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Genomic variation in 3,010 diverse accessions of Asian cultivated rice

Wensheng Wang, Ramil Mauleon, Zhiqiang Hu, Dmytro Chebotarov, Shuaishuai Tai, Zhichao Wu, Min Li, Tianqing Zheng, Roven Rommel Fuentes, Fan Zhang, Locedie Mansueto, Dario Copetti (+60 others)
2018 Nature  
Hu, Z. et al. EUPAN enables pan-genome studies of a large number of eukaryotic genomes. Bioinformatics 33, 2408-2409 (2017). 29. Stein, J. C. et al.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41586-018-0063-9 pmid:29695866 fatcat:x4prlakgjvfh3bwhqzv2wnqstu

Arithmetic Expression Construction

Leo Alcock, Sualeh Asif, Jeffrey Bosboom, Josh Brunner, Charlotte Chen, Erik D. Demaine, Rogers Epstein, Adam Hesterberg, Lior Hirschfeld, William Hu, Jayson Lynch, Sarah Scheffler (+4 others)
When can n given numbers be combined using arithmetic operators from a given subset of {+,-,×,÷} to obtain a given target number? We study three variations of this problem of Arithmetic Expression Construction: when the expression (1) is unconstrained; (2) has a specified pattern of parentheses and operators (and only the numbers need to be assigned to blanks); or (3) must match a specified ordering of the numbers (but the operators and parenthesization are free). For each of these variants,
more » ... many of the subsets of {+,-,×,÷}, we prove the problem NP-complete, sometimes in the weak sense and sometimes in the strong sense. Most of these proofs make use of a rational function framework which proves equivalence of these problems for values in rational functions with values in positive integers.
doi:10.4230/lipics.isaac.2020.12 fatcat:dcf2yfjqd5e3rhanqogjglgiga

Do Imaging Biomarkers Relate to Outcome in Patients Treated with VEGF Inhibitors?

J. P. B. O'Connor, G. C. Jayson
2012 Clinical Cancer Research  
Jayson Development of methodology: J.P.B. O'Connor, G.C. Jayson Acquisition of data (provided animals, acquired and managed patients, provided facilities, etc.): J.P.B. O'Connor, G.C.  ...  Jayson Administrative, technical, or material support (i.e., reporting or organizing data, constructing databases): J.P.B. O'Connor, G.C. Jayson Study supervision: J.P.B. O'Connor, G.C.  ... 
doi:10.1158/1078-0432.ccr-12-1501 pmid:23092875 fatcat:fkgpfhw6knes5fda6akid4ktza

AGE volume 38 issue 2 Cover and Front matter

2009 Agricultural and Resource Economics Review  
AGRICULTURAL AND RESOURCE ECONOMICS REVIEW Some Economic Benefits and Costs of Vegetarianism / Jayson L. Lusk and F.  ...  Koo, and Kranti Mulik 213 Recreational Demand for Equestrian Trail-Riding / Melanie Blackwell, Angelos Pagoulatos, Wuyang Hu, and Katharine Auchter 229 271 ARER Reviewers, September 2008-August  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1068280500003294 fatcat:wdw6kwwadfgybjmtjcizpszg2m

The BioMart community portal: an innovative alternative to large, centralized data repositories

Damian Smedley, Syed Haider, Steffen Durinck, Luca Pandini, Paolo Provero, James Allen, Olivier Arnaiz, Mohammad Hamza Awedh, Richard Baldock, Giulia Barbiera, Philippe Bardou, Tim Beck (+93 others)
2015 Nucleic Acids Research  
The BioMart Community Portal ( is a community-driven effort to provide a unified interface to biomedical databases that are distributed worldwide. The portal provides access to numerous database projects supported by 30 scientific organizations. It includes over 800 different biological datasets spanning genomics, proteomics, model organisms, cancer data, ontology information and more. All resources available through the portal are independently administered and funded by their
more » ... ost organizations. The BioMart data federation technology provides a unified interface to all the available data. The latest version of the portal comes with many new databases that have been created by our ever-growing community. It also comes with better support and extensibility for data analysis and visualization tools. A new addition to our toolbox, the enrichment analysis tool is now accessible through graphical and web service interface. The BioMart community portal averages over one million requests per day. Building on this level of service and the wealth of information that has become available, the BioMart Community Portal has introduced a new, more scalable and cheaper alternative to the large data stores maintained by specialized organizations.
doi:10.1093/nar/gkv350 pmid:25897122 pmcid:PMC4489294 fatcat:vg2axbtz5rauti5yac74id57k4

Page 1 of Chemist Vol. 62, Issue 10 [page]

1985 Chemist  
Jayson C. Vassallo, Dr. John G. Waite, and Dr. Thomas Edmund Ward. Six other recent graduates were continued as Certifees-in-Training: David W. Berberich, Kay L. Carter, Hok Siv Eap, Edward E.  ...  Hobbs, John Chih-An Hu, Mamoun M. Hussein, Dr. Stanley A. Lipowski, Joseph C. MeGuire*, John Meiers, Jr.(CChE), Dr. Karol J. Mysels, Saturo Numajiri, Charles E. Pietri*, Dr. Malcolm J. Pitts, Dr.  ... 

Page 241 of American Anthropologist Vol. 112, Issue 2 [page]

2010 American Anthropologist  
London: British Museum Orton, Jayson 2002 Patterns in Stone.  ...  Journal of Anthropological Research 57(2):197-217 Moser, Stephani 1993 Gender St reotyping in Pictorial Reconstructions of Hu man Origins.  ... 

