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Massively parallel optical-soliton reactors [article]

Wenbin He, Meng Pang, Dung-Han Yeh, Jiapeng Huang, Philip St.J. Russell
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Mode-locked lasers have been widely used to explore interactions between optical solitons, including bound-soliton states that may be regarded as "photonic molecules". Conventional mode-locked lasers can however host at most only a few solitons, which means that stochastic behaviour involving large numbers of solitons cannot easily be studied under controlled experimental conditions. Here we report the use of an optoacoustically mode-locked fibre laser to create hundreds of temporal traps or
more » ... actors" within which multiple solitons can be isolated and controlled both globally and individually. We achieve on-demand synthesis and dissociation of soliton molecules within these parallel reactors, in this way unfolding a novel panorama of diverse dynamics in which the statistics of multi-soliton interactions can be studied. The results are of potential importance in all-optical information processing and in the control of ultrafast pulsed lasers.
arXiv:2004.11453v1 fatcat:2gl5lyw5a5gbxhuvkswezqohqu

Sustainable Development of Green Paper Packaging

Jiapeng Huang
2017 Environment and Pollution  
In recent years, with the rapid development of global industrialization, people's quality of life has improved, and people are no longer satisfied with the quality of goods and purposes, the majority of people even choose goods based on the packaging of goods which cause the situation of excessive packaging become serious. As an important part of manufacturing, packaging industry should emphasize the development of environmentally friendly packaging. Recognized as one of the most promising
more » ... packaging materials, paper packaging materials accounted for more than 40% of packaging materials, however, unsuitable production and recycling of paper packaging pose a threat to the environment and the social economy. For the sustainable development of the paper packaging industry, this essay put forward the concept of "green paper packaging" through literature research. This essay will introduce the proper production and recycling of green paper packaging materials, discuss the structural design of green paper packaging, and looking forward to the development direction of green paper packaging, and come to the conclusion that not only need we use new materials and environmental friendly packaging structures, but also we should attach importance to the production and the recycling of the packaging so as to make sure the entire life cycle of packaging does not harm the human body and the environment.
doi:10.5539/ep.v6n2p1 fatcat:p2ajpjwawvhcncn7kb7f56cxpm

Continuous Aortic Regurgitation with Ventricular Assist Device

Jiapeng Huang, Mark S. Slaughter
2011 Anesthesiology  
A 57-YR-OLD man with a history of nonischemic cardiomyopathy treated with a HeartMate 2 left ventricular assist device (LVAD) (Thoratec, Pleasanton, CA) 1 yr ago presented for orthotropic heart transplantation. The modern LVAD receives blood from the left ventricular apex and provides continuous flow to the ascending aorta with minimal pulsatility. 1,2 Native regular cardiac rhythm is still critical for the right heart to pump blood to supply inflow to the LVAD. Total cardiac output is the sum
more » ... f the LVAD flow and left ventricular cardiac output. Mild aortic regurgitation was present in both systole (panel A) and diastole (panel B) by color flow Doppler (see video, Supplemental Digital Content 1,, which shows continuous aortic regurgitation). In the presence of the LVAD, the left ventricular systolic pressure might be lower than the constant back pressure generated from the device. A structurally incompetent aortic valve will demonstrate aortic regurgitation in diastole as well as in systole if the left ventricular systolic pressure remains low. Aortic regurgitation causes blood backflow to the left ventricle and a circuitry between the left ventricle and ascending aorta. LVAD flow will read artificially higher than the effective flow delivered to vital organs. Therapeutic interventions consist of afterload reduction, decreasing LVAD pump speed, volume loading, and inotropic support both for the right ventricle to pump more blood to the left and to increase left ventricular systolic pressure. Aortic regurgitation usually progresses over time while on LVAD support because of either structural changes or increased aortic back pressure. Our patient tolerated this mild continuous aortic regurgitation well before cardiopulmonary bypass and underwent successful heart transplantation.
doi:10.1097/aln.0b013e31821b195b pmid:21613955 fatcat:qoprbwqww5gaxl265dar557t5m

