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A risk scoring system to predict the individual incidence of early-onset colorectal cancer

Jialin Gu, Yan Li, Jialin Yu, Miao Hu, Yi Ji, Lingchang Li, Canhong Hu, Guoli Wei, Jiege Huo
2022 BMC Cancer  
Background The incidence of early-onset colorectal cancer (EOCRC) is increasing at an alarming rate and further studies are needed to identify risk factors and to develop prevention strategies. Methods Risk factors significantly associated with EOCRC were identified using meta-analysis. An individual risk appraisal model was constructed using the Rothman–Keller model. Next, a group of random data sets was generated using the binomial distribution function method, to determine nodes of risk
more » ... sment levels and to identify low, medium, and high risk populations. Results A total of 32,843 EOCRC patients were identified in this study, and nine significant risk factors were identified using meta-analysis, including male sex, Caucasian ethnicity, sedentary lifestyle, inflammatory bowel disease, and high intake of red meat and processed meat. After simulating the risk assessment data of 10,000 subjects, scores of 0 to 0.0018, 0.0018 to 0.0036, and 0.0036 or more were respectively considered as low-, moderate-, and high-risk populations for the EOCRC population based on risk trends from the Rothman–Keller model. Conclusion This model can be used for screening of young adults to predict high risk of EOCRC and will contribute to the primary prevention strategies and the reduction of risk of developing EOCRC.
doi:10.1186/s12885-022-09238-4 pmid:35093005 pmcid:PMC8801093 fatcat:3rak7dbmhvg3zddxjwuzfptap4

Reactive Astrocytes in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Kunyu Li, Jiatong Li, Jialin Zheng, Song Qin
2019 Aging and Disease  
Astrocytes, the largest and most numerous glial cells in the central nervous system (CNS), play a variety of important roles in regulating homeostasis, increasing synaptic plasticity and providing neuroprotection, thus helping to maintain normal brain function. At the same time, astrocytes can participate in the inflammatory response and play a key role in the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. Reactive astrocytes are strongly induced by numerous pathological conditions in the CNS.
more » ... cyte reactivity is initially characterized by hypertrophy of soma and processes, triggered by different molecules. Recent studies have demonstrated that neuroinflammation and ischemia can elicit two different types of reactive astrocytes, termed A1s and A2s. However, in the case of astrocyte reactivity in different neurodegenerative diseases, the recently published research issues remain a high level of conflict and controversy. So far, we still know very little about whether and how the function or reactivity of astrocytes changes in the progression of different neurodegenerative diseases. In this review, we aimed to briefly discuss recent studies highlighting the complex contribution of astrocytes in the process of various neurodegenerative diseases, which may provide us with new prospects for the development of an excellent therapeutic target for neurodegenerative diseases.
doi:10.14336/ad.2018.0720 pmid:31165009 pmcid:PMC6538217 fatcat:3b4cempm6zewjoptwkm6l3gffy

Deep Variational Instance Segmentation [article]

Jialin Yuan, Chao Chen, Li Fuxin
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The main difficulty of extending this variational approach to solve the instance segmentation problem lies in utilizing the matching potential (Î(x, y) − I(x, y)) 2 dxdy, where a simple MSE or CE loss  ... 
arXiv:2007.11576v2 fatcat:kbchfbtsqjetpejtkqrj7lfi3e

Relation-Aware Pyramid Network (RapNet) for temporal action proposal [article]

Jialin Gao, Zhixiang Shi, Jiani Li, Yufeng Yuan, Jiwei Li, Xi Zhou
2019 arXiv   pre-print
In this technical report, we describe our solution to temporal action proposal (task 1) in ActivityNet Challenge 2019. First, we fine-tune a ResNet-50-C3D CNN on ActivityNet v1.3 based on Kinetics pretrained model to extract snippet-level video representations and then we design a Relation-Aware Pyramid Network (RapNet) to generate temporal multiscale proposals with confidence score. After that, we employ a two-stage snippet-level boundary adjustment scheme to re-rank the order of generated
more » ... osals. Ensemble methods are also been used to improve the performance of our solution, which helps us achieve 2nd place.
arXiv:1908.03448v1 fatcat:73qqavthfnbmrc5cw5rs7a2qtm

Evaluation of Sustainability Information Disclosure Based on Entropy

Ming Li, Jialin Wang, Ying Li, Yingcheng Xu
2018 Entropy  
Disclosure of sustainability information is important for stockholders and governments. In order to evaluate the quality of sustainability information disclosure in heavily polluting industries, the quality of the disclosure is proposed to be evaluated from completeness, adequacy, relevance, reliability, normativeness and clarity aspects. The corresponding evaluation indicator system is constructed. Due to the ambiguity and complexity of the evaluation information, the intuitionistic fuzzy sets
more » ... are applied to model the linguistic ratings. Entropy is used to derive the weight of experts, the object weight and the subject weight of the indicators. which are integrated when dealing with the evaluation information. The quality of sustainability information disclosure of seven representative companies in heavily polluting industries is evaluated. The importance of indicators and ranking of the companies are derived. Based on the evaluation results, the discussion and suggestions are also provided.
doi:10.3390/e20090689 pmid:33265778 fatcat:uljjj3j32zhfxepbxe3msjrz4i

