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Diabetes Freedom PDF eBook by George Reilly and James Freeman's

George Reilly, James Freeman
2021 Zenodo  
George Reilly and James Freeman's: Diabetes Freedom Free Download, Diabetes Freedom PDF, Diabetes Freedom Main Manual, Diabetes Freedom Digital Package Download, Diabetes Freedom Physical Package Download  ...  This program was designed by George Reilly and Professor James Freeman, a man who used to suffer from type 2 diabetes and a renowned medical professor known for his pioneering research on diabetes, respectively  ...  Is Diabetes Freedom by George Reilly worth trying out? We've reviewed the entire program. We were impressed with the video guides and the phyto shakes that supports healthy blood sugar.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4663086 fatcat:dvpy22fqnzeq5ldvkggma64l3i

REILLY James A., Fragile Nation, Shattered Land. The Modern History of Syria

Vanessa Guéno
2020 Revue des Mondes Musulmans et de la Méditerranée  
REILLY James A., Fragile Nation, Shattered Land.  ...  References Electronic reference Vanessa Guéno , “REILLY James A., Fragile Nation, Shattered Land.  ... 
doi:10.4000/remmm.13978 fatcat:rfxfzeonbbdqlj3bu7lwlj4vs4

REILLY James, 2016, The Ottoman Cities of Lebanon. Historical Legacy and identity in the Modern Middle East, London, I.B. Tauris, 198 pages

Vanessa Guéno
2019 Revue des Mondes Musulmans et de la Méditerranée  
Ainsi, dans REILLY James, 2016, The Ottoman Cities of Lebanon. Historical Legacy and iden...  ...  Entamant sa réflexion par Sayda -la cité du Sud Liban-, James Reilly ne peut faire l'économie d'une démarche en flash-back.  ... 
doi:10.4000/remmm.11513 fatcat:2dcmjm6w2zawzkvgyadwe3so6m

Applied Statistics eBook [article]

James Reilly
2022 Zenodo  
This Applied Statistics eBook is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and researchers and professionals. It includes links to recorded video lectures. It offers problems and answers, and learning activities and projects. It provides computer labs for Minitab, SPSS and Excel, and comes with downloadable data-sets, available at , so that readers can reproduce all of the graphs and software output for themselves.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6783846 fatcat:n6ppclyx3bfztofuon6jeogzda

James Emerson Reynolds

Desmond Reilly
1954 Journal of Chemical Education  
DESMOND REILLY Westvaco Chemical Division, Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation, New York, New York dames Emerson Reynolds Society by Sir Henry Roscoe and Sir William Huggins.  ...  on January 8, 1844.2 His father, James Reynolds, was a practicing physician and also a moderately successful amateur playwright.  ... 
doi:10.1021/ed031p149 fatcat:bdjjgyk2qnad3auqjozonhcayy

Strong Society, Smart State: The Rise of Public Opinion in China's Japan Policy. By James Reilly. New York: Columbia University Press, 2012. xv, 331 pp. $50.00 (cloth)

Zhengxu Wang
2012 Journal of Asian Studies  
doi:10.1017/s0021911812001404 fatcat:xpmoeavl5bf2hn4fbj57s3tpoy

Aspects of Clouds

1887 Nature  
doi:10.1038/035391d0 fatcat:przdznbglfgdni2ejqeqqpkwvi

Introduction [chapter]

James F. Garber, George E. Lankford, F. Kent Reilly
2011 Visualizing the Sacred  
In Chapter 3 James Brown provides a formal identification of the Braden art style as a regional art developing through time.  ...  At our annual meeting in 1998 one of this volume's editors (James F. Garber) conducted a discussion whose aim was to define the secc.  ... 
doi:10.7560/723085-002 fatcat:hita3sy22jfv5ggzpeyidfmosa

China's Unilateral Sanctions

James Reilly
2012 The Washington quarterly  
doi:10.1080/0163660x.2012.726428 fatcat:bwoi3vlrk5gbjnwsq2qguanzsm

Pediatric Otolaryngology in the United States

John A. Tucker, Brian K. Reilly, Sean T. Tucker, James S. Reilly
2011 Otolaryngology and head and neck surgery  
Reilly, helped with research, drafted the article, approved the final article; Sean T. Tucker, helped with research, drafted the article, approved the final article; James S.  ...  Reilly, corresponding author, helped with research, drafted the main article. Disclosures Competing interests: None. Sponsorships: None. Funding source: None.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0194599811426678 pmid:22020790 fatcat:dwi3vwlhmfa3rbohojbb6guri4

Bet-hedging and the orientation of juvenile passerines in fall migration

James R. Reilly, Robert J. Reilly
2009 Journal of Animal Ecology  
Our research was supported in part by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to James Reilly.  ...  Journal of Animal Ecology 2009, 78, 990-1001 doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2656.2009.01576.x Bet-hedging and the orientation of juvenile passerines in fall migration James R. Reilly’* and Robert J.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1365-2656.2009.01576.x pmid:19572960 fatcat:5rtkwcvxcndzblmq57ukhpnhka

Dynamic Critiquing [chapter]

James Reilly, Kevin McCarthy, Lorraine McGinty, Barry Smyth
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Critiquing is a powerful style of feedback for case-based recommender systems. Instead of providing detailed feature values, users indicate a directional preference for a feature. For example, a user might ask for a 'less expensive' restaurant in a restaurant recommender; 'less expensive' is a critique over the price feature. The value of critiquing is that it is generally applicable over a wide range of domains and it is an effective means of focusing search. To date critiquing approaches have
more » ... usually been limited to single-feature critiques, and this ultimately limits the degree to which a given critique can eliminate unsuitable cases. In this paper we propose extending the critiquing concept to cater for the possibility of compound critiques-critiques over multiple case features. We describe a technique for automatically generating useful compound critiques and demonstrate how this can significantly improve the performance of a conversational recommender system. We also argue that this generalised form of critiquing offers explanatory benefits by helping the user to better understand the structure of the recommendation space.
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-28631-8_55 fatcat:hq43fo64zndcvnmqno64xhpjmi

On the Evolution of Critiquing Recommenders [chapter]

Lorraine McGinty, James Reilly
2010 Recommender Systems Handbook  
Reilly et. al.  ...  Limited product-space vision Reilly et. al.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-85820-3_13 fatcat:k4ceab67uzbg7gid42fnrsgyhm

Incremental critiquing

James Reilly, Kevin McCarthy, Lorraine McGinty, Barry Smyth
2005 Knowledge-Based Systems  
Conversational recommender systems guide users through a product space, alternatively making concrete product suggestions and eliciting the user's feedback. Critiquing is a common form of user feedback, where users provide limited feedback at the feature-level by constraining a feature's value-space. For example, a user may request a cheaper product, thus critiquing the price feature. Usually, when critiquing is used in conversational recommender systems, there is little or no attempt to
more » ... successive critiques within a given recommendation session. In our experience this can lead to inefficiencies, on the part of the recommender system, and confusion on the part of the user. In this paper we describe an approach to critiquing that attempts to consider a user's critiquing history, as well as their current critique, when making new recommendations. We provide experimental evidence to show that this has the potential to significantly improve recommendation efficiency.
doi:10.1016/j.knosys.2004.10.005 fatcat:d4tdvh7lvfc4ncqg27zr72mlsq

The End of an Era

James Reilly
2012 Bulletin des etudes orientales  
The End of an Era Pre-Reform Damascus in the 1820s James REILLY During the 1990s and 2000s, Old Damascus as a place and as a representation was a focus of substantial public attention.  ...  This summary is synthesized from, among others, Kurayyim 2004; PhiliPP 2001; rafeq 1966; reilly 2002; Schilcher 1985. THE END OF AN ERA: PRE-REFORM DAMASCUS IN THE 1820s  ... 
doi:10.4000/beo.916 fatcat:pnwbgd3r5nblnftyaegvkh4pfa
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