Reply to the Editor

Jiapeng Huang, Mark Slaughter
2013 Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery  
Jiapeng Huang, MD, PhD Mark Slaughter, MD Jewish Hospital University of Louisville Louisville, Ky References 1. Huang J, Slaughter MS.  ...  MECHANICAL CIRCULATORY SUPPORT IN A PATIENT WITH CONGENITALLY CORRECTED TRANSPOSITION OF THE GREAT ARTERIES To the Editor: We read with interest the case report by Huang and Slaughter, 1 recently published  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jtcvs.2013.03.017 pmid:23768808 fatcat:k2fmlz474raidl56653f5u6spa

Awake transcatheter aortic valve replacement—an anesthesiologist's perspective

Jiapeng Huang, Sheng Wang, Jiakai Lu
2018 Journal of Visualized Surgery  
Transcatheter aortic replacement has become the standard of care for patients with severe aortic valve stenosis. With advancement of technologies, this technique has become much safer and simpler. Both general anesthesia (GA) and monitored anesthesia care (MAC) have been provided for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). MAC or awake transcatheter valve replacement was shown to carry similar clinical outcomes with significantly reduced length of stay. We reviewed the literature and
more » ... ented our practical minimalist anesthesia approach to awake TAVR.
doi:10.21037/jovs.2018.01.17 pmid:29682454 pmcid:PMC5897666 fatcat:c5ys4q2qyjhmhhgmsnvw7ph6xa

Pain Management in Cardiac Surgery

Zhuan Zhang, Wenxi Tang, Chengmei Shi, Jiapeng Huang
2018 Journal of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine  
doi:10.24015/japm.2018.0112 fatcat:rrbdlyoyqvbk5fufi62l6gxy2q

The complete chloroplast genome of Impatiens uliginosa Franch., an endemic species in Southwest China

Chao Luo, Wulue Huang, Jiapeng Zhu, Zhixi Feng, Yingli Liu, Yang Li, Xinyi Li, Haiquan Huang, Meijuan Huang
2019 Mitochondrial DNA Part B: Resources  
The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Impatiens uliginosa Franch., an endemic species in Southwest China, we research genetic and phylogenetic relationship with other species in an effort to provide genomic resources useful for promoting its conservation and utilization. The total chloroplast genome size of I. uliginosa is 152,609 bp, with a typical quadripartite structure including a pair of inverted repeat (IRs, 25,871 bp) regions separated by a small single copy (SSC, 17,502 bp) region
more » ... and a large single copy (LSC, 83,365 bp) region. The overall GC content of I. uliginosa plastid genome was 36.8%. The whole chloroplast genome contains 136 genes, including 89 protein-coding genes (PCGs), 38 transfer RNA genes (tRNAs), and 8 ribosomal RNA genes (rRNAs). Among these genes, 15 genes have one intron and 2 genes contain two introns. To investigate the evolution status, the phylogenetic tree based on APG III from 12 complete chloroplast plastomes of Ericales supports close relationships. According to the phylogenetic topologies, I. uliginosa was closely related to I. piufanensis.
doi:10.1080/23802359.2019.1687024 pmid:33366215 pmcid:PMC7707457 fatcat:metbierbfjfi3hin6osmff4otu

Single-molecule optical mapping enables accurate molecular diagnosis of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) [article]

