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Author index — volume 41 (1999)

1999 The Journal of Logic Programming  
doi:10.1016/s0743-1066(99)90008-0 fatcat:57s4htfkb5bzzp5cger64mvelm

Modeling of Programs and its Verification for Programmable Logic Controllers

Cleber A. Sarmento, José R. Silva, Paulo E. Miyagi, Diolino J. Santos Filho
2008 IFAC Proceedings Volumes  
Programmable logic controller is still the main device used for control of productive systems, which can be approached as discrete event dynamic systems.  ...  These models are verified through a computational tool, aiming the identification of possible errors in the control program.  ...  Model verification In the work of (Hong et al., 2002) the use of temporal logic formulas that belong to the computation tree logic (CTL) is presented so as to verify models developed in EFSM.  ... 
doi:10.3182/20080706-5-kr-1001.01786 fatcat:wjq2s6l3qbdnphwnyjpk6gw2k4

Keyword Index – Volume (2004)

2005 The Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming  
Keyword Index -Volume 62 (2005) (The issue number is given in front of the page numbers) Algorithms (1) 1 Automated reasoning (1) The Journal of Logic and Algebraic  ...  Java (2) 247 Logic programming (1) 41 Many-sorted algebra (1) 71 Meta architectures (1) 41 Meta control (1) 41 Meta programming (1) 41 Metric algebra (1) 71 Network generator (1) 1 Nondeterminism  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1567-8326(04)00104-3 fatcat:vnbc77o6hbdn5iyttq7cy7ybai

Author Index to Volumes 1–46

2002 The Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming  
Taboch, A semantic basis for the termination analysis of logic programs 41 (1) (1999) 103-123 Codish, M., Worst-case groundness analysis using positive Boolean functions 41 (1) (1999) 125-128 Codish, M  ...  Bueno, An algebraic approach to sharing analysis of logic programs 42 (  ...  Minker, Bottom-up computation of perfect models for disjunctive theories 25 (1) (1995) 33-51 Ferrand, G., Error Diagnosis in Logic Programming, an Adaptation of E. Y.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1567-8326(01)00021-2 fatcat:ptge33wgrvcotasfgizlbzvbhu


1999 The Journal of Logic Programming  
The Journal of Logic Programming 41 (1999) 317±318 Puebla, G. and M.  ...  Author Index ± Volume 41 (1999) (The issue number is given in front of the page numbers) Belleanne Âe, C., P. Brisset and O.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0743-1066(99)00056-4 fatcat:vwkzbf7lbzdi7lsbbmf6ya5ofu

Guest editors' introduction Special Issue: synthesis, transformation and analysis of logic programs 2

Annalisa Bossi, Yves Deville
1999 The Journal of Logic Programming  
This volume contains the second part of the Special Issue on Synthesis, Transformation and Analysis of Logic Programs. The ®rst part on program analysis appeared in Vol 39(1±3).  ...  The ®rst paper, Inductive synthesis of recursive logic programs: achievements and prospects, by Pierre Flener and Serap Yõlmaz overviews the achievements of inductive synthesis of logic programs from incomplete  ...  second paper of this volume Synthesis and transformation of logic programs using unfold/fold proofs by Alberto Pettorossi and Maurizio Proietti.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0743-1066(99)00027-8 fatcat:tjzp4frx7beozeujr7ndjxa3iu

Page 2111 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 84f [page]

1984 Mathematical Reviews  
Orevkov, Mechanical proof-search and the theory of logical deduction in the USSR (pp. 29-38); M. Davis [Martin Davis], A computer program for Presburger’s algorithm (pp. 41-48); A.  ...  Each volume contains a {the same} bibliography of about 450 publications on computational logic, which—to the best knowledge of the editors—is complete through 1970.” Contents: Vol. 1: M.  ... 

