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Central Artery Stiffness in Hypertension and Aging

Jay D. Humphrey, David G. Harrison, C. Alberto Figueroa, Patrick Lacolley, Stéphane Laurent
2016 Circulation Research  
doi:10.1161/circresaha.115.307722 pmid:26846637 pmcid:PMC4745997 fatcat:jth4p5qavfazbamnufhq2c4e3u

A nonlinear rotation-free shell formulation with prestressing for vascular biomechanics

Nitesh Nama, Miquel Aguirre, Jay D. Humphrey, C. Alberto Figueroa
2020 Scientific Reports  
ijkl = 4 ∂ 2 ψ el ∂C ij ∂C kl − 4 ∂ 2 ψ el ∂C 33 ∂C ij C 33 + ∂ψ el ∂C 33 δ i3 δ j3 Č kl − 4Č ij ∂ 2 ψ el ∂C 33 ∂C kl C 33 + ∂ψ el ∂C 33 δ k3 δ l3 − 2 ∂ψ el ∂C 33 C 33 Č ijČkl −Č ikČjl −Č ilČjk . (41)  ...  ψ el (C). (32) S ij = 2 ∂ψ ∂C ij = 2 ∂ψ el ∂C ij − 2 ∂p ∂C ij (J − 1) − 2p ∂J ∂C ij . (33) C ijkl = 4 ∂ 2 ψ ∂C ij ∂C kl = 4 ∂ 2 ψ el ∂C ij ∂C kl − 4 ∂ 2 p ∂C ij ∂C kl (J − 1) − 4 ∂p ∂C ij ∂J ∂C kl − 4  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-74277-5 pmid:33067508 fatcat:tox2a3g4lba35onkammmhff2cm

What do cells regulate in soft tissues on short time scales? [article]

Jonas F. Eichinger, Daniel Paukner, Roland C. Aydin, Wolfgang A. Wall, Jay D. Humphrey, Christian J. Cyron
2021 arXiv   pre-print
This yields F t = F 1 = F 2 + F c . (2) We now assume the system to be in a homeostatic state (Fig. 5 A) , in which the initially stress-free regions 1 and 2 were deformed by tensile cell forces F c >  ...  With 0 = ∆F 1 = ∆F 2 + ∆F c , one obtains ∆F c = −∆F 2 = −k 2 ∆L t . (8) From this equation we see a possible reason why cells apparently do not restore the strain and thereby not exactly the tension in  ... 
arXiv:2104.05580v1 fatcat:2uhefcv42jhutizf5qrnvktxqi

Pressure Wave Propagation in Full-body Arterial Models: A Gateway to Exploring Aging and Hypertension

C. Alberto Figueroa, Jay D. Humphrey
2014 Procedia IUTAM  
d 1 1 0 , d exp / d d d , t M p a R t t R C t a t a v n w w n v n v n (3) out out out f f f m p d d 0 ( 0 ) d e x p / d, H a a p R tR C a n v n w wn (4) out out out f f c f c , d d , d =0.  ...  Face name ID R p / 10 3 C/ 10 6 R d / 10 4 Face name ID R p / 10 4 C/ 10 7 R d / 10 5 Ext. Carotid L 80 3.23 6.84 5.44 Post. Tibial L 2 1.05 12.4 1.76 Ext.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.piutam.2014.01.033 fatcat:vfcvsbe6ifabzgl3utisbnqriq

A computational framework for modeling cell-matrix interactions in soft biological tissues [article]

Jonas F. Eichinger, Maximilian J. Grill, Iman Davoodi Kermani, Roland C. Aydin, Wolfgang A. Wall, Jay D. Humphrey, Christian J. Cyron
2021 arXiv   pre-print
., 2011; Humphrey et al., 2014; Ross et al., 2013; Cox and Erler, 2011; Bonnans et al., 2014) .  ...  associated cumulative distribution function C c (β) = 1 + 3 k=1 − b k 2k (1 − β) 2k−1 .  ... 
arXiv:2103.13110v1 fatcat:ab3jh7b3jjcetieisaqkuzk3ky

