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FAD: A Chinese Dataset for Fake Audio Detection [article]

Haoxin Ma, Jiangyan Yi, Chenglong Wang, Xinrui Yan, Jianhua Tao, Tao Wang, Shiming Wang, Le Xu, Ruibo Fu
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Fake audio detection is a growing concern and some relevant datasets have been designed for research. But there is no standard public Chinese dataset under additive noise conditions. In this paper, we aim to fill in the gap and design a Chinese fake audio detection dataset (FAD) for studying more generalized detection methods. Twelve mainstream speech generation techniques are used to generate fake audios. To simulate the real-life scenarios, three noise datasets are selected for noisy adding
more » ... five different signal noise ratios. FAD dataset can be used not only for fake audio detection, but also for detecting the algorithms of fake utterances for audio forensics. Baseline results are presented with analysis. The results that show fake audio detection methods with generalization remain challenging. The FAD dataset is publicly available.
arXiv:2207.12308v1 fatcat:erob7zf4yndvxpfjhsdc2vvhhm

Half-Truth: A Partially Fake Audio Detection Dataset [article]

Jiangyan Yi, Ye Bai, Jianhua Tao, Zhengkun Tian, Chenglong Wang, Tao Wang, Ruibo Fu
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Wang et al. [8] have built a English and Mandarin fake dataset with an open-sourced voice conversion and speech synthesis tool.  ... 
arXiv:2104.03617v1 fatcat:bqcfeohulza4bnjup2y4czxhju

Continual Learning for Fake Audio Detection [article]

Haoxin Ma, Jiangyan Yi, Jianhua Tao, Ye Bai, Zhengkun Tian, Chenglong Wang
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Wang et al. [12] proposed a dual-adversarial domain adaptation framework to solve out-of-domain dataset problem. However, these methods require both original and new data.  ... 
arXiv:2104.07286v1 fatcat:3og3ewfs3zebzidapgnwdk3hie

Synthesis and Characterization of Water-Soluble Polythiophene Derivatives for Cell Imaging

Fengyan Wang, Meng Li, Bing Wang, Jiangyan Zhang, Yongqiang Cheng, Libing Liu, Fengting Lv, Shu Wang
2015 Scientific Reports  
doi:10.1038/srep07617 pmid:25557020 pmcid:PMC5154596 fatcat:lxm7utbrrrffnelmymicfqs4b4

Two-dimensional carbon leading to new photoconversion processes

Hongjie Tang, Colin M. Hessel, Jiangyan Wang, Nailiang Yang, Ranbo Yu, Huijun Zhao, Dan Wang
2014 Chemical Society Reviews  
Rev., 2014, 00, 1À19 | 17 Jiangyan Wang Jiangyan Wang received her BE from the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering in 2010 at the China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing.  ...  Dan Wang Dan Wang received his BS and MS at Jilin University (1994 and 1997) and PhD at Yamanashi University (2001).  ... 
doi:10.1039/c3cs60437c pmid:24654006 fatcat:gwp4x3ykpzhbpaexohnjpgvv7y

Multi-shelled LiMn2O4 hollow microspheres as superior cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries

Feng Wang, Jiangyan Wang, Hao Ren, Hongjie Tang, Ranbo Yu, Dan Wang
2016 Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers  
Multi-shelled LiMn2O4 hollow microspheres are prepared with high uniformity, exhibiting impressive cycling stability as cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries.
doi:10.1039/c5qi00213c fatcat:4ozd2xnvtvh2xjrupbtxdgstou

Determination of Polar Cap Boundary for the Substorm Event of 8 March 2008

Chi Wang, Jiangyan Wang, Ramon Lopez, Hui Li, Jiaojiao Zhang, Binbin Tang
2018 Frontiers in Physics  
Taking advantage of the simulation data used previously by Wang et al.  ...  The PCB locations are directly determined from the simulation data used previously by Wang et al. [19] .  ...  Copyright © 2018 Wang, Wang, Lopez, Li, Zhang and Tang. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY).  ... 
doi:10.3389/fphy.2018.00050 fatcat:pqd6k4olmzewpgrfxv5stlppvq

Dynamic Soft Real-Time Scheduling with Preemption Threshold for Streaming Media

Wenle Wang, Yuan Wang, JiangYan Dai, Zhonghua Cao
2019 International Journal of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting  
Over the last decades, the advancements in networking technology and new multimedia devices have motivated the research on efficient video streaming mechanisms under wireless. We consider combing soft real-time video streaming scheduling with threshold to minimize the ineffective preemption. Based on the value density and urgency of soft real-time task, the dynamic scheduling with preemption threshold strategy (DSPT) is proposed in the paper. By analyzing the response time and preemption
more » ... nship of tasks, the preemption thresholds are assigned. Simulation results show that the DSPT strategy achieves improvements about success rate, delay time, and benefit of the system.
doi:10.1155/2019/5284968 fatcat:qcr3er43frbbhirficecoatkty

