian Michael
2016 arXiv   pre-print
The infinitary propositional logic of here-and-there is important for the theory of answer set programming in view of its relation to strongly equivalent transformations of logic programs. We know a formal system axiomatizing this logic exists, but a proof in that system may include infinitely many formulas. In this note we describe a relationship between the validity of infinitary formulas in the logic of here-and-there and the provability of formulas in some finite deductive systems. This
more » ... tionship allows us to use finite proofs to justify the validity of infinitary formulas. This note is under consideration for publication in Theory and Practice of Logic Programming.
arXiv:1608.01626v1 fatcat:ezjcv5josrc7do4uxn7txxbsxa

Domestic dogs are sensitive to a human's perspective

Juliane Kaminski, Josep Call, Juliane Bräuer, Michael Tomasello
2009 Behaviour  
We investigated dogs' ability to take the visual perspective of humans. In the main study, each of two toys was placed on the dog's side of two small barriers (one opaque, one transparent). In experimental conditions, a human sat on the opposite side of the barriers, such that she could see only the toy behind the transparent barrier. The experimenter then told the dog to 'Bring it here!' (without designating either toy in any way). In the Back Turned control E also sat on the opposite side but
more » ... with her back turned so that she could see neither toy, and in the Same Side control she sat on the same side as the dog such that she could see both toys. When toys were differentiable dogs approached the toy behind the transparent barrier in experimental as compared to back turned and same side condition. Dogs did not differentiate between the two control conditions. In a second study dogs were not sensitive to what a human had or had not seen in the immediate past. These results suggest that, even in the absence of overt behavioural cues, dogs are sensitive to others visual access, even if that differs from their own.
doi:10.1163/156853908x395530 fatcat:mwy6rl27wvfojega5yguhoc45i

Jeffrey Edmonds/Samuel Bendett/Anya Fink/Mary Chesnut/Dmitry Gorenburg/Michael Kofman/Kasey Stricklin/Julian Waller: Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy in Russia. Arlington, VA: Center for Naval Analyses (CNA), Mai 2021

Artiom Hildebrandt
2021 SIRIUS - Zeitschrift für Strategische Analysen  
in Syria a unique method for combat drones' targeting " В Сирии испытали уникальный метод наведения ударных беспилотников, Ria Novosti, Apr. 4, 2021, 332 Michael  ...  оборонной, безопасности россии, Herald of the Academy of Military Sciences 2, no. 63 (2018), 261 Lawrence Freedman and Jeffrey Michaels  ... 
doi:10.1515/sirius-2021-4014 fatcat:kebmdg2gmfellh37sljf26sqcm

Reply to Michael Graubart Did Anybody have to be Schoenberg?

Julian Silverman
2004 Tempo  
Michael gives us two explanations: 1 Dodecaphony is a good thing because it might one day be almost as good as what it replaced.  ...  Besides, Michael says that one would have to mount all sorts of experiments, audience research and suchlike, to see if this were really true.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0040298204220034 fatcat:owxjfb2enjcxzf3v2eg3oecxdy

Data agent

Michael Cerny Green, Gabriella A. B. Barros, Antonios Liapis, Julian Togelius
2018 Zenodo  
This paper introduces DATA Agent, a system which creates murder mystery adventures from open data. In the game, the player takes on the role of a detective tasked with finding the culprit of a murder. All characters, places, and items in DATA Agent games are generated using open data as source content. The paper discusses the general game design and user interface of DATA Agent, and provides details on the generative algorithms which transform linked data into different game objects. Findings
more » ... om a user study with 30 participants playing through two games of DATA Agent show that the game is easy and fun to play, and that the mysteries it generates are straightforward to solve.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2567291 fatcat:llhsrpwt2zew5l3nzyy2ettz3e

Intentional Computational Level Design [article]

Ahmed Khalifa, Michael Cerny Green, Gabriella Barros, Julian Togelius
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Michael Cerny Green acknowledges the financial support of the SOE Fellowship from NYU Tandon School of Engineering.  ... 
arXiv:1904.08972v1 fatcat:tyqn7qwr4neufd6te6dfmusmxq

On the relationship between the Madden‐Julian Oscillation and the Hadley and Walker circulations

Juliane Schwendike, Gareth J. Berry, Katherine Fodor, Michael J. Reeder
2021 Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres  
Indian Ocean to the Western Pacific with a period of 30-60 days (e.g., Madden & Julian, 1972 , 1994; Zhang, 2005 Zhang, , 2013)) .  ...  One of the most important sources of variability in the Tropics is the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO), which consists of a dipole of enhanced and suppressed convection that moves eastward from the tropical  ...  MJO, Madden-Julian Oscillation. Figure 16 . 16 Figure 16.  ... 
doi:10.1029/2019jd032117 fatcat:cx6l6rlqfjekvgaryqwarislra

Is Julian Barnes Reliable in Narrating the Noise of Time?

Michael H. M. Ng
2019 English Language and Literature Studies  
Julian Barnes’ novel The Noise of Time is a fictional biography of a real Russian composer named Dmitri Shostakovich whose work of art flourishes even under the oppression of the Soviet government  ...  Julian Barnes and The Noise of Time Julian Barnes is an author of twelve novels, three books of short stories (Cross Channel, The Lemon Table and Pulse), four collections of essays, and two books of  ...  The case of Julian Barnes' The Noise of Time will be examined from the perspective of narratology specifically on the narrator's reliability. What is an Unreliable Narrator? Wayne C.  ... 
doi:10.5539/ells.v9n1p114 fatcat:xfw5msne3vemvaq4pfb5p26s5q
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