Mechanical homeostasis in tissue equivalents: a review

Jonas F Eichinger, Lea J Haeusel, Daniel Paukner, Roland C Aydin, Jay D Humphrey, Christian J Cyron
2021 Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology  
(a) (b) (c) (d) Fig. 2 Free-floating (a), uniaxially constrained (b), and biaxially constrained (c) fibroblast-seeded collagen gels (i.e., tissue equivalents) are observed to contract substantially over  ...  of mechanics in governing biological form and function has been known since the time of Galileo Galilei (1564-1641) and Giovanni Borelli (1608-1667), that is, for at least four centuries (Cyron and Humphrey  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10237-021-01433-9 pmid:33683513 pmcid:PMC8154823 fatcat:6wkq5jq7sfbjrbxr3sdcl6wsjm

Myh11R247C/R247C mutations increase thoracic aorta vulnerability to intramural damage despite a general biomechanical adaptivity

Chiara Bellini, Shanzhi Wang, Dianna M. Milewicz, Jay D. Humphrey
2015 Journal of Biomechanics  
C vvvv and C zzzz are values of linearized stiffness in circumferential and axial direction, respectively.  ...  Humphrey (2002) ), preliminary experiments revealed that overnight storage does not affect the passive mechanical properties.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jbiomech.2014.10.031 pmid:25433566 pmcid:PMC4283495 fatcat:i4n6od3hujeprjzngg7jhkeeji

Knock-out of matrix metalloproteinase-12 exacerbates compromised mechanical homeostasis in arterial aging

Bart Spronck, Abhay B. Spronck, Jakub Toczek, Jinah Han, Mehran Sadeghi, Jay D. Humphrey
2018 Artery Research  
At first sight, MMP12-/-aging resembles WT aging: increased wall thickness (figure, panel A) leading to decreased circumferential stress (B) and decreased stored strain energy (C) [3] [4] [5] .  ...  At first sight, MMP12-/-aging resembles WT aging: increased wall thickness (figure, panel A) leading to decreased circumferential stress (B) and decreased stored strain energy (C) [3] [4] [5] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.artres.2018.10.024 fatcat:ctohoa74qzadhc4yblnpdeylem

Hemodynamic Alterations Associated with Coronary and Cerebral Arterial Remodeling Following a Surgically-Induced Aortic Coarctation [chapter]

C. Alberto Figueroa, Jessica S. Coogan, Jay D. Humphrey
2013 Computer Models in Biomechanics  
Two parameters, C a−total and C im−total , were defined as the sum of all coronary arterial (C a ) and intramyocardial (C im ) compliances.  ...  Windkessel Parameters Coronary Parameters Outlet R p R d C Outlet R a R a−micro R v C a C im Acute Cardiac Compensation Following Coarctation When first introducing the coarctation, parameters for the  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-94-007-5464-5_15 fatcat:ceutnqkqcnc33ht7vxkgxnbzva

Multi-scale computational model of three-dimensional hemodynamics within a deformable full-body arterial network

Nan Xiao, Jay D. Humphrey, C. Alberto Figueroa
2013 Journal of Computational Physics  
In this case, LðP Ks Þ ¼K þP, with 0:5kð1 À mÞ 0 B B B B B B @ 1 C C C C C C A ð7Þ ¼ @u 1 =@x 1 @u 2 =@x 2 @u 1 =@x 2 þ @u 2 =@x 1 @u 3 =@x 1 @u 3 =@x 2 0 B B B B B B @ 1 C C C C C C A ;P ¼ P 11 P 22  ...  P 12 P 31 P 32 0 B B B B B B @ 1 C C C C C C A ð8Þ where m represents the Poisson's ratio, k is a transverse shear factor, u is the displacement vector, andP is a pre-stress tensor.  ... 
doi:10.1016/ pmid:23729840 pmcid:PMC3667207 fatcat:fsjxrnm76zcwpapktku3neukz4

Design and Use of a Novel Bioreactor for Regeneration of Biaxially Stretched Tissue-Engineered Vessels