Efficient sequential harvesting of solar light by heterogeneous hollow shells with hierarchical pores

Yanze Wei, Jiawei Wan, Nailiang Yang, Yu Yang, Yanwen Ma, Songcan Wang, Jiangyan Wang, Ranbo Yu, Lin Gu, Lianhui Wang, Lianzhou Wang, Wei Huang (+1 others)
2020 National Science Review  
In nature, sequential harvesting of light widely exists in the old life entity, i.e., cyanobacteria, to maximize the light absorption and enhance the photosynthesis efficiency. Inspired by nature, we propose a brand-new concept of temporally-spatially sequential harvesting of light in one single particle, which has purpose-designed heterogeneous hollow multi-shelled structures (HoMSs) with porous shells composed of nanoparticle subunits. Structurally, HoMSs consist of different band-gap
more » ... s outside-in, thus realizing the efficient harvesting of light with different wavelengths. Moreover, introducing oxygen vacancies into each nanoparticle subunit can also enhance the light absorption. With the benefit of sequential harvesting of light in HoMSs, the quantum efficiency at wavelength of 400 nm is enhanced by 6 times compared with the corresponding nanoparticles. Impressively, using these aforementioned materials as photocatalysts, highly efficient photocatalytic water splitting is realized, which cannot be achieved by using the nanoparticle counterparts. This new concept of temporally-spatially sequential harvesting of solar light paves the way to solving the ever-growing energy demand.
doi:10.1093/nsr/nwaa059 pmid:34691499 pmcid:PMC8290956 fatcat:bjha2mmgzzfw3h3snadtgfskzm

Combating the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant with non-Omicron neutralizing antibodies [article]

Yingdan Wang, Xiang Zhang, Jiangyan Liu, Yanqun Wang, Wuqiang Zhan, Mei Liu, Meng Zhang, Qimin Wang, Qianying Liu, Tong-Yu Zhu, Yumei Wen, Zhenguo Chen (+4 others)
2022 bioRxiv   pre-print
The highly mutated and transmissible Omicron variant has provoked serious concerns over its decreased sensitivity to the current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines and evasion from most anti-severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) neutralizing antibodies (NAbs). In this study, we explored the possibility of combatting the Omicron variant by constructing bispecific antibodies based on non-Omicron NAbs. We engineered ten IgG-like bispecific antibodies with
more » ... n NAbs named GW01, 16L9, 4L12, and REGN10987 by fusing the single-chain variable fragments (scFvs) of two antibodies through a linker and then connecting them to the Fc region of IgG1. Surprisingly, eight out of ten bispecific antibodies showed high binding affinity to the Omicron receptor-binding domain (RBD) and exhibited extreme breadth and potency against pseudotyped SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern (VOCs) including Omicron, as well as authentic Omicron(+R346K) variants. Six bispecific antibodies containing the cross-NAb GW01 neutralized Omicron variant and retained their abilities to neutralize other sarbecoviruses. Bispecific antibodies inhibited Omicron infection by binding to the ACE2 binding site. A cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) structure study of the representative bispecific antibody FD01 in complex with the Omicron spike (S) revealed 5 distinct trimers and one unique bi-trimer conformation. The structure and mapping analyses of 34 Omicron S variant single mutants elucidated that two scFvs of the bispecific antibody synergistically induced the RBD-down conformation into 3-RBD-up conformation, enlarged the interface area, accommodated the S371L mutation, improved the affinity between a single IgG and the Omicron RBD, and hindered ACE2 binding by forming bi-trimer conformation. Our study offers an important foundation for anti-Omicron NAb design. Engineering bispecific antibodies based on non-Omicron NAbs may provide an efficient solution to combat the Omicron variant.
doi:10.1101/2022.01.30.478305 fatcat:6scxxmhkfzb5lcekiwqpqbuxva

Smooth simultaneous confidence bands for cumulative distribution functions

Jiangyan Wang, Fuxia Cheng, Lijian Yang
2013 Journal of nonparametric statistics (Print)  
Other related works on smooth estimation of cdf include Cheng and Peng (2002) and Xue and Wang (2010) .  ...  Simultaneous confidence bands are powerful tools for global inference of complex functions, see, for instance, the confidence band for pdf in Bickel and Rosenblatt (1973) and for regression function in Wang  ... 
doi:10.1080/10485252.2012.759219 fatcat:fe2vr4fr7ngyhgmc3lmejsqgae