When the only certainty is uncertainty

LI Jialin
We have judged that the basis of international cooperation lies in the game and balance of interests between different countries, but beyond the issue of global climate change, the concept of the community  ... 
doi:10.47297/wspcewsp2516-251906.20210501 fatcat:2yodf2a34rchdb74j7bg3wmb5a

Repeated recurrent epidermoid cyst with atypical hyperplasia

Jialin Li, Ming Qian, Xiaoyi Huang, Li Zhao, Xinghai Yang, Jianru Xiao
2017 Medicine  
Li et al.  ... 
doi:10.1097/md.0000000000008950 pmid:29245264 pmcid:PMC5728879 fatcat:masdyaciyveobefnfv3nxcmqcy

Heteroatom-bridged molecular belts as containers

Jialin Xie, Xia Li, Shenghua Wang, Anquan Li, Long Jiang, Kelong Zhu
2020 Nature Communications  
Hoop-shaped or belt-like molecules have been fascinating not only due to their challenging synthesis, but also unique physical and chemical properties. The incorporation of heteroatoms (N, O, S, etc.) into these belts could alter both molecular structures and electronic properties which will lead to versatile applications, from advanced host-guest systems to functional materials. Despite numerous computational studies, the synthesis and characterization of heteroatom-bridged double-stranded
more » ... cular belts remains scarce. Here we report the synthesis, crystal structure, and host-guest chemistry of two novel heteroatom-bridged belt-like macrocycles composed of phenoxathiin. The bowl-shaped belt demonstrates a strong binding affinity (Ka = 3.6 × 109 M‒2) towards fullerene C60 and forms a 2:1 capsule-like complex with the aid of C‒H···S hydrogen bonds. The column-like belt can bind the cyclic guest [2,2]paracyclophane to form a ring-in-ring complex. The modular synthesis, structural specificity, and diverse host-guest chemistry of cyclophenoxathiins markedly expands the known chemistry of molecular belts.
doi:10.1038/s41467-020-17134-3 pmid:32620853 fatcat:xgywcldjgbanjgnxzhnvn2jghe

Discouraging Pool Block Withholding Attacks in Bitcoins [article]

Zhihuai Chen, Bo Li, Xiaohan Shan, Xiaoming Sun, Jialin Zhang
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The arisen of Bitcoin has led to much enthusiasm for blockchain research and block mining, and the extensive existence of mining pools helps its participants (i.e., miners) gain reward more frequently. Recently, the mining pools are proved to be vulnerable for several possible attacks, and pool block withholding attack is one of them: one strategic pool manager sends some of her miners to other pools and these miners pretend to work on the puzzles but actually do nothing. And these miners still
more » ... get reward since the pool manager can not recognize these malicious miners. In this work, we revisit the game-theoretic model for pool block withholding attacks and propose a revised approach to reallocate the reward to the miners. Fortunately, in the new model, the pool managers have strong incentive to not launch such attacks. We show that for any number of mining pools, no-pool-attacks is always a Nash equilibrium. Moreover, with only two minority mining pools participating, no-pool-attacks is actually the unique Nash equilibrium.
arXiv:2008.06923v1 fatcat:i2soy7gvfrdnnaccooy4ieoyaa

When Mobilenetv2 Meets Transformer: A Balanced Sheep Face Recognition Model

Xiaopeng Li, Jinzhi Du, Jialin Yang, Shuqin Li
2022 Agriculture  
Sheep face recognition models deployed on edge devices require a good trade-off between model size and accuracy, but the existing recognition models cannot do so. To solve the above problems, this paper combines Mobilenetv2 with Vision Transformer to propose a balanced sheep face recognition model called MobileViTFace. MobileViTFace enhances the model's ability to extract fine-grained features and suppress the interference of background information through Transformer to distinguish different
more » ... eep faces more effectively. Thus, it can distinguish different sheep faces more effectively. The recognition accuracy of 96.94% is obtained on a self-built dataset containing 5490 sheep face photos of 105 sheep, which is a 9.79% improvement compared with MobilenetV2, with only a small increase in Params (the number of parameters) and FLOPs (floating-point operations). Compared to models such as Swin-small, which currently performs SOTA, Params and FLOPs are reduced by nearly ten times, whereas recognition accuracy is only 0.64% lower. Deploying MobileViTFace on the Jetson Nano-based edge computing platform, real-time and accurate recognition results are obtained, which has implications for practical production.
doi:10.3390/agriculture12081126 fatcat:6yjxnn47hjat7ox2ljtnohkhhy

