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Page 672 of The Chicago Medical Journal and Examiner Vol. 25, Issue 20 [page]

1868 The Chicago Medical Journal and Examiner  
On the whole, would it not be better for our venerable friend to drop the apostle altogether, and try the older part — Jeremiah ? Note to the Editor.  ...  The fundus lies lowin the hollow of the sacrum and the os looks toward the symphysis pubis; after it is carefully replaced, it immediately falls back to its old position.  ... 

Page 330 of The New England Historical and Genealogical Register Vol. 28, Issue [page]

1874 The New England Historical and Genealogical Register  
—The New-England Historic, Genealogical Society lacks the fol- lowin — to complete its sets, and would be grateful to members or others for any of them : Blue Book or U.S.  ...  .— Wanted, the ancestry of Catharine -eagetye ae > who married, July 4, 1720, Edward Payson of Roxbury, and had by him a daughter Catharine who married, Sept. 15, 1743, Jeremiah Williams.  ... 

Page 426 of Notes and Queries Vol. 160, Issue 24 [page]

1931 Notes and Queries  
(an of the Lord of the Said Mannor by the hands | ee ee Short biographical particu- 6f lizabeth Clarke in the psence of Lay's of any ot the to owing contributors to Jeremiah Rolfe Two of the Custon ay  ...  Was 1 usually signed in writing or script letters 1 “ ] paint, or impressed, also would the name ) ee wr t BERKS, —I] JS tara OOM See JUNE signed THE Ty ments Park lowin: (jor | a Ke pp Taun Mark his W  ... 

Theano: A Python framework for fast computation of mathematical expressions [article]

The Theano Development Team: Rami Al-Rfou, Guillaume Alain, Amjad Almahairi, Christof Angermueller, Dzmitry Bahdanau, Nicolas Ballas, Frédéric Bastien, Justin Bayer, Anatoly Belikov, Alexander Belopolsky, Yoshua Bengio, Arnaud Bergeron, James Bergstra, Valentin Bisson (+90 others)
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Theano is a Python library that allows to define, optimize, and evaluate mathematical expressions involving multi-dimensional arrays efficiently. Since its introduction, it has been one of the most used CPU and GPU mathematical compilers - especially in the machine learning community - and has shown steady performance improvements. Theano is being actively and continuously developed since 2008, multiple frameworks have been built on top of it and it has been used to produce many
more » ... machine learning models. The present article is structured as follows. Section I provides an overview of the Theano software and its community. Section II presents the principal features of Theano and how to use them, and compares them with other similar projects. Section III focuses on recently-introduced functionalities and improvements. Section IV compares the performance of Theano against Torch7 and TensorFlow on several machine learning models. Section V discusses current limitations of Theano and potential ways of improving it.
arXiv:1605.02688v1 fatcat:2lcqwrk2zrbt5dyjmcofn6shhu

Page 3 of Boston Commonwealth Vol. 29, Issue 17 [page]

1889 Boston Commonwealth  
Mi eyes grow’d moister an moister, swal- lowin my tears (fer I couldn’t bear to hev | him see me so weakest like) I sed kinder | chipper-like, ‘‘Don’t worry yer life out.  ...  I never seed a man’s eyes ser brimful ov fun an levity, uz Jeremiah wuz.  ... 

PREFACE [chapter]

1998 A Prophet Reads Scripture  
Shari Lowin.  ...  I was fascinated to learn from the class's teacher, Rabbi Bruce Dickstein, that the exilic prophet had paraphrased several verses from Psalms and Jeremiah; I did not yet know where the excitement of studying  ... 
doi:10.1515/9780804765237-001 fatcat:bturp4musbaupcppc366ofx2h4

Page 276 of Kaleidoscope; Or, Literary and Scientific Mirror Vol. 7, Issue 348 [page]

1827 Kaleidoscope; Or, Literary and Scientific Mirror  
to the port we cc lowin Ass!”  ...  It was impos- sible to behold this scene and not to be reminded how exactly the predictions of Isaiah and Jeremiah have been fulfilled, even in the appearance Babylon was doomed to present,—that she should  ... 

