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Ramanujan subspace pursuit for signal periodic decomposition [article]

Shi-Wen Deng, Ji-Qing Han
2015 arXiv   pre-print
*Han Ji-Qing is with School of Computer Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China (e-mail: both the Eq. (30) and Eq. (31) are established.  ... 
arXiv:1512.08112v1 fatcat:jvd3vzhnaja33e5xpyjtj5tte4

Origin of Boron and Brine Evolution in Saline Springs in the Nangqen Basin, Southern Tibetan Plateau

Ji-long Han, Feng-qing Han, Syed-Asim Hussain, Wen-yu Liu, Xiu-qing Nian, Qing-fei Mao
2018 Geofluids  
Figure 1 : 1 Simplified geologic map of the Nangqen Basin (modified after Han et al. [8] ). VSMOW2 was used as the H 2 O standard with D VSMOW /‰ = 0 ± 0.3 and 18 O VSMOW /‰ = 0 ± 0.02.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2018/1985784 fatcat:yrmihbcxx5atvhm7g26ixchqsu

Nutrition deficiency increases the risk of stomach cancer mortality

Qing Da Li, Hao Li, Fu Ji Li, Mei Shu Wang, Zhuo Jian Li, Jing Han, Qing Hui Li, Xiang Ji Ma, Da Nan Wang
2012 BMC Cancer  
The purpose of the study is to determine whether exposure to malnutrition during early life is associated with increased risk of stomach cancer in later life. Methods: The design protocol included analyzing the trend of gastric cancer mortality and nutrition and evaluating the association between nutrient deficiency in early life and the risk of gastric cancer by hierarchical age-period-birth cohort (APC) analysis using general log-linear Poisson models and to compare the difference between
more » ... h cohorts who were exposed to the 1959-1961 Chinese famine and those who were not exposed to the famine. Data on stomach cancer mortality from 1970 to 2009 and the dietary patterns from 1955 to 1985 which included the 1959-1961 Chinese famine period in the Zhaoyuan County population were obtained. The nutrition information was collected 15 years prior to the mortality data as based on the latest reference of disease incubation. Results: APC analysis revealed that severe nutrition deficiency during early life may increase the risk of stomach cancer. Compared with the 1960-1964 birth cohort, the risk for stomach cancer in all birth cohorts from 1900 to 1959 significantly increased; compared with the 1970-1974 cohort, the risk for stomach cancer in the 1975-1979 cohort significantly increased, whereas the others had a steadily decreased risk; compared with 85-89 age group in the 2005-2009 death survey, the ORs decreased with younger age and reached significant levels for the 50-54 age group after adjusting the confounding factors. The 1930 to 1964 group (exposed to famine) had a higher mortality rate than the 1965 to 1999 group (not exposed to famine). For males, the relative risk (RR) was 2.39 and the 95% confidence interval (CI) was 1.51 to 3.77. For females, RR was 1.64 and 95% CI was 1.02 to 2.62. Conclusion: The results of the present study suggested that prolonged malnutrition during early life may increase the risk of stomach cancer mortality in later life.
doi:10.1186/1471-2407-12-315 pmid:22838407 pmcid:PMC3443031 fatcat:zfazhd22l5amngjisfhx4oxi6y

Clinical and pathological analysis of solitary fibrous tumors with portal vein widening

Xu-Qing Wang, Han-Qing Yang, Ji-Xiang Chen, Zhen-Fa Mao, He Han, Gong Chen, Xin Fan
2019 Medicine  
Solitary fibrous tumors (SFTs) are rare soft-tissue tumors characterized with spindle-cell, which occur more common in the chest and rarely seen in the abdomen. So far as we knew, SFTs accompanied with venopathy of portal vein has rarely been reported. A 36-year-old male presented with left-sided abdominal mass and portal vein expansion on ultrasound. The post-operative histopathology confirmed the diagnosis of Solitary fibrous tumor. Laparotomy was performed and the mass was completely
more » ... Patients had no symptoms, recovered well without recurrence; the portal vein and splenic vein dilatation were alleviated and the symptoms of portal hypertension were relieved. SFTs presents with few symptoms in the early stage of the disease. A rich arteriovenous shunt is beneficial to the diagnosis of SFTs by B-ultrasound and computed tomography (CT) examinations. However, the diagnosis of SFTs must depend on histopathology.
doi:10.1097/md.0000000000015757 pmid:31145293 pmcid:PMC6708711 fatcat:ixolyv47pnfh7kqrnfonn3skdm

Association of a SNP in SLC35F3 Gene with the Risk of Hypertension in a Chinese Han Population