Yi Dai, Pidong Li, Zhiqiang Wang, Fan Liang, Fan Yang, Li Fang, Yu Huang, Shangzhi Huang, Jiapeng Zhou, Depeng Wang, Liying Cui, Kai Wang
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) is a common adult muscular dystrophy in which the muscles of the face, shoulder blades and upper arms are among the most affected. FSHD is the only disease in which "junk" DNA was reactivated to cause disease, and the only repeat-related disease where less repeats cause disease. More than 95% of FSHD cases are associated with copy number loss of a 3.3kb tandem repeat (D4Z4 repeat) at the subtelomeric chromosomal region 4q35, of which pathogenic
more » ... e contains less than 10 repeats and has a specific genomic configuration called 4qA. Currently, genetic diagnosis of FSHD requires pulsed-field gel electrophoresis followed by Southern blot, which is labor-intensive, semi-quantitative and requires long turnaround time. Here, we developed a novel approach for genetic diagnosis of FSHD, by leveraging Bionano Saphyr single-molecule optical mapping platform. Using a bioinformatics pipeline developed for this assay, we found that the method gives direct quantitative measures of repeat numbers, can differentiate 4q35 and the highly paralogous 10q26 region, can determine the 4qA/4qB allelic configuration, and can quantitate levels of post-zygotic mosaicism. We evaluated this approach on 5 patients (including two with post-zygotic mosaicism) and 2 patients (including one with post-zygotic mosaicism) from two separate cohorts, and had complete concordance with Southern blots, but with improved quantification of repeat numbers. We concluded that single-molecule optical mapping is a viable approach for molecular diagnosis of FSHD and may be applied in clinical diagnostic settings once more validations are performed.
doi:10.1101/286104 fatcat:veuzbsawvfh5lm4ksgen3nkm5a

The complete chloroplast genome sequence of horticultural plant, Impatiens hawkeri (Sect. Balsaminacea, Impatiens)

Chao Luo, Wulue Huang, Yang Li, Zhixi Feng, Jiapeng Zhu, Yingli Liu, Zhenkai Tong, Yan Liang, Haiquan Huang, Meijuan Huang
2019 Mitochondrial DNA Part B: Resources  
The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Impatiens hawker, a widely cultivated horticultural species in the world is 151,692 bp, with a typical quadripartite structure including a pair of inverted repeat (IRs, 25,584 bp) regions separated by a small single copy (SSC, 17,494 bp) region and a large single copy (LSC, 83,029 bp) region. The overall GC content of I. hawker plastid genome was 36.8%. The whole chloroplast genome contains 135 genes, including 89 protein-coding genes (PCGs), 38
more » ... er RNA genes(tRNAs), and 8 ribosomal RNA genes (rRNAs). Among these genes, 15 genes have one intron and 2 genes contain two introns. To investigate its evolution status, the phylogenetic tree based on APGIII reveal that there are close relationships to the same genus species I. uliginosa and I. piufanensis.
doi:10.1080/23802359.2019.1698339 pmid:33366448 pmcid:PMC7721014 fatcat:x4wen3nlvzerlooneb4hf5pcg4

Potential Variation of Evapotranspiration Induced by Typical Vegetation Changes in Northwest China

Yanmin Shuai, Yanjun Tian, Congying Shao, Jiapeng Huang, Lingxiao Gu, Qingling Zhang, Ruishan Zhao
2022 Land  
Evapotranspiration (ET), as a key eco-hydrological parameter, plays an important role in understanding sustainable ecosystem development. Each plant category has a unique functional trait on transpiration and photosynthesis, with ET implying that water cycle and energy transformation is linked with vegetation type. Changes in surface vegetation directly alter biophysical land surface properties, hence affecting energy and ET transfer. With the rapid increase in land surface changes, there is a
more » ... eed to further understand and quantify the effects of vegetation change on ET, especially over the vulnerable water-cycle region in the arid and semi-arid regions of Northwest China. We adopted the GlobalLand30 land cover and MOD16A2 in 2010 and 2020 to investigate, discuss the spatio-temporal characteristics of annual and seasonal ET of cultivated land, grassland, and forests in Northwest China, and quantify the impact on vegetation changes with absolute and relative changes from different climatic subecoregions on ET. Our results show the following: (1) Forest ET was generally the highest at 688 mm, followed by cultivated land and grassland with 200–400 mm in arid climatic subecoregions. (2) Returning cultivated land to forests and cultivated land expansion potentially enhances ET by 90–110 mm/10a, with the relative rate of change increasing by 22.1% and 45.8%, respectively, away from unchanged vegetation within identical subecoregions. (3) The ET of most investigated areas gains the highest value in summer, followed by spring, autumn, and winter. This study provides reference for sustainable ecosystem development and the reasonable utilization of limited water resources in Northwest China.
doi:10.3390/land11060808 fatcat:amqimpc2gbfkhdhkvybz7rjbxe


