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Impact Of Sustainable Development Education At Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

Samaneh Zolfagharian, Mehdi Nourbakhsh, Javier Irizarry, Masoud Gheisari, Rozana Zakaria
2011 Jurnal Teknologi  
fjm^'q=lc=prpq^fk^_ib=absbilmjbkq=bar'^qflk=^q= rkfsbopfqf=qbhklildf=j^i^vpf^=ErqjF= = p^j^kbe=wlic^de^of^k NG I=jbeaf=klro_^hepe O I= g^sfbo=fofw^oov P I=j^plra=debfp^of Q= C=olw^k^= w^h^of^R= = Äëíê~Åí The aim of this paper is to investigate the effects of education and training on promoting knowledge of sustainable living and engineering. This study was carried out during a sustainability workshop, which aimed to encourage students to cooperate in developing Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
more » ... ) as a sustainable campus. The data was collected through a survey to measure the level of knowledge and awareness of the students before and after attending the workshop. The collected data was evaluated based on the Kirkpatrick method and its levels of assessments namely attendance satisfaction and learning. The results showed significant differences on students' knowledge, awareness, and attitudes toward sustainable living prior an after the course.
doi:10.11113/jt.v56.53 fatcat:7zzxnctsznhsfnifl6yziz6jye


Emmanuel O González-Irizarry, Luis A Figueroa-Jiménez, Javier Ramos Rossy, Rodolfo Estremera, Javier Monserrate, Amy Lee González-Márquez, Luis Negron-García, Mónica Santiago-Casiano, William Cáceres-Perkins
2014 Boletin de la Asociacion Medica de Puerto Rico  
González-Irizarry et al. Page 6  ... 
pmid:26148400 pmcid:PMC5386782 fatcat:cnh3zdwgnbffnpbfajuee4jr3u

Application of Methods Analysis to Steel Erection Tasks: Identification of Factors Affecting Labor Performance

Javier Irizarry
2011 International Journal of Construction Management  
Work methods play an important role in the performance of a task. When a worker is required to perform additional movements, use several tools and carry additional materials to perform a task, his/her performance can be affected. An analysis of task durations in the steel beam installation process showed that factors such as the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) can affect task durations. It is of interest to determine what aspects of the tasks are different (i.e. handling of tools and
more » ... materials and difference in required motions, etc.) and can affect performance. An analysis of these differences provides valuable information that can be used to improve steel erection performance without adversely affecting the safety of the worker. This paper presents results of analysis of the method of the steel beam installation process considering the tasks involved in the process. The results show that factors such as the use of PPE and the length of steel beams play a role in differences in task performance.
doi:10.1080/15623599.2011.10773177 fatcat:3vlw552s2faenozeoyqecxt5g4

Integrating BIM and GIS to improve the visual monitoring of construction supply chain management

Javier Irizarry, Ebrahim P. Karan, Farzad Jalaei
2013 Automation in Construction  
Irizarry and Karan [17] presented an integrated BIM-GIS system to visualize the 3D model of tower cranes in their optimal locations.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.autcon.2012.12.005 fatcat:bwhiqw2pobexxblx4fj3ny5ydq

A Conceptual Model of Multi-Spectra Perceptions for Enhancing the Safety Climate in Construction Workplaces

Sungjin Kim, Siyuan Song, Donghoon Lee, Daeyoung Kim, Sangsoo Lee, Javier Irizarry
2021 Buildings  
Javier Irizarry). Figure 3 . 3 Construction workplace environment for survey questionnaire data collection (taken by Authors-Dr. Sungjin Kim and Dr. Javier Irizarry).  ... 
doi:10.3390/buildings11080347 fatcat:b7vtj275dreedl6c3js4kewxhe

A Conceptual Method of Constructability Improvement

Samaneh Zolfagharian, Mehdi Nourbakhsh, Shaik Hussein Mydin, Rosli Mohamad Zin, Javier Irizarry
2012 International Journal of Engineering and Technology  
Irizarry constructability in their projects in order to achieve the maximum benefits [10] .  ...  Irizarry are with School of Building Construction, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  ... 
doi:10.7763/ijet.2012.v4.409 fatcat:7mlaycitknbxvgme5er3ctch74

InfoSPOT: A mobile Augmented Reality method for accessing building information through a situation awareness approach

Javier Irizarry, Masoud Gheisari, Graceline Williams, Bruce N. Walker
2013 Automation in Construction  
Irizarry et al. / Automation in Construction 33 (2013) 11-23  ...  Gheisari and Irizarry [8] took the initial steps in the application of SA in the facility management domain.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.autcon.2012.09.002 fatcat:hfmmajnb7zgi5muqs5gktnfuny

Incidence trends of cervical cancer in Puerto Rico, 1987-2004

Javier Pérez-Irizarry, Cruz M Nazario-Delgado, Taina De la Torre, Karen J Ortiz-Ortiz, Mariela Torres-Cintrón, Nayda R Figueroa-Vallés
2010 Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal  
In 1950, the screening program for cervical PRHSJ Vol. 29 No. 4 • December, 2010 Pérez-Irizarry et al cancer in PR began with the island's first detection clinic (at the School of Medicine of the University  ... 
pmid:21261175 fatcat:kdvfx73uh5dl5msiqhibzrpnni

