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Bouchard, Martin. Léon Bouchard. Sculpteur du Lac-Saint-Jean. [Préface de Jean-François Blanchette]. Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Marcel Broquet, éditeur, « Signatures », 2015, 103 p. ISBN 978-2-89726-017-0

Bernard Genest
2016 Rabaska Revue d ethnologie de l Amérique française  
Léon Bouchard. Sculpteur du Lac-Saint-Jean. [Préface de JeAn-fRAnçois blAnChette]. Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Marcel Broquet, éditeur, « Signatures », 2015, 103 p. ISbN 978-2-89726-017-0.  ...  Jean-François Blanchette À la parole, Léon bouchard a préféré la gouge et le ciseau. « Un jour, disait-il, les pierres vont parler pis personne pourra lés arrêter d'parler !  ... 
doi:10.7202/1037468ar fatcat:mant7b4vazgjzarc6gilfofx2m

Léon Duguit et François Gény, Controverse sur la rénovation de la science juridique

Jean-Pascal Chazal
2010 Revue interdisciplinaire d études juridiques  
Léon DUGUIT et François GENY, Controverse sur la rénovation de la science juridique Jean-Pascal CHAZAL Professeur des universités à Sciences Po Le XIX e siècle finissant, une nouvelle génération de juristes  ...  Léon Duguit, quant à lui, ne s'est pas privé de répondre de manière détaillée aux critiques que lui adressait François Gény.  ...  Après avoir rappelé ce phénomène théologique, Léon Duguit entend l'appliquer à la sphère juridique en utilisant pour cible principale François Gény, chez qui il voit un tenant du pragmatisme juridique  ... 
doi:10.3917/riej.065.0085 fatcat:kzqij2gj2ff77kqh4jlxfpibtq

Computation of components' interfaces in highly complex assemblies

François Jourdes, Georges-Pierre Bonneau, Stefanie Hahmann, Jean-Claude Léon, François Faure
2014 Computer-Aided Design  
The preparation of CAD models from complex assemblies for simulation purposes is a very time-consuming and tedious process, since many tasks such as meshing and idealization are still completed manually. Herein, the detection and extraction of geometric interfaces between components of the assembly is of central importance not only for the simulation objectives but also for all necessary shape transformations such as idealizations or detail removals. It is a repetitive task in particular when
more » ... mplex assemblies have to be dealt with. This paper proposes a method to rapidly and fully automatically generate a precise geometric description of interfaces in generic B-Rep CAD models. The approach combines an efficient GPU ray-casting technique commonly used in computer graphics with a graph-based curve extraction algorithm. Not only is it able to detect a large number of interfaces efficiently, but it also provides an accurate Nurbs geometry of the interfaces, that can be stored in a plain STEP file [1] for further downstream treatment. We demonstrate our approach on examples from aeronautics and automotive industry.
doi:10.1016/j.cad.2013.08.029 fatcat:rmknrd5saffyxl3rpgjdlvjy6m

Shakespeare et le De Pictura de Leon Battista Alberti

Jean-François Chappuit
2005 Actes des congrès de la Société française Shakespeare  
Toutes les citations renverront à cette édition. 2 Leon Battista Alberti, De la Peinture (De Pictura, 1435) , trad. Jean Louis Schefer, intro. Sylvie Deswarte-Rosa, Paris, Macula, Dédale, 1992 .  ...  Ces 11 Leon Battista Alberti, On the Art of Building in Ten Books, (De Re Aedificatoria), IX, 5, Conclusion Gilman, op. cit., p. 89.  ... 
doi:10.4000/shakespeare.743 fatcat:m5kvynw4znhkdp4prjhtx4qxfq

Prise en charge des infections intra-abdominales

Philippe Montravers, Hervé Dupont, Marc Leone, Jean.-Michel Constantin, Paul-Michel Mertes, Pierre-Francois Laterre, Benoit Misset, Jean-Pierre Bru, Rémy Gauzit, Albert Sotto, Cecile Brigand, Antoine Hamy (+1 others)
2015 Anesthésie & Réanimation  
Politano AD, Hranjec T, Rosenberger LH, Sawyer RG, Tache Leon CA. Gervais DA, Ho CH, O'Neill MJ, Arellano RS, Hahn PF, Mueller PR.  ...  Leone, J-M Constantin, P-M Mertes, P-F Laterre, et al. tome 1 > n81 > février 2015 Comment cibler l'antibiothérapie probabiliste ? Références [1] Seguin P, Laviolle B, Chanavaz C, et al.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.anrea.2014.12.006 fatcat:pgee2oj6wvgctjeoyhp5m37nva

