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Francisco P. Romero, Jesus Serrano-Guerrero, Jose A. Olivas
2009 Proceedings of the 18th international conference on World wide web - WWW '09  
In this poster, a tool named BUCEFALO is presented. This tool is specially designed to improve the information retrieval tasks in web-based Personal Health Records (PHR). This tool implements semantic and multilingual query expansion techniques and information filtering algorithms in order to help users find the most valuable information about a specific clinical case. The filtering model is based on fuzzy prototypes based filtering, data quality measures, user profiles and healthcare
more » ... . The first experimental results illustrate the feasibility of this tool.
doi:10.1145/1526709.1526864 dblp:conf/www/RomeroSO09 fatcat:svzdv3kfzbazpn376fqqumxele

Fluorescent polyacrylate derivate from 4-biphenylmethanol with UV-green emission

Ana M Herrera-González, Martín Caldera-Villalobos, Jesús García-Serrano, Marissa Vargas Ramírez, Azdrubal Lobo Guerrero-Serrano
2018 Designed Monomers and Polymers  
In this paper we report the synthesis of a new polyacrylate named poly(1,1'-BP4MA) which is a derivate from 4-biphenylmethanol monomer. Poly(1,1'-BP4MA) was obtained by solution and bulk polymerization techniques to yield polymers with high molecular weight and high solubility. The study of the optical properties showed that poly(1,1'-BP4MA) is a fluorescent material with emission in the UV-green region and it has similar quantum yield to tryptophan.
doi:10.1080/15685551.2018.1514703 pmid:30275802 pmcid:PMC6161592 fatcat:ysk74wivezh7tmy5njr7ie6js4

Sustainability and urban development - Córdoba city (Spain): BE.D Primary. Student´s perception

Rafael Guerrero Elecalde, Miguel Jesús López Serrano
2021 PODIUM  
Student´s perception Rafael Guerrero Elecalde, Miguel Jesús López Serrano PODIUM No. 39, Junio 2021, pp. 1-18 © Universidad Espíritu Santo -UEES ISSN: 1390-5473 e-ISSN: 2588-0969 13 Sustainability  ...  y Guerrero Elecalde, 2020).  ... 
doaj:52d7c4d59a634358afc01a6714a9aa64 fatcat:lyxkrevezvha7aespwzpu3poyi

A New Merging Algorithm Based on Semantic Relationships of Learning Objects

Elio Rivas-Sanchez, Jesús Serrano Guerrero, Víctor Hugo Menéndez
2013 Nexo  
RESUMEN Los Objetos de Aprendizajes son elementos muy importantes dentro de entornos de aprendizajes "e-learning" o bien cuando se utilizan recursos digitales para la educación porque describen el material educativo para los estudiantes, estos permiten la reutilización y la posibilidad de compartirse en diferentes sistemas de gestión del aprendizaje. Habitualmente cuando los docentes necesitan crear y estructurar experiencias educativas, ellos acuden a repositorios para recuperar recursos
more » ... dos a sus intereses particulares para reducir el esfuerzo y el tiempo invertido en su elaboración. En este artículo, es presentado un método para la fusión o mezcla de Objetos de Aprendizajes recuperados desde repositorios heterogéneos; El modelo está basado en las relaciones semánticas que guardan los Objetos de Aprendizajes entre ellos los cuales son recuperados a través de un Meta-Buscador, como una alternativa para la localización o búsqueda efectiva de recursos educativos ajustados a los intereses de los docentes. El modelo expuesto en la propuesta ha sido implementado como prototipo inicial el cual recuperar Objetos de Aprendizajes de repositorios abiertos. Los resultados iniciales del estudio confirman la utilidad y efectividad del modelo. ABSTRACT Learning Objects are key elements within e-Learning environment because describe the created educational material for students, besides, it permits the reusing and sharing in di_erent Learning Management Systems. Usually, when teachers need to create and structure educational experiences, they attend to repositories for retrieving resources fitted to their interest, for reducing the e_ort and the computational time. In this paper, a proposal is presented for merging Learning Objects from heterogeneous repositories; the model is based on semantic relationships between Learning Objects retrieved from a meta-search engine, as an alternative for locating fitted educational resources for teacher's interest. The model exposed in the proposal has been implemented as initial prototype, which retrieves Learning Objects from open repositories. An initial study results confirm the usefulness of the model.
doi:10.5377/nexo.v26i2.1286 fatcat:ghqaj5jdlvg5xlolmfrsankrxi