Angela Hai Huang, Yong-Ung Lee, Elizabeth A. Calle, Michael Boyle, Barry C. Starcher, Jay D. Humphrey, Laura E. Niklason
2015 Tissue Engineering. Part C, Methods  
Desmosine assay Tissue samples with wet weight of at least 3 mg were first hydrolyzed in 6 N HCl at 110°C for 24 h.  ...  In comparison with static conditioning, both uniaxial and biaxial loading resulted in robust smoothelin expression in SMCs ( Fig. 9A-C) .  ... 
doi:10.1089/ten.tec.2014.0287 pmid:25669988 pmcid:PMC4523101 fatcat:l3iu4gkb5rd5hnu364qsalfcji

An Experimental–Computational Study of Catheter Induced Alterations in Pulse Wave Velocity in Anesthetized Mice

Federica Cuomo, Jacopo Ferruzzi, Jay D. Humphrey, C. Alberto Figueroa
2015 Annals of Biomedical Engineering  
θθ (MPa) 0.98 0.72 0.88 0.75 0.57 C ZZ (MPa) 1.16 2.29 1.80 2.32 1.23 h (µm) 40.69 42.93 36.07 33.61 27.98 ATA Cath C θθ (MPa) 1.05 0.76 0.90 0.73 0.60 C ZZ  ...  C θθ and C ZZ refer respectively to the circumferential and axial component of the 5×5 stiffness matrix; h is the vessel wall thickness. Ann Biomed Eng.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10439-015-1272-0 pmid:25698526 pmcid:PMC4497847 fatcat:ufdarp6e5rbfdhpunhpe5ummxi

Roles of mTOR in thoracic aortopathy understood by complex intracellular signaling interactions

Ana C. Estrada, Linda Irons, Bruno V. Rego, Guangxin Li, George Tellides, Jay D. Humphrey, James R. Faeder
2021 PLoS Computational Biology  
For example, let the activation of species C (y C ) depend on the combined activation of species A (y A ) and E (y E ), namely dy C dt ¼ 1 t C AND y A ; y E ð Þy C;max À y C À � with, AND ¼ W AEC f act  ...  While there is no bifurcation for PDK1, the other three species in the network (AKT, mTOR, and mTORC2) exhibit a limit point bifurcation (LP), indicated by a star, detected at a level of PI3K = 0.27083. c)  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1009683 pmid:34898595 pmcid:PMC8700007 fatcat:kp7lrmk2cjhxzctbu7xdkji5gi

A computational framework for fluid–solid-growth modeling in cardiovascular simulations

C. Alberto Figueroa, Seungik Baek, Charles A. Taylor, Jay D. Humphrey
2009 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering  
@X f ¼ C in [ C t [ C out ; C in \ C t \ C out ¼ ;; ð37Þ where C in represents the boundary where a velocity field v ¼ v in is prescribed; this usually corresponds to the inflow face of the model.  ...  ; ð20Þ where C e n½11 and C e n½22 are diagonal components of C e n .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cma.2008.09.013 pmid:20160923 pmcid:PMC2770883 fatcat:sjce55dcajbxzl3g73ajyv7iy4

Biaxial Stretch Improves Elastic Fiber Maturation, Collagen Arrangement, and Mechanical Properties in Engineered Arteries

Angela H. Huang, Jenna L. Balestrini, Brooks V. Udelsman, Kevin C. Zhou, Liping Zhao, Jacopo Ferruzzi, Barry C. Starcher, Michael J. Levene, Jay D. Humphrey, Laura E. Niklason
2016 Tissue Engineering. Part C, Methods  
S2A-C) .  ...  (A, D) Static vessels; (B, E) uniaxial vessels; (C, F) biaxial vessels. (A-C) Immunofluroscence staining of elastin. Elastin, b-actin, and DAPI are in red, green, and blue, respectively.  ... 
doi:10.1089/ten.tec.2015.0309 pmid:27108525 pmcid:PMC4921901 fatcat:hkvkifk3dzd6zj6rlcpns5cjxm
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