Xiao-Li Zang, Wei-Qing Han, Feng-Ping Yang, Kai-Da Ji, Ji-Guang Wang, Ping-Jin Gao, Guang He, Sheng-Nan Wu
2016 Frontiers in Genetics  
In addition, vitamin B1 might be related to the cardiac function (Han et al., 1995) .  ...  Association of rs34032258 with Hypertension in Han Chinese The associations of rs34032258 with BP, BMI, BUN, and Cr are shown in Table 2 .  ... 
doi:10.3389/fgene.2016.00108 pmid:27379158 pmcid:PMC4913099 fatcat:exbrbayksbddvmdos5eea5zei4

Acylated Iridoids from the Roots of Valeriana officinalis var. latifolia

Zhu-zhen Han, Zhao-hui Yan, Qing-xin Liu, Xian-qing Hu, Ji Ye, Hui-liang Li, Wei-dong Zhang
2012 Planta Medica  
1000 1200 1400 21.25 22.52 22.54 22.60 22.62 25.83 25.98 33.49 39.69 43.48 43.76 63.07 67.60 76.90 112.90 © Georg Thieme Verlag KG · DOI 10.1055/s-0032-1315214 · Planta Med · Han  ... 
doi:10.1055/s-0032-1315214 pmid:22872588 fatcat:vuh2gdtchvg5xk2yemxkowfpzq

Parametrized Deep Q-Networks Learning: Reinforcement Learning with Discrete-Continuous Hybrid Action Space [article]

Jiechao Xiong, Qing Wang, Zhuoran Yang, Peng Sun, Lei Han, Yang Zheng, Haobo Fu, Tong Zhang, Ji Liu, Han Liu
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Most existing deep reinforcement learning (DRL) frameworks consider either discrete action space or continuous action space solely. Motivated by applications in computer games, we consider the scenario with discrete-continuous hybrid action space. To handle hybrid action space, previous works either approximate the hybrid space by discretization, or relax it into a continuous set. In this paper, we propose a parametrized deep Q-network (P- DQN) framework for the hybrid action space without
more » ... ximation or relaxation. Our algorithm combines the spirits of both DQN (dealing with discrete action space) and DDPG (dealing with continuous action space) by seamlessly integrating them. Empirical results on a simulation example, scoring a goal in simulated RoboCup soccer and the solo mode in game King of Glory (KOG) validate the efficiency and effectiveness of our method.
arXiv:1810.06394v1 fatcat:egtqo2kqkzatvefgzv4xc2fpn4

The design of ultra-strong laser with one-dimensional function photonic crystal [article]

Xiang-Yao Wu, Ben-Shan Wu, Si-Qi Zhang, Xiao-Jing Liu, Ji-Ping Liu, Qing Pan, Ji Ma, Xiao-Ru Zhang, Han Liu, Hong Li
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Liua , Qing Pana , Ji Maa , Xiao-Ru Zhanga , Han Liua , and Hong Lia a.  ...  Xiang-Yao Wua ∗ , Ben-Shan Wua , Si-Qi Zhanga , Xiao-Jing Liua Ji-Ping  ... 
arXiv:1806.07207v1 fatcat:k6ige4q325d2tn4qy6v5tutjle

Clinical and urodynamic characteristics of underactive bladder

Xing Li, Li-Min Liao, Guo-Qing Chen, Zhao-Xia Wang, Tian-Ji Lu, Han Deng
2018 Medicine  
There have no universally accepted criteria and have been established for classification of underactive bladder (UAB) at present. Thus, the study described the comprehensive clinical and urodynamic characteristics of UAB in patients with lower urinary tract symptoms. A total of 1726 patients (1259 men and 467 women; 6-88 years old) who were admitted to our center with a diagnosis of UAB were included in this retrospective study. It was due to the type of rehabilitation hospital, so higher
more » ... tage of neurological patients were included. The demographics, clinical characteristics, and urodynamic recordings were reviewed. The clinical characteristics and urodynamic findings of UAB were further classified. For the etiologic analysis, UAB with aging and without clear causes accounted for 11.5% of cases (199/1726), UAB with bladder outflow obstruction accounted for 2.6% (45/1726), and UAB acting on the nerve pathway of the voiding reflex accounted for 84.6% (1460/1726). There were a number of cases (1.3% [22/1726]) which had > 2 factors assigned. For studies involving urodynamic findings and clinical symptoms, the percentage of patients with detrusor hyperreflexia with impaired contractility (DHIC), detrusor underactivity (DU), and acontractile detrusor (AcD) was 0.7%, 5.6%, and 93.7%, respectively. UAB can be classified into 4 types based on possible etiologic mechanisms (idiopathic, myogenic, neurogenic, and integrative). Based on urodynamic findings and symptoms, UAB can be classified into 3 types (DU, AcD, and DHIC). The classification of UAB can provide a reasonable basis for the future research. Abbreviations: AcD = acontractile detrusor, BOO = bladder outflow obstruction, DO = detrusor overactivity, DU = detrusor underactivity, DHIC = detrusor hyperreflexia with impaired contractility, ICS = International Continence Society, LUTD = lower urinary tract dysfunction, LUTS = lower urinary tract symptoms, OAB = overactive bladder, PFS = pressure-flow study, Pdet = detrusor pressure, SCI = spinal cord injury, UAB = underactive bladder.
doi:10.1097/md.0000000000009610 pmid:29504988 pmcid:PMC5779757 fatcat:6ospiryl7revndhtjdylrpbdoa

