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Compute service requirements and state of the art approaches (D5.1) [article]

Christian Pagé, Sandro Fiore, Stephan Kindermann, Janette Bessembinder, Maarten Plieger, Carsten Ehbrecht, Guillaume Levavasseur, Paola Nassisi, Elia Donatello, Ag Stephens
2020 Zenodo  
In order to design and develop a Compute Service to support better data access to the European ESGF Research Infrastructure, it is mandatory to collect user requirements, gaps and challenges on computing aspects for analysis and processing. To this aim a virtual workshop has been organized to gather this information. This deliverable summarizes the outcome of this workshop. This provides needed information to design and plan the future ENES Compute Service that will be developed within the IS-ENES3 project.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3724333 fatcat:7afsy7fmznbjzdpwoeofv7lhde

Water management for road authorities in the face of climate change

Thomas Bles, Lise Foucher, Janette Bessembinder, Robert Corbally, John Paul Rooney, Christian Axelsen, Mark Tucker
2018 Zenodo  
European National Road Authorities (NRAs) have recognized for a long time that climate change will have a significant effect on their assets and operations. Especially, water management assets will be affected. The damage caused by floods and rain to infrastructure assets amounts to €600 million annually, making it by far the dominant weather impact already in the current climate, let alone in the future when it is expected that likelihood and intensity of intense rainfall will increase. Many
more » ... allenges exist in addressing intense rainfall events into proper design and maintenance of water management systems. These challenges exist both in the field of climate science itself as well as in the translation of climate projections into proper design and maintenance of water management systems. This paper presents results of the WATCH project (WATer management in the face of climate CHange) that was commissioned under the CEDR 2015 call - Climate Change: From Desk to Road. It addresses climate change, socio economic evaluation and sustainable drainage systems.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1456558 fatcat:mchy4sf56ngtlg7wlj7jtzbqia

The match between climate services demands and Earth System Models supplies

Bart van den Hurk, Chris Hewitt, Daniela Jacob, Janette Bessembinder, Francisco Doblas-Reyes, Ralf Döscher
2018 Climate Services  
Bessembinder, F. Doblas-Reyes, R. Döscher) were funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union: Project ref. 689029 (Climateurope project).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cliser.2018.11.002 fatcat:hhpgs4w535eylpluwya7vagc5y

Framing climate uncertainty: socio-economic and climate scenarios in vulnerability and adaptation assessments

Frans Berkhout, Bart van den Hurk, Janette Bessembinder, Joop de Boer, Bram Bregman, Michiel van Drunen
2013 Regional Environmental Change  
Matching uncertainties in scenarios to actor framing of uncertainties Framing climate uncertainty Fig. 6 6 Scenario approaches and their application Table 1 1 User needs for climate data (Source Bessembinder  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10113-013-0519-2 fatcat:nqsrfj6hhne5dbcjpzqgyfl7wq

Climate Change Risk Assessments and Adaptation for Roads – Results of the ROADAPT Project

Thomas Bles, Janette Bessembinder, Martial Chevreuil, Per Danielsson, Stefan Falemo, Arjan Venmans, Yves Ennesser, Hjördis Löfroth
2016 Transportation Research Procedia  
Infrastructure is the backbone of our society. Citizens, companies and governments have come to rely on and expect uninterrupted availability of the road network. Extreme weather is an important factor for the reliability of the road network. At the same time it is generally understood that the climate is changing and that this will have significant effects on the road infrastructure. Since road infrastructure is vital to society, climate change calls for timely adaptation. Immediately,
more » ... s arise how to deal with the large uncertainties involved in the projections of future climate, how to assess their effects on the road infrastructure and related socio economic developments, and how to integrate adaptation into decision making. The ROADAPT project was commissioned under the CEDR Call 2012 'Road owners adapting to climate change'. It adopts a risk based approach using the RIMAROCC framework (Risk Management for Roads in a Changing Climate, developed under a previous ERA NET ROAD project). The approach addresses cause, effect and consequence of weather-related events to identify the top risks that require action with mitigating measures for climate change adaptation. Output of the ROADAPT project is a single ROADAPT-RIMAROCC integrating guideline.
doi:10.1016/j.trpro.2016.05.041 fatcat:rsnhoxfearbxlfe33phw63cpqe

