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GILCHRIST, Alan (ed.) Information science in transition. London: Facet Publishing. 2009

Monica Blake
2010 Library and Information Research  
In a fascinating aside, he considers the disputes between Cyril Cleverdon and Jason Farradane.  ...  In a guest editorial, Brian Vickery reflects: "The IIS has now disappeared within CILIP and Jason [Farradane] would have been very dismayed at this development".  ... 
doi:10.29173/lirg247 fatcat:2yymmqu6ujfangf43ktbldn3li

Abordagens e contribuições históricas da Grã-Bretanha para a Ciência da Informação: um olhar a partir do Classification Research Group

Sarah Miglioli, Déborah Araujo
2019 Informação & Informação  
Um ano após a Conferência da Royal Society de Londres, Jason Farradane, J.  ...  Jason Farradane e John Desmond Bernal encabeçaram a criação do Institute for Information Scientists (IIS) em 1958.  ... 
doi:10.5433/1981-8920.2019v24n3p365 fatcat:fdflr3pdvjegdgeajurftkdq5m

Page 28 of SRELS Journal of Information Management Vol. 21, Issue 1 [page]

1984 SRELS Journal of Information Management  
Several English authors, namely, B I Palmer, A J Wells, B C Vickery, D J Foskett, Jack Mills and Derek Langridge, Jason Farradane, began to work on jargons in classi- fication for the sheer necessity of  ... 

Smoother pebbles and the shoulders of giants: the developing foundations of information science

David Bawden
2008 Journal of information science  
The continuing resonance of the writings of Farradane and Brookes are noted. that in turn to the central question of the nature of information.  ...  David Bawden The nature of information The first issue of JIS included an article by Jason Farradane [4] in which he set out a definition of 'information' which could form the basis for a 'true science  ...  of information', based on ideas alluded to in his earlier TIS paper (Farradane [3] ).  ... 
doi:10.1177/0165551508089717 fatcat:qr5v2zcypngermsygtumjdgoie

Page 408 of College & Research Libraries. [Filmed From the Online Edition] Vol. 10, Issue 4 [page]

1949 College & Research Libraries. [Filmed From the Online Edition]  
Jason Farradane rightly said: “In surveying the whole field of publica tion, abstracting, indexing and the availability of scientific literature, the most obvious first conclusion is that the interrelation  ... 

G. Malcolm Dyson 1902-1978 - the first information scientist?

Martin White
2022 Zenodo  
Farradane was also on the Conference team and it is very likely that as both Farradane and Dyson were very concerned about the lack of professional training for information specialists they had discussions  ...  Farradane had the vision to establish the Institute of Information Scientists (IIS).  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6643007 fatcat:6saq5bqs5jfwbddksin3uvhtem

Page 241 of Library Resources & Technical Services Vol. 42, Issue 3 [page]

1998 Library Resources & Technical Services  
Journal of documenta- tion 43: 212-31 Tague, Jean, and Jason Farradane. 1978. Esti- mation and reliability of retrieval effective- ness measures.  ... 

Page 85 of American Documentation Vol. 5, Issue 2 [page]

1954 American Documentation  
Jason Farradane, it was stated, in regard to the U.D.C., that “the sys- tem works from the general to the particular and is, therefore, out of harmony with normal needs of the scientist; it imposes a needless  ... 

Page 214 of American Documentation Vol. 5, Issue 4 [page]

1954 American Documentation  
There *See Farradane, Jason: [Review of] S. R. Ranganathan: Classification and Communication, in Journal of Documentation, 1952, 8, 118-9.  ... 

'So wide and varied': The origins and character of British information science

Lyn Robinson, David Bawden
2013 Journal of information science  
The terms 'information science' and 'information scientist' were first used by Jason Farradane in the mid-1950s [14] .  ...  There was, as Brookes and Farradane said, above, a 'general science of information' or in Farradane's 1976 words, a 'true science of information' [15] .  ... 
doi:10.1177/0165551513492257 fatcat:7jifvehxk5hz5hswy4t75f46ke

Marcos históricos da ciência da informação: breve cronologia dos pioneiros, das obras clássicas e dos eventos fundamentais

Lillian Alvares, Rogério Henrique de Araújo Júnior
2010 Transinformação  
Nos anos 1970, as ideias de Jason Farradane dominam o cenário. O autor enumerou as competências específicas desses novos profissionais.  ...  Não obstante, o pesquisador Jason Farradane usou o termo information scientist antes do registro pelo OED por ocasião da publicação de um artigo em 1953.Todas as inserções terminológicas enumeradas são  ... 
doi:10.1590/s0103-37862010000300001 fatcat:wefa4k5oebgdhhcgqejjo5ojzi


1995 Education for Information  
Jason Farradane, who helped to establish the Institute in 1958, and who introduced the world's first course in Information Science at The City University, London in 1961.  ...  The Institute ofInformation Scientists has awarded the 1994 'Jason Farradane Award' to Mrs. Rita Marcella and the Course Team for their work in developing a unique new course in Information Analysis.  ... 
doi:10.3233/efi-1995-13111 fatcat:temmwccwo5bvhmgos3bcnltf6a

Journal notes

W K Beatty
1978 Bulletin of the Medical Library Association  
Jason Farradane has made some comparisons of PRECIS, NEPHIS, his own adaptation of Relational Indexing, and POPSI (Int. ClassifJ 4: 94-101, Nov. 1977). R. H. ).  ... 
pmid:16017754 pmcid:PMC199551 fatcat:r6ccnmpixfbz7k5vj53jjabejy

String Indexing. PRECIS: Introdution and Indexing; String Indexing. NEPHIS: Introduction and Indexing; String Indexing. Relational Indexing: Introduction and Indexing (Book Review)

Phyllis A. Richmond
1979 College and Research Libraries  
Farradane, Jason. String Indexing. Rela tional Indexing: Introduction and Index ing. London, Ont.: School of Library and Information Science, University of West ern Ontario, 1977. lv. $5.  ... 
doi:10.5860/crl_40_03_293 fatcat:nvc4d7opmva5hiq4xib77cx5oa

Chronique de la vie philosophique

1975 Philosophiques  
Richmond : Review of : Suman Datta and Jason E.L. Farradane. A psychological basis for general classification, J.L.  ...  Hooker : The impact of quantum theory on the conceptual bases for the classification of knowledge, Suman Datta/Jason E.L. Farradane : A psychological basis for general classification, Phyllis A.  ... 
doi:10.7202/203029ar fatcat:ycpxag6rxzalnpsxzjrolnwqaa
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