Clinical significance of high expression of stanniocalcin-2 in hepatocellular carcinoma

Yuan Wang, Jian Wu, Jiangyan jiang Xu, Shenyou shen Lin
2019 Bioscience Reports  
To investigate the significance of stanniocalcin-2 (STC2) expression in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) tissues and adjacent tissues. Levels of STC2 in HCC tissue were detected in 200 HCC patients tissues and adjacent tissues as controls by immunohistochemistry technique (IHC) and reverse transcriptase-PCR (RT-PCR). Single factor analysis was used to study the relationship between expression of STC2 mRNA and protein and clinicopathological features of HCC. Multifactor Cox survival analysis was
more » ... ed to relationship between the expression of STC2 and overall survival of postoperative patients with HCC. IHC staining showed that the expression of STC2 protein rate was 81.00% (163/200). And the positive rate of adjacent tissues was 29.00% (58/200). Western blot showed that the expression of STC2 protein in HCC was significantly higher than that in the adjacent tissues (P<0.05). RT-PCR showed that the positive rates of STC2 mRNA expression in HCC were 75.50% (151/200), which was significantly higher than that in adjacent tissues 14.50% (29/200) (P<0.05). Both STC2 mRNA and protein expression are related to tumor diameter, stage, tumor metastasis, carcinoma emboli in the portal vein and the degree of tumor differentiation in HCC. The HCC patients with higher expression of STC2 had shorter median survival time. STC2 expression, tumor diameter, carcinoma emboli in the portal vein, tumor differentiation degree, and tumor stage were independent factors affecting the overall survival of postoperative patients. The high expression of STC2 mRNA and protein expression in HCC may be associated with the occurrence, development, and prognosis of HCC. STC2 may also be possible to help developing new therapeutic strategies for HCC.
doi:10.1042/bsr20182057 pmid:30962272 pmcid:PMC6487261 fatcat:of3ftdbllrb6lfselmarjcoemu

Prognostic Value of Overexpressed p16INK4a in Vulvar Cancer: A Meta-Analysis

Hanyu Cao, Si Wang, Zhenyu Zhang, Jiangyan Lou, Magdalena Grce
2016 PLoS ONE  
Data extraction Three investigators (Hanyu Cao, Si Wang, and Zhenyu Zhang) extracted independently all articles complying with the aforementioned inclusion criteria.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0152459 pmid:27031618 pmcid:PMC4816296 fatcat:4u6rxw4dljgkzasdbsxwibztay

IL-6 is involved in malignancy and doxorubicin sensitivity of renal carcinoma cells

Yanqiang Chen, Jianzhen Liu, Pei Lv, Jiangyan Gao, Mingzheng Wang, Yongjun Wang
2017 Cell Adhesion & Migration  
Various survival factors such as the pleiotropic cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6), a major mediator of inflammation and activator of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3), serve to block apoptosis in cancer cells. Our present study revealed that the expression of IL-6, while not other IL-2, IL-4, IL-8, or IL-10, was significantly elevated in resistance of renal carcinoma cells (RCC) when compared with human renal proximal tubule epithelial cell line HK-2. The inhibition of
more » ... by siRNA can suppress the proliferation, migration and invasion of RCC cells and increase the doxorubicin (Dox) sensitivity. While recombination IL-6 can attenuate the inhibition effects of Dox on proliferation of RCC cells. Further studies indicated that inhibition of IL-6 by siRNA can decrease the phosphorylation of STAT3 in RCC cells. Over expression of STAT3 increased the proliferation, migration and invasion of RCC cells and reversed si-IL-6 induced increase of Dox sensitivity of ACHN and A498 cells. In addition, IL-6 treatment can activate ERK1/2 via increasing its phosphorylation. PD98059, the ERK1/2 inhibitor, attenuated IL-6 induced proliferation and synergistically increased the Dox sensitivity of si-IL-6 transfected ACHN cells. Collectively, our data suggested that IL-6 plays an important role in malignancy and Dox sensitivity of RCC. The targeted inhibition of IL-6 signals might be a promising therapeutic strategy for the treatment of renal cancer.
doi:10.1080/19336918.2017.1307482 pmid:28328292 pmcid:PMC5810756 fatcat:olqpxkhbgbavvadhs3xne7tz4a

Guanidinium-pendant oligofluorene for rapid and specific identification of antibiotics with membrane-disrupting ability

Hui Chen, Bing Wang, Jiangyan Zhang, Chenyao Nie, Fengting Lv, Libing Liu, Shu Wang
2015 Chemical Communications  
A new method based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer was developed for specifically screening membrane-disrupting antibiotics.
doi:10.1039/c4cc09729g pmid:25664361 fatcat:bqld6wb7vrhjvke3tjriig7okm
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