The EUSTACE project: delivering global, daily information on surface air temperature

Nick A. Rayner, Renate Auchmann, Janette Bessembinder, Stefan Brönnimann, Yuri Brugnara, Francesco Capponi, Laura Carrea, Emma M. A. Dodd, Darren Ghent, Elizabeth Good, Jacob L Høyer, John J Kennedy (+22 others)
2020 Bulletin of The American Meteorological Society - (BAMS)  
EUSTACE collected information on user requirements in several ways, via user consultation workshops; questionnaires and interviews; a literature review on user requirements (Bessembinder 2016; Bessembinder  ... 
doi:10.1175/bams-d-19-0095.1 fatcat:gnatomjyerfkhferv56nrsutre

Critical appraisal of assumptions in chains of model calculations used to project local climate impacts for adaptation decision support—the case of Baakse Beek

Jeroen P van der Sluijs, J Arjan Wardekker
2015 Environmental Research Letters  
Acknowledgments We thank all the respondents for their contributions to this study: Alexander Bakker, Janette Bessembinder, Patrick Bogaart, Jerry van Dijk, Remco van Ek, Marta Faneca, Bart van den Hurk  ...  . , Van der Linden et al (2008), Bessembinder et al (2011), Geertsema et al (2011), Schipper et al (2011), Sluiter (2011), Wamelink et al (2011), Bakker and Bessembinder (2012a, 2012b), Bessembinder (2012  ... 
doi:10.1088/1748-9326/10/4/045005 fatcat:shnslwwjlnfm5lgmqsfoxz3lsm

Estimation of persistence and trends in geostrophic wind speed for the assessment of wind energy yields in Northwest Europe

Alexander M. R. Bakker, Bart J. J. M. van den Hurk
2011 Climate Dynamics  
We want to thank Janette Bessembinder and Gerard van der Schrier for reading and commenting on the manuscript. We also want to thank Andrew Stepek for checking the English.  ...  Monthly and annual geostrophic wind speed correlate very well to actual monthly and annual wind energy yields for large parts of northern Europe (Bakker and Bessembinder 2009; Albers 2004) .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00382-011-1248-1 fatcat:rlyme72a3rb77fmf5cyvpexmmm

Exploring the use of seasonal climate forecasts in Europe through expert elicitation

Marta Bruno Soares, Suraje Dessai
2015 Climate Risk Management  
We thank the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) for hosting this workshop and particularly Janette Bessembinder for helping with the logistics.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.crm.2015.07.001 fatcat:vmusov6d5vaplby26r7acelvkq

Exploring user needs for climate risk assessment in the transport sector: how could global high-resolution climate models help?

Erika J. Palin, Galina S. Guentchev, Julia Lockwood
2018 Zenodo  
Bessembinder, Eveline van der Linden, and David Brayshaw).  ...  user engagement/dissemination work packages of the project, in particular those who assisted with the preparation of the survey and carried out the interviews (Dragana Bojovic, Isadora Christel Jimenez, Janette  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1962771 fatcat:to6oy36as5aqlfczssliix2l3y

Frame-based guide to situated decision-making on climate change

Joop de Boer, J. Arjan Wardekker, Jeroen P. van der Sluijs
2010 Global Environmental Change  
The authors would like to thank Karin Ba ¨ckstrand, Janette Bessembinder, Karen Buchanan, Arie de Jong, Florrie de Pater, Maria Falaleeva, Hasse Goosen, Alex Haxeltine, Judith Klostermann, Rien Kolkman  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2010.03.003 fatcat:w45grhzsnnaflbjjupjjwr4or4

Climate Change Effects on Heat- and Cold-Related Mortality in the Netherlands: A Scenario-Based Integrated Environmental Health Impact Assessment

Maud Huynen, Pim Martens
2015 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health  
Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank to Janette Bessembinder from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) for answering all questions about the KNMI'14 scenarios and the associated  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijerph121013295 pmid:26512680 pmcid:PMC4627032 fatcat:f3fycuhwlbbnpmt56igjn3qtc4