Human Papillomavirus-Related Cancers Among People Living With AIDS in Puerto Rico

Ana Patricia Ortiz, Javier Pérez-Irizarry, Marievelisse Soto-Salgado, Erick Suárez, Naydi Pérez, Maritza Cruz, Joel Palefsky, Guillermo Tortolero-Luna, Sandra Miranda, Vivian Colón-López
2014 Preventing Chronic Disease  
The objective of this study was to estimate the incidence of cancer and human papillomavirus (HPV)-related cancers and the risk of death (by cancer status) among people living with AIDS (PLWA) in Puerto Rico. We used data from the Puerto Rico AIDS Surveillance Program and Central Cancer Registry (1985-2005). Cancers with highest incidence were cervix (299.6/100,000) for women and oral cavity/oropharynx for men (150.0/100,000); the greatest excess of cancer incidence for men (standardized
more » ... ce ratio, 86.8) and women (standardized incidence ratio, 52.8) was for anal cancer. PLWA who developed a cancer had decreased survival and increased risk of death compared with those who did not have cancer. Cancer control strategies for PLWA will be essential for improving their disease survival. Objective Human papilloma virus (HPV) infections and HPV-related cancers are more common in people living with AIDS (PLWA) than in the general population (1,2). Although the incidence of cancer has diminished with the advent of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), it has not diminished for certain HPV-related cancers (1-4). HPVrelated malignancies have a distinct etiology, characterized by epithelial damage induced by persistent infection (1). Puerto Rico has a high burden of HPV-related cancers and HIV/AIDS (5,6). The objective of this study was to estimate the incidence of cancer and HPV-related cancers and the risk of death (by cancer status) among PLWA in Puerto Rico and compare these statistics with those in the general Puerto Rican population.
doi:10.5888/pcd11.130361 pmid:24831284 pmcid:PMC4023685 fatcat:aaztqytrdrgvhfmwf5a277oega

Response of Coffee Farms to Hurricane Maria: Resistance and Resilience from an Extreme Climatic Event

Ivette Perfecto, Zachary Hajian-Forooshani, Aaron Iverson, Amarilys D. Irizarry, Javier Lugo-Perez, Nicholas Medina, Chatura Vaidya, Alexa White, John Vandermeer
2019 Scientific Reports  
We appreciate the help of Isa Marie Acosta and Warren Irizarry in resurveying 28 farms after the hurricane.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-019-51416-1 pmid:31666543 pmcid:PMC6821701 fatcat:4udsqv4ionaovk4i22og2crbd4

Distinctive features of gastrointestinal stromal tumors arising from the colon and rectum

Rebecca Zhu, Fangfang Liu, Gabriella Grisotti, Javier Pérez-Irizarry, Charles H. Cha, Caroline H. Johnson, Daniel J. Boffa, Dale Han, Kimberly L. Johung, Yawei Zhang, Sajid A. Khan
2018 Journal of Gastrointestinal Oncology  
doi:10.21037/jgo.2017.11.12 pmid:29755761 pmcid:PMC5934147 fatcat:y2436jpklngppmfsxtyvoho6sa

Clinical impact of underutilization of adjuvant therapy in node positive gastric adenocarcinoma

Rebecca Zhu, Fangfang Liu, Gabriella Grisotti, Javier Perez-Irizarry, Ronald R. Salem, Charles H. Cha, Kimberly L. Johung, Daniel J. Boffa, Yawei Zhang, Sajid A. Khan
2018 Journal of Gastrointestinal Oncology  
Adjuvant therapy for gastric adenocarcinoma has shown a survival advantage, though it may be underutilized. The purpose of this study is to examine how infrequently adjuvant therapy is administered with curative intent gastrectomy for node positive gastric cancer and the long-term effects to patients. Methods: The National Cancer Database was queried from 2006-2013 for patients with node positive gastric adenocarcinoma undergoing a potentially curative gastrectomy. Overall survival was compared
more » ... between patients who received adjuvant chemotherapy or chemoradiation and those who did not. Results: Of 2,565 patients, 793 (30.9%) patients did not receive any adjuvant chemotherapy or radiation therapy, while 147 (5.7%) received peri-operative chemotherapy and 723 (28.2%) received post-operative chemoradiation. From 2006-2013, the percentage of patients receiving peri-operative chemotherapy rose from 1.1% to 9.9%, while those receiving post-operative chemoradiation decreased from 39.7% to 21.6%. The adjusted restricted mean survival time over 5 years for no adjuvant therapy was 27.7 months, perioperative chemotherapy was 39.6 months, and post-operative chemoradiation was 37.7 months (P<0.0001). Conclusions: Approximately one third of patients treated for node positive gastric cancer undergo surgical resection without adjuvant therapy. This is associated with poorer survival, highlighting the need for improvement in multimodality care and cancer outcomes.
doi:10.21037/jgo.2018.03.05 pmid:29998017 pmcid:PMC6006033 fatcat:74526qpzx5ha7ho4g66sknuriq

