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[This discussion applies to the papers by W. J. DIBDIN and GEORGE THUDICHUM, Prof. A. BOSTOCK HILL and JOSEPH GARFIELD, and W. D. SCOTT-MONCRIEFF.]

1899 Journal of the Sanitary Institute  
' [ This discussion applies to the papers by W. J. DIBDIN and GEORGE THUDICHUM, Prof. A. BOSTOCK HILL and JOSEPH GARFIELD, and W. D. SCOTT-MONCRIEFF.] Dr.  ...  Scott-1Bloncrieffs paper, he went back to the old notion of making a profit on the sludge, and there he was on the wrong line.  ... 
doi:10.1177/146642409902000426 fatcat:kf3z4ihpo5g7for3nrlgesrjsa


Scott M. Pike, Bruce W. Weide, Joseph E. Hollingsworth
2000 ACM SIGCSE Bulletin  
Pointer errors are stumbling blocks for student and veteran programmers alike. Although languages such as Java use references to protect programmers from pointer pitfalls, the use of garbage collection dictates that languages like C++ will still be used for real-time mission-critical applications. Pointers will stay in the classroom as long as they're used in industry, so as educators, we must find better ways to teach them. This paper presents checked pointers, a simple wrapper for C++
more » ... that prevents pointer arithmetic and other common sources of pointer errors, and detects all dereferencing and deallocation errors, including memory leaks. The syntax of checked pointers is highly faithful to raw C++ pointers, but provides run-time error detection and debugging information. After debugging, changing one #include is all that is required to substitute a nonchecking implementation that is as fast as raw C++.
doi:10.1145/331795.331884 fatcat:sbbdcx6cwrdnxb7ad7kmqaecie

Broad agents

Joseph Bates, Bryan Loyall, W. Scott Reilly
1991 ACM SIGART Bulletin  
The Oz project at Carnegie Mellon is developing technology for dramatic virtual worlds. One requirement of such worlds is the presence of broad, though perhaps shallow, agents. To support our needs, we are developing an agent architecture that provides goals and goal directed reactive behavior, emotional state and its e ects on behavior, some natural language abilities (especially pragmatics based language generation), and some memory and inference abilities. We are limiting each of these
more » ... ties whenever necessary to allow us to build a broadly capable, integrated agent. In attempting to construct a broad agent, constraints seem to arise between components of the architecture. In this brief note, we discuss some of these constraints.
doi:10.1145/122344.122350 fatcat:tpw7hdsw6rhbjhe7wj6juvt76y

Third Edition

N. J. Whitney, Joseph M. Thomas, Frederick A. Manchester, Frank W. Scott
1933 English Journal  
be for ind ess the ter ing del ; of ob- of- her » to ons, BOOKS THIRD EDITION The hundreds of Freshman English instructors to whom the old Composition for College Students of Thomas, Manchester, and Scott  ... 
doi:10.2307/804317 fatcat:jo2y55nfc5dzvhse2akkz45j3a

Ulnar Neuropathy at the Wrist

Carisa Pearce, Joseph Feinberg, Scott W. Wolfe
2009 HSS Journal ®  
The following authors have disclosed: Joseph Instructions for Post-Test and CME Credit In order to earn CME credit for this journal activity, you must read the article and successfully pass the post-test  ...  & Does not have a financial interest or relationship with the manufacturers of products or services & Author will not include discussion of off label or investigational use of products or treatments Scott  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11420-009-9110-2 pmid:19506968 pmcid:PMC2744748 fatcat:h6ko7ct6c5dr3f3vowzoivgrpa

Shared Government in Employment Security: A Study of Advisory Councils. Joseph M. Becker

W. Richard Scott
1960 Social Service Review  
W. RicHarp Scott Department of Sociology Stanford University 20 Years of Public Housing: Economic Aspects of the Federal Program. By Ropert Moore FisHer. New York: Harper & Bros., 1959.  ... 
doi:10.1086/640819 fatcat:ni4wdizybvbmjn4xjrx4p4w42u

To the Editor

David J. Pronchik, Scott W. Melanson, Joseph Sexton
1996 Prehospital and Disaster Medicine  
doi:10.1017/s1049023x00052407 fatcat:nfft6s7ycnbjhprvwy42oysksu