Rapid and specific DNA detection by magnetic field-enhanced agglutination assay

Elena Pinchon, Fanny Leon, Nevzat Temurok, François Morvan, Jean-Jacques Vasseur, Martine Clot, Vincent Foulongne, Jean-François Cantaloube, Philippe Vande Perre, Aurélien Daynès, Jean-Pierre Molès, Chantal Fournier-Wirth
2020 Talanta: The International Journal of Pure and Applied Analytical Chemistry  
François Morvan, Jean Jacques Vasseur, Jean Francois Cantaloube, and Chantal Fournier-Wirth are inventors of patents WO 2013150106 (Thiol compounds and the use thereof for the synthesis of modified oligonucleotides  ...  ; François Morvan: Methodology, Synthesis of tetrathiolated probes, Jean-Jacques Vasseur: Methodology, Synthesis of tetrathiolated probes; Martine Clot: Conceptualization, Funding acquisition; Vincent  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.talanta.2020.121344 pmid:32887073 fatcat:2vi33txup5bgxf4no53gpbxcle

Droit naturel: relancer l'histoire?, sous la direction de Louis-Léon Christians, François Coppens, Xavier Dijon, Paul Favraux, Gaëlle Fiasse, Jean-Michel Longneaux et Muriel Ruol., avec une préface de Catherine Labrusse et une postface de Jean-Marc Ferry, Collection: "Droit et Religion" 2, Bruylant, Bruxelles 2008, 735 stron

Karol Kuźmicz
2010 Miscellanea Historico-Iuridica  
W pierwszym z nich François Coppens z Wyższej Szkoły henan w belgijskim Namur zastanawia się nad tym, czy powinniśmy patrzeć na prawo naturalne ze sceptycyzmem?  ...  W ostatnim, czwartym rozdziale tej części, Jean-Michel Longneaux również z Facultés Universitaires N.  ... 
doi:10.15290/mhi.2010.09.11 fatcat:iy6hivtpmjf6ppowcsrkivc75q

Mitochondrial localization ofArabidopsis thalianaIsu Fe-S scaffold proteins

Sébastien Léon, Brigitte Touraine, Jean-François Briat, Stéphane Lobréaux
2005 FEBS Letters  
Isu are scaffold proteins involved in iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis and playing a key role in yeast mitochondria and Escherichia coli. In this work, we have characterized the Arabidopsis thaliana Isu gene family. AtIsu1,2,3 genes encode polypeptides closely related to their bacterial and eukaryotic counterparts. AtIsu expression in a Saccharomyces cerevisiae Disu1Dnfu1 thermosensitive mutant led to the growth restoration of this strain at 37°C. Using Isu-GFP fusions expressed in leaf
more » ... s and immunodetection in organelle extracts, we have shown that Arabidopsis Isu proteins are located only into mitochondria, supporting the existence of an Isu-independent Fe-S assembly machinery in plant plastids.
doi:10.1016/j.febslet.2005.02.038 pmid:15792798 fatcat:e7afclzx7zachho6sdlerl5gtq

Diagnostic Performance of a Magnetic Field-Enhanced Agglutination Readout in Detecting Either Viral Genomes or Host Antibodies in Arbovirus Infection

Fanny Leon, Elena Pinchon, Nevzat Temurok, François Morvan, Jean-Jacques Vasseur, Martine Clot, Vincent Foulongne, Jean-François Cantaloube, Philippe Vande Perre, Jean-Pierre Molès, Aurélien Daynès, Chantal Fournier-Wirth
2021 Microorganisms  
Acknowledgments: We thank Françoise Maire, Céline Bade and Olivier Bourdonné and all the blood donors at EFS Martinique and Guadeloupe for their helpful contribution towards this study.  ... 
doi:10.3390/microorganisms9040674 pmid:33805173 fatcat:tnofzejqobeo5bszderrprtpo4