Page 32 of Guernsey Breeders' Journal Vol. 182, Issue 4 [page]

2013 Guernsey Breeders' Journal  
Troy, Clarie Lyon of Brown- ington, and Lorestta McCoy and her hus- band, Dale, of Orleans; and by many nieces and nephews.  ...  Survived by her daughter Joanne (Jay) Brake and their children Jayson and Graceann; son, James (Sandy) and their children Landon and Reid; sisters, Sheila (William) Schmitt and Kathleen; brother, Al (Barbara  ... 

Page 270 of Resident and Staff Physician Vol. 10, Issue 4 [page]

1964 Resident and Staff Physician  
Goldman, 63 Arleigh Road, Great Neck, New York, telephone 516 HU 2-916 RESIDENT M.D.  ...  Resident Physician EXCEPTIC consin; camp; nfirma medica nearby August varies | Write - 559, 20 JAYSON manag (girls) ; Monter campe resider (practi ship board, split s camp _ Tinanct wich, ¢ second more  ... 

Page 1418 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 84, Issue 3 [page]

1997 Psychological Abstracts  
., 9087 Hoy, Anita Woolfolk, 9867 Hu, Teh-wei, 9373 Hu, Teh-wei, 9591 Huang, W. S. Wilson, 10331 Huang, Y.  ...  Jarzynka, Melanie A., 9971 Jason, Leonard, 10296 Jaspert, Andrea, 9059 Jasso, Guillermina, 7434 Jatlow, Peter, 8242 Jaunky, R., 6785 Jautz, Martine, 9057 Java, Rosalind |., 6440 Javaid, Javaid 1., 9091 Jayson  ... 

Enhancing Fraction Predicts Clinical Outcome following First-Line Chemotherapy in Patients with Epithelial Ovarian Carcinoma

J. P.B. O'Connor, G. C. Jayson, A. Jackson, D. Ghiorghiu, B. M. Carrington, C. J. Rose, S. J. Mills, R. Swindell, C. Roberts, C. L. Mitchell, G. J.M. Parker
2007 Clinical Cancer Research  
, q = 0.516 for 80 HU).  ...  Pre-chemotherapy enhancing fraction at all thresholds significantly correlated with CA125 response (P < 0.001, q = 0.553 for 50 HU; P < 0.001, q = 0.565 for 60 HU; P < 0.001, q = 0.553 for 70 HU; P = 0.001  ...  for 60 HU threshold; P = 0.017 for 70 HU threshold).  ... 
doi:10.1158/1078-0432.ccr-07-0331 pmid:17947478 fatcat:at46y2pa2fa7rg2xccyp44bqpm

Acknowledgments [chapter]

2020 Technomobility in China  
indebted to Chen Shanshan and Liang Hongyun at the Beijing Cultural Development Center for Rural Women; Han Huimin, Fang Qingxia, Jiao Fangfeng, and Luo Zhe Liangliang at the Migrant Women's Club; Chen Hu  ...  For offering emotional support, feedback on chapter drafts, and, of course, accountability, I am extremely appreciative of Josh Barbour, Jayson Beaster-Jones, Heidi Campbell, David Donkor, Tasha Dubriwny  ... 
doi:10.18574/nyu/9780814795262.003.0016 fatcat:n6p5gdivbnbenhwjei3mp5kvtu

Page 735 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 12, Issue 12 [page]

1938 Psychological Abstracts  
A., 3545, 5940 Jess, H., 6054 Jayson, L. M., 1873 Jezhikov, J. J., 5095 | Jezler, A., 219 Jochem, B., 3890 Johnson, B., 5601 Johnson, G., 6127 | Johnson, G.  ...  ., 200 | Hu, P. | Hubbard, Houwelingen, E. van, 6506 6 | Houwink, E., 601 Hovland, C.I., 169, 170, 1357, 3418” 3944, 3945, 6284 Howard, G.  ... 

Page 840 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 88, Issue 2 [page]

2001 Psychological Abstracts  
., 4676 Hsieh, Kelly, 4918 Hsu, Hui-Chin, 4086 Hu, Bin, 3410 Hu, J., 6195 Hua, Xiao-Ying, 3904 Huang, Chien-Chung, 4247 AUTHOR INDEX Huang, Tiao-Lai, 4640 Huber, Jason, 3930 Huber, Ludwig, 3514 Huber,  ...  5114 Janssen, Jacques, 4357 Janssen, Marc, 4289 Jansson, W., 5682 Jarke, M., 6233 Jarrett, Robin L., 4210 Jarrott, Shannon E., 5651 JaSkowski, Piotr, 3314, 3364 Jasper, Michael P., 5496 Javo, C., 4748 Jayson  ... 

TMS Welcomes New Members

2017 JOM: The Member Journal of TMS  
.; United States Hsu, Esher; National Taipei University, Taiwan Hu, Alice; City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Hu, Jing; Argonne National Laboratory, United States Hu, Liangfa; Ames Laboratory  ...  Taylor, Jean E.; Courant Institute New York University, United States Teprovich, Joseph; Savannah River National Laboratory, United States Teranishi, Toshiharu; Kyoto University, Japan Tessier, Jayson  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11837-017-2424-5 fatcat:r5s6vhxajnfaznuno57lz6jvn4
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