Adenovirus-mediated GDNF protects cultured motoneurons from glutamate injury

Xiao-Qing Tang, Yun Wang, Ji-Sheng Han, You Wan
2001 NeuroReport  
The protective effects of adenovirus-mediated glia cell linederived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) gene transaction was investigated on cultured motoneurons. First, the dose± and time±response relationship of glutamate neurotoxicity was determined on spinal motoneuron cultures. Then, the effect of the gdnf recombinant adenovirus (AdCMVgdnf) was tested in this cellular model. AdCMVgdnf at 20 MOI (multiplicity of infection) was found to signi®cantly reduce the cell loss of motoneurons, as compared to
more » ... AdCMVgdnf at 20 MOI, the recombinant adenovirus containing the marker gene lacZ. Furthermore, the adenovirus was proved to mediate erogenous gene expression using X-Gal staining and a semi-quantitative RT-PCR method. These results suggested a therapeutic potential of adenovirus vector-mediated gdnf gene therapy in human motoneuron diseases.
doi:10.1097/00001756-200110080-00018 pmid:11568639 fatcat:idnabuhofvattiskcwymoanhwa

Aerial Projection 3D Display Based on Integral Imaging

Wu-Xiang Zhao, Han-Le Zhang, Qing-Lin Ji, Huan Deng, Da-Hai Li
2021 Photonics  
We proposed an aerial projection 3D display based on integral imaging. It is composed of a projector, a lens-array holographic optical element (HOE), and two parabolic mirrors. The lens-array HOE is a diffraction grating and is made by the volume holography technique. The lens-array HOE can be produced on a thin glass plate, and it has the optical properties of a lens array when the Bragg condition is satisfied. When the display beams of the element image array (EIA) are projected on the
more » ... ray HOE, 3D images can be reconstructed. The two parabolic mirrors can project 3D images into the air. The Bragg-unmatched light simply passes through the lens-array HOE. Therefore, the aerial projection 3D images appear to be imaged in the air without any medium. In the experiment, a BenQ projector was used for the projection of 3D images, with a resolution of 1600 × 1200. The diameter and the height of each parabolic mirror are 150 mm and 25 mm, respectively. The inner diameter of the parabolic mirror is 40 mm. The 3D images were projected in the air, and the experimental results prove the correctness of our display system.
doi:10.3390/photonics8090381 fatcat:kd76iisbqrbatnrbafbhqh6bvm

Bioinspired Surfaces With Switchable Wettability

Dong-Dong Han, Qing Cai, Zhao-Di Chen, Ji-Chao Li, Jiang-Wei Mao, Pin Lv, Bing-Rong Gao
2020 Frontiers in Chemistry  
., 2019a; Han et al., 2020; Li et al., 2020) .  ...  et al., 2015a (Han et al., ,b, 2016 Yong et al., 2015) .  ... 
doi:10.3389/fchem.2020.00692 pmid:32903458 pmcid:PMC7434979 fatcat:gjxiu7e33rf3xicxuo53aarjwa

Bulk superconductivity and Pauli paramagnetism in nearly stoichiometric CuCo_2S_4 [article]

Yu-Ying Jin, Shi-Huai Sun, Yan-Wei Cui, Qin-Qing Zhu, Liang-Wen Ji, Zhi Ren, Guang-Han Cao
2021 arXiv   pre-print
It has long remained elusive whether CuCo_2S_4 thiospinel shows bulk superconductivity. Here we clarify the issue by studying on the samples of sulfur-deficient CuCo_2S_3.7 and sulfurized CuCo_2S_4. The sample CuCo_2S_3.7 has a smaller lattice constant of a=9.454 Å, and it is not superconducting down to 1.8 K. After a full sulfurization, the a axis of the thiospinel phase increases to 9.475 Å, and the thiospinel becomes nearly stoichiometric CuCo_2S_4, although a secondary phase of slightly
more » ... oped CoS_2 forms. Bulk superconductivity at 4.2 K and Pauli paramagnetism have been demonstrated for the sulfurized CuCo_2S_4 by the measurements of electrical resistivity, magnetic susceptibility, and specific heat.
arXiv:2107.09848v1 fatcat:emhxawfttferzkug7k7staz4km

Climate Change Impact on the Evolution of the Saline Lakes of the Soan-Sakaser Valley (Central Salt Range; Pakistan): Evidences from Hydrochemistry and Water (δD, δ18O) and Chlorine (δ37Cl) Stable Isotopes

Syed Asim Hussain, Feng-Qing Han, Wenxia Han, Alejandro Rodríguez, Ji-Long Han, Jibin Han, Xiu-Qing Nian, Lei Yi, Zhe Ma, David Widory
2019 Water  
The surfaces of saline lakes are shrinking at a threatening rate worldwide. Likewise, the Uchhali complex (formed by three saltwater lakes located in the Salt Range, Pakistan) that serves as a major regional source of water for humans and as a habitat for water birds must be monitored. With this objective in mind, we conducted a study coupling hydrochemistry and stable isotope compositions (δ37Cl, δ18O and δD) in order to characterize its hydrochemical properties and the main processes
more » ... ng them. Results showed that the Uchhali complex salinity has dramatically increased compared to other similar lakes in the world. While the Uchhali (UL) and Khabbeki (KL) lakes present a sodium-chloride hydrofacies, the Jahlar (JL) is of a sodium-bicarbonate type. Hydrochemistry parameters indicate that the weathering of surrounding rocks is the major vector for the increase of total dissolved solids in the water. On the other hand, the observed enrichment in heavy isotopes of the water stable isotope compositions implies that the different lakes are undergoing a long history of intense evaporation. The study of the corresponding δ37Cl isotope compositions supports the conclusion that evaporation, along with weathering, are the main driving processes. Besides climate effects that result in the decrease of annual precipitation and the increase of evaporation, water consumption for domestic purposes (household and agriculture) aggravates the rise of the lakes' salinity.
doi:10.3390/w11050912 fatcat:cl5b5op2hjehhixymufysajcmq

Involvement of Cholesterol Metabolic Pathways in Recovery from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Na Sai, Xi Shi, Yan Zhang, Qing-qing Jiang, Fei Ji, Shuo-long Yuan, Wei Sun, Wei-Wei Guo, Shi-Ming Yang, Wei-Ju Han
2020 Neural Plasticity  
The objective of this study was to explore the molecular mechanisms of acute noise-induced hearing loss and recovery of steady-state noise-induced hearing loss using miniature pigs. We used miniature pigs exposed to white noise at 120 dB (A) as a model. Auditory brainstem response (ABR) measurements were made before noise exposure, 1 day and 7 days after noise exposure. Proteomic Isobaric Tags for Relative and Absolute Quantification (iTRAQ) was used to observe changes in proteins of the
more » ... re pig inner ear following noise exposure. Western blot and immunofluorescence were performed for further quantitative and qualitative analysis of proteomic changes. The average ABR-click threshold of miniature pigs before noise exposure, 1 day and 7 days after noise exposure, were 39.4 dB SPL, 67.1 dB SPL, and 50.8 dB SPL, respectively. In total, 2,158 proteins were identified using iTRAQ. Both gene ontology and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) database analyses showed that immune and metabolic pathways were prominently involved during the impairment stage of acute hearing loss. During the recovery stage of acute hearing loss, most differentially expressed proteins were related to cholesterol metabolism. Western blot and immunofluorescence showed accumulation of reactive oxygen species and nuclear translocation of NF-κB (p65) in the hair cells of miniature pig inner ears during the acute hearing loss stage after noise exposure. Nuclear translocation of NF-κB (p65) may be associated with overexpression of downstream inflammatory factors. Apolipoprotein (Apo) A1 and Apo E were significantly upregulated during the recovery stage of hearing loss and may be related to activation of cholesterol metabolic pathways. This is the first study to use proteomics analysis to analyze the molecular mechanisms of acute noise-induced hearing loss and its recovery in a large animal model (miniature pigs). Our results showed that activation of metabolic, inflammatory, and innate immunity pathways may be involved in acute noise-induced hearing loss, while cholesterol metabolic pathways may play an important role in recovery of hearing ability following noise-induced hearing loss.
doi:10.1155/2020/6235948 pmid:32617095 pmcid:PMC7306080 fatcat:4k6pm6z6ofhxvbg7oxijherhwe
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