The Uncertain Outcome of Prefrontal tDCS

Sara Tremblay, Jean-François Lepage, Alex Latulipe-Loiselle, Felipe Fregni, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Hugo Théoret
2014 Brain Stimulation  
Background: Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is increasingly used in research and clinical settings, and the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) is often chosen as a target for stimulation. While numerous studies report modulation of cognitive abilities following DLPFC stimulation, the wide array of cognitive functions that can be modulated makes it difficult to predict its precise outcome. Objective: The present review aims at identifying and characterizing the various
more » ... e domains affected by tDCS over DLPFC. Methods: Articles using tDCS over DLPFC indexed in PubMed and published between January 2000 and January 2014 were included in the present review. Results: tDCS over DLPFC affects a wide array of cognitive functions, with sometimes apparent conflicting results. Conclusion: Prefrontal tDCS has the potential to modulate numerous cognitive functions simultaneously, but to properly interpret the results, a clear a priori hypothesis is necessary, careful technical consideration are mandatory, further insights into the neurobiological impact of tDCS are needed, and consideration should be given to the possibility that some behavioral effects may be partly explained by parallel modulation of related functions. is listed as an inventor on several issued and pending patents on the real-time integration of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) with electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
doi:10.1016/j.brs.2014.10.003 pmid:25456566 pmcid:PMC4342747 fatcat:moxwp2i53ngixg7lfkog5t4aju

Vocabulaire de théologie biblique, publié sous la direction de Xavier Léon-Dufour, Jean Duplacy, Augustin George, Pierre Grelot, Jacques Guillet, Marc-François Lacan. Deuxième édition révisée et augmentée, Paris, Éditions du Cerf, 1970, (18 X 22.5 cm), 732 pages, 66 F

Paul-Émile Langevin
1971 Laval théologique et philosophique  
Benjamin F o r tin Vocabulaire de théologie biblique, publié sous la direction de Xavier L é o n -D u fo u r , Jean D u pl a c y , Augustin G eo r ge, Pierre G r e l o t , Jacques G u il l e t , Marc-François  ...  Xavier Léon-Dufour. L'ouvrage méritait l'accueil enthousiaste que lui réserva le public le plus varié. Il est maintenant tra duit en 13 langues.  ... 
doi:10.7202/1020246ar fatcat:3272f4rkifbmzlv56ixh27irla

Distinct striatal regions support movement selection, preparation and execution

Emmanuel Gerardin, Jean-Baptiste Pochon, Jean-Baptiste Poline, Léon Tremblay, Pierre-François Van de Moortele, Richard Levy, Bruno Dubois, Denis Le Bihan, Stéphane Lehéricy
2004 NeuroReport  
The aim of this study was to determine whether distinct striatal territories are speci¢cally involved during the selection, preparation and execution of a movement. Nine volunteers were studied using fMRI at 3 T. Subjects were presented with visual stimuli instructing them to prepare during a variable delay and then execute a button press with either the left or the right hand. The side of the movement was either freely selected by the subject (free selection) or speci¢ed by the instruction cue
more » ... (preparation). Movement selection, preparation and execution were associated with activation in the caudate nucleus, the anterior and the posterior parts of the putamen, respectively. These results suggest that these three aspects of movement are represented within distinct basal ganglia regions. NeuroReport 15:2327^2331 c 2004 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
doi:10.1097/00001756-200410250-00005 pmid:15640749 fatcat:yrochmo4njfobk35gtiocgwh2u

Are prophylactic antifungals in highly colonized patients safe and effective?

Matteo Bassetti, Cristobal Leon, Jean Francois Timsit
2015 Intensive Care Medicine  
doi:10.1007/s00134-015-3888-9 pmid:26077079 fatcat:l4qv2jenmjeotbmlb5bbb7uvse

Multivariate Additive PLS Spline Boosting in Agro-Chemistry Studies

Rosaria Lombardo, Jean-Francois Durand, Antonio P. Leone
2012 Current Analytical Chemistry  
Routinely, the multi-response Partial Least-Squares (PLS) is used in regression and classification problems showing good performances in many applied studies. In this paper, we aim to present PLS via spline functions focusing on supervised classification studies and showing how PLS methods historically belongs to L 2 boosting family. The theory of the PLS boost models is presented and used in classification studies. As a natural enrichment of linear PLS boost, we present its multi-response
more » ... inear version by univariate and bivariate spline functions to transform the predictors. Three case studies of different complexities concerning soils and its products will be discussed, showing the gain in diagnostic provided by the non-linear additive PLS boost discriminant analysis compared to the linear one.
doi:10.2174/157341112800392661 fatcat:2vkmuzvi65etlnyc7vmj5zavxy

Guidelines for management of intra-abdominal infections

Philippe Montravers, Hervé Dupont, Marc Leone, Jean-Michel Constantin, Paul-Michel Mertes, Pierre-Francois Laterre, Benoit Misset, Jean-Pierre Bru, Rémy Gauzit, Albert Sotto, Cecile Brigand, Antoine Hamy (+1 others)
2015 Anaesthesia Critical Care & Pain Medicine  
doi:10.1016/j.accpm.2015.03.005 pmid:25922057 fatcat:5u5343yohvgzldfqankky7yn7q
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