Page 1 of Huntsville Gazette Vol. 6, Issue 23 [page]

1885 Huntsville Gazette  
Goong, JEREMIAH BaRNEs, W. M. Seoretary. EVENISG STAR LODUE No 6, Hunts- Xv ville, Ala. Regular Stated Com- munication the 2nd Monday night in each month at 7} o'clock. Transient brethren welcome. L.  ...  Rice ored the j giver Tnes othe: nume until reluc of col wishe the e appoi F., a week order Cotto very | Fin Re the 2 lowin gatio: and p Char Build For } To Vi To Si Presb Gene Value stood cent ] speak  ... 

Twenty-Six Unedited Letters from Thomas Warton to Jonathan Toup, John Price, George Steevens, Isaac Reed, William Mavor, and Edmond Malone

Clarissa Rinaker
1915 Journal of English and Germanic Philology  
Read.1 A good engraving of old Lowin will be a most proper and interesting ornament of your new Edition.  ...  He became the owner of the original Chatterton forgeries before the death of Barrett in 1789 and bequeathed them to the British Museum. 2 Jeremiah Milles, Dean of Exeter, who edited the Rowley  ... 

David as Warrior, Leader, and Poet in Medieval Hebrew Poetry of al-Andalus [chapter]

2021 The Character of David in Judaism, Christianity and Islam  
Jeremiah 18:22 ha-Nagid might have felt especially connected to Jeremiah because the prophet was also criticised and plotted against by his contemporaries, a fact repeatedly mentioned in his book, as,  ...  ., Pagis, Change and Tradition; Lowin, Arabic and Hebrew Love Poems. […] traditionalists continued to decipher the meaning of Scripture as contemplated by the rabbis and to maintain the interpretations  ... 
doi:10.1163/9789004465978_007 fatcat:m5yd6ya3trbz5blxm3jxpndrku

Page 592 of Youth's Companion Vol. 75, Issue 45 [page]

1901 Youth's Companion  
finish chirpin’ in the straw stack an’ the clover, ~ Then the echo on the mountain sends your voice | a-eallin’ back, An’ you hear the far-off rumblin’ o’ the freight- | train on the track ; An’ the lowin  ...  Jeremiah Mason, who was admitted to the New Hampshire bar in 1791, was a man of great height, but during the early part of his professional career, says the Green Bag, was so slight and apparently frail  ... 

Page 3 of Christian Secretary Vol. 15, Issue 6 [page]

1836 Christian Secretary  
Ellsworth, | Solomon Porter, | Jeremiah Brown, Merrick W. Chapin, | James B. Hosmer, Nathan Morgan, Henry Hudson, Roderick Terry, Edward Watkinson, Joshua P. Burnham, Thomas C. Perkins, C. if.  ...  fa: 2. their p Wh to prive They ties of low th And 1 profes fashiol in the male ¢ sed to bread. amon follow ges. their | mit th 3. appro Wi shittir duces play 1 Chris prone mone: and | plaus confo 4. lowin  ... 

Page 2 of The Watchman-Examiner Vol. 2, Issue 39 [page]

1821 The Watchman-Examiner  
Jeremiah Lippit, C rresponding Sec’ry. Joseph S. Cooke, Recording Sec’ry. —————- | Hamiltion College.—The Commencement at | A.  ...  J guEews hie ¢ c - print another edition, also of 2000 copies, whict was laid on the 11th August, with t lowin : l ruins toa life of holiness espa } 3 ao f = : _ = | man The wiole plan of the gospel, the  ... 


Nikolai N. Seleznyov
2014 Scrinium  
LOWIN, The Making of a Forefather: Abraham in Islamic and Jewish Exegetical Narratives (Islamic History and Civilization, 65), Leiden, Boston, 2006, pp. 39-40. - -------(83) Gen 22:17.  ...  Our author assembles quotations from Jeremiah, Malachi, and Paul to demonstrate that "neither circumcision is anything to rely on, nor uncircumcision, but faith in God and confession of love.  ... 
doi:10.1163/18177565-90000094 fatcat:bdfa7sk365dyvkb5aqgymujef4

Page 2 of The Watchman-Examiner Vol. 17, Issue 31 [page]

1836 The Watchman-Examiner  
Loss or Lire sy Batuisa.- We regret to state, that two youths named Jeremiah Imley and Willian Pearson, both of whom resided in Washington street, were drowned on Tuesday last, while bathing in the North  ...  note addressed to the Porte, an answer to which was looked for with much anxiety, demands whom he can confer on business relative to English subjects, as he is not willing to have any farther communica- lowin  ... 
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