DNA Polymerases as Engines for Biotechnology

Scott C. Hamilton, Joseph W. Farchaus, Maria C. Davis
2001 BioTechniques  
This review examines the DNA polymerases, a class of enzymes that has been an essential tool for molecular biology research. Several families of DNA polymerases have been defined based on amino acid sequence comparisons, and new enzymes are continually being discovered, driving the expansion of the current classifications. Structural similarities among the enzymes are examined, as well as the functions of the various subunits and enzyme domains. The natural variety of polymerase activities has
more » ... een harnessed for applications such as amplification, labeling, and detection of DNA sequences. In addition, enhancements to DNA polymerases by genetic engineering will be described, such as enzymes specifically designed for DNA sequencing by improving the incorporation of dideoxynucleotide terminators. Reverse transcription, the ability to use RNA as a template for DNA synthesis, is described for the application of making cDNA. We believe that new and unanticipated applications will emerge as new polymerases and mutated polymerases are created and characterized.
doi:10.2144/01312rv01 pmid:11515374 fatcat:ejz7mm3rcbd2bp3dwpidzodjhu

Characterization of Ten Heterotetrameric NDP-Dependent Acyl-CoA Synthetases of the Hyperthermophilic ArchaeonPyrococcus furiosus

Joseph W. Scott, Farris L. Poole, Michael W. W. Adams
2014 Archaea  
Department of Energy (DE-FG05-95ER20175 to Michael W. W. Adams). The authors thank Jared Lee, Eileen Roy, and Richard Meagher for helpful discussions.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2014/176863 pmid:24669200 pmcid:PMC3942289 fatcat:dxnl263rgjdffeorpwpmvrvkei

A novel rheometer design for yield stress fluids

Joseph R. Samaniuk, Timothy W. Shay, Thatcher W. Root, Daniel J. Klingenberg, C. Tim Scott
2014 AIChE Journal  
An inexpensive, rapid method for measuring the rheological properties of yield stress fluids is described and tested. The method uses an auger that does not rotate during measurements, and avoids material and instrument-related difficulties, for example, wall slip and the presence of large particles, associated with yield stress fluids. The method can be used for many types of yield stress fluids, including concentrated lignocellulosic biomass. Sample preparation prior to measurement is
more » ... reducing, or eliminating disruption of the sample. We show that measurements using this technique compare well with measurements obtained with a vane rheometer. A variation of the described method is proposed that would make it easier to measure time-dependent rheological properties.
doi:10.1002/aic.14329 fatcat:53rlrugh7fgebjvwovnwuwf5ki

CPAP: enhancing its use

Scott G. Williams, Christopher J. Lettieri, Joseph W. Dombrowsky
2012 Current Respiratory Care Reports  
W. Dombrowsky: none.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13665-012-0015-z fatcat:4wn5ngrab5gtdb63atwh5xu7ty

Midsummer Night's Dream: An Introduction to the Play

Richard E. Scott, Joseph W. Krutch
1955 English Journal  
Joseph W. Krutch, educational director. Coronet. 16mm, sound. 1% reels, 15 minutes. In color, $137.50; black and white, $68.75.  ... 
doi:10.2307/809100 fatcat:fryvxc2vqzbatpjgyaxsc4etqe

Vagrant Western Red-shouldered Hawks: Origins, Natal Dispersal Patterns, and Survival

Peter H. Bloom, J. Michael Scott, Joseph M. Papp, Scott E. Thomas, Jeff W. Kidd
2011 The Condor  
W. S. Clark examined two specimens of the Red-shouldered Hawk collected in Arizona and identified one as B. l. elegans, the other as B. l. lineatus, the eastern subspecies (Glinski 1982) .  ... 
doi:10.1525/cond.2011.100052 fatcat:nhxstapwozhvdee2y75qcdm2oa

A Useful Text for Freshman Composition

Stanley S. Swartley, Joseph M. Thomas, Frederick A. Manchester, Franklin W. Scott
1923 English Journal  
By Joseph M. Thomas, Frederick A. Man- chester, and Franklin W. Scott. New York: The Macmillan Co., 1922. Pp. 577  ... 
doi:10.2307/801969 fatcat:6nb3q5vszjcn7c7bhz6fef7kii

Total Synthesis of (−)-Lycoperine A

Yoshitaka Nakamura, Anthony M. Burke, Shunsuke Kotani, Joseph W. Ziller, Scott D. Rychnovsky
2010 Organic Letters  
Lycoperine A was synthesized through a highly convergent route in which a double alkylation of 2,6-dicyano-N-benzylpiperidine with the octahydroquinoline moiety gave the lycoperine skeleton. The octahydroquinoline was prepared by a desymmetrization reaction of 5methylcyclohexane-1,3-dione. Hydrolysis, reductive amination and cyclization gave lycoperine A in 13 steps and 3% overall yield. The absolute configuration of lycoperine A was assigned as 6R, 6′R, 8R, 8′R, 13S, 17R.
doi:10.1021/ol902389e pmid:19947619 pmcid:PMC2913050 fatcat:vsqw3mncz5d55lfgouqglnm4mq
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