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Basket cases

Jane Lawrence, Rachel Hurst
1969 IDEA Journal  
The studio consists of three projects employing an alliance between typology and gastronomy as a means to design and initiates cross cultural teaching methodologies.  ...  Lawrence and Rachel Hurst co ordinate the collaborative level one studio which has enrolments of approx 170 students and are supported by five practicing architects and interior designers.  ...  schemes, it appeared international students possessed an innate awareness of cultural continuity, and in the act of translating refined their own (design) language . 5 PROC ESS Number of staff : Jane  ... 
doi:10.37113/ideaj.vi0.262 fatcat:fyhw6o775rdzpb5ngr3shdvcm4

Mus spretus Lataste: a hygienic house mouse?

Jane L. Hurst, Jeremy Smith
1995 Animal Behaviour  
Provided with a choice of faeces up to 12 h old from different donors in an arena, mice showed a strong preference for manipulating their own fresh faeces deposited during the trial, especially those in  ...  A second experiment, using single fresh faecal samples encountered in a tunnel, confirmed that mice manipulated their own faeces (in 56% of trials) more frequently than those from conspecifics (26% of  ...  of their social response (Hurst et al. 1994) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/0003-3472(95)80214-2 fatcat:2z7377kg4fabtdmbuj6bontlxi

Review of: David A. Snow, Shakubuku: A Study of the Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Movement in America, 1960–1975; Jane Hurst, Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism and the Soka Gakkai in America: The Ethos of a New Religious Movement

Jacqueline I Stone
1993 Japanese Journal of Religious Studies  
In contrast to David Snow's sociological approach, Jane Hurst's study focuses on issues of religious meaning.  ...  "New religious movements," says Hurst, "arise and attract a following as a response to a need felt by their members to change their lives in some way....  ...  Hurst includes an appendix of NSA songs. 4 However, on 7 September 1993 (after Hurst's book was published), Soka Gakkai announced that it will confer individual Gohonzon reproduced from a mandala inscribed  ... 
doi:10.18874/jjrs.20.4.1993.351-359 fatcat:7xbq3rmgavhazjckbtodsycw5y

Female Chemical Signalling Underlying Reproduction in Mammals

Holly A. Coombes, Paula Stockley, Jane L. Hurst
2018 Journal of Chemical Ecology  
Although investment is typically male-biased, high competition between females can lead to a reversed pattern of female-biased investment.  ...  Female odours have been implicated in the reproductive suppression of young or subordinate females across a range of social systems, with females of lower competitive ability potentially benefiting by  ...  Acknowledgements HC is supported by a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) studentship through the Adapting to the Challenges of a Changing Environment Doctoral Training Partnership.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10886-018-0981-x pmid:29992368 pmcid:PMC6096499 fatcat:uljhhgrjmzhcxpijnstkxmjh5a

Herpes zoster infection after liver transplantation: A case-control study

Josh Levitsky, Andre Kalil, Jane L. Meza, Glenn E. Hurst, Alison Freifeld
2005 Liver transplantation  
A total of 29 patients developed HZ at a median of 4.9 years (range .5-12.9) after OLT. All HZ infections except 1 were localized to a single dermatome.  ...  HZ is neither a common nor a serious infection after OLT and can be managed with antiviral therapy with a low likelihood of visceral dissemination. (Liver Transpl 2005;11: 320-325.)  ...  Overall, the treatment of HZ in a liver transplant recipient should generally parallel that of a healthy adult with HZ.  ... 
doi:10.1002/lt.20356 pmid:15719387 fatcat:x4i36omudbaunaco6yfkq3klhe

Pillar pain as a postoperative complication of carpal tunnel release

Kara S. Ludlow, J. Leann Merla, Jane A. Cox, Lawrence N. Hurst
1997 Journal of Hand Therapy  
Pillar Pain as a Postoperative Complication of Carpal Tunnel Release: A Review of the Literature Kara S. Ludlow, BSc, OT J. Leann Merla, BScOT Jane A.  ...  Hurst* esti- mates approximately 36% of his endoscopic carpal 280 JOURNAL OF HAND THERAPY tunnel patients experience postoperative pillar pain.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0894-1130(97)80042-7 fatcat:bihhczgrgrawbggbzkk7u4to5e

Individually recognizable scent marks on flowers made by a solitary bee

Francis Gilbert, Salma Azmeh, Chris Barnard, Jerzy Behnke, Sarah A. Collins, Jane Hurst, David Shuker
2001 Animal Behaviour  
Observed differences in the way in which individuals responded to scent marks indicate that they may play a role as part of a dominance or exclusion mechanism among females.  ...  Using observational and experimental data, we tested whether a solitary bee (female Anthophora plumipes) uses scent marking while foraging on flowers of Cerinthe major in Portugal.  ...  Countermarking in mammals using urine (Gray & Hurst 1997) and countersinging by overlapping a rival's song in birds (Dabelsteen & McGregor 1996) are considered to be particularly aggressive responses  ... 
doi:10.1006/anbe.2000.1542 pmid:11170711 fatcat:fdeolco6vvb73imlswpvf7tnfu

Behavioural variation in wild house mice Mus domesticus Rutty: A quantitative assessment of female social organization

Jane L. Hurst
1987 Animal Behaviour  
Female mice living in a high density enclosed population of 77-90 mice were classified into five social classes on the basis of their breeding status and spatial range.  ...  Activity, frequencies of interactions with males and with females, agonistic scores against males and against females and non-social behaviour were measured over a short period for each of 63 adults living  ...  During a study of a stable, high density population of house mice supplied with excess food and living in an enclosure in which high quality nest and food resources were unevenly distributed (Hurst 1984  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0003-3472(87)80077-5 fatcat:5nbimwz3r5bpfkgmalbdlh6api

The functions of urine marking in a free-living population of house mice, Mus domesticus Rutty

Jane L. Hurst
1987 Animal Behaviour  
The possibility that urine smears and posts constitute a dual marking system is discussed. / // // // J 9 J ///  ...  Plates were marked primarily as a response to clean surfaces and the presence of native or imported smears inhibited further marking.  ...  The work was financed by a postgraduate grant from the Science & Engineering Research Council.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0003-3472(87)80016-7 fatcat:cmmwckqcnfa7zc6idjxzub62ai

A forkhead-domain gene is mutated in a severe speech and language disorder

Cecilia S. L. Lai, Simon E. Fisher, Jane A. Hurst, Faraneh Vargha-Khadem, Anthony P. Monaco
2001 Nature  
In conclusion, we have shown that the FOXP2 gene is directly disrupted by a translocation in a patient with a speech and language disorder, and that a mutation affecting a crucial residue of the forkhead  ...  The G-to-A transition detected in exon 14 of affected individuals destroys a restriction site for the enzyme MaeII (A#CGT).  ...  Orientalis), a strain recently isolated from a fatal human case of primary pneumonic plague contracted from an infected cat 5 .  ... 
doi:10.1038/35097076 pmid:11586359 fatcat:7ofwlgy6wngv3g7dxd46q5bip4

Syndromic Forms of Hyperinsulinaemic Hypoglycaemia A 15‐year follow‐up Study

Eirini Kostopoulou, Antonia Dastamani, Maria Güemes, Emma Clement, Silvana Caiulo, Prateek Shanmugananda, Mehul Dattani, Clare Gilbert, Jane A Hurst, Pratik Shah
2020 Clinical Endocrinology  
We performed a retrospective study of 69 patients with syndromic features and hypoglycaemia in a specialist centre from 2004 to 2018.  ...  This systematic review of children with HH referred to a tertiary centre aims at estimating the frequency of a syndromic/multisystem condition to help address stratification of genetic analysis in infants  ...  A discrete pancreatic nodule, identical to a focal lesion of congenital hyperinsulinism, was identified by autopsy.  ... 
doi:10.1111/cen.14393 pmid:33345357 fatcat:uwtcot3f4ffinhlimjtnej3ox4

Testing the potential of 50 kHz rat calls as a species-specific rat attractant

Nicola B. Davidson, Jane L. Hurst, Cheryl S. Rosenfeld
2019 PLoS ONE  
16) to 50 kHz calls from either sex in a compartmentalised laboratory arena.  ...  Sounds of rat movement and white noise acted as control treatments, with each sound tested against a silent control in the opposite side of the arena.  ...  Davidson, Jane L. Hurst.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0211601 pmid:30958822 pmcid:PMC6453455 fatcat:dk3riodzazdvjhldmnvgfi7spe

National clinical audit for hospitalised exacerbations of COPD

John R Hurst, Jennifer K Quint, Robert A Stone, Yvonne Silove, Jane Youde, C Michael Roberts
2020 ERJ Open Research  
Careful piloting and engagement can result in successful roll-out of cross-sectional national audit in a high-burden disease.  ...  Under continuous audit with quality improvement support, process indicators linked to financial incentives (early specialist review (55-66%) and provision of a discharge bundle (53-74%)) improved more  ...  Hurst reports a grant to UCL, fees to himself and UCL for educational and advisory work, and support to attend meetings from pharmaceutical companies that make medicines to treat COPD, outside the submitted  ... 
doi:10.1183/23120541.00208-2020 pmid:32984418 pmcid:PMC7502696 fatcat:siptq34rwbf43hzrnyjx7l6yom

Sperm competition risk drives plasticity in seminal fluid composition

Steven A. Ramm, Dominic A. Edward, Amy J. Claydon, Dean E. Hammond, Philip Brownridge, Jane L. Hurst, Robert J. Beynon, Paula Stockley
2015 BMC Biology  
Ejaculates contain a diverse mixture of sperm and seminal fluid proteins, the combination of which is crucial to male reproductive success under competitive conditions.  ...  Sperm competition risk is thus shown to be a key factor in male ejaculate production decisions, including driving plasticity in seminal fluid composition.  ...  This was incubated for 15 min at 37°C and a 20 μl sample then transferred to a glass slide and a cover slip applied.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12915-015-0197-2 pmid:26507392 pmcid:PMC4624372 fatcat:ucuo2wiqtfcurh5c2ya4dc5dnm

The Genetic Basis of Kin Recognition in a Cooperatively Breeding Mammal

Jonathan P. Green, Andrew M. Holmes, Amanda J. Davidson, Steve Paterson, Paula Stockley, Robert J. Beynon, Jane L. Hurst
2015 Current Biology  
Green et al. show that mice prefer partners that match their own major urinary protein (MUP) genotype, a species-specific kinship marker.  ...  partners sharing their own major urinary protein (MUP) genotype d Without MUP sharing, partners sharing multiple loci across the genome are preferred d MHC sharing is not used; instead, MUP provides a  ...  a role [3] [4] [5] [6] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cub.2015.08.045 pmid:26412134 fatcat:43s4jto3nfgbjgsrld7xjecdmm
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