Author Index – Volume 64 (2005)

2005 The Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming  
Schneider, S., see Evans, N. 189 The Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming 64 (2005) 321-322 doi:10.1016/S1567-8326(05)00047-0  ...  ., Efficient exact computation of iterated maps (1) 41 Boehm, H.-J., The constructive reals as a Java library (1) 3 Chadha, R., J.C. Mitchell, A. Scedrov and V.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1567-8326(05)00047-0 fatcat:6c4sssyi55de7nokeb4qwrjne4

Page 2049 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 22, Issue 11B [page]

1961 Mathematical Reviews  
25 41 82 34 JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY FOR INDUSTRIAL AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS Votume 9 March, 1961 NoumBer 1 The Constrained Gradient Method of Linear Programming. C. E.  ...  THE JOURNAL OF SYMBOLIC LOGIC EDITORS: A. Church, S.C. Kleene, A. A. Lazerowitz, J. Robinson, A. N.  ... 


2001 Electronical Notes in Theoretical Computer Science  
Parikh, editor, Logics of Programs, volume 193 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag, 1985. 50] A. Cayley. The theory of groups.  ...  American Journal of Mathematics, 1:50 52, 1878. 51] B.F. Chellas. Modal Logic: an introduction. C a m bridge University Press, 1980. 52] A. Church. A set of postulates for the foundation of logic.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1571-0661(05)82567-8 fatcat:x7qb7rygq5bafjjdmi24lbdlse

Cumulative subject index volumes 68–71

1986 Information and Control  
Aggregation problems, formulation of several versions, analysis from recursion theoretic point of view, 70, 69 Algorithms for circular retrieval and k-nearest neighbor search problems, description and  ...  analysis, 68, 105 for computing properties and functions of n-node forest stored in processor mesh, 69, 168 deterministic, applications to optimal parallel list ranking, 70, 32 network resource allocation  ...  of game tree problems, 69, 168 Programs branching, see Branching programs non-deterministic, and specifications, syn- chronization tree logic for, 68, 254 term rewriting and applicative, in definition  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0019-9958(86)80014-6 fatcat:hkligygazvcyvdgrhtvhrefpj4

RSL volume 8 issue 2 Cover and Back matter

2015 The Review of Symbolic Logic  
For free online content visit: Theory and Practice of Logic Programming emphasises both the theory and practice of logic programming.  ...  Among the topics covered are AI applications that use logic programming, logic programming methodologies, specification, analysis and verification of systems, inductive logic programming, multi-relational  ...  Cambridge Journals Online For further information about this journal please go to the journal web site at:  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1755020315000155 fatcat:au27h2xcvzh2dbjeyhtx6czrie


Alexei A. Morozov, Olga S. Sushkova, Alexander F. Polupanov
2017 Radioelectronics Nanosystems Information Technologies  
The goal of this work is to implement the advantages of the logic programming approach in the area of 3D intelligent video surveillance.  ...  An approach to the 3D intelligent video surveillance based on the means of the objectoriented logic programming is proposed.  ...  Tolmatcheva for the help in the preparation of 3D video samples and Angelos Barmpoutis for his J4K [59] library that was used for the data collection.  ... 
doi:10.17725/rensit.2017.09.205 fatcat:p4qzuh44abgnhdwgi4i6beug7a

Abstract State Machines 1988-1998: Commented ASM Bibliography [article]

Egon Boerger, James K. Huggins
1998 arXiv   pre-print
An annotated bibliography of papers which deal with or use Abstract State Machines (ASMs), as of January 1998.  ...  Voronkov, editor, Logic Programming, volume 592 of Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, pages 27-34. Springer, 1992. See comment to [41]. [41] E.  ...  , see the abstract in the Journal of Symbolic Logic.  ... 
arXiv:cs/9811014v1 fatcat:w3vj5i7mzbccbcibroi7dkmhtq

Page 630 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 95b [page]

1995 Mathematical Reviews  
¥* Handbook of logic in artificial intelligence and logic programming. Vol. 1. Logical foundations. Edited by Dov M. Gabbay, C. J. Hogger and J. A. Robinson. Oxford Science Publications.  ...  {The papers are being reviewed individually. } 95b:03003 03-06 00A20 03B60 03B70 68-06 68T27 * Handbook of logic in artificial intelligence and logic programming. Vol. 3.  ... 
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