Bibliometric Analysis Reveals a 20-Year Research Trend for Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Jialin Gu, Miao Hu, Zhancheng Gu, Jialin Yu, Yi Ji, Lingchang Li, Canhong Hu, Guoli Wei, Jiege Huo
2022 Frontiers in Neurology  
Lai H, Jiang W, Zhao J, Dinglin X, Li Y, Li S, et al. Global trend in research and development of CDK4/6 inhibitors for clinical cancer therapy: a bibliometric analysis. J Cancer.  ...  Zhai X, Zhao J, Wang Y, Wei X, Li G, Yang Y, et al. Bibliometric analysis of global scientific research on lncRNA: a swiftly expanding trend. Biomed Res Int.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fneur.2021.793663 pmid:35211075 pmcid:PMC8860827 fatcat:u2nt52gapjggtmlvhpayrlivze

Visual-Texual Emotion Analysis with Deep Coupled Video and Danmu Neural Networks [article]

Chenchen Li, Jialin Wang, Hongwei Wang, Miao Zhao, Wenjie Li, Xiaotie Deng
2018 arXiv   pre-print
to i + c do if j < 0 or j > n then w j = # if j = i then L = L + log P (w j |w i ) + log P (w j |l i ) Backward Propagation: v w (w i ) = v w (w i ) -µ ∂L ∂vw(wi) v l (l i ) = v l (l i ) -µ ∂L ∂v l (li  ... 
arXiv:1811.07485v1 fatcat:tupsexqmefeldbcs6ej4upw3dy

New azaphilones from mangrove endophytic fungus Penicillium sclerotiorin SCNU-F0040

Jialin Li, Zixuan Li, Tao Chen, Geting Ye, Liyu Qiu, Yuhua Long
Two new sclerotioramines (1 and 2) and a new natural product of sclerotioramine analog (3), together with seven known compounds have been isolated from the mangrove endophytic fungus Penicillium sclerotiorin SCNU-F0040. Their structures were identified based on the 1 D, 2 D NMR and HRESIM spectra. The absolute configurations of new compounds were deduced by specific rotation data and electronic circular dichroism spectra. All the isolated new compounds were tested on anti-diabetes activity by
more » ... ing a-glucosidase inhibition assay and anti-inflammatory activity by using cyclooxygenase inhibition assay, respectively. Compounds 1 and 2 have a-glucosidase inhibition activity with IC50 values of 102.3 and 217.5 μM. Compound 2 shows a moderate cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitory activity with an IC50 value of 47.8 μM.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.16595012.v1 fatcat:ovakv3uh4jekzjzvetwbtobyxi

Optimal Scheduling of Friendly Jammers for Securing Wireless Communication [article]

Jialin Wan, Siyao Cheng, Shanshan Han, Jianzhong Li
2017 arXiv   pre-print
Wireless communication systems, such as wireless sensor networks and RFIDs, are increasingly adopted to transfer potential highly sensitive information. Since the wireless medium has a sharing nature, adversaries have a chance to eavesdrop confidential information from the communication systems. Adding artificial noises caused by friendly jammers emerges as a feasible defensive technique against adversaries. This paper studies the schedule strategies of friendly jammers, which are randomly and
more » ... edundantly deployed in a circumscribed geographical area and can be unrechargeable or rechargeable, to maximize the lifetime of the jammer networks and prevent the cracking of jamming effect made by the eavesdroppers, under the constraints of geographical area, energy consumption, transmission power, and threshold level. An approximation algorithm as baseline is first proposed using the integer linear programming model. To further reduce the computational complexity, a heuristic algorithm based on the greedy strategy that less consumption leads to longer lifetime is also proposed. Finally, extensive simulation results show that the proposed algorithms are effective and efficient.
arXiv:1710.09566v1 fatcat:xguv2pfpp5cf5ah57o4fhrzkca

Cumulative Activation in Social Networks [article]

Xiaohan Shan, Wei Chen, Qiang Li, Xiaoming Sun, Jialin Zhang
2017 arXiv   pre-print
Most studies on influence maximization focus on one-shot propagation, i.e. the influence is propagated from seed users only once following a probabilistic diffusion model and users' activation are determined via single cascade. In reality it is often the case that a user needs to be cumulatively impacted by receiving enough pieces of information propagated to her before she makes the final purchase decision. In this paper we model such cumulative activation as the following process: first
more » ... le pieces of information are propagated independently in the social network following the classical independent cascade model, then the user will be activated (and adopt the product) if the cumulative pieces of information she received reaches her cumulative activation threshold. Two optimization problems are investigated under this framework: seed minimization with cumulative activation (SM-CA), which asks how to select a seed set with minimum size such that the number of cumulatively active nodes reaches a given requirement η; influence maximization with cumulative activation (IM-CA), which asks how to choose a seed set with fixed budget to maximize the number of cumulatively active nodes. For SM-CA problem, we design a greedy algorithm that yields a bicriteria O( n)-approximation when η=n, where n is the number of nodes in the network. For both SM-CA problem with η<n and IM-CA problem, we prove strong inapproximability results. Despite the hardness results, we propose two efficient heuristic algorithms for SM-CA and IM-CA respectively based on the reverse reachable set approach. Experimental results on different real-world social networks show that our algorithms significantly outperform baseline algorithms.
arXiv:1605.04635v2 fatcat:hiyslfdzsnhqlew2ig5rhhodam
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