Using a socioeconomic position index to assess disparities in cancer incidence and mortality, Puerto Rico, 1995-2004

Mariela Torres-Cintrón, Ana P Ortiz, Karen J Ortiz-Ortiz, Nayda R Figueroa-Vallés, Javier Pérez-Irizarry, Gwendolyn Díaz-Medina, Taína De la Torre-Feliciano, Erick Suárez-Pérez
2011 Preventing Chronic Disease  
Torres-Cintrón M, Ortiz AP, Pérez-Irizarry J, Soto-Salgado M, Figueroa-Vallés NR, De La Torre-Feliciano T, et al. Incidence and mortality of the leading cancer types in Puerto Rico: 1987-2004.  ... 
pmid:22172182 pmcid:PMC3298767 fatcat:bqlkt3c3obgorf6aba6qr2xdvq

Risk of cancer among Hispanics with AIDS compared with the general population in Puerto Rico: 1987-2003

Farah A Ramírez-Marrero, Ellen Smit, Taína De La Torre-Feliciano, Javier Pérez-Irizarry, Sandra Miranda, Maritza Cruz, Nayda R Figueroa-Vallés, Carlos J Crespo, Cruz M Nazario
2010 Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal  
The risk of cancer among Hispanics with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in the United States and Puerto Rico (PR) has not been well described. The purpose of this study was to determine the risk of AIDS related and non-AIDS related cancers among Hispanics with AIDS in PR. A probabilistic record linkage of the PR AIDS Surveillance Program and PR Central Cancer Registry databases was conducted. AIDS cases were grouped according to year of AIDS onset and antiretroviral therapy
more » ... ty: 1987-1989 (limited availability), 1990-1995 (mono and dual therapy), and 1996-2003 (highly active antiretroviral therapy: HAART). Cancer risk was described using the standardized incidence ratios (SIR). A total of 612 cancers were identified after 3 months of AIDS diagnosis: 409 (66.7%) AIDS related and 203 (33.1%) non-AIDS related. Although a decreasing trend in the risk of AIDS and non-AIDS related cancers was observed, the risk for both remained higher in the AIDS group compared to the general population in PR. Non-AIDS related cancers with higher risk during the HAART availability were: oropharyngeal, anal, liver, larynx, eye and orbit, Hodgkin lymphoma, and vaginal. Hispanics with AIDS in PR consistently showed a greater risk of AIDS and non-AIDS related cancers compared to the general population in PR and that has not changed over time.
pmid:20799513 fatcat:ojlcg643xzcrdl2w26cpv4mtki

Development of Imminent Mortality Predictor for Advanced Cancer (IMPAC), a Tool to Predict Short-Term Mortality in Hospitalized Patients With Advanced Cancer

Kerin Adelson, Donald K.K. Lee, Salimah Velji, Junchao Ma, Susan K. Lipka, Joan Rimar, Peter Longley, Teresita Vega, Javier Perez-Irizarry, Edieal Pinker, Rogerio Lilenbaum
2018 Journal of Oncology Practice  
Purpose End-of-life care for patients with advanced cancer is aggressive and costly. Oncologists inconsistently estimate life expectancy and address goals of care. Currently available prognostication tools are based on subjective clinical assessment. An objective prognostic tool could help oncologists and patients decide on a realistic plan for end-of-life care. We developed a predictive model (Imminent Mortality Predictor in Advanced Cancer [IMPAC]) for short-term mortality in hospitalized
more » ... ents with advanced cancer. Methods Electronic health record data from 669 patients with advanced cancer who were discharged from Yale Cancer Center/Smilow Cancer Hospital were extracted. Statistical learning techniques were used to develop a tool to estimate survival probabilities. Patients were randomly split into training (70%) and validation (30%) sets 20 times. We tested the predictive properties of IMPAC for mortality at 30, 60, 90, and 180 days past the day of admission. Conclusion IMPAC, a novel prognostic tool, can generate life expectancy probabilities in real time and support oncologists in counseling patients about end-of-life care. Potentially avoidable costs are significant. Fig 3. Box plots of the interquartile survival times for a specific test set. Using a 50% prediction threshold for classifying a visit as death likely within 90 days, the set is further subdivided into true positives, false negatives, true negatives, and false positives. The survival times are estimated by using the Kaplan-Meier curve to account for censoring among the latter two groups. . 30. Temel JS, Greer JA, Admane S, et al: Longitudinal perceptions of prognosis and goals of therapy in patients with metastatic non-small-cell lung cancer: Results of a randomized study of early palliative care.
doi:10.1200/jop.2017.023200 pmid:29206553 fatcat:wmo6orw3gzc2xmhgrhfqvjeyni
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