2013 International journal of algebra and computation  
In this paper, we firstly establish Composition-Diamond lemma for Ω-algebras. We give a Gröbner-Shirshov basis of the free L-algebra as a quotient algebra of a free Ω-algebra, and then the normal form of the free L-algebra is obtained. We secondly establish Composition-Diamond lemma for L-algebras. As applications, we give Gröbner-Shirshov bases of the free dialgebra and the free product of two L-algebras, and then we show four embedding theorems of L-algebras: 1) Every countably generated
more » ... ebra can be embedded into a two-generated L-algebra. 2) Every L-algebra can be embedded into a simple L-algebra. 3) Every countably generated L-algebra over a countable field can be embedded into a simple two-generated L-algebra. 4) Three arbitrary L-algebras A, B, C over a field k can be embedded into a simple L-algebra generated by B and C if |k|≤(B*C) and |A|≤|B*C|, where B*C is the free product of B and C.
doi:10.1142/s0218196713500094 fatcat:uxp42pwt5ffyvixlpnjv57qyry

Bioinformatics analysis of potential glioblastoma circular RNA sponge network

Liwen Zhao, Pengfei Zhang, Yang Nan, Bingcheng Ren, Haiwen Ma, Jiapeng Xie, Qiang Huang
2021 Translational Cancer Research  
Circular RNA is emerging functional molecule for glioblastoma. However, the function and regulatory of circular RNA (circRNA) remains unclear. In this study, the circRNA sequencing and array data of glioblastoma were analyzed by multiple bioinformatics methods to establish a potential molecular sponge mechanism regulation network. Gene Expression Omnibus datasets were used to extract circRNAs. CircInteractome was used to predict microRNAs binding to circRNAs. Chinese Glioma Gene Atlas database
more » ... as used to screen the microRNAs with expression and survival trends. MiRabel database was used to predict potential gene targets of microRNAs. The Cancer Genome Atlas database was used to screen the gene targets of sponge network. Gene Ontology and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes analysis were to explain the gene targets functions. R software, Cytoscape software and Bioinformatics website were used to establish the network and visualize the results. Hsa_circ_0000219, hsa_circ_0001073 and hsa_circ_0070700 were selected from more than 2000 differentially expressed circRNAs of Gene Expression Omnibus Series (GSE) GSE146463, GSE92322 and GSE86202 datasets. Hsa-miR-1248 and hsa-miR-1290 were up regulated and related to glioblastoma poor prognosis. Targets of these microRNAs including ARHGEF7, CELA2b, RNF11, YPEL1 and ZNF37a were also screened via expression and survival data. Gene targets function were mainly enriched in signal transduction, cell plasma membrane, ATP binding and calcium signaling pathway. A circRNA molecular sponge regulatory network including hsa-miR-1248 and hsa-miR-1290 has been established. In this network, hsa_circ_0001073, hsa_circ_0070700, hsa_circ_0000219, hsa-miR-1248, hsa-miR-1290, and RNF11 may have the potential being emerging glioblastoma therapeutic targets. However, their function and significance for glioblastoma need further experiments to verify.
doi:10.21037/tcr-21-2597 pmid:35706804 pmcid:PMC9189202 fatcat:tnkflocf3jf3vo4bxl4rcnhjbe

Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation in Acidic Red Soils

Jiapeng Wu, Yiguo Hong, Xiang He, Lijing Jiao, Xiaomei Wen, Shuai Chen, Guangshi Chen, Yiben Li, Tianzheng Huang, Yaohao Hu, Xiaohan Liu
2018 Frontiers in Microbiology  
Anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) has been proven to be an important nitrogen removal process in terrestrial ecosystems, particularly paddy soils. However, the contribution of anammox in acidic red soils to nitrogen loss has not been welldocumented to date. Here, we investigated the activity, abundance, and distribution of anammox bacteria in red soils collected from nine provinces of Southern China. High-throughput sequencing analysis showed that Candidatus Brocadia dominates the anammox
more » ... acterial community (93.03% of sequence reads). Quantification of the hydrazine synthase gene (hzsB) and anammox 16S rRNA gene indicated that the abundance of anammox bacteria ranged from 6.20 × 10 6 to 1.81 × 10 9 and 4.81 × 10 6 to 4.54 × 10 8 copies per gram of dry weight, respectively. Contributions to nitrogen removal by anammox were measured by a 15 N isotope-pairing assay. Anammox rates in red soil ranged from 0.01 to 0.59 nmol N g −1 h −1 , contributing 16.67-53.27% to N 2 production in the studied area, and the total amount of removed nitrogen by anammox was estimated at 2.33 Tg N per year in the natural red soils of southern China. Pearson correlation analyses revealed that the distribution of anammox bacteria significantly correlated with the concentration of nitrate and pH, whereas the abundance and activity of anammox bacteria were significantly influenced by the nitrate and total nitrogen concentrations. Our findings demonstrate that Candidatus Brocadia dominates anammox bacterial communities in acidic red soils and plays an important role in nitrogen loss of the red soil in Southern China.
doi:10.3389/fmicb.2018.02142 pmid:30233562 pmcid:PMC6134040 fatcat:lwm7sndterga5aae6cs6jtiklm

Influence of Range Gate Width on Detection Probability and Ranging Accuracy of Single Photon Laser Altimetry Satellite

Guoyuan LI,Fanghong YE,Xinming TANG,Dongping XIE,Jiapeng HUANG,Genhua HUANG
2020 Journal of Geodesy and Geoinformation Science  
The influence of the single photon laser altimeter range-gate width on the detection probability and ranging accuracy is discussed and analyzed, according to the LiDAR equation, single photon detection equation and the Monte Carlo method to simulate the experiment. The simulated results show that the probability of detection is not affected by the range gate, while the probability of false alarm is relative to the gate width. When the gate width is 100ns, the ranging accuracy can accord with
more » ... requirements of satellite laser altimeter. But when the range gate width exceeds 400ns, ranging accuracy will decline sharply. The noise ratio will be more as long as the range gate to get larger, so the refined filtering algorithm during the data processing is important to extract the useful photons effectively. In order to ensure repeated observation of the same point for 25 times, we deduce the quantitative relation between the footprint size, footprint, and frequency repetition according to the parameters of ICESat-2. The related conclusions can provide some references for the design and the development of the domestic single photon laser altimetry satellite.
doi:10.11947/j.jggs.2020.0204 doaj:8fab163ccc6645f892ac8f35d5d7b146 fatcat:rnbnn3nozratnbvtiyzfbwtwte

Selection of Ovine Oocytes by Brilliant Cresyl Blue Staining

Liqin Wang, Jiapeng Lin, Juncheng Huang, Jing Wang, Yuncheng Zhao, Tong Chen
2012 Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology  
Sheep oocytes derived from the ovaries collected from the slaughterhouse are often used for research onin vitroembryo production, animal cloning, transgenesis, embryonic stem cells, and other embryo biotechnology aspects. Improving thein vitroculture efficiency of oocytes can provide more materials for similar studies. Generally, determination of oocyte quality is mostly based on the layers of cumulus cells and cytoplasm or cytoplasm uniformity and colors. This requires considerable experience
more » ... o better identify oocyte quality because of the intense subjectivity involved (Gordon (2003), Madison et al. (1992) and De Loos et al. (1992)). BCB staining is a function of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) activity, an enzyme synthesized in developing oocytes, which decreases in activity with maturation. Therefore, unstained oocytes (BCB−) are high in G6PD activity, while the less mature oocytes stains are deep blue (BCB+) due to insuffcient G6PD activity to decolorize the BCB dye.
doi:10.1155/2012/161372 pmid:22675245 pmcid:PMC3366259 fatcat:t6lvrjp25ncxpeqipliarauosu
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