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1971 Notes and Queries  
(GENERAL JAMES EDWARD OGLE- THORPE (1696-1785).—M.P. for Haslemere, 1722-1754, philanthropist, mem- ber of Johnson’s circle, and founder of the colony of Georgia in America.  ... 
doi:10.1093/nq/18-6-226b fatcat:7urvsoca25bljo7fiwbceduu7i

General James Edward Ogle-Thorpe and the expedition to St. Augustine, Florida

E. H. Fairbrother
1926 Notes and Queries  
GENERAL JAMES EDWARD OGLE- THORPE AND THE EXPEDITION TO ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA. [HE reference for the following is P.R.O. T. 77/20 (18). One Hundred Two!  ...  TUDENTS of comparative religion will be interested to know that Sir James Frazer’s commentary on the Fasti is ‘in the press’’ with Messrs. Macmillan.  ... 
doi:10.1093/nq/150.23.399 fatcat:lejipffhufbp5em7hc6557kawa

AKENSON, Don, The Orangeman: The Life and Times of Ogle Gowan. Toronto, James Lorimer, 1986. 330 p. 24,95 $

George Emery
1987 Revue d'histoire de l'Amérique française  
Igartua , Don, The Orangeman: The Life and Times of Ogle Gowan. Toronto, James Lorimer, 1986. 330 p. 24,95 $.  ...  AKENSON Toronto, James Lorimer, 1986. 330 p. 24,95$ Cadet sans héritage d'un gentilhomme irlandais de religion protestante, Ogle Gowan immigra au Canada en 1829; il mit sur pied la grande loge orangiste  ... 
doi:10.7202/304560ar fatcat:pj7pjqyfpffp3b55wntpmvle5m

Review: The Basics of Immunological Tests

Cora K. Ogle, James D. Ogle, J. Wesley Alexander
1989 JPEN - Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition  
Ogle, 202 Goodman Street, Cincinnati, OH 45219. Review The Basics of Immunological Tests Cora K. OGLE, PH.D., JAMES D. OGLE, PH.D., AND J. WESLEY ALEXANDER, M.D., Sc.D.  ...  Warner BW, Hasselgren PO, James HJ, et al: Superoxide dismu- tase in rats with sepsis: Effect on survival rate and amino acid transport. Arch Surg 122:1142-1146, 1987 .  ... 
doi:10.1177/0148607189013006651 pmid:2693749 fatcat:it4qnees4zaclkoicah77j2ixu

Quantitative Trait Loci and Epistasis for Crown Freezing Tolerance in the 'Kanota' × 'Ogle' Hexaploid Oat Mapping Population

David R. Wooten, David P. Livingston, James B. Holland, David S. Marshall, J. Paul Murphy
2008 Crop science  
doi:10.2135/cropsci2006.12.0793 fatcat:j27wydyd5jffxds4wgevgydu4m


James M. Ogle, V. Ramakrishnan
2005 Annual Review of Biochemistry  
In some of the restrictive SmR or SmD S12 mutants, 136 OGLE RAMAKRISHNAN streptomycin restored translational leakiness.  ...  OGLE RAMAKRISHNAN Modified Bases in tRNA The general principles of decoding depend on Watson-Crick base-pairing interactions.  ... 
doi:10.1146/annurev.biochem.74.061903.155440 pmid:15952884 fatcat:siwz3ub2mnfw3bt3mbwupbdvr4


Kiona Ogle, Robert L. Wolpert, James F. Reynolds
2004 Ecology  
A major challenge in plant ecology is quantifying how roots interact with the soil to obtain water and nutrients. Stable isotope analysis of hydrogen and oxygen bound in plant and soil water is one of the best and least destructive methods for elucidating plant-soil interactions. Plant roots obtain water from various depths in the soil and the isotopic signature of plant stem water reflects the soil water sources. However, current methods for inferring plant water sources based on stable
more » ... s ("simple linear mixing models") are limited. First, their formulation restricts the number of water sources to a maximum of three (e.g., surface, intermediate, deep soil water); estimation of additional sources leads to an identifiability problem. Second, simple linear mixing models do not appropriately reflect uncertainty, and most importantly, they cannot be employed to elucidate behavior of the root system itself such as root activity for water uptake. This study introduces the RAPID (Root Area Profile and Isotope Deconvolution) algorithm, a novel and powerful approach for reconstructing plant water uptake and root area profiles. The RAPID algorithm overcomes the nonidentifiability problem by incorporating a biophysical model for root water uptake into a Bayesian framework such that the biophysics and prior distributions place biologically realistic constraints on the profiles. Posterior distributions for the proportions of active root area and water acquired from each soil layer are obtained via Markov chain Monte Carlo. Finally, RAPID is applied to data collected for a desert shrub and employed to examine sampling implications.
doi:10.1890/03-0346 fatcat:q5ucjsfzhnbjzgughpkbhxqupu

Optimal time of the attacking action in kendo

James Ogle, Peter O'Donoghue
2015 European journal of human movement  
., 2013) as well as team games (James et al., 2005; Gregson et al., 2010) . Sports performance variables are not as stable as anthropometric variables and fitness test results.  ...  According to Ogle (2008) , Dan grades (the equivalent of black belt or higher) have faster movements during attacking actions and better accuracy than Kyu grades (those yet to reach Dan level).  ... 
doaj:176174d2e2b24f47b6b2632783d4a068 fatcat:3icwfpls2rbutl7kmldv65zcgq


JohnW. Ogle, James Nicholls
1869 The Lancet  
282 possession ; it contains a, population of 2525, and it lies about ninety miles north of the mouth of the Gambia, and immediately south-east of Cape Verde. The epidemic broke out early in June of the present year, and at the time of the last account the deaths amounted to 14 daily. This is the first time that epidemic cholera is known to have prevailed in Western Africa, and we trust that in a short time we shall be able to lay before our readers an authentic detailed account of the spread
more » ... the epidemic, and of its relation to the extension of the malady in Northwest Africa.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)50466-9 fatcat:2kkbw3gkufdhplkwk5chwdnkxi

Effect of Glutamine on Phagocytosis and Bacterial Killing by Normal and Pediatric Burn Patient Neutrophils

Cora K. Ogle, James D. Ogle, Ju-Xian Mao, Jodi Simon, John G. Noel, Bing-Guo Li, J. Wesley Alexander
1994 JPEN - Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition  
Ocie, PHD*+; James D. OGLE, PHD+; Ju-Xian Mao, MD*+; Jopi Simon, BS*; JoHNn G. Noet, MS7; Binc-Guo Li,MD*+; anp J. WesLEY ALEXANDER, MD, DSc*?  ...  Ogle JD, Noel JG, Sramkoski RM, et al: Phagocytosis of opsonized microspheres by human neutrophils.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0148607194018002128 pmid:8201747 fatcat:7pjxg5wxprbo5o6lvxspmenuze

The Perception of the Visual World. James J. Gibson; Leonard Carmichael, Ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1950. 235 pp. $4.00

1951 Science  
OGLE Section on Biophysics and Biophysical Research Mayo Foundation and Mayo Clinic Plant Biochemistry. James Bonner. New York: Aca- demic Press, 1950. 537 pp. $6.80.  ...  James J. Gib- son; Leonard Carmichael, Ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1950. 235 pp. $4.00.  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.113.2940.535 fatcat:rexmtckmifg7jjzmq4gymnyavm

Improving Web Site Performance Using Commercially Available Analytical Tools

James A. Ogle
2010 Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research  
It is easy to accurately measure web site usage and to quantify
doi:10.1007/s11999-010-1333-5 pmid:20361280 pmcid:PMC3049616 fatcat:bnymsdwfbrdknpq6ytn2bcbvea

The Perception of the Visual World . James J. Gibson; Leonard Carmichael, Ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1950. 235 pp. $4.00

Kenneth N. Ogle
1951 Science  
OGLE Section on Biophysics and Biophysical Research Mayo Foundation and Mayo Clinic Plant Biochemistry. James Bonner. New York: Aca- demic Press, 1950. 537 pp. $6.80.  ...  James J. Gib- son; Leonard Carmichael, Ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1950. 235 pp. $4.00.  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.113.2940.535.a fatcat:l5vqw7s5gvfdtk2rohzsys7kzu

The Effect of High Lipid Diet on In Vitro Prostaglandin E2 and Thromboxane B2 Production by Splenic Macrophages

Cora K. Ogle, Jean Tchervenkov, J. Wesley Alexander, James D. Ogle, Diane Palkert, Ann Taylor, Sheryl Barnwell, Glenn D. Warden
1990 JPEN - Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition  
OGLE, PH.D., JEAN TCHERVENKOV, M.D., J. WESLEY ALEXANDER, M.D., Sc.D., JAMES D. OGLE, PH.D., DIANE PALKERT, B.A., ANN TAYLOR, B.A., SHERYL BARNWELL, A.S., AND GLENN D. WARDEN, M.D.  ...  Alexander JW, Saito H, Ogle CK, Trocki O: The importance of lipid type in the diet after burn injury. Ann Surg 204:1-8, 1986 5.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0148607190014003250 pmid:2191155 fatcat:3h7rokou3rcw7puys2tcrfg66y

Growth of Captive Juvenile Tripletail Lobotes surinamensis

James S. Franks, John T. Ogle, J. Read Hendon, Donald N. Barnes, L. Casey Nicholson
2001 Gulf and Caribbean Research  
Early-juvenile tripletail Lobotes surinamensis (n = 27; range 45-115 mm TL, 0 = 73.0 mm; range 3.2-34.7 g TW, 0 = 12.9 g) captured in pelagic Sargassum algae off coastal Mississippi in mid-July 1999 were reared in a recirculating seawater system for 210 days. Fish were maintained on a natural light-dark cycle and fed to satiation 3 times per day. Water temperature ranged from 25.2° to 29.0° C and salinity was 28.0‰. All fish were measured for length and weight on days 1, 60, 135 and 210 of the
more » ... tudy. Between these dates, mean daily TL growth rates were 2.2 mm/day, 1.2 mm/day, and 1.0 mm/day, respectively, where as 0 daily TW growth rates were 2.9 g/day, 4.3 g/day, and 7.1 g/day. Over the entire study, 0 TL and TW growth rates were 1.4 mm/day and 4.9 g/day, respectively. There was a significant correlation between length and weight vs. date of measurement. At the end of the study, specimens ranged from 272-431 mm TL (0 = 359 mm) and from 443.9-2,380.0 g TW (0 = 1,012.5 g).
doi:10.18785/gcr.1301.07 fatcat:iefociqy7jaeneyrxyzw66oxom
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