Generalized myoclonus in COVID-19

Pablo Rábano-Suárez, Laura Bermejo-Guerrero, Antonio Méndez-Guerrero, Javier Parra-Serrano, Daniel Toledo-Alfocea, Daniel Sánchez-Tejerina, Teresa Santos-Fernández, María Dolores Folgueira-López, Judit Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez, Blanca Ayuso-García, Jesús González de la Aleja, Julián Benito-León
2020 Neurology  
ObjectiveTo report 3 patients infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) who developed generalized myoclonus.MethodsPatient data were obtained from medical records from the University Hospital "12 de Octubre," Madrid, Spain.ResultsThree patients (2 men, and one woman, aged 63–88) presented with mild hypersomnia and generalized myoclonus following the onset of the so-called "inflammatory" phase of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). All of them had presented
more » ... ously with anosmia. Myoclonus had a stereotypical pattern, being both positive and negative, generalized, with a predominant involvement of nasopharyngeal, facial, and upper limbs areas. These jerky movements occurred spontaneously and were extremely sensitive to multisensory stimuli (auditive and tactile) or voluntary movement, with an exaggerated startle response. Other causes of myoclonus were ruled-out, and none of them had undergone respiratory arrest or significant prolonged hypoxia. All of them improved, at least partially, with immunotherapy.ConclusionsOur 3 cases highlight the occurrence of myoclonus during the COVID-19 pandemic as a postinfectious/immune-mediated disorder. However, we cannot rule out that SARS-CoV-2 may spread transneuronally to first- and second-order structures connected with the olfactory bulb. Further investigation is required to clarify the full clinical spectrum of neurologic symptoms and its optimal treatment.
doi:10.1212/wnl.0000000000009829 pmid:32439821 pmcid:PMC7455360 fatcat:lo777amilva63emiqd6m7vfydu

A fuzzy aspect‐based approach for recommending hospitals

Jesus Serrano‐Guerrero, Mohammad Bani‐Doumi, Francisco P. Romero, Jose A. Olivas
2021 International Journal of Intelligent Systems  
The process to assess a hospital performance usually needs the interaction of a lot of experts and patients and is very costly and time-consuming. Nevertheless, the availability of patient opinions on the Internet offers a great opportunity to develop systems that evaluate hospitals based on user feedback. The content of these opinions is very challenging, including information about the hospital services but also stories about their own patients, their families, and personal feelings or
more » ... before or after leaving a hospital. Therefore, the task of recommending hospitals according to the quality of their services becomes really complicated. This study describes an application for ranking hospitals based on the user preferences about the different offered services as well as the opinions about them. First, it semiautomatically classifies all predefined hospital aspects, calculates the sentiment orientation, and represents their associated polarity by intuitionistic fuzzy sets. Second, by means of the user preferences towards the different aspects, an aggregation operator, and a multicriteria decision-making algorithm, all hospitals are ranked. To assess this methodology, a large set of reviews about hospitals have been collected.
doi:10.1002/int.22634 fatcat:aipgajlaaveq5esgvimwmgptjy

Percepción del alumnado del grado de educación primaria sobre sostenibilidad y el urbanismo (Córdoba, España)

Miguel Jesús López Serrano, Rafael Guerrero Elecalde
2020 Revista Scientific  
OAI-PMH: Miguel Jesús López Serrano; Rafael Guerrero Elecalde.  ...  López Serrano; Rafael Guerrero Elecalde.  ... 
doi:10.29394/scientific.issn.2542-2987.2020. doaj:f12098f2714b4adf86852a89dca1b6b2 fatcat:ozxdnlck6ngc5ifftwulddmipu

Towards Context-Aware Opinion Summarization for Monitoring Social Impact of News

Alejandro Ramón-Hernández, Alfredo Simón-Cuevas, María Matilde García Lorenzo, Leticia Arco, Jesús Serrano-Guerrero
2020 Information  
Opinion mining and summarization of the increasing user-generated content on different digital platforms (e.g., news platforms) are playing significant roles in the success of government programs and initiatives in digital governance, from extracting and analyzing citizen's sentiments for decision-making. Opinion mining provides the sentiment from contents, whereas summarization aims to condense the most relevant information. However, most of the reported opinion summarization methods are
more » ... ved to obtain generic summaries, and the context that originates the opinions (e.g., the news) has not usually been considered. In this paper, we present a context-aware opinion summarization model for monitoring the generated opinions from news. In this approach, the topic modeling and the news content are combined to determine the "importance" of opinionated sentences. The effectiveness of different developed settings of our model was evaluated through several experiments carried out over Spanish news and opinions collected from a real news platform. The obtained results show that our model can generate opinion summaries focused on essential aspects of the news, as well as cover the main topics in the opinionated texts well. The integration of term clustering, word embeddings, and the similarity-based sentence-to-news scoring turned out the more promising and effective setting of our model.
doi:10.3390/info11110535 fatcat:hmpu3vny2vbtnpdmcc4tqevuha

La enseñanza de la Historia local en el Grado de Primaria con memes: Córdoba

Rafael Guerrero Elecalde, Miguel Jesús López Serrano
2020 Didácticas específicas  
La enseñanza de historia local puede otorgar RAFAEL GUERRERO ELECALDE Y MIGUEL JESÚS LÓPEZ SERRANO Didácticas Específicas, 23 (2020), pp. 7-27 una percepción general de la ocupación del territorio, de  ...  De este modo, se convierten en parte de la cultura po-RAFAEL GUERRERO ELECALDE Y MIGUEL JESÚS LÓPEZ SERRANO Didácticas Específicas, 23 (2020), pp. 7-27 pular en Internet y es en allí donde los usuarios  ... 
doi:10.15366/didacticas2020.23.001 fatcat:3m7brz2nbravxho4ccf6hfdgri

Prensa histórica y comercios de Córdoba. Una práctica para la enseñanza de la historia

Rafael Guerrero Elecalde, Miguel Jesús López Serrano
2020 Universidad, escuela y sociedad  
Igualmente, es una herramienta muy útil para establecer un diálogo entre mundos diferentes que se encuentran interconectados como Rafael GUERRERO ELECALDE / Miguel Jesús LÓPEZ SERRANO lo particular y  ...  Rafael GUERRERO ELECALDE / Miguel Jesús LÓPEZ SERRANO El proceso metodológico que propusimos implantar para esta actividad se caracterizó por ser flexible y participativo, con la intención de reincidir  ... 
doi:10.30827/unes.v0i9.15969 fatcat:2lv3ohrdlfhwjh4sg3xzefplnu

Relaciones Borrosas Conceptuales para la Construcción de Ontologías con GUMSe

Jesús Serrano-Guerrero, José A. Olivas, Javier de la Mata
2005 Revista de Sistemas, Cibernética e Informática  
Jesús vivió en Puertollano (2) La id ea de tiempo no es relevante en esta frase, sólo nos interesa que Jesús independientemente de quien sea Jesús, está relacionado con Puertollano, independientemente  ...  SOLAPAMIENTO ENTRE AMBOS COEFICIENTES Supongamos una frase en la que existiera aislada una relación de agregación y nada más relacionado en el documento: Jesús Tener Maleta (16) Donde t j = Jesús y t  ... 
doaj:2a5ab46207454cdaa4636591dce14d91 fatcat:e45k2afh6zheljlw2mz55jmmc4

A Relevance and Quality-based Ranking Algorithm applied to Evidence-based Medicine

Jesus Serrano-Guerrero, Francisco P. Romero, Jose A. Olivas
2020 Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine  
The amount of information available about millions of different subjects is growing every day. This has led to the birth of new search tools specialized in different domains, because classical information retrieval models have trouble dealing with the special characteristics of some of these domains. Evidence-based Medicine is a case of a complex domain where classical information retrieval models can help search engines retrieve documents by considering the presence or absence of terms, but
more » ... se must be complemented with other specific strategies which allow retrieving and ranking documents including the best current evidence and methodological quality. The goal is to present a ranking algorithm able to select the best documents for clinicians considering aspects related to the relevance and the quality of said documents. In order to assess the effectiveness of this proposal, an experimental methodology has been followed by using Medline as a data set and the Cochrane Library as a gold standard. Applying the evaluation methodology proposed, and after submitting 40 queries on the platform developed, the MAP (Mean Average Precision) obtained was 20.26%. Successful results have been achieved with the experiments, improving on other studies, but under different and even more complex circumstances.
doi:10.1016/j.cmpb.2020.105415 pmid:32114416 pmcid:PMC7114639 fatcat:gvtsy73no5dzvlz4eauzi6mxi4

Global methylation correlates with clinical status in multiple sclerosis patients in the first year of IFNbeta treatment

María Jesús Pinto-Medel, Begoña Oliver-Martos, Patricia Urbaneja-Romero, Isaac Hurtado-Guerrero, Jesús Ortega-Pinazo, Pedro Serrano-Castro, Óscar Fernández, Laura Leyva
2017 Scientific Reports  
The alteration of DNA methylation patterns are a key component of disease onset and/or progression. Our objective was to evaluate the differences in Long Interspersed Nuclear Element-1 (LINE-1) methylation levels, as a surrogate marker of global DNA methylation, between multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and healthy controls. In addition, we assessed the association of LINE-1 methylation with clinical disease activity in patients treated with IFNbeta (IFNβ). We found that individuals with high
more » ... els of LINE-1 methylation showed 6-fold increased risk of suffering MS. Additionally, treated MS patients who bear high LINE-1 methylation levels had an 11-fold increased risk of clinical activity. Moreover, a negative correlation between treatment duration and percentage of LINE-1 methylation, that was statistically significant exclusively in the group of patients without clinical activity, was observed. Our data suggest that in MS patients, a slight global DNA hypermethylation occurs that may be related to the pathophysiology of the disease. In addition, global DNA methylation levels could play a role as a biomarker for the differential clinical response to IFNβ. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a presumably autoimmune demyelinating and inflammatory chronic disease that targets antigens from the myelin of the central nervous system. Epidemiological studies have reported that MS occurs in genetically predisposed subjects upon whom unknown environmental factors unexpectedly fall. This leads to a failure in the immune response generating an inflammatory process with autoreactive T cells that are able to recognize myelin antigens. After a period of latency, these T cells could be reactivated by a systemic or local factor, leading to an inflammatory response culminating in the destruction of myelin, oligodendrocytes and axons. IFNbeta (IFNβ) is a first line disease modifying therapy approved for MS treatment. Although numerous randomised clinical trails have demonstrated its beneficial therapeutic effects 1 , the individual patient's response to this therapy is highly heterogeneous, and a variable percentage of MS patients are considered as non-responders or suboptimal responders to this therapy. So far, there is not a consensus for classifying responder status and the factors that determine the response to this drug in individual patients have not been fully elucidated, but most therapeutic response criteria classify the patients according to the presence of attacks, a confirmed increase in disability, and active lesions (new in T2 or gadolinium enhancing lesions) in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or combinations of these variables after one year's treatment. Epigenetics signifies stable and heritable changes in gene expression without changes in the genetic code 2 . Epigenetic mechanisms are responsible for tissue-specific expression 3 and X-inactivation in female cells 4 . Furthermore, the immune system is tightly regulated at the epigenetic level, associating these epigenetic 1 Published: xx xx xxxx OPEN
doi:10.1038/s41598-017-09301-2 pmid:28821874 pmcid:PMC5562733 fatcat:73zaoujy25bqtcipquya7dtefa

Documentary Analysis of the Scientific Literature on Autism and Technology in Web of Science

Noemí Carmona-Serrano, Jesús López-Belmonte, José-Luis Cuesta-Gómez, Antonio-José Moreno-Guerrero
2020 Brain Sciences  
The objective of the study is to track the progression of the scientific literature on autism and the technology applied to this disorder. A bibliometric methodology has been used, based on a co-word analysis. The Web of Science database was chosen to perform the analysis of the literature. A unit of analysis of 1048 publications was configured. SciMAT software was used mainly for document analysis. The results indicate that the first studies appeared in 1992, but it was not until 2009 that the
more » ... research volume increased considerably. The area of knowledge where these studies were compiled was rehabilitation, which marks the truly therapeutic nature of this type of study. One of the authors with the most studies, as well as the most relevant research, was Sarkar, N. Manuscripts were usually research articles written in English. It could be concluded that research in this field of study focused mainly on interventions carried out through the use of technological resources, with students or young people who present with ASD. This line of research, although not the only one, was the most relevant and the one that had aroused the most interest among the scientific community.
doi:10.3390/brainsci10120985 pmid:33327633 pmcid:PMC7765105 fatcat:6utkwey6bvhh7pd74jdk4evski

Are talus flatiron sequences in Spain climate-controlled landforms?

Mateo Gutiérrez, Pedro Lucha, Francisco Gutiérrez, Ana Moreno, Jesús Guerrero, Angel Martín-Serrano, Francisco Nozal, Gloria Desir, Cinta Marín, Jaime Bonachea
2010 Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie  
This study provides chronological evidence of the influence of climatic variability in the generation of late Quaternary talus flatiron sequences in Spain. The temporal clustering of the OSL and radiocarbon dates obtained from talus flatiron deposits indicates that warm/wet and cold/dry periods controlled the accumulation and incision processes in the slopes, respectively, that led to the development of talus flatirons. These results strongly suggest that talus flatiron sequences constitute
more » ... able paleoclimatic records. Additional and more accurate geochronological data from Spain and other regions of the world would improve the potential of these poorly-known landforms in paleoenvironmental studies.
doi:10.1127/0372-8854/2010/0054-0013 fatcat:eg4tvmy2a5d